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The world of Seleria was formed with the combined powers of eight Deities who then went on to sow the seeds of life on this planet. Seleria was much like Earth during its creation, although each deity took it upon themselves to create life.


Septim, the most powerful of the eight, as God of Creation & Destruction created a race of Dragons. When Seleria was covered in fiery torment due to it still forming, this allowed these beings to roam free. They adapted, and flourished in this harsh environment while feeding off of elemental fire and minerals.


Nefria, Goddess of Light and the wife of Septim, created the Celestials. They are winged beings and were significantly weaker than dragons. The Celestials were an experiment to see how a deity would fare creating a humanoid. She gifted them with magic, magic so powerful that it made them above all of the other species, except for the dragons, and their nemesis, the demons. Celestials were utilized by the other deities as messengers and servants. Even as the world was cooling, the world was inhabitable only by the Dragons, so the Celestials were kept in the deity's realm.


Zephioron, Nefria's Twin Brother, and God of Darkness-not wanting to be outdone, used the Celestials as a framework and created the Demons. Although he used the Celestials as a basis, he could not stand the goodness they inherently had, and his intentions were for something darker; entertainment. His minions, being his own creation, had no better purpose other than to serve him.


The Demons, having been a constant source of trouble in the Realm of the Deities, were banished from the realm by Septim and were sent to live in Zephioron's own sub-realm. Zephioron, who saw this as unfair, demanded the Celestials be cast out as well. He saw this as Septim favoring his wife's creations over his own.


The deities, Septim included - who sought balance and not to show favoritism - agreed that when Seleria was habitable, the Celestials would leave for Seleria and live upon it with the condition that the Demons would also be cast out of the sub-realm to live an unspoiled lifestyle and to fend for themselves.


Lenaya, Goddess of Nature, created the Sylphs. These beings were a little special as Lenaya, having a love for a variety of flowers and trees she had in her sub-realm, wanted this same variety in her own race. Sylphs were born in 2 varieties - it did not matter who the father or mother was, it was given to chance.


The Elven variant was gifted with knowledge and agility and was more accepting of other races. The Fairy variant was gifted with wings and an adaption for magic, unlike their counterpart. They were tasked with spreading the forests and flowers Lenaya loved so much. When their journey came to an end, they were to take up residence wherever they saw fit.


Mallaku, God of Ferocity and Power, created the Beast tribe. Although he was accused by Zephioron of just wanting to create a humanoid that he saw attractive to copulate with. He objected that Zephioron had done the same. Before the two had a chance to fight each other on the lands of Seleria, Septim ordered them to stop, or he would have them both remake their races. The two eventually stopped fueling their suspicions that they indeed loved their own created race.


The Beastmen would live in the plains and mountainous regions. He went down a path similar to Lenaya's variants in that were created to be different than each other. For the Beastmen, parental bloodline was set in stone when it came to birthing, unlike the Sylphs.


If two members of Dog tribe copulate, it will not result in the conception of a Feline, tribe child. Races like these looked similar to how a Human on Earth would imagine them - humanoid with accentuated and animal-like features (ears, claws, feet, etc.) along with an increase in muscle mass.


Tialoc, God of Water and Rain, created the Sea Tribe. They were tasked with exploring the oceans of Seleria as it was forming, and making sure none of the other races would ruin such a beautiful thing. Tialoc's philosophy was that water is life itself and thus had his own race to enforce it.


Gravuna, Goddess of Wind and Freedom, created the Avian Tribe - enjoying both Lenaya's and Mallaku's ideas - she created humanoid bird variants. Having plans to craft them an island in the sky so that they may live in harmony with the clouds and wind and also feel closer to her.


Unfortunately, she was never talented with creating life and these creatures turned out uglier than any other race, and they were bird-brained. Septim considered having her start again if not for Lenaya convincing him that all life is valuable and it shouldn't be judged based on it's appearance. After thinking it through, he agreed and apologized to Gravuna. As a token of repentance, he helped her create the floating islands upon which these creatures would live.


Ishana, Goddess of Knowledge and Freedom created Humanity to be more careful, thoughtful as well as more intelligent than the other gods' and goddess' races. Humanity was however physically weaker than the other races as well as not as adaptable to magic. They showed more promise than any other race.


It took 800 years as each god and goddess were given 100 years after the other to create their own race. This was also used as the time for them to prepare Seleria. A magnificent crystal of green and blue similar to Earth although without pollution to ruin its purity.


