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Chapter 31 - Dungeon Raid Part 5

Here is chapter 31, this rewrite just get longer and longer =3 So thinking if spending some money on a really really really nice cover and browsing through deviant art commission folder (not fun) and man my friend was so picky like went through 100/178 pages and only one he was happy with o.-  So I thought I post here see if any reader got recommendation. Like I said he is very picky so here the two that caught his eyes.

First - Issue with this one came down to background, the character looks really good but the background looks really meh. So something at this level but with better backgrounds

Second - This is one he is happy with right now and current choice until something better comes up.

So ya PM or post them here if you got recommendations. 

John wasn’t the only one that changed as Blue also lit up as mana surged into his body. Because Blue’s body was transparent it was much more obvious when mana began to gather. Sadly for the demons they were blinded and didn’t notice the change that occurred. Once they felt the mana surging through their body there was no hesitation as both Blue and John dashed at the demons and attacked. The demons who were still recovering their sight were shocked at the sudden change in their enemy that they couldn’t defend fast enough. 

Blue’s attack hit the demon square in the chest and slammed the demon into the ground. The demon coughed out blood from the impact and couldn’t catch his breath. Without giving the demon any time to breathe Blue’s fist smashed into the demon’s skull. The demon’s mind blanked out from the impact and he couldn’t think as Blue’s fists rapidly smashed against his skull. Normally you wouldn’t think a slime’s punch could hurt but with a majority of his mana focused in his fists they were harder than steel. It didn’t take many punches before the demon was knocked out and after that it only took one punch for blue to crush the demon’s skull.

John however went for a much more direct approach and dived straight for the demon’s neck. Normally this wouldn’t work even at his current strength but suddenly gaining this much mana allowed him to use a technique he learned during his 7 days in hell. He never used this technique before because he lacked the mana. At rank E he could only use it once and it would exhaust all the mana in his body making him defenseless but now mana was surging into his body. He carefully controlled his mana into his sword. He poured mana inside until it give off a light glow as he ran toward the demon. The demon recovered his sight just in time to see John’s sword aimed at his neck.s In response he quickly moved his hand to stop it. He had it all planned out in his head, he would stop the human’s sword with his left hand and then rip the guy’s head off with his right. However the moment the sword touched his left hand things didn’t turn out as he expected. The sword infused with mana sliced through the hand and cut into the demon’s neck, the demon didn’t even have time to feel the pain from his hand before his head flew off.

At that moment the third demon who thought they were about to win was frozen. One moment they were minutes away from victory and the next his two teammates had died. His mind drew blanks as he tried to comprehend what had just happened. However these moments of distraction were fatal in a life and death battle such as this. The female adventurer saw this opening and stabbed through one of the demon’s eyes. The demon knocked her away and howled as he rolled on the ground in pain. Blue quickly took the opportunity and gave this demon the same treatment as the other.

The tides shifted very quickly and the demons were killed without even needing to use the traps set in place. John quickly went to check up on the two adventurers and couldn’t help but frown. The female adventurer was fine, she was a bit battered up but will live but the male adventurer is not doing so hot. Just as he was thinking about what to do the blue boy walked up and smeared something over the male adventurer’s wound. “He fine, get help.” With that the boy turned around.

John quickly shouted, “Where are you going?”

The boy didn’t even turn his head and replied, “Help Sigrid.”

John’s body trembled when he heard that name. Before he planned on getting help from the guild master because he was too weak but now… now things were different. He felt that with the strength he had just now he could help. “Let me come and help! If you do whatever you did earlier I can fight!”

Blue suddenly paused and didn’t know what to do but soon Sage sent him a message and he replied, “Follow.” Before continuing to walk back into the dungeon.

John quickly turned to the female adventurer and said, “Go get help from the guild. Tell them the demons have invaded the dungeon and there is a rank B demon down on the third floor.” The female adventurer looked at the male adventurer. “Don’t worry about him, the dungeon won’t harm him because it still needs our help. Now go quick, while I go help Sigrid.” The female adventurer pondered for a bit and nodded. After that John quickly ran after Blue and headed back into the dungeon. This time he was going to make a difference…

*One and half hours ago*

Sigrid limped away as quickly as she could while standing the pain she is in. She knew that she had messed up by being caught off guard and had endangered not only her own life but Sage’s and Alice’s as well. The pain was getting to the point where she could no longer stand but as she was about fall a white tiger appeared and she fell onto its back. Knowing that she was safe for now she slowly closed her eyes and passed out from the pain.

The white tiger moved as quickly as it could through the 3rd floor and brought Sigrid and Alice to Sage’s chamber. As soon as they arrived Sage didn’t even get to say a word as Alice shouted “Sage quickly channel all the mana you can and give it to Sigrid!”

Sage was stunned by the sudden outburst but none the less channeled all the mana in the area into Sigrid before turning to Alice to ask, “Why?”

