High above the ground, lazily wedged in the fork of an enormous tree that towered above the canopy of its counterparts, Mors casually flicked his tail side to side as he bathed in the warm, golden sunlight. It had been two days since he had met Verz at the Huntsmen's graveyard and although their encounter still annoyed him, he had calmed down significantly after returning to the forest and resuming his personal training.

Revealing his sharp, curved teeth, Mors released a growl at the memory. It was not aimed at the woman herself, but at how stupid he had been, somehow managing to perform yet another subconscious magic ritual that had seemingly bound him to the lamia twins. If Verz was to be believed, and with her mocking tone and how she phrased her sentences he wasn't sure, they now had the power to command and summon him at their will if they ever found out about the pact.

If they knew, they would probably have attempted to kill me by now. That or Verz was lying.

After releasing a deep breath, Mors's face returned to its lazy expression. Although it initially seemed like fate had once again screwed him over, there was an unexpected positive. Mors was now able to tell the location and state of mind of the twins and thus, had made his vow to the late Ethemeusa much easier. "A debt that goes beyond blood must always be repaid but, to be bound in servitude while caught in the moment... pathetic."

As Mors recalled his conversation with Verz, he suddenly frowned, vaguely remembering her saying that it was only fair as he had enslaved someone else. Concentrating on the two bonds, weird, warm feelings that seemed to emanate from the centre of his chest, Mors started looking for something and it wasn't long before he discovered a much weaker, almost invisible link. However, he could not get an exact location or emotion from it like the other two. All that he knew was that whatever it was, it tugged at him in the direction of the Huntsmen's fortress.

Puzzled, Mors closed his eyes and started focusing on the feeling, trying to work out what it could be but, whenever he felt close to grasping whatever it was; he would feel a sense of fear before it slipped out of his grasp, like water flowing from cupped hands.

I can't take too much for granted. Maybe this feeling is some sort of tracking spell, and Verz only told me that I had another 'bond' so I would not look for a way to break it if I noticed. Sighing Mors resolved himself to finding the answer when he completed the initiation. Urg, I am going to get myself killed not knowing this world's natural laws and that is only made worse with the presence of magic. Until I know the limits, anything is possible. I am nothing but an ignorant fool, in a world of magic and beasts.

A bird, about to land on the same branch as Mors, spotted him at the last moment and let out a panicked cry before fleeing. It was surprising it took the bird that long to notice him as, even though the dirty remains of his tattered clothes broke up his outline, his white skin, littered with small injuries and bruises, stood out against the tree's dark bark making it almost impossible for him to hide. Not that he was worried about being spotted from the dense vegetation of the forest floor below.

Eventually, the sun peaked in the sky, and Mors stifled a yawn as his head lolled to the side, watching small plumes of smoke rising in the distance; his makeshift blindfold from two nights ago nowhere to be seen. "What a waste of good meat. Seeing as they are almost done cleaning up, I guess it's time to get a move on."

Mors' hand slowly rose in the air as he focused on the small green ball it held, no bigger than an egg with tiny brown lines that littered the rough surface, giving the orb a marbled appearance, causing him to make a disgusted face. "Great, Nature and Earth."

Momentarily hesitating, Mors grimaced as he dropped the ball into his mouth and started chewing. The birds roosting nearby startled and fled at the loud, chilling crunches and the massive burst of residue mana that rippled outwards with each bite.

Making a pained expression as he swallowed, small beads of sweat formed on Mors' brow as the small cuts on his body started knitting together, healing at an astonishing rate and the bruises all but disappeared.

Mors lay motionless for a few moments before rapidly rolling over and retching, sending a bright green and brown liquid, the colours refusing to mix, tumbling to the ground.

Leaning back into the fork of the tree, Mors wiped his mouth as he panted for breath. "I know what I am doing is breaking this world's common sense but, why does the reaction have to be so... painful? And on that note, why can't more people have fire or darkness affinities? Bloody naturists."

After resting for a couple of minutes, muttering under his breath to take his mind away from the excruciating pain coursing through his veins, Mors pried himself from the fork, his tail wrapping around the branch, and sat up before scanning the canopy as he rubbed the bags under his eyes. "Time waits for no ma.. demon. It has been a good training field, but I have already outgrown this place."

A wicked, merciless smile grew on Mors' face. "I guess it is time to end this game of cat and mouse. Letting them hunt me to improve my skills was fun, but they have learnt too much and with their strength, they should provide the perfect graduation ceremony. The only question is, what cheese should I use?"

With a nostalgic, almost regretful sigh, Mors stood up and without a moment's hesitation, stepped off the tree, plummeting down over two hundred feet as his thin legs glowed with red runes.

Twenty meters from the floor, two huge, black wings erupted from his back and beat downward and, despite the membrane being badly torn and full of holes, making them unusable for flight, substantially reduced his velocity as he crashed through the ferns and landed in the soft mulch with a loud thud.