The Dragons spread out as they pleased, having lived longer than any other race, they saw the others as nothing important and decided not to meddle in their affairs unless it benefited or involved them in some way.


The Celestials, after Septim had given the God of Darkness his word, were forced to leave. They saw this as an opportunity to teach the other races and also spread out to find them as well as admire the creation of their masters.


The Demons, on the other hand, chose the Zephiron named after their master. It was the Western Continent located in a somewhat dark spot - a barren wasteland that suited their personality as they planned the subjugation of the other races.


Lenaya's Tribe had gone to do as their goddess decreed and set out to plant trees and flowers in hopes of winning more favor with her. It had taken them 150 years even with the help of Tialoc and their own goddess as well as Septim to speed the process up so that the world would feel more complete.


After having finished their task, they left to live in the Southern continent as it had the most affinity towards nature. It spread North to the central continent's Southern tip where the Sylph race had set up an embassy for the other races as they were not allowed to enter the Southern continent of Agrianea with the exception of the Sea Tribe as they saw them as part of nature and had the most friendship and familiarity with.


The Avian Tribe had several large islands in the sky (Think large scale Laputa) to live upon - past the clouds, they were the most friendly with the Celestials and the Fairy Variant of Sylphs as they could both fly freely. Although they were not fans of the Demon Tribe, who referred to them as Buzzards - a sort of scavenger in their own lands as they could also fly-.


Mallaku's Tribe chose the Eastern Continent as their main hub but also decided to live on the central continent. They had no quarrel with the Sylphs nor Demons, and they rarely saw Avians but those who did say they had a bestial feel towards them. The beast tribe's main quarrel was with humanity as they would only see the beast tribe as a product to exploit.


Which brings us to Ishana's humanity the most curious race of them all, taking up the central continent for themselves. Apart from the few beast villages, humanity showed more promise than any other race without the physical help of their own deity. They were gifted with knowledge and Septim was irked by this as humanity, although not as powerful by themselves would create marvels when together. Humanity created kingdoms and technology to harness their environment for themselves.


The creation of Seleria had taken 200 years. 800 years for each deity to form their own race. Another 400 years for the races to firmly grasp themselves in their respective lands and 1400 years had passed before a war was waged.


The instigators were the Demon Tribe who had gathered power and had grown bored in their own lands and had decided to invade the Northern, Central, and Southern continents to rule the three before moving on to the Eastern as well as the Avian lands. The Demons had done well, overwhelming the three races with ease as they could not compete against their strength.


Four years had passed since the war had started and humanity as well as the Sylphs, Sea tribe, Avian and Beast tribe came together in a mutual effort to stop the Demons. The Celestials had also stepped in but, their main worry was that they had not spent enough time in one place like the Demons, so they were vastly underpopulated.


Before the war had started and the Tribes were put into their places, the deities agreed that they would not interfere, as this would ruin the balance. That being said, they could only watch as the Demon tribe, under the grin of their god, waged war on the others. Their magic was fearsome compared to the still developing tribes, and humanity was still young and did not have the technology nor skill in magic to fight.


The Sylphs had no desire to fight and had no experience. The beast tribe had always rushed forward without thinking. The Avians put up a good fight as they had not been on friendly terms with Demons and flight was a fair advantage as not all Demons could fly. They had used the Celestials as their commanders to guide them. Although it was looking grim, they had no choice but to ask for the help of the Dragons.


On their journey, the Celestials could not find many Dragons as they were overwhelmingly stronger than them as if comparing a human with bug spray to a fly. As they were close to losing hope, they were given advice by Ishana. Using her knowledge, she found a loophole in the rules and spoke directly to the Celestial Archangel Abaddon who followed her advice.


Taking a path discovered in the central continent in an enormous cave that led straight down to Seleria's crust and a lava flow where the Dragon Fafnir - a Dragon although not as large as its counterparts - boasted more agility and ferocity than the others.


Abbadon pleaded with the beast to assist the races in fighting the Demons but Dragons, having little to no care of what the others do, could not care less. Abaddon continued with the Dragon for a week depleting his own stamina as well as a week's worth of time - despite that being a drop in the river for the age of a celestial. In the end, Fafnir agreed on the condition that it would be built a lavish home in its cave filled with valuables. As powerful as a Dragon was it lacked the creativity of the humans.


