Vesryn Pulse [Completed]

by ArchlordZero

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Grimdark Magic Strategy

Long ago, the humans triumphed over the dragons, sealing them into a human mortal body now known as dragonoids. The dragonoids became enslaved by the humans, and uses them as military weapons by the power of the Vesryn Pulse. Arcadia, a guerