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Chapter 28 - Dungeon Raid Part 2

Edit: Well here is the rewritten Chapter 28. Not much change on this one basically first half of chapter 28 with few things changed. I changed Blue's speech into something much more disjointed as if he is just learning to talk. I realized after someone pointed out how stupid it was he could talk so smoothly so quickly.

Sigrid was caught completely off guard an didn’t even register what Sage had just said. In front of her, George’s mana suddenly turned red and violent as it leaked out from his body. The cracks appeared all over his body as the shell around him was bursting due to the energy coming from within. When the other members noticed this, they too began a similar transformation.

“Sigrid! Alice! Get out of there, now!”

This roar from Sage finally made Sigrid regain her senses and she began to run back towards Sage’s chamber. However, her reaction was a bit late, as George, whose skin was red and had two horns on his head, put his hand up and shot out a giant ball of fire. Sigrid felt the heat of the attack and immediately used all of her mana to create an ice wall to block the attack. But the attack came too quick and the explosion smashed her back into a wall. A part of her side seriously burnt.

“Hahaha, playtime is over, little girl! We were going to wait until we were closer to the dungeon boss, but this will do. Hear me, dungeon core! Give up now and we’ll turn you into a demonic dungeon painlessly, but should you struggle… Well, I do hope you struggle after all the trouble you put me through!” A low but loud laughter echoed through the 3rd floor.

Sigrid managed to get up. The blast had caught her off guard and she was already injured before the fight even started. She suddenly recalled what happened to her two months ago and froze. Alice noticed Sigrid freeze and quickly channeled her mana to gave Sigrid a slap like she gave Sage before. “Focus, Sigrid! We need to get out of here and regroup with the monsters or we won’t stand a chance!” The sudden force cleared Sigrid’s head as she turned around to leave.

George saw Sigrid attempting to flee and began to laugh. “Thinking about running now? It is far too late! Maybe when you were at full power you had a chance, but now? You are just a stone to be stepped over.” He raised his hand and was about to shoot out another fireball when Sigrid quickly threw something at him. The object failed to reach him, which caused him to sneer, but the next moment, a blinding light appeared before him and filled his vision.

“Ahhhh! My eyes! Get back here!” George threw out fireballs towards Sigrid, but all of them missed. At that moment, goblins as well as the white tiger jumped toward George, knocking him to the ground. Sage had ordered them to close their eyes when the blinding talisman went off, so their vision was fine. Sadly, the difference in power was simply too strong and adding on the demons naturally tough body, all they managed to do was stall George for a bit, but that was all Sigrid and Alice needed to get away.

As this happened, all of the remaining monsters inside the dungeon began to move. All of the monsters left alive along with the monsters from the barracks on that floor moved toward the adventurers on those floors. When Sage broke through George’s mana barrier, it enlightened him and now he could easily break through the every remaining adventurers’ mana barriers other than John’s. He instantly found all of the demons among the adventurers and formulated a plan.

The demon’s goal was to use human adventurers to wipe out his defenses, but these human adventurers only thought they were here on a normal dungeon dive. If things looked like they were out of their league, they would want to retreat, but the demons wouldn’t allow it, thus forcing the demons to act. The only real problem left was John’s group. Because he was strong, Sage really couldn’t spare the monsters to scare him away. Sage had to decide now whether it was better to send more forces to scare John away or let him bring that group of adventurers to reinforce George. Just as he was about to make a choice, a voice suddenly echoed in the room. “I’ll go.”

This voice was childish, yet filled with determination. Sage looked toward the source of the voice and was suddenly startled, but he quickly regained his senses and replied, “Go.”

*Party one*

“Did you guys hear that roar? Sounds like it was coming from below us.”

“You think someone reached the dungeon boss?”

“Maybe. Sigrid’s party is down there today after all.”

“Get ready, guys! Monsters!”

“Relax, we got this.”

*Party two*

“What was that sound?”

“Probably a party down on the 3rd floor fighting the dungeon boss. I heard it was a powerful Kobold Lord.”

“Cut the chatter, guys. We got monsters incoming!”

*Party 3*

“Whoa, that didn’t sound good. Maybe we should go out and report it to the guild?”

“Don’t be such a wimp. We got two rank E adventurers in here, so don’t worry about it.”


“Get ready! Monsters!”

*John’s party*

John suddenly stopped as he heard the roar, “That was coming down from below. It must be Sigrid’s party! We have to hurry!”

“Yes, sir!”

They quickly moved through the 2nd floor, but as they got close to the stairs down to the third floor, the group stopped in their tracks. There was a large group of monsters blocking their path, much larger than any group they had seen in this dungeon before. There were five squads of goblins and three squads of kobolds, all with an elite leading them. Even though John had grown a lot, this would still take him quite some time to get through.

“Damn it, they are in trouble down there! Move!” John charged forward, but as he was halfway to the group of monsters, he suddenly heard a childish voice say, “Stop.” John was startled by this and wondered why a child would be here right now, but his question was soon answered. Something made its way through the monsters. What walked out was not a boy. It had the shape of a boy, but it’s entire body was blue and clear.

“What… are you?” John became very confused because this was the first time a monster had ever tried to talk to him. 

The boy shook his head and said, “Doesn’t matter.. What -- they  ------ matters.” As the boy spoke, he raised his hand and pointed at John’s party. This caused John even more confusion as he asked, “What do you mean?”

The boy let out a faint smile and softly said, “Demons.” 

Although the words were soft, they crashed into John’s ears like thunder. “You’re saying they are demons?” The boy nodded his head.


