Alex Mavros Chronicles (Dropped...)

by AaronDragon

Original Action Adventure Comedy Contemporary Drama Romance Magic Male Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Some people were just destined for great things, some had greatness thrust upon them, it is only a very select few that have greatness sneak up on them and mug them of their normal life in a dark alley.

Meet Alex Mavros, an honor student whose dream was to be a professional editor at a literature publication company called Fantasy Works. As fate would have it though life as Alex knew it changed forever when, on his eighteenth birthday, one small act of kindness comes back to bite him. Literally. Alex soon finds himself hunted by supernatural forces for reasons he barely understands, and discovers that the world is a lot more weird and magical than he ever would have believed. Mastering his new condition and all the abilities that come with it may be the only way for him to survive, and that’s only if he can figure out how to not accidentally kill himself with them first.

Sometimes being destined for greatness really sucks, but Alex is determined to make the most of things. The whole grand destiny thing might not even be all that bad if he can find a way to live through the year.

[{( So this is a draft project that i have hopes of maybe publishing as a novel series someday... I would really appreaciate any and all reader feedback and reviews that readers/fans can give. Hope you all like this, it's my first real serious shot the traditional "Novel" format of writing things...)}]

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13th Lord of Fantasy


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