The Arcane Emperor

by Aternus

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy LitRPG Romance Anti-Hero Lead Harem Magic Male Lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Rainer, an amateur arcanist and college student, sought to create a new spell far surpassing the magic of the few he inherited from his grandfather. Yet the interference of an unknown event during the casting of his spell led him to be thrown through space and time.

Where status screens were accepted as normal and class distinctions were quite clear. Leveling and achieving a class beyond a simple farmer or peddler was an affair of life and death combined with years of hard training. Goblins were not the fodder that they should be, orcs filled bedtime stories in order to scare children into behaving, and a dragon? You might as well pack up and move to another country.

He, however, enters this world with the rare and powerful class of the Arcanist. How will the recently ardent seeker of magic find greater heights, or will he land in deeper depths?

Additional Tags: Game elements, Another World, Mature Themes

Cover Art: by NGT

Current Word Count: 413,193
Weekly Schedule: Long Chapter(s) Every Saturday Night EST

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: New Beginnings ago
Chapter 2: I'm Sorry I Doubted you Grandfather! ago
Chapter 3: The Arcane Scholar ago
Chapter 4: A Fairy and a Broken Seal ago
Chapter 5: Fae Contractor ago
Chapter 6: Run with the Wind! ago
Chapter 7: Resistance ago
Chapter 8: The Arcane Elementalist ago
Chapter 9: Monster Hunters ago
Chapter 10: Winter's Guardians ago
Chapter 11: The Dungeon's Entrance ago
Chapter 12: The First Step ago
Chapter 13: Fallen City of Nalmar ago
Chapter 14: A Change of Scenery ago
Chapter 15: The Fog ago
Chapter 16: An Unexpected Addition ago
Chapter 17: Arcane Power ago
Chapter 18: A Vanquishing Spear ago
Chapter 19: The Horde ago
Chapter 20: Soar ago
Chapter 21: Deliverance ago
Chapter 22: Wyvern's Roost ago
Chapter 23: Domain ago
Chapter 24: Rising Caverns and Falling Flames ago
Chapter 25: Descent ago
Chapter 26: The Return ago
Chapter 27: A Temporary Home ago
Chapter 28: The Hunt ago
Chapter 29: Back to Where it All Began ago
Chapter 30: Standardization ago
Chapter 31: Final Preparations ago
Chapter 32: Advancement ago
Chapter 33: Fruit of the World Tree ago
Chapter 34: A New Wind Blows. ago
Chapter 35: The Low Road ago
Chapter 36: Toward the Tower ago
Chapter 37: A Familiar Sensation ago
Chapter 38: The Mana-Well ago
Chapter 39: Voidwalker ago
Chapter 40: Maiden Elru ago
Chapter 41: A Trade ago
Chapter 42: A Ring's Value ago
Chapter 43: Flame-Touched ago
Chapter 44: Of Mages and Arachne ago
Chapter 45: A Message ago
Chapter 46: Arcane Presence ago
Chapter 47: Druidic Magic ago
Chapter 48: The Ice Wolf Queen ago
Chapter 49: Not Even a Footnote ago
Chapter 50: Arcane Invigoration ago
Chapter 51: Devil King Agmar ago
Chapter 52: An Unexpected Destination ago
Chapter 53: A New Arrival ago
Chapter 54: The Arcane Order ago
Chapter 55: Frozen Sun ago
Chapter 56: Tiers of Magic ago
Chapter 57: The Ball ago
Chapter 58: The Soul ago
Chapter 59: Call of the Void ago
Chapter 60: Abyssal Plane ago
Chapter 61: Creeping Darkness ago
Chapter 62: The Mind ago
Chapter 63: A Serpent's Cry and A Dragon's Help ago
Chapter 64: Lords of the Void ago
Chapter 65: Plunging into Water ago
Chapter 66: The Second Trial ago
Chapter 67: Abyssal Elf ago
Chapter 68: A Difference of Time ago
Chapter 69: Death's Thief ago
Chapter 70: The Memories of a Soul ago
Chapter 71: Arcane Revelation ago
Chapter 72: Another gift from the Divine ago
Chapter 73: Home ago
Chapter 74: To New Horizons ago
Chapter 75: Magus of Cursed Lightning ago
Chapter 76: Of Enchantments and Dragons ago
Chapter 77: White Void ago
Chapter 78: A Broken Soul ago
Chapter 79: Sacrilege ago
Chapter 80: Gateway ago
Chapter 81: Void-Step ago
Chapter 82: Bard of the Moonlight ago
Chapter 83: Arcanum ago
Chapter 84: Threads of Aura ago
Chapter 85: The Wolf King ago
Chapter 86: Changing of the Guard ago
Chapter 87: Moonlighting ago