As Fafnir entered the fray it tore through the Demon ranks - annihilating them with his abilities - a cast of the dragon’s magic would destroy cities with ease. Using this fearsome creature, the Demons were pushed back to their own continent and were forced to give up as they begun to lick their wounds.


The Celestials paid close attention to them, to make sure it would never happen again. The instigator of this war - Demon King Azrael was chained using metal forged from Fafnir's flames and was bound in a Rift. The Celestials managed to create this Rift to mimic a sub-realm of their Deity’s, with the knowledge of its whereabouts being known only to the Celestials and Fafnir.


It was time for Abaddon to keep his promise. Although the continents were in ruins and shambles after the now five-year-long war - for the Demons, having no care and loving the destruction of others, it was as if 100 years of destruction was frenzied away in only five. The humans were tired and wanted to fix their own homes even after listening to Abbadon's words. Fafnir grew mad at the people who would not build his home to look as lavish as it could be to allow him to brag to other dragons as he comes across them.


Before Fafnir had gone on his rampage, the deities (apart from Zephioron who welcomed it after seeing his race lose the war) all agreed that another race was to be made. One who exceeded the humans in creativity and knowledge in metalwork. The Dwarven race was to be made on Septim's orders.


It had taken him, Ishana and Gravuna 5 days to complete their race. Septim gave them the ability to create masterpieces in any metal crafting or building work. Ishana gave them more knowledge of Seleria's terrain and precious metals as well as how to forge - her knowledge adding onto Septim's.


Gravuna, on the other hand, could not give much she was tasked with shaping the dwarven race's form. Unfortunately, the deities cannot predict the future well and had to make do with what she gave them. The dwarven race was sent to Fafnir's cave; the mighty dragon was on his way out when a bright pillar of light shined from the heavens in front of the cave as it transported the dwarves there.


Fafnir was stunned at the turn of events as such magic was only usable by the gods themselves. He had then heard Septim's voice as he explained the purpose of these new creatures. Fafnir could not be happier as he took the dwarven race into his home for their protection as well as to allow them to craft his home.


Another five years had soon passed, and the world was now looking closer to what it felt like during its glorious age before the First War or as it came to be known as "The Chaos Era." A short five years was given the title of Era as to those who had suffered through it; it seemed like an eternity.


The Dwarves, on the other hand, being the newest race, had played their role without a hitch as they had lavishly adorned the cave which would act as their home for years to come. Fafnir was quite pleased with the work the Dwarves had done - the cave had been fortified with marble pillars which featured carvings of the great dragon while the floor of the cave had been dug out and replaced with large slabs of tiling made from a mix of quartz and fine iron.

A subtle shine against the lava river beamed from a finely carved dragon's head - the eyes of which were made from diamonds, while the horns were carved from a cave crystal which glowed. It was also adorned with sapphires and rubies. Fafnir, in fact, was so overjoyed; he declared he would protect the dwarves should they require his help. This, of course, was done in the year 1407 AC (After chaos). The humans had managed to rebuild, but trouble was stirring....


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Promicent @Promicent ago

Thx for this prologue..i hope in new chapters u will describes the mc 1st world,his personality,appearance.dont forget to describes others characters as well :D


Zephon @Zephon ago

08/12/2014 18:01:37Promicent Wrote: [ -> ]Thx for this prologue..i hope in new chapters u will describes the mc 1st world,his personality,appearance.dont forget to describes others characters as well :D

i was contemplating that :) at the moment in the upcomming 2 prologues im trying to create more of a base for this current world's history before moving onto the 4th prologue which is where the mc in his own world is introduced if i was to also focus to heavily on describing his own world id have around 8 prologues and i think that would be wierd ;p but i guess if enough people are interested i wouldnt mind writing up the history of the universe the mc started off in :) i have 3 prologues + 1 chapter allready bieng pred they should be ready either tonight or tommorow im wondering if i should release them all in one go or wait a bit. ty again for your compliment this is my first fiction and it helps to get praise makes me want to write more :D

superloner @superloner ago

I think just a basic go through for the history of the mc will work. No need to go in to too much detail.


Zephon @Zephon ago

09/12/2014 04:57:30superloner Wrote: [ -> ]I think just a basic go through for the history of the mc will work. No need to go in to too much detail.

^^ mhm i'v allready done quite a bit i touched upon his history but nothing to indepth if people show interest then il add seperate chapter's as im not to big on making flashback chapter's to annoy people :p

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