The Chosen Stars - A Transformers Original Continuity

by Benjinator12

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Drama Sci-fi
Also available on and Contains strong language and violence. Updated sporadically.

The planet Cybertron hangs in an uneasy state of cold war. The warring factions of the Autobots and Decepticons have brokered a tenuous peace, but tensions are still high. The revolutionary leader Megatron has prepared for a covert mission that will take him beyond explored space in search of an artifact that might finally allow his rebellion to succeed. Meanwhile, a disaffected youth named Airazor searches for a greater purpose, and learns of an Autobot operation to apprehend the former Decepticon leader. The Autobots and Decepticons converge on a world both alien and hauntingly familiar in a battle that will decide the fate of the galaxy.

An original continuity- a new Transformers universe featuring elements both referential and original, crafted to tell a completely different kind of Transformers story.
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