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Aternus, your story has some brilliant concepts, and your plot is great. I can feel the heart you put into your work. Still, after nineteen chapers, it has become a challenge "for me" to continue reading. Despite the fact that I really want to, I am litterally forcing myself onward. I am not just saying this for my sake, but for your own, since others might feel the same way as me. Hence, I would like to point out some critical points of mine, so that you can improve yourself and get more readers. Otherwise, feel free to simply consider this as my personal ramblings.


With respect to (1) grammar, I have seen some slight improvements along the chapters, but I sadly keep running into mistakes almost every paragraph. That is fine in itself. However, what has cut me off is (2) the narrative. I am assured you know of this, but as to remind you, it is the reader who has to make sense of everything you write. Therefore, if you think about how the reader perceives your text, then in the first place, there should have never been a need to make explanations in the comments. Elaborating on this, during my read, a number of readers have pointed out misunderstandings, things that they did not quite understand or even important details, which they felt were left behind. I am assured you do your best at preventing all these to the best of your abilities. Nevertheless, I find myself having to gloss over some scenes more than once, which sadly disrupts the flow of the story. Moving on to (3) the characters of the story, a number of the conversations and developments are lacking in authencity. Without going into detail, I get some very "unnatural vibes" from how some of the interrelationships are proceeding. To me, this either translates into very simplistic thought processes of characters, cringe-worthy relationships or rushed developments. Lastly, but not least, I can sincerely recommend you to give your story some (4) extra flavour, so that it does not feel too descriptive. For instance, introducing more traits to the surroundings and characters and more verbs. More specifically, but of less relevance now, I will also refer to the amount of spells. The repitions of similar spells is astounding. The downsides being, first of all, you for your own sake have to use time to consider each of these alternative spells and their current levels, and secondly we as readers have to remember each one of them. To increase the depth and impact of spells, merging some of the many substitutes into a single system, would have been much appeaciated. Jumping off track, I would also like to point out another thing, which I think you will be able to refer to. A single institution, such as a university, is likely to hold a monopololy position. This can disrupt innovation and deteriorate variation in learning, which in turn prevents the creation of knowledge. Hence, the spread of various dissimilar organisations, institutions or schools can actually be beneficial.  


I sincerely hope you will be reviewing this message as a kind of knowledge sharing and show of goodwill, so that you can improve your storytelling and share the joy of writing about your world with us.

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So pretty much this story is mostly detailed descriptions of how the Main character upgrades his skills, spells, stats, levels, and gaining skill points. That's just what makes up the brunt of the writing, while I realize this is the site to post LITRPG but this story has taken it into excess. Falling into a repeated formula is bad writing.
There are mediocre fight scenes and non-pornographic sex scenes. The characters are ok, not great but ok. 

And FFS! You cannot have the perspective shift during the same scene. Y thought 'blah blah blah' and X thought 'Blah blah blah.' <---This is a mistake that will immediatly cause a publisher to throw out your manuscript.

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New and definitely worth a read.

Though there aren't many chapters out yet i feel confident enough to rate this work with five stars.

The grammar and spelling are on point with only a few mistakes here and there. 

The world is in the process of being developed but it is being done splendidly and the author seems to be taking his time whilst doing it .

The characters are likeable though somewhat one-dimensional as of yet, i won't be subtracting any points for this though due to the fact that only six chapters have been released as of yet and it seems to be going in the right direction.


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Great story. If it was a book I had to pay for I would gladly buy it.

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its just there,not bad but honestly not worth all the hype.

like the title of the review says,i am of the belief that this fiction honestly isnt worth all the hype people seem to be giving it,but it is by no means a bad book,the authors grammar and style are definitely one of the best on this site,its just that some contents of the book just dont sit right with me.

  the mcs only advantage over others is his whole arcane power,he doesnt honestly do anything...idk..amazing that makes you think that the arcane magic is all that,i mean all he ever does is learn fireball,adds arcane to it,its now arcane fireball and thats all folks,30 chapters in and still the same old same old,i swear it just started feeling nauseous at that point,he gets spacial and gravity magic and doesnt even consider trying teleportaion,for someone who came from a more technologicaly advanced world you would think he had a better imagination,by chapter 35 i just couldnt anymore,i just couldnt feel anything for the characters,they were feeling like cardboard cut outs you see in day to day anime

