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  Two days have passed. During those two days, I couldn't stop thinking about how I should prepare myself for this one day. I technically did have a so-called "plan" but I doubt I would be able to pull it off flawlessly. 

 I arrived at the mall with a few minutes to spare as she told me she would arrive in a bit. As a guy with no dating experience all I could think of at that time was scenes I've watched from animes. I clearly remember that in that one anime I've watched, before his date arrived he bought a drink for himself and his date. The only reason this came to my head was of course because it's spring which can be hot sometimes, you'll know what I mean.

*Chorong arrived*

We both exchanged greetings with a "hey". I handed her the cold tea.

"Here, it's hot isn't it? I'm sure this would help" I said, trying to start a conversation to set the mood without being too awkward.

"Oh! Thanks!" she thanked me.
"Haha, no problem" I replied.

She did say she wanted to thank me properly by having a meal with me, but let's be real, why would I only want to have a meal with her. Wink

"Since we're at the mall want to do some shopping?" I asked hoping for a positive answer.
"Sure. Where do you want to go?" she asked.
"Well if this is a date let's go shop some new clothes for you haha," I said hoping I wasn't being too direct with my intentions
"Okay...haha" she shyly replied.

At this point, I've started to question if I can keep on going for the rest of the day without being awkward

We looked around for some clothes, suggesting what looks good on each other and bought some snacks from food stands as we made our way towards the restaurant.

I knew that it was going to be at that restaurant where I follow through with my "plan" but I was still nervous


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