A few people were asking what Mors looked like so I ended up getting someone to do some artwork. It's not perfect (there are a few inconsistencies) but overall matches the vibe that is in my head (wings/tail need to be a 100x more intimidating/dangerous).

Verz will be coming soon :) Are there any other characters you guys would like to see?

This is based off Mors second evolution (Yet to happen) IF he did not remove his horns (or if he gets them back (who knows ;) )

Draconic Demon (Imp) -> Draconic Demon (Demon)


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Etez @Etez ago

Doesn't look that good... If you want him to look more intimidating he needs to be drawn with another art style.... Not some anime/manga style. An example would be Ainz from Overlord. Anime and manga doesnt look that badass or intimidating but if you see the LN images. It looks fucking badass af

PKLvlMax @PKLvlMax ago

Found this on Google Image   


Aeoniam @Aeoniam ago

There is this guy that wrote A very serious swordsmen, his drawing is not "BAM THAT'S THE SHIT DUDE" but he shows what he wants to show. Try asking him to draw it, he seemed pretty nice to me, and his style fits with what you want.

DaiZ @DaiZ ago

Not gonna lie but this image of him is pretty damn lame. He looks like a cartoon character from cartoon network. The other image someone posted looks so much better.

Animeous @Animeous ago

Ok so no one though of drawing Mors in Berserk's artstyle? Oh the gore...

Islingr @Islingr ago

Umm...stupid question but you keep mentioning 'previous book' to elaborate that for us ignorant ones?

SweKingdom @SweKingdom ago

  • Im sorry for the criticism but it feels to cartooni, maby it's that the wings dont feel that organic. Maby go with a style more like the alien in alien and givr him more of a body like that


    Skada88 @Skada88 ago

    Please don't be sorry :) In all honesty, I feel the same and was imagining something much... darker/realistic. I kinda picked the wrong artist for the job and wanted to post it as a very rough 'idea' (extremely rough)

    Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

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