,i mean dude there is only so many time you can use gunthers i am shocked at your power growth joke before it becomes stale.

  then there is the harem tag,whats going to happen to kara?,she going to be okay with her lover being someone else, shes incapable of feeling jealousy?,i honestly dont see what people like about this,no self respecting person should find it okay to see there partner with someone esle why they just sit there and watch,well i suppose we are all entitled to our own opinions and fact of the matter is we like what we like, no helping that, but i honestly believe the book can do without it, it would make the characters feel more real instead of like some cardboard anime cut outs.

 well thats all i have to say, best of luck with your book though,its ffxv time and adamantoise isnt going to kill himself!


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The story starts off unique enough, the MC is one of the few mages on Earth where magic is limited to lighting candles. Sadly, it becomes cliche-ville all the way to chapter 14 where I had to stop. 

The MC gain an OP class called Arcanist for some reason when it's closer to a Sorcerer. The MC gains spells extremely easily, the knowledge to use the spells gets downloaded, wonder how one get's the drive to uncover the secrets of the arcane when it's spoon-fed to them. 

He later has a cringy moral realization after finding out that goblins have a language. Staple for all these transportation stories, very badly done. He get's a fairy, quite cliche as well. The only redeeming factor would've been if she wasn't jealous and acted like she and the MC are a couple, which she doesn't. Cheap, easy jokes that we've all read hundreds of times and so lacking in comedic value.

The author really messed up, his first meeting with people is basically time-skipped after he bonds with the female of the group. The one who is supposed to be strong and blunt, yet stumbles reassuring the MC that his sword form is not womanly. Oh lord, the scene where her hair-ties magically snap off in combat was a reach. A woman warrior would secure he hair better, or have it in a bob-cut. 

Spoilers on the scene that cemented my dislike for the story.



He kills 9 of other guys in his groups, or tries to, after he's told by them, his fairy, and the wolf-girl warrior that she murdered people. Something completely out of character for him, seriously reaching for that neutral evil alignment. Now, if there were actual scenes of character development on the trip to the dungeon, for the party and the wolf-girl, the reader might understand why he murdered 7-9 people. As it is, it was abrupt, nonsensical and off putting. 

The only good thing is the grammar at this point.

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Best Mage novel I have read in a looooong time

Ok, so I'm a bit of a magic and mages nut. If there were ever a VRMMO game released, I would go for a pure mage build 100% of the time and damn the consequences.


You manage to do magic very well in this novel I feel. And I dont have much time right now, but i promise to write a long er review later.

Gotta go, double bio right now.

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Its an amazing story with a hero MC but with guts to kill.

Well.. the whole thing about magic on earth and that there were only 2 mages (MC included) but in reality there was a whole guild about it and the MC even had his magic sealed and he didnt know about it. I hope that you can make use of these things that you have introduced as something quite important, for example, why did the MC has his magic sealed in the first place?. Its even implied that his supposed grandfather is older than 1000 or whatever g-g-g-g-great-grandfather means.

I quite like the interactions that the mc has with Luna so i hope that you can keep that up since there are tons of stuff you can talk with a fairy (And first waifu). So i hope that she learns how to grow bigger and smaller at will to solve issues.

About the thing with the demons i hope that the MC can solve things such as the ceremony and change it to something else, maybe its me but i believe that the MC can find the way to awaken the demons without the need of doing THAT.

Also i hope that you can provide a better background for the girls and possible explain their past and the place they lived. 

Also i hope that MC can ask more things to kara since she clearle knows more about the world than Luna.

  • Overall Score

Gran novela, me encanta el mc y la historia en si , espero poder seguir leyendo, gracias por el gran trabajo.

  • Overall Score

One of least intelligent mc's I've ever read about

I'm a bit confused about your reasoning behind the way your mc uses his sleep learning skill.  You've said many times he doesn't want to use it leveling spells, and waste the very small amounts of exp he gets from doing it while awake.  Which means, instead of leveling and increasing his damage 3x or 4x over night, and slaughtering monsters the next day for insane exp, he's stuck running away from monsters, while doing low damage, and getting 5% exp here and there.  And despite mana being being his main problem every single fight, he doesn't put a single point in int or will to help fix it, so he can kill the bad guys, he puts them in dex to run away faster, or a useless language, or frigging faerie physiology ... wtf?  I don't think he's made a single resonable decision about his stats yet.  Stupid MC's really take all the fun out of a story.