Welp, it’s happening… I’ve decided to officially drop this story (Among others) in favor of focusing on a handful of other stories that I hope to actually complete.

Sorry to all the fans for this fic, but for various reasons (Lack of motivation, change in writing style, loss of interest, too much time spent away, etc…) I just can’t see myself working on this story anytime in the near future…

Now this isn’t to say that the story is totally dead some of the Fics I’m posting this message on I do have some idea to return to and finish one day (Alex Mavros to name one ), but for at least the foreseeable future this is the end for this story…

Now if you want to check out what I AM working on right now go to the links below…

Dungeon Instinct (the start of Volume 2 coming soon… shooting for the end of January…)

Grimm Lord (Got the first few chapters done {About 50ish pages} but on a short break for now)

Garden of Ark (What I’m currently working on, a bit of a mix of a dungeon story and Bringing the Farm…)


So to recap, really sorry but this fic is getting dropped indefinitely for the foreseeable future…

AaronDragon Out…


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