Jake and the Dynamo

by D. G. D. Davidson

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Secret Identity



Jake Blatowski just wants to go to high school, but when a computer glitch assigns him to the fifth grade, he has to sit next to the perpetually surly troublemaker Dana Volt, who's bent on making his life a living hell.

However, Jake soon discovers that Dana is secretly a member of a coalition of young girls tasked with protecting humanity from the forces of evil. Not only that, but the deadly monsters plaguing the city have chosen a new target, and that target is Jake!

Now Dana is the only one who can save Jake from certain death—and Jake might be the only one who can save Dana from herself.


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D. G. D. Davidson

D. G. D. Davidson

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The First Test ago
Chapter 2: Enter the Dynamo ago
Chapter 3: The Second Test ago
Chapter 4: No Love Lost ago
Chapter 5: Spaceships and Dinosaurs ago
Chapter 6: Girl with Guns ago
Chapter 7: The Weapon ago
Chapter 8: Magical Girl vs. Velociraptor ago
Chapter 9: Pizza for Breakfast ago
Chapter 10: The Magical Girl's Burden ago
Chapter 11: Marionettes ago
Chapter 12: Dance of the Zombies ago
Chapter 13: The Paladin ago
Interlude: Meet Your Magical Girls! ago
Chapter 14: The Third Test ago
Chapter 15: A New Prima Donna ago
Chapter 16: Requiem ago
Chapter 17: Flash in the Pan ago
Chapter 18: Sinking Deeper ago
Chapter 19: Demons and Delinquents ago
Chapter 20: Played ago
Chapter 21: Players ago
Interlude: Choose Your Girl ... and Choose Your Destiny! ago
Chapter 22: Fated ago
Chapter 23: The Beach Episode of Darkness ago
Bonus Story: Pizza Margherita! Part 1 of 3 ago
Bonus Story: Pizza Margherita! Part 2 of 3 ago
Bonus Story: Pizza Margherita! Part 3 of 3 ago
Chapter 24: Bitter Tears ago
Bonus Story: Jake and Dana's St. Valentine's Day Extravaganza ago
Chapter 25: Wake Up Call ago
Interlude: Glossary of Jake and the Dynamo ago
Announcement: Novel ago
Chapter 26: The Morning After ago
Chapter 27: Monday ago

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Well i normally woudn't read something with a story like this, but i wanted something stupid to take my mind off things.

Honestly im pleasantly surprised. It is quite nice and the views dont do it justice, it has funny references (Most of wich i didn't understand due to lack of knowledge on the subject), and shows the good the bad and the ugly of a dying race.

As for the writing style, it starts a bit scaterred but it becomes deeper with each chapter. By the end of chapet 18 i already want more of it (Though on sites like theese its an epty dream).

All in all ill give it 4 stars with a recomendtaion to the author to rewrite some of the first chapters when he feels like it. And recomend you give it a shot.

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This story is definitely exceed my expectation about magical girls. Lot of them die then more random magical girls show up makinig friends, enemies, etc. Then there is Jake, a magical side kick that somehow surived all of the bullshit that throw at him. I like the characters that give a more than just "magical girls shoot lazer out of their hands and call it a day". 

Keep up the good work, i'm looking forward to see Jake turn into a magical girl XD.