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Chapter 50:Cleaning the beach(01)


"Uh,I want to swim...."(Takuya)


I said that as I moved my broom...I feel so depressed now. As I also wear swimming trunks because I accepted the quest. Lune also wear a swimsuit. She cleaned wholeheartedly....while chatting with Hana and Sakura. But from the way I see...I think they want to get goodside for lune..why?


"Quit being deppresed,let's focus found how this quest solved first."(Tsukihime)

"...I the way Tsukihime...Why you are not wearing swimsuit?"(Takuya)

"I wear it inside of my kimono. The quest only required to wear swimsuit..It's fine to wear swimsuit under your clothes.."(Tsukhime)

"What a pity...."(Takuya)


She was beautiful after all. Heard this her ear twitched for a moment...After pondering for a bit Tsukihime said..


"Ah,I felt so hot......Wait a minute okay?"(Tsukihime)



Why you act like tsundere tsukihime?well who cares she wear swimsuit for my sake,so I won't comment. As we cleaning. Stella finished changing with some mountains shaking she run toward me..


"Takuya-san ~~~"(Stella)

"Oh you already finished changing. Here is the broom."(Takuya)


Ignoring the mountain,I passed the broom quickly and then continued sweep the beach. This made stella baffled....


"Eh ,No reactions?"(Stella)

"How do you think I should react then?"(Takuya)


It wasn't like a gay or anything.


"...hmm shouldn't you have nose bleed at least?"(Stella)

"I AM NOT THAT PITIFUL!!!!!!"(Takuya)


You think I never seen a beautiful girl in my real life !!!!!Can you see Hana with me..tch. For god sake...


"Anyway ,have you grow interest in me.."(Stella)

"Not at slightest...even thought the skin was good,but inside can't be compared to Hana,Sakura and even Tsukihime. To be honest you are not my type.."(Takuya)


This was a honest opinion of myself. Hear this she begin to cursed at me!!!

"Don't be picky fucking  Trash otaku gay!!!"(Stella)

"Trash otaku gay my ass!!!!!You self proclaimed foreign transfer student!!!"(Takuya)


I am freaking normal !!!Beside otaku or not it was not my fault!!!No one is my type!!!If possible I want to be normies too!!Kuh!!Well It wasn't I hate stella or least she was honest...I like this attitude because it will easy for to know what she hate or what she like...well her positive was not just that...still her problem was ...Sight...too many problem to fix....if only her trash talk gone..maybe she will fell on the list who I want to get girlfriend which I created at middle school...Let's ignore her rambling and continue sweeping..


After 30 minutes...Tsukihime finished changing ,she wear a jacket instead of kimono.


"Why you wear a jacket..."(Takuya)

"It was embarrasing..."(Tsukihime)



A pity...truly A PITY!!!As I thought that Alina come over and then she ..


"Sorry miss,but I can't keep calm any longer if I don't do this.."(Alina)


Alina pull her jacket away,which shows her white one piece.......she only lack a bit at her chest. Hana won this swimsuit contest still....Stiil..I don't know why I must praise her no matter what. Well she was one of my type ...Anyway let's praise her..



"Young miss!!!I believe  young master will praise you!!"(Alina)

"Yep,you are absolutely are only lose to my first love,I believe my first love will be more beautiful after all."(Takuya)



Tsukihime said that as she let out relieved breath.She also smiled...well there is a bit scar at her tummy,thought I won't mind such a thing. I won't say anything about it thought...It will be rude to ask her about that. So I will leave it alone. ALina silently give me thumbs up.why?I am pretty sure tsukihime will be angry or at least you...well who cares...But there is someone can't accept it..


"mu!!!!Why only me you didn't praise?"(Stella)


"Hey answer me!!!"(Stella)

"Was there anyone talk?"(Takuya)



If this was anime I will smoke raising her from head. Thought I found Teasing her was quite fun,She was more easier to tease than lune. Also her reaction was better than Lune. I mean if you saw her face you will die of laughing...she puffed her cheek like puffer fish.Pft...Everyone also tried hold their laught..


"UH!!!One day I will make you beg me with tears to made me your girlfriends!!!!(Stella)

"Yep yep,try your best well I hate lazy girl..."(Takuya)


She immediately run off and then grab 2 broom......well let's ignore this Idiot. There is something I found weird..


"Hey ,Tsukihime...if the quest this easy why no one can clear it?"(Takuya)

"Who knows,this is the first time I doing it,but based on rumour because it created unlimited loop."(Tsukihime)

"Loop?You mean we endlessly repeat the quest?"(Takuya)

"Looks like it,well first let's try to clear the quest first....beside you can't made lune waiting right?She want to swim so much."(Tsukihime)

"Need to ask?For his daughter ,this daddy will end the impossible quest."(Takuya)


Kukukuku,Not just for my daughter!!!I also want to see everyone swim...swim together in sea...with all of beautiful girl..!!!EVERY MAN'S DREAM.


"Takuya,Stop your stupid grin.It shows all of you lustful thought.."(Tsukihime)


Was I really grinning?I didn't notice.

"Let me tell you...your first love have no interest in pervert .."(Tsukihime)

"....Surely you won't  tell her right?"(Takuya)

"Hmm?What do you think?"(Tsukihime)


,,,,,Right...if she tell her ,I won't be easy. IF she hate me...Then RIP myself...beside I know she love me....that's why she will tell her ...If she tell her that means..


Me->pervert->didn't like->Rip First Love.


Immediately I do dogeza..

"I will do please don't tell her.."(Takuya)


"I will do anything!!SO please don't tell her..."(Takuya)


If I was see like a disgusting insect....I am sure it will be trauma for me.


"Fine,I won't tell her.."(Tsukihime)


"Anyway,Takuya let's continue cleaning.."(Tsukihime)



As we finished continue killing the beach in 2 hour...


"CK ck!!!the beach still dirty!!!Are you blind?"(NPC)


As trash once again appeared above the beach..This must be what I SHOULD DO?


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