“Yeah, don’t believe in the monsters’ lies!”

“He just wants to stall for time so we can’t get down there to save Sigrid!”

After hearing Sigrid’s name, John was ready to charge forward again. The boy let out a sigh and said, “You -- go ------ through, they -- stay ----- die!”

“Don’t believe him John!”

“He just wants to split us up and kill us all!”

“Yeah, he’ll probably stab you in the back the moment you go through them!”

John was struggling with a decision. He wanted to go help Sigrid. The monsters even gave him a chance to, but could he really trust the monsters? However, what if what the monster said was true? If he leads them there, he would have ended up hurting Sigrid. Just as he was struggling with the decision, the boy talked once more. “Don’t...believe? They lower shield… truth comes. ”

John was confused at what the boy meant by shield as no one in his party used a shield. Seeing that John didn’t seem to understand him, the body said, “Mana shield.”

John’s eyes suddenly lit up as he heard these words. Yes, if his party was truly demons, then he would be able to tell if they lowered their mana barriers. He didn’t really care if the monsters were going to let him pass or not because once he was sure that his party didn’t have any demons, he would fight with all his might. He turned to his party and shouted, “Quick, lower your mana barriers!”

“You can’t seriously believe him! He is a monster!”

“Yeah, John. He’s just trying to make us…”

John roared, “Quiet! Lower your mana barrier now! If you’re not demons, then I can fight without a shred of doubt in my mind. Do it now!”

The five of them looked at each other before finally all letting out sinister laughs. “Not bad, dungeon core, not bad. We had planned to use this idiot to help us kill more monsters, but it seems that plan has failed.”

John couldn’t believe what he was seeing as the five members of his party’s bodies all showed signs of cracks and light exploded forth. Once the light had died down, there were no longer five humans, but five demons. “Damn it! How could you guys!?” John raised his sword and prepared for battle.

“How can we? Hahaha, we are demons boy!  We do whatever it takes to achieve our goal. Now, die! You have no idea how much I’ve waited for this day…”

*Party one*

“What is going on! Why are there so many monsters coming toward us?”

“We have to move back!”

“Let’s… Ahhhh!*

“Hey, wait. What are yo… Ahhhhh!*

*Party two*

“Move back! We can’t hold them off any longer.”

“Something is wrong. The dungeon shouldn’t ever do this unless it is in danger.”

“Something is threatening the dungeon and we need to get out of here.”

“Yes, let’s… Ahhhhh!”

“What are yo… Arggg!”


“After him!”

*Party three*

“We must break through! John’s party is just on the other side!”

“That’s impossible! We need to back up now!”

“That’s right, there are too many of them. We need to get out of here and report it to the guild.”

“Hey, don’t run!”

“Damn it! Let us… Ahhhh!”

“Honey? What...Ahhhh!”

“After her!”

*John’s Party*

The battle quickly began once the demons revealed themselves. John quickly jumped at the five of them, but soon realized his mistake. These demons were all high rank D, bordering rank C, but luckily, the monsters also moved under the command of the blue boy, so the demons were quickly split apart. Three of the demons had two squads of monsters on them them while the last two had John and the blue boy with one squad aiding each of them.

The battle raged on and the fight was very even as neither side could get an advantage. Unlike the last time the monsters fought the demons, these elites had been training for much longer. With the experience from the last fight against the demons and the trial rooms, the demons were slowly being pushed back.

One of the demons roared, “Impossible! How could such lowly creatures be so difficult to deal with?! Die!” This outburst shocked John and almost cost him his life as he barely dodged a blow to his head. However, he couldn’t help but wonder, “Why are these monsters so powerful?” After five minutes of fighting, a few goblins had been killed, but in return, the demons were all injured. Seeing that if this continued they would lose for sure, the demons used their final trump card and began to burn the life force of their hosts.

Seeing this, the blue boy let out a smile and shouted, “Now!” Suddenly, tokens were thrown out and with a flash of light, the five demons were trapped in chains made of light. “Kill them now!” As the words came out of the boy’s mouth, he dashed forward and instantly cut the head of the demon off. The other group’s elite goblin and kobold seemed to be prepared and quickly stabbed their targets in the throat. John was the only one who was shocked by all of this, but he quickly regained his senses and cut down his opponent. 

He let out a breath of relief, but suddenly realized he was surrounded by monsters and quickly became alert again. The blue boy smiled at him and said, “Relax. Like I said before, we only want to hunt the demons.”

John looked at the blue boy and slowly said, “Can I go down to help Sigrid now?”

The blue boy shook his head. John frowned, but before he could say anything, the blue boy said, “Sigrid safe. Help adventurers.”

John was shocked to hear there were more demons, but suddenly realized something else and shouted, “What adventurers? Are there more demons mixed into the other parties in here?”

The blue boy nodded at him and said, “Yes, demons all parties. Demons plan long time. Must save adventurers quick. Monster too weak, won’t last.”

John knew that as a rank E adventurer, it was his duty to help protect those people, but at the same time, he was very worried about Sigrid and wanted to get to her as soon as possible. The blue boy saw his struggle and said, “Sigrid okay now. Rank B Demon, you no help. Need help outside.”

After hearing this, John was startled. A rank B demon? That was not something he could do anything about. The slime was right; they needed help from the outside, from the adventurer’s guild. After pondering for a bit, he reluctantly agreed and ran along with the blue boy to find the survivors. John hated himself very much right now because if he was stronger, he could have gone down there and saved Sigrid instead of hoping that someone would come to save her. He swore to himself that he would get strong no matter what it took!

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