The Arcane Emperor

by Aternus

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy LitRPG Romance Anti-Hero Lead Harem Magic Male Lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Rainer, an amateur arcanist and college student, sought to create a new spell far surpassing the magic of the few he inherited from his grandfather. Yet the interference of an unknown event during the casting of his spell led him to be thrown through space and time.

Where status screens were accepted as normal and class distinctions were quite clear. Leveling and achieving a class beyond a simple farmer or peddler was an affair of life and death combined with years of hard training. Goblins were not the fodder that they should be, orcs filled bedtime stories in order to scare children into behaving, and a dragon? You might as well pack up and move to another country.

He, however, enters this world with the rare and powerful class of the Arcanist. How will the recently ardent seeker of magic find greater heights, or will he land in deeper depths?

Additional Tags: Game elements, Another World, Mature Themes

Cover Art: by NGT

Current Word Count: 413,193
Weekly Schedule: Long Chapter(s) Every Saturday Night EST

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: New Beginnings ago
Chapter 2: I'm Sorry I Doubted you Grandfather! ago
Chapter 3: The Arcane Scholar ago
Chapter 4: A Fairy and a Broken Seal ago
Chapter 5: Fae Contractor ago
Chapter 6: Run with the Wind! ago
Chapter 7: Resistance ago
Chapter 8: The Arcane Elementalist ago
Chapter 9: Monster Hunters ago
Chapter 10: Winter's Guardians ago
Chapter 11: The Dungeon's Entrance ago
Chapter 12: The First Step ago
Chapter 13: Fallen City of Nalmar ago
Chapter 14: A Change of Scenery ago
Chapter 15: The Fog ago
Chapter 16: An Unexpected Addition ago
Chapter 17: Arcane Power ago
Chapter 18: A Vanquishing Spear ago
Chapter 19: The Horde ago
Chapter 20: Soar ago
Chapter 21: Deliverance ago
Chapter 22: Wyvern's Roost ago
Chapter 23: Domain ago
Chapter 24: Rising Caverns and Falling Flames ago
Chapter 25: Descent ago
Chapter 26: The Return ago
Chapter 27: A Temporary Home ago
Chapter 28: The Hunt ago
Chapter 29: Back to Where it All Began ago
Chapter 30: Standardization ago
Chapter 31: Final Preparations ago
Chapter 32: Advancement ago
Chapter 33: Fruit of the World Tree ago
Chapter 34: A New Wind Blows. ago
Chapter 35: The Low Road ago
Chapter 36: Toward the Tower ago
Chapter 37: A Familiar Sensation ago
Chapter 38: The Mana-Well ago
Chapter 39: Voidwalker ago
Chapter 40: Maiden Elru ago
Chapter 41: A Trade ago
Chapter 42: A Ring's Value ago
Chapter 43: Flame-Touched ago
Chapter 44: Of Mages and Arachne ago
Chapter 45: A Message ago
Chapter 46: Arcane Presence ago
Chapter 47: Druidic Magic ago
Chapter 48: The Ice Wolf Queen ago
Chapter 49: Not Even a Footnote ago
Chapter 50: Arcane Invigoration ago
Chapter 51: Devil King Agmar ago
Chapter 52: An Unexpected Destination ago
Chapter 53: A New Arrival ago
Chapter 54: The Arcane Order ago
Chapter 55: Frozen Sun ago
Chapter 56: Tiers of Magic ago
Chapter 57: The Ball ago
Chapter 58: The Soul ago
Chapter 59: Call of the Void ago
Chapter 60: Abyssal Plane ago
Chapter 61: Creeping Darkness ago
Chapter 62: The Mind ago
Chapter 63: A Serpent's Cry and A Dragon's Help ago
Chapter 64: Lords of the Void ago
Chapter 65: Plunging into Water ago
Chapter 66: The Second Trial ago
Chapter 67: Abyssal Elf ago
Chapter 68: A Difference of Time ago
Chapter 69: Death's Thief ago
Chapter 70: The Memories of a Soul ago
Chapter 71: Arcane Revelation ago
Chapter 72: Another gift from the Divine ago
Chapter 73: Home ago
Chapter 74: To New Horizons ago
Chapter 75: Magus of Cursed Lightning ago
Chapter 76: Of Enchantments and Dragons ago
Chapter 77: White Void ago
Chapter 78: A Broken Soul ago
Chapter 79: Sacrilege ago
Chapter 80: Gateway ago
Chapter 81: Void-Step ago
Chapter 82: Bard of the Moonlight ago
Chapter 83: Arcanum ago
Chapter 84: Threads of Aura ago
Chapter 85: The Wolf King ago
Chapter 86: Changing of the Guard ago
Chapter 87: Moonlighting ago

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This is the best book on RRL regarding cliche in my opinion. Most of the books on here the mc does something completely cliche but this character is like f that.

