The Solitary Sword Sovereign

by theonionjunktion

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural Virtual Reality Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

One day, every human on earth was given a class and gained abilities. People gained levels and stats; like strength and agility.

Will Chamberlain; a 16 year old, was given the class Water Meister. He had the ability to freely control water. An ability that had more than meets the eye.

At the same time mysterious structures called dungeons showed up all around the world. Demons escaped from them, and attacked mankind. Those who conquered these dungeons, would be rewarded with power beyond their wildest dreams.This was not easy as they were filled with many dangers.

Will decided to enter a dungeon.

His power... water.

His weapon... a katana.

His true aim... immortality.

His key... walking the martial path.

His destiny... to conquer the dao of the sword!

Join Will as he fights to build his own empire, in a world plagued with demons, dungeons and many more mysterious forces:

"I am not controlled by the system, it shall be controlled by me. I will be a sovereign!"


Novel by Patriarch Onion (Also the author of Titan's Throne) and hosted on theonionjunktion on royal road with the commentary of the beautiful and handsome Cookie. Will try our best to keep to the schedule, for now it's twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue- The Boy and his Sword ago
Chapter 1- The Death of a Peerless Loser ago
Chapter 2- The Gifts of Duality ago
Chapter 3- Immortality is All I Ask ago
Chapter 4- Cultivation! ago
Chapter 5- The Art of The Solitary Sword Sovereign ago
Chapter 6- Enlightenment Through Battle! ago
chapter 7- Sword Totem! ago
Chapter 8- First Kill! ago
Chapter 9- Perfecting Technique Through Slaughter ago
Chapter 10- The Valley of the Shadow of Death ago
Chapter 11- Wrath of the Water God ago
Chapter 12- The Nail That Sticks Out, Gets Hammered! ago
Chapter 13- Blood Calamity: Part 1 ago
Chapter 14- Blood Calamity: Part 2 ago
Chapter 15- Blood Calamity: Part 3 ago
Chapter 16- Earth Shattering Battle! ago
Chapter 17- Ten Seconds ago
Chapter 18- The Power of Four Degrees (Full) ago
Chapter 19- Grinding ago
Chapter 20- The Soul ago
Chapter 21- True Cultivation! ago
Chapter 22- Water Sense ago
Chapter 23- A New Challenger Arrives! ago
Chapter 24- Exchanging blows with a king of the skies ago
Chapter 25 - Intent ago
Chapter 26- Truly, Sharp! ago
Chapter 27- Imparting Knowledge? ago
Chapter 28- Energies ago
Chapter 29- Splitting The Earth! ago
Announcement! ago
Chapter 30- Bloody Spiders! ago
Chapter 31- 9999! ago
Chapter 32- Uh? Greatest prodigy? Is that food? ago
Chapter 33- What a man does for them big butts... ago
Chapter 34- Boss? You There? ago
Chapter 35- The King Wearing A White Labcoat ago
Chapter 36- The King of Titans ago
Chapter 37- Mysterious Truths ago
Chapter 38- Back to School ago
Chapter 39- Lords! ago
Announcement! ago
Chapter 40- Have to become a Lord! ago
Chapter 41- Registration ago
Chapter 42- The Ultimate Guide ago
Chapter 43- What is He? ago
Chapter 44- Secluded meditation ago
Chapter 45- Standing Corpses ago
Chapter 46- Eridium ago
Chapter 47- Testing, Testing, One Two Three! ago
Chapter 48- Please, destroy my planet! ago
Chapter 49- Soul Regalia ago
Chapter 51- Instant death! ago
Chapter 52 - Goldback Warhog ago
Chapter 53- Arena! ago
Chapter 54- Spoils of battle! ago
Chapter 55- Boss is on its way! ago
Chapter 56- Chilling Yin Dragon ago
Chapter 57- Do You Yield? ago
Chapter 58- Colossus Criterion Thesaurus ago
Chapter 59- This King! ago
Chapter 60- The Sword is Drawn! ago
Chapter 61- The Door Is Opened ago
Chapter 62- Bastian Smith ago
Chapter 63- Andre Chamberlain ago
Chapter 64- Lord! ago
Chapter 65- Shocking The World ago

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 There are some spelling errors, no so much bad grammar.   The character is kinda blah and has a very shallow personality this is the depth "i like to cultivate, and i like hot ass".  The rest of the story is a MC overpowered bragfest.  The story is possibly worse than the MC.  He gets no ass, and just fights all the time with no explaination of where he is at or whether he is in a dungeon or not.