The ferns surrounding him shaking from his decent, Mors remained in his crouched position, slowly retracing his wings back before closing his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he wiggled his toes and fingers in the damp soil and flicked his tongue out as he strained his senses.

Suddenly, Mors' head snapped to the left, his reptilian eyes opening and locking onto something far in the distance even, though it should be impossible for him to see more than a couple of meters through the endless sea of greenery. With every hint of laziness gone, replaced with the aura of a predator on the prowl, his body shivered with excitement. "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T."

Mors had spent the last four weeks getting used to, and training, his body and mind, fighting the forests beasts, monsters and resident sentient species mercilessly. Apart from finally having a better understanding of himself, Mors had received an unexpected benefit; he had remembered most of his previous life's memories, and with that, his mood lightened significantly, even if he had become prone to spouting seemingly nonsensical sayings. During those four weeks, he would hunt, and sometimes toy with, every creature that could be a challenge, pushing his body, skills and abilities to their limits.

Initially, he only stopped at night to recover and reflect what he had learnt that day at Ethemeusa's grave, but since Verz's rather tempting, if infuriating, proposal, he had been in overdrive, only pausing to raise his body temperature to offset the coldness created by using his dark affinity skills.

This would not have been possible if not for his accidental discovery upon leaving the fortress. After a death match with an ogre, Mors had discovered he could ingest mana cores, or at least some parts of them, enabling him to heal his body and replenish his stamina, turning him into quite the literal, killing machine. He was still mentally exhausted as the core did not seem to be equal to a good nights sleep, but he reassured himself that he could rest after releasing his pent up anger at the huntsmen initiation the next day.

Resisting the instinctual urge to let out a roar, letting his prey know that their death approached and giving them at least a chance to entertain him, Mors used the shadows from the foliage and activated his ability causing his body to turn into a black blur and quickly disappeared, barely disturbing the fauna as he passed. However, as Mors no longer could not be bothered to hide his aura, his training over, the local wildlife, their instincts heightened over millennia of evolution and adaptation to mana, fled in every direction as if fleeing a raging inferno.

It wasn't long before guttural, bone-chilling screams, filled with terror, echoed through the ancient forest accompanied by the stench of death as it drifted on the gentle, uncaring breeze.


A note from Skada88

Hi Guys,

Thanks for reading.

Sorry for the info based release :) After reviewing a lot of constructive criticisms, it seems that I have been too obscure with a lot of information and before I start the 'real' story (The last chapter was meant to be the end of the Intro section (It still is, but this is kinda like a pre-warmup), I wanted to cover the reasons for some of the changes, least they seem too drastic and out of place (these were hinted at with the injuries status tab/his appearance/some comments in previous chapters) .

I still have been a little vague in some areas, so I will highlight the main points below, however, I won't be doing this from now on. I will be hoping my skill in getting the detail improves enough. If you spot an area that hasn't been described or is so vague it hurts the story, please let me know.

  • That not everything said by characters, even 'third person' thoughts can't be taken as fact. They can be lies OR the character may just be ignorant of certain facts which effects the narration as that is what is perceived or thought not always what is (info dumps excluded). (This actually has been a big part of the book and so, I am sure it will 'irk' some people when certain things are proven incorrect.
  • A hint at mana cores and Mors 'relationship' (Those who know the last book or read the lore documents will have a hint of where this is going) 
  • That Mors is now actively trying to resist his 'instincts/bloodlines' and not act too impulsively
  • Memories have returned from only his previous life (including his sarcastic behaviour/temperament) affecting his personality 
  • Mors' character has become darker and more sadistic as he mentally attempts to become a 'monster', killing his 'humanity' but at the same time, is developing weird morals.
  • A few hints at the limitations of magic, a pointer to the 'types' (Physical, cast and empowering)
  • Hints at his aura's 'passive' effects and the mentality thought process required (The birds didn't seem to mind him when he was in lazy mode). This also hints at magic's rules in general but once again, this will all be 'taught'

All of these will be explained better naturally, as the story naturally progresses and Mors is 'officially' taught about the world.

I was asked about the next few chapters. Sorry there are no summaries, they revealed too much

Upcoming Chapters 


  • Chapter 16 (Cont) - Who's the hunter? Mors faces his 'hunters'
  • Chapter 17 - Huntsmen initiation and rival? (Who could it be Wink )
  • Chapter 18 - Surviving Verz's training, dungeon style
  • Chapter 19 - Understanding what it means to be a Draconic Demon
  • Chapter 20 - Pathfinder
  • End of Arc
  • The Hunt

Once again thanks for reading and all the comments (both positive and negative) I am trying really hard to improve and it would be impossible without you guys. 


P.S on a side note, I had a weak moment today and purchased two character 'designs' of fivver. Mors and Verz Very Happy I am really excited to see what comes back. (I have requested Mors in his second evolution stage (late teen/early twenties) pre the mutator (variation effects) to limit the risk of spoilers. If the work is any good I will probably get some more (just me wasting money I don't have I suppose) Very Happy I will post them here when I get them.

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