I originally thought that this book wasnt good becuz one of my friends told me but when I actually read it, I knew they were lying. 


In the future, I hope this book gets published into a real book.

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A great start, with a solid writing style

The story has an excellent pace to it. The writing style is stellar and grammar is near perfect. There are a few incongruities at this point, but I'm hoping that with enough time and more chapters they will be addressed. The story has a nice setting to it, with likeable characters. At this point it is still too early for an incredibly detailed review, considering that the author promised 5 chapters/week and that the plot is still in its infancy. 

The one complaint that I have so far is absolutely nothing is known about the origins of the protagonist. But I don't think that this is a big issue, as the author seems to be going for a gradual reveal of the protagonist's past instead of an info dump. That is also fine

As for other readers looking to get a sense of the novel from the reviews, without spoiling too much, this is a summoned to new world story with a twist. So far so good, with enough action and a good deal of humor. I'm leaving it at 4.5/5 for now, as it is too early. Will come back in the future and amend my score.

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Character changes less expected then the Spanish inquisition

This review contains spoilers up to chapter 14.

The story starts out well enough, if generic. There is nothing wrong with generic, and it goes along decently enough. The world is hard-mode, even though the MC gets himself a really cheat-like ability. The writing is good enough, though sometimes there are linebreaks even if the same character continues speaking.

As the story progresses we run into the first actual problem - Luna. Or if not the first actual problem, the first symptom of a problem. Luna represents the cliche ditzy harem member, and should have been a warning for me as a reader.

The story continues, and for some time, Luna has the spotlight. Even in light of the cringe-inducing dialogue, it could almost be considered sweet. This continues, until we run into the first miniboss. Now, this guy (back then) was not a very big deal - the MC almost kills him with one attack! The problem is, due to later revelations, this guy is apperantly fuckstrong, even if other people actaully are stronger. This is a example of a problem that will become more apperent the further into the story you get - the fact that the author has no concept of powerlevels and writes by the rule of cool.

Continuing on, the MC meets a band of general bros, and they crew up in the hunt for glory and loot! Aaaaaaaaand there is the SECOND harem member - the distant, cold but collected Swordswoman. As the swordswoman enters the scene, Luna (the ditzy fairy) is quickly sidelined with the quick phrase of "lol she's in my pocket or something dunno :^)".

The story continues on and they get to the dungeon, and right here the power-problem shows itself. The MC gets a direct hit on a level five (5!) enemy, and it's merely stunned. Be reminded, this is the exact same, if not stronger, attack that would have oneshot the miniboss if he did not have his defenses up. The miniboss was level fourteen (14!).

The fighting breaks out, and against all odds, and against all that has been shown before, the MC somehow ends up on the backfoot - almost dead! Aaaaaaand then the cool, calm and collected swordswoman uses her "secret transformation", and she turns into a half-demon, something that "does not exist!!!!".

She protects the MC, and all is well and good. But not really, since the coming of age ceremony for demons might as well be called coming of edge ceremony - they are required to go into a human village and kill them all - bathe in their blood etc etc. The band of bros that have traveled with them so far are of course appaled! They HATE demons, but their friend is one? Following the only logical decision they turn on the demon. And here everything that the author has railroaded without any thought to logic falls apart.

During the series so far, the MC has seemed like a genuinely caring guy. If he can, he'll help out. He cares about human lives, and nothing from earlier ever implied he did not. He helped people hunting, he tried to help people fighting, and he wanted to help people that were enslaved. But in this moment, he betrays the band of bros. And i could see this happening, i really could. They found out about the fairy, and they might sell him out, so that is one of the reasons he kills them. The other is to protect the half-demons life, because he feels bad? But the thing is, she does not. She explicitly tells him she feels no remorse for killing all those villagers, but he still saves her. I could have seen the MC killing the band of bros, AND killing the demon (since she is a MASS MURDERER: I REPEAT, THE MC DEFENDS A 100% GUILTY MASS MURDERER THAT FEELS NO GUILT FOR HER CRIMES). 

This is the point i just fucking gave up. Author - if you read this, you fucked up hard. I mean, i can deal with a lot of railroading, but you seriously gotta re-write some shit in this series since i've not seen anyone as inconsistent as this MC in quite some time. The MC protecting her makes no fucking sense - and the only reason it happened was because the Author wanted the MC to waifu her.

All in all, it has good grammar and style, but the content is as empty as the MC's personality.

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At first I didn't know why it was placed so high in the novel ranking. I still don't.

(Nothing personnal against the author, just my honest review).