It's pretty rare that i don't want to finish a story, and i've slogged through some really crummy books on this site.  I quit reading this one, it just has no entertainment value, and just isn't creative.

This one needs a rewrite.  Add mc depth and plot.

K.K. The Chainmail
  • Overall Score

How to trigger me in 17 chapters

Review of is to chapter 17

disclaimer: I was downvoted kinda of in my previous review? if you guys want to actually help the author improve maybe write your own detailed one and lets see what do you have to say instead of mindless 5/5


Okay author i have lost my faith in you by now. The sh!t you have wrote is just pure crap and i can no longer ignore it. The one thing you have centairly learned is not mentioning dao as your go to be 'magic system' which is good. But now the bad things which i will quote.

The art of the sword was based on speed and agility. On earth eastern swordsmanship was far more advanced than western swordsmanship. Western swordsmanship was too slow, and it often relied on the weight of the sword itself, with the exception of some styles like fencing, but even those styles were too simplistic and couldn't adapt to certain situations, like for example being attacked from all sides like Will.

To battle in such situations, one not only required skilled swordsmanship, one also required what separates oriental swordsmanship from the rest. Footwork.

In terms of footwork, kendo is the fastest martial art on earth. The striking speed of a kendo master is unmatched. This is mostly due to its unique footwork. If you were to carefully look at a kendo duel, you would notice that the participants spend most of the match, on their toes!

TOTAL BULLSH!T. I was really pissed off by this why? BECAUSE  YOU SAID YOU DID RESEARCH! And you did not. Firstly western martial arts are less know cuz its the fashion of the world right now. CHina and japan are big economies invading the western side of the world with their culture. The mass of kendo masters that have imigrated to USA and other countries teaching their art made it even more popular in west. But what about our own western martial arts? they were simply lost as we didnt care for our own lagacy. HEMA is now recovering most of them and their are doing a good job here. They werent inferior to eastern martial arts in any aspect they were simply different. How would else the warriors of middle ages to baroque fight with their lives on the line? not knowing how to fight properly?when being as soldier/knight was your job and fighting on a war was your life in the day you would do everything to boost your chance of winning did you not? so you claiming that western martial arts are better in ANY Fuck!ing way is just pure SH!T


ahh yes kendo and fencing. This is yet another reason i know you havent researched a thing on the subject. In Kendo THERE IS A RULE that your back foot must only be touching the ground with your toes. It is a classical stance for kendo and its only the backfoot. Besides kendo is a very limiting SPORT you can only hit a couple of areas that will be giving you points and you cant use other stances. THE same goes with olimpic fencing. HEMA practisioners divide the 2 disciplines of fencing between acutal fensing which is the art of sparring/fighting with a sword and olimpic/sport fencing which due to the latest changes(latest 20 years) in rules is an electrical game of tag. you must hit your enemy 0.04 s before he hits you and you win, while in reality while you would hit him he could hit you back with much more force and kill you while he only suffered a superficial injury. Thats why they call it a game of tag. Its the same situation with kendo by being severaly restricted by rules its only sport without any martial art meaning. what are you looking for is KENJUTSU . Its the general art of fighting a japanese sword. Which your superficial reaserch havent even touched right? Magical footwork of a 'kendo' master? wtf man every swordsman be it eastern or western their footwork is focused on exploding with sudden speed and power to catch the opponent offguard so  your statement is pure crap again. Your knowledge and your research on the subject is superficial.