Alice finally let out a breath and replied, “Sigrid is bound to you and thus can be revived if she dies with in the dungeon as you can build her a new body with mana. By the same logic you can also help her recover her body with mana as well. Not only that but you can overcharge her with mana, allowing her to fight far beyond her strength but that comes at a price.”

Sage was happy to hear all this but suddenly frowned at the end and asked, “What price?”

Alice looked at Sigrid and slowly said, “Once her body can no longer handle anymore mana it will start to break down. She won’t be dead but you will need to reform her body. It’s not ideal but if you don’t do this Sigrid stands no chance against that rank B demon.”

Sage hated this decision yet it was one he had to make, he knew that right now their chance of survival was very low and they would need to do whatever it took to win. After pondering for a while he knew he had to overcharge Sigrid but he also knew that Sigrid had been slowly integrating mana into her body for a month now and could handle a lot more than normal. He decided to use this battle as a test to see how well he can handle manual mana injection and if it worked out then Sigrid’s strength would grow much faster. With that in mind he began to control the mana as it entered Sigrid’s body.

As he did a part of him turned toward where George was. Right now he must use the monsters to stall him to gain time for Sigrid to recover and get overcharged. Luckily the battle on the second floor went well and Blue had convinced John to help them. Hopefully the help from the kingdom would arrive on time should things go south. Sage began to formulate plans to deal with the remaining demons in the dungeon to get the adventurers out of here alive.

*George’s Location*

“You useless trash! Why didn’t you guys kill the monsters after you all transformed? You all just stood there like a couple of morons and now they got away! Why do I get stuck working with people like this! You got lucky this time girl but your luck won’t get you out of this!” George let out a loud and triumphant laugh as he moved through the dungeon. Now that everyone had awakened nothing in the dungeon was a threat to them anymore. They met almost no monsters along the way aside for the few that tried to ambush them. However with their current power they easily crushed everything in their path.

George knew the dungeon was stalling for time but he didn’t mind. He knew that what the dungeon was hoping for would never come. So he slowly moved through the 3rd floor as he too was waiting for his men to arrive. Along the way all he could think about was how terrified the dungeon core and Ice Maiden had to be right now. Whenever he thought about the reward he would get once this was all over he couldn’t help but let out a large grin.

After 2 hours of navigating the maze like third floor and smashing through every trap along the way George’s group arrived at the large room outside the boss room. What he saw shocked him a little as he didn’t expect the dungeon to have so many monsters on the 3rd floor. There were five white tigers, ten squads of goblins, and five squads of kobolds. Although he was startled he wasn’t worried. Even though this was a large force, if you compared it to the power of three rank C demons and himself, a rank B demon, this was far too little to pose a threat to them. He let out a wide grin and said, “There is no need to be so hard on yourself dungeon core. All you have to do is hand over the Ice Maiden and let me control you. After that you can have all the mana you want and grow into a powerful dungeon for lord Zoar! I can see you have created quite the force here and it would be such a pity to destroy them. I can do something far more productive with them like wiping out that pesky dungeon town. Muahaha!”

After the laughter died down there was silence. When George saw that the dungeon core didn’t seem to be willing to surrender, he frowned and shouted, “You were given a chance to join willingly now you will join by force! Attack!” With that the three demons charged toward the monsters and the monsters charged back at them as well. Soon the room was in complete chaos as the demons slaughtered the monsters. The normal goblins and kobolds weren’t able to do much before being killed while the elites and white tigers barely held on. George stood back and watched the fight with a smile on his face, he knew that it would only be a matter of time before his men wiped out the monsters.

Just like he thought after only a few minutes only the elites and white tigers were remaining but even they were already injured. The demons were feeling good and moved in for the kill when suddenly waves of slimes dropped from the ceiling and covered them. They screamed and cursed but there was so much slimes that the sound wouldn’t get through. However George didn’t move as he knew that the slimes couldn’t possibly harm his men but just at that moment he saw some objects falling between him and his men.

“What the…” Violent flashes of bright white light filled his eyes again causing him to lose his vision, “Damn it not again!” Right as the flashes went off the entire room began to rumble as the side of the wall opened up and more monsters came out. There was a total of 30 white tigers with 15 elite goblins, 10 elite kobolds, and five orcs riding them. Behind them came two large ogres and 10 goblin shamans. Finally the boss room door opened and the Kobold Lord charged out at full speed. This was the most powerful force Sage had trained here aside from the ones with John and Blue. Soon they charged into battle and the tides suddenly turned.

George was blinded by the flash and could only hear the rumbling. The three rank C demons still trapped in slime quickly became sitting ducks. The ogres went in and both landed a hit each on the demons knocking them out of the slimes. The final one was hit by a few elite monsters before he finally began to burn the life force of his host body. All the slimes were quickly burned to ashes and the demons began to fight back.