I dropped this novel twice, got back at it, thinking if I got past the first few chapters it would just get better, after all it's ranked first. I'm currently at chapter 13 and thinking of dropping it again.


Style : I'm really not a fan. Especially this : [whatever]. The brackets. It just break the immersion for me and I'm tempted to jump 2-3 lines everytime I see one. And there are a lot. A LOT. I mean, everytime we're speaking about magic : [ ], everytime there's a monster [ ]. They break every sentence they are in, there's no rythm in this novel because of it. It's almost robotic. Also, concerning magic, there's WAY TOO MUCH details. Too much %mana, too much %xp, just too much. No one will remember all that, it's just a waste of time to read everything, especially since you made an OP MC that levels up super fast, hence the % changing regularly.


Story : I put 3.5 stars since I can't judge the story with only 13 chapters. But as of now, it's just a classic MC-teleported-to-a-game-like-world. And gets unique super OP powers. I don't mind an OP MC but I like it when there's a reason behind it. Like if he reincarnated with his memories, of course he has an advantage over others. But this MC is OP because of reasons. He gets teleported to another world and suddenly the crappy powers he had suddenly become OP as shit. Not very convincing.


Grammar : I can't say I saw many mistypes but I saw some sentences that were kinda hard to read because it wasn't quite well-written (probably due to the [ ] that breaks sentences too). I usually don't struggle to read english novels, even those with high-levelish grammar so it's probably not coming from me.


Characters : Well, gotta say those characters are boring. Uninteresting. Bland. The MC arrive in a new world and isn't disoriented at all. It's like he knows exactly what he has to do. And everything goes his way.  His first fight : ''I'll use a spell that was USELESS in my world'' turns out it's enough to kill a Goblin. Damn. What luck! ''Oh, I'm going to sleep, better put some kind of alarm in case a Goblin walks by. Should I remind you the MC was just a student leaving a peaceful life? Now he's like some pro-survivor that knows he has to cast his arcane thingy to protect him while sleeping (how convenient). Also, he was just an almost-normal guy, how can he go to sleep like nothing happened? He just teleported to another world, killed a living being, shouldn't he panic just a little? Or even too excited to sleep?

I will not dwell too much on the other characters because they are even less interesting than the MC. A Fairy that becomes a familiar and grows in size (probably so she can be in the MC's harem, how convenient) that refers to herself using her own name probably to be more cute. Getting goosebumps just thinking back about it. They've known each-other for a few hours but she sticks to him like she's already madly in love with him, even though he did nothing much to get so much attention. Saving a damsel in distress most likely won't make her fall in love with you or even get attached to yo, especially if you're as bland as MC.

Same goes for wolf-girl (Heeeyyy! A beastkin! Gotta have variety in your harem guys). They've known each other for a few days, he showed her he was Op as shit learning or technique and she let him sleep on her thighs though she was introduced rather like a cold-beauty. Seems like ice melts fast when you're OP.

Well, I think I'm done with this review. Again, I got nothing against the author though I might seem harsh. It's just that I like fantasy novels and rpg novels, and this one has been a deception for me. I'll try to continue reading and hope it gets better but I doubt it.

Anyway, congrats for the first place, keep up the hard work. I might not like it but it seems like a lot of people does.

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Story starts off promsing, then devolves into the author's idea of "cool"

Which by the way is only cool if your one of those "emotional" teens who dreams of sleeping with their dog.

Im seriously amazed this made it to top 3... I only think royal road should have the most recent comments show up first for a novels, review to save those of us who want something more then a shitty harem novel the time of reading this crap. Im willing to bet every-one who liked and highly rated this novel are the same category of people who liked and highly reviewed, god and the devil world. Another emo level fantasy novel.

Generic Harem story, cringe worthy romance with no real depth
lack of structure in level system, or combat related progression
Characters have no quality beyond being what I envision skinny kids with long hair and massive addictions to online games would act like in the real world.

  • Overall Score

A wery promising start

 There isnt much to the story but I alredy love it, and I have a fealing it iwll only get better.

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Definitely worth reading

(Rating says it all, tho i'm gonna wait till the story fleshes out a bit before i actually describe it)


Imo one of the best stories on this Site, and so far it only keeps getting better,

Regular updates and an AUthor who keeps in touch with the Cas well as quickly fixes the few mistakes he makes raises this to a professional level of writing as far as I am concerned. Rating updated to full 5 star, form the 4.5 I gave it when there were only five chapters out

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A solid addition to the litrpg genre. None of the amatuerish issues you see on this site sometimes.

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One of the best stories i've read on rrl! Please keep up the good work.

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Honestly I can't say anything about this story other then I love it and want more!