Now you want to include too many cliche tropes together. Gamer like system with wuxia/xianxia/xianhuan cultivation with dao and 5 gates and other japanese tropes which i will mention later. Its just you cant decide on what mechanics  should work and what shouldnt . You want to include so many things in your story its just makes it a one big clusterf!ck of ideas and cliche tropes it makes me cringe everytime i read cuz you want to include so many things just so to have more readers which is BAD. you dont do a story just throwing every freaking cool  sh!t you find.


another thing is you said you no longer watch anime and you didnt use its style. AH yesr where did i remeber this awesome samurai duel. A FLASH. and then he finishes his opponent saying some cool technique name puting his sword into scabard. WHERE DID I SEE THAT ? oh and japanese Names of your moves what a bullshit do you really have to include that? just for the rool of cool WHICH IS SO CRINGY I WANT TO VOMIT??


the next thing is that your MC IS STILL OP AS F!CK . YOU KNOW HOW A HUGE NUMBER IS 100 000? they would just CRUSH HIM WITH MASS. You defenitly have IET disease as you want  make everything big. The MC finishes everything and kills all the enemies. Then more enemies come and even tho you say that he ahve problems everyone know that will finish it in seconds cuz well he is such op right? right??!?!?!??!?It is just so annoying to know that MC wont face any hard ships in the story. His emotional problems will resolve itself with his power and awesomeness . Get me one guy some hardcore MMO player from korea which will grind 24/7 for money and is a huge nerd. I will bet 1 000 000$ he wouldnt survive in a really harsh enviroment which is some fantasy dungeon or whatever. Thats how annoying it is that MC has  no flaws and even tho he was just a normal human now he doesnt have any problems going into battle and all. IN F!CKING 2 DAYS HE IS SOME MASTER F!CKING WHATEVER SHIT.

You hugely base your story on the effect of awe from readers as in chinese novels. The things is i dont like chinese novels as they make MC op and all and he doesnt have any problemsBUt those novels have somehwat good pacing and nice worldbuilding. WHile your story HAS HORRIBLE PACING you make everything too quick to only throw us more and more chapters for i dont know what ? money? okay its your life but this pure crap qulity wont earn you much.


Oh and enemies that are intelligent as humans yet this king of storm wolves is idiotic as a stupid dog. NOONE would be so stupid as to wait for everyone of his subordinates to die... It just makes him a dog in my eyes. MC which was really low in hierarchy is suddenly fighting above his rank AFTER 2 days or so and deafets supposedy intelligent beasts. REALLY??!?!? Oh and the MC has 6th sense and changes the enviroment to get him more places to hide. YET NO ONE NOTICES CLEANLY CUT ROCKS??? so why the animals dont have the sixth sense? normally beasts would be more aware than a human and have the instincts that would 'scream in their head' thats something is weird. and it was it beast knew something wasnt right yet it does nothing and just STAYS IN ONE PLACE!


now.custom skills. OKay its kinda fair that there are custom skills. BUT it states that it must be a very difficult to do spell/skill  to do and all and you must be the first one to do so . So why noone in the system compresed water and fired it to deal damage? its elementary school level of knowledge that you see in TV and yet NOBODY got the idea of doing it? And while it maybe somewhat hard difficulty it someone WOULD be firtst before the describe it as its some really hard thing to know yet almost everybody knows it and i doubt the races in the system are so stupid as to not do it. and  How would water blade then work OR wind blade. FOr them to cut anything you would need to compress it normally it would be just as tronger splash of water.