George was only blinded for about 10 seconds before regaining his sight but when he did all he saw was a the Kobold Lord’s shield as it smashed into him and sent him flying. The two demons hit by the ogre were injured and were forced to start burning their life as well to keep up with new monsters. However the monsters didn’t fare too well either. Even though they had the number advantage the demons were rank C and after burning their hosts’ life force they could easily kill an elite monster with one hit.  But with each monster’s death another hit landed and by the time George got back up two of the demons were in critical condition while the other one was doing only slightly better.

George became furious as he realized that he had been tricked. George let out a roar of anger as he shot fireballs at the monsters to keep them away from his men. The monsters tried their best to dodge but the fireballs were too fast and many died. However with all ten goblin shamans working together they used mana to block a fireball so that one of the ogre got in one final hit and killed one of the critically wounded demons. When George saw this his eyes glowed burning red and quickly dashed towards the ogre. The moment he arrived before it he placed his hands before the ogre’s face and completely incinerated it. After the first one was dead he quickly moved on and killed the second one. With the two ogres dead the monsters the only threat remaining was the Kobold Lord.

George went out of control and began to slaughter the monsters. After only a few moments only about one fourth of the monsters remained as they backed up toward the boss room. The Kobold Lord let out a loud roar that shook the room and its eyes stared directly at George. George sneered at the Kobold Lord and charged towards it. He planned on killing it just like he did with the ogres but just as he got before the Kobold Lord and was about to raise his hand he felt a force at his side and got knocked flying into the walls. The Kobold Lord was able to keep track of his movements and predicted his attack. George realized that this Kobold Lord wasn’t normal and became serious. He once again dashed forward but this time kept a close eye on the Kobold Lord’s weapon. This time he dodged the kobold lord and landed a blow on the arm but again to his surprise his attack only left a burn instead of burning the entire arm off.

George let out a grin and attacked the Kobold Lord with a barrage of attacks. The Kobold Lord was able to see the attacks but couldn’t move fast enough to defend against all of it. With only a minute of fighting the Kobold Lord was already battered. However as George prepared to make the finishing blow he felt danger and quickly backed off. An ice spear passed by just where George was and created a hole in the wall.

Sigrid walked out from the boss room, this time she was no longer restraining herself and released the power of an Ice Maiden. George grin widened even more, “Good to see you again. I’m sorry if my men were a bit ‘rough’ last time. But my lord really does want to meet you and it wouldn’t be good to keep him waiting.” George’s expression turned serious as he knew that once he defeat the Ice Maiden then his mission would be a success.

George began with a wave of fireballs were which calmly stopped by Sigrid. She retaliated with ice spears but all of the melted as soon as they got close to George. After seeing that she switched to water magic and created a huge wave of water bullets that flew toward George. George simply laughed as he created a wall of flame before  him to block the water bullets. As the water got close they began to evaporate and soon the area was covered in mist. This surprised George a bit as he didn’t expect there to be this much water but before he could wonder more he increased the heat around his body. Just as he did so 10 ice spears shot at him but they were all melted by the flame near him. However this only made the mist denser.

He was getting frustrated and began to throw out large fireballs to clear out the mist. Again ice spears came but this time he controlled the flame around him so it didn’t create anymore mist. Just as he felt it he saw through the trick feeling more spears coming toward him. This time he controlled it even better and used the least amount of heat to melt the ice spears but this time after the ice spear melted a shield appeared before his face and sent him flying into the wall again.

This time Sigrid placed ice spears on the Kobold Lord’s shield as well so when she sent out the attack he followed behind. Sigrid took this chance and condensed the mist back into ice and attacked George. George felt the ice hitting him causing him pain, he let out an angry roar and dashed back up. He moved so fast that Sigrid wasn’t able to even react as he smashed into the Kobold Lord. He and the Kobold Lord smashed into the wall, after that hit the Kobold Lord could no longer move. George let out a satisfying grin as he stood over the Kobold Lord, a black fire slowly forming in his hand. Sigrid did her best to help but all her attacks were blocked and finally the black fire landed on the Kobold Lord and began to burn. As the black flame burned Sigrid couldn’t help but shiver and George notice this, “Oh? Do you know what this is? This is a flame designed to fight against dungeons. You see dungeon have this annoying ability to resummon their dungeon bosses and that makes conquering them a pain. However us demons created this black flame that destroys the soul and prevent the dungeon from summoning the boss again. It’s kinda a pity to destroy good dungeon bosses but does make our lives easier.”

Sigrid was shocked, her breathing grew erratic, and she took a few steps back but then Sage’s voice appeared, “Calm down Sigrid. It takes him a long time to summon the black flame and it is too slow to hit a moving target. As long as we follow the plan there is nothing to worry about. “

After hearing those words Sigrid’s breath calm down and she cleared her mind. Her sudden change of expression caused George to frown, he had wanted to instill fear into the Ice Maiden and force her to surrender but it seemed to have failed.

“Fine, have it your way.”

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