The water was falling over Will’s body as he stood in the shower in complete silence.

After the encounter with the one he believed to be his brother, the only thing he wanted was to be left alone and White’s floor proved to be the perfect sanctuary for his solitude, especially sins she was not there when he arrived. 

He and Asimov had talked to his brother and their past history matched to some degree. Alexander had a brother named Marco, that was the oldest brother of the right hand of a mafia boss. His brother was also one of the deadliest hitmen in his time, but the similarities ended there.

Marco was cold to the point some considered him a psychopath at some degree if not for his carrying to his sick brother. Will was indeed cold when he was fighting, but he considered himself a kindhearted man to others. Marco was a specialist with knives, while Will exceeds in gun warfare. In truth both of them were used to both weapons, it was just they exceed in one.

And there was also the physical differences. Alexander and Marco were blonds, while Will had a black hair. Their eyes were green while his was brown.

And he was also taller and more muscular.

Despite never hearing about this before, Asimov and Mama had told him his or his brother memories could have been messed when the transfer process to the prison occurred. It was impossible to confirm and he didn’t want to rely on something like that. He had a gut feeling something was very wrong and that he was missing something.


Searching his mind for any clue he could only come up with two. First, the woman who put him in the abyss had said something was interesting after looking at his file. He had believed it was due to his deal with the govern, but who knew if there wasn’t something more?

The second was White. She had no reason to give him the souls, unless she knew something he didn’t. To him, it was odd how she seemed to allow him to be closer to her since all he heard about her was that she was cold and didn’t wanted people around her at all. Now, he couldn’t stop thinking there was something there.

As far as he knew, both clues could even be related somehow.

After giving it some more thought, it was impossible that someone who was imprisoned for more than 100 years could know him, unless the person had intel from the outside. This could potentially explain why only she could kill people in the abyss and maybe even why she was so strong and disappeared for long periods of times as they probably would take her out from time to time if his theory was right.

And if he was indeed right, that also brought him two new problems. If she was an inside agent, the fact she was helping him should mean something, or better, the govern wanted something from him inside the abyss. The second problem was that it would mean no other would be able to learn how to kill and this would hinder his vengeance.

Oddly and consequently enough, he heard someone entering the bathroom. He turned and saw White walking in his direction. As soon as she saw him, her eyes studied his body from bottom to top and she seemed to relax, even tossing her spear to the side.

Ignoring him, she started to undress and went to a shower near him. There was no cabinet at that part of the bathroom, so he could see her watching the blood of her perfect and desirable body.

He felt the heat taking control of him and tried his best to not get hard there. Will was no stranger to desire, but the way he felt about her made him uncomfortable, like she was a kind of succubus and desiring her was his only option.

“Sorry for using your place.”

She looked at him and then to what was happening in between his legs, making him feel like the most stupid man on earth. After a long moment that made him very uncomfortable, she stared at his face. Despite all he could think would happen there, she moved closer to him and put her left hand over his face, her fingers moved over his face until she grabbed his neck and pushed him closer than her, putting his face on her shoulder and giving a hug.

There was no malice there, it was just a hug anyone would receive from someone that cared for what one was feeling. To Will, it felt comfortable and peaceful.

He almost felt loved…

And it made him even more confused than before.

“Sorry, I have to go,” he said her when she let go of him.

Her face put him in pain, it was like she was feeling rejected somehow and in truth, he knew she was been, he just didn’t understand exactly from what.

“Sorry, I’m not alright. I will talk to you later. I promised.”

White gave him a half smile and resumed her bath. He left the place and rushed to Mama’s floor as he knew someone should probably be worried about him. After the torture, Asimov and Silvia always worried crazy when he was gone and alone for more than an hour.

He went straight to Asimov’s room and got relieved when the man answered the door.

“Hi Will.”

“Can we talk?”

“Sure, come in.”

Will entered his room and started to walk nervously from side to side while Asimov looked at him confused.

“Whats up? Did you talk with your brother again?”

“No, it’s not him. Ok, I’m nervous because of him, but it’s not him. It’s White.”

“Oh shit, sit here and let’s talk,” Asimov pointed at his bed and when Will sat there he also did it, “Now what the hell happened this time?”

“We were taking a bath together,” Will looked at Asimov opened jaw, “Not like that! Ah fuck, I don’t know… I really don’t know what I’m feeling and what is happening.”

“Take it easy, just put it out.”

“I feel strange when I’m with her and she treats me like there was something, which is impossible since we don’t know each other… Yet… Sometimes I feel she knows me.”

Will decided to let his doubts for another time, he was indeed feeling confused about her and need to at least take it out from him or he would go crazy with one more thing to worry about and that looked like his easier problem.

“Man, don’t look at me to get love help, I know nothing about women… You know…”


Asimov let a deep breath and looked at Will’s eye seriously.

“I’m not into woman.”


Will stopped, trying to make sense of it. There was nothing wrong with Asimov been sexually attracted to man, but he could never have guessed it, especially with he and Mana seemed so closer. And by closer, he meant it.

“But what about Mama? I thought you liked her.”

“I do love her.”

“But -”

Will stopped his sentence. The puzzle started to made sense in his mind and he remembered when she was called the male bitch… And even the sex change option in the advantages menu...

“Was she a man?”


“Oh man,” Will put a hand over Asimov's shoulder trying to reassure the man and even forgetting about his own problem. He could not even start to think how Asimov must have been feeling loving someone that was not what he wanted. It must have been very confusing to him and even painfully.

“Thanks for not treat me strangely. I normally don’t talk about this with other, you know…”

“You are my friend man, and helped me more than I can count. I’m with you no matter what and there is not wrong about you.”

“Thanks. I think you deserve an explanation. Remember when I told you my history? The man I saved was actually Mama and I loved him since then. He didn’t knew it and I didn’t knew he was actually a trans. I thought he was like me and things got complicated after we were sent here... “

“Does she like you?”



“But, I can’t. How can we do it?”

“Hmmm. You don’t feel any arousal for her, I mean, I know you like men, but can’t you get hard?”

Asimov looked at him in a way Will knew the answer and the problem was not Asimov not getting hard…

“Ok, that’s a problem. Look I don’t know if I’m the best to give counsel to this, but you love her, she loves you… You guys should find another way to do it and be together. Love is what matter.”

“Never thought you to be the romantic type.”

“Yeah… Neither do I…”

Will tried to remember any occasion when he was romantic, but all the dates he could remember, were not romantic at all… It was completely different than he saw himself now.

“Ok, I will think about it. Now back at you, I don’t know man she is kinda dangerous and I would not advise going for it. But, you are you,” Asimov scratched his beard, “So you two were like taking a bath together?”


“What happened?”

“I got hard, she felt I was bad and gave me a hug.”

Asimov gave him the most pious look Will have ever got in his life, or so he believed.

“Sorry man, I think you are in the darkest and dangerous place a man can be.”


“The friend zone.”

A note from IshaosI

Hi, people =) Hope you all are alright.

I think there is not much to say about this chapter... So that's it, I will be back soon and probably very soon if the electricity decides to help. We are having a problem with energy here where I live and I'm most of the time without it... I actually only managed to write this chapter like, right now and rushed to finish and post it before something bad like a new blackout happened. 

Any mistakes, please feel free to tell me!

If I don't answer something, you know the reason.

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Mataminus @Mataminus ago

Friend zone indeed the darkest place man can go


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Yes it's a dark place and Will would choose to face a Verdugo than it:

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