SO The final verdict:

You throw the chapters at readers in hope that it will make you money counting on the AWE in your chapters that will makethem like it. Throwing here enormous amount of tropes so everybody could like it and enormous amount of cliche things. OP MC because everybody on the site think it is how you should write a story. You dont think while writing chapters and just want to prodeuce more of them while writing. And its not the speed that is important ion writing. Your pacing and characters are horrible and the sotry is pure BULLSH!T AND CRAP


it may be harsh but it is 2/10 for me and i dont know if i will ever touch it again if you wont listen to advices of some people and wont do some serious research


and while i am spitting at you those bull...and craps i dont want you to stop writing and when you cant take this level of criticism then writing publicly is just not for you my friend.SO i would offer you that i may be your BETA reader and i would want to have a serious talk with you on skype or other platform. Just PM me on reddit and we can start something. 

Endless Intent
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Good Idea, Poorly executed though

There is pretty much a complete lack of any character building within the story, he has a large family, he has no unique aspects, out of no where his family gets good talents because of him?, all in all the main character is extremely one dimensional.

since I'm trying to help you improve with an honest evaluation

- when creating a character try and introduce a type of mindset ( it could be anything ; caring, violent, timid and so on. Obviously in this type of story it is based off the gradual growth of the character so show how it changes him not tell or just change it without any indication.)

- character backgrounds are a major one as they influence how the character interacts with others, the type of tendency's/habits they might have, their mindset and attitude towards others.( all in all you provided a invisible background that has little to no meaning on the actual story.)

- side characters are another main point, I get if you are trying to introduce quirky characters to get the readers engaged but try not to go too overboard and provide solid backgrounds with mindsets and attitudes that match that type of character.

now onto the story development, which is much harder to comment on due to the variations between the settings.

- setting has a major effect on how the story develops and it helps if you make each setting meaningful and have descriptions to match it well ( such as in a forest, you would describe the forest itself and in the example of a character reacting to an unknown presence, make him find out from the breaking of sticks on the ground).

the story is pretty much the core idea and what all your ideas are based around, make sure when you state certain ideas that their it is valid a good example was mention by K.K The Chainmail below with the statement you made about swordsmanship with eastern being better than western and the numbers factor of 100 000 monsters yet the MC won easily. Have you noticed that in Xianxia/Xuanhuan stories have army/ multiple people scenes it will be nowhere near those numbers that you have listed, due to the unrelatable context of the number people would find it hard to connect on a mental level with the character. In your recent chapter with the use of the Law of Physic's, was in my view a good use of context as it provided a level on which we the readers can connect with. Originality is very important, the use of Japanese anime move names and how they work wasn't a good idea as even Japanese novels don't use that and for good reason; they exaggerate way too much.

so key points are

- Keep certain ideas on realistic levels

- Create Original Ideas on everything( Weapons, Technqiues, Characters, Situations).

- use valid logic

- create characters that we can connect with on a mental level

- make sure your backgrounds mean something whether it is main characters or side characters.

-also there is nothing wrong with OP characters as long as they are executed well, but do not make them OP without any good logic

- and as for romance which I haven't mentioned above, I find that the best romance's to create a meaningful love interest is the slow romances as we the readers can understand the characters emotions better.

- Also a statement well known to writers and editors, Show Don't Tell.

and that is all from me, by the way this took me 30 minutes to write note; I have not edited what I have written in this case but take the information I have provided and if you want to see if you can change the story a little bit that might be a good idea.

Yours Sincerely


  • Overall Score

Bro in love with the story so far and please dont drop it. Ill read it as long as you continue to write it bro

  • Overall Score

great story so far can't wait to see how it goes

  • Overall Score

Great Mix of Wuxia and Gamer Elements

Most people aren't able to pull this off, but your doing great!  I can't wait for later chapters!


Needs a little bit more character development, and sometimes, I get confused over when something is happening...

  • Overall Score

Interesting read, keep it up

thanks, i laughed many times reading this novel. i would like to see it continue.

while this novel may have a rediculously overpowered protagonist, convenient plot points and a very cliche and predicable storyline, it is also a fun read if you are tired of stories much too full of themselves. i generally do not like xianxia/CN novels... but this i do like. keep it up.

while there is certainly room for improvement, do not let bad reviews get you down. haters gotta hate... i would like to see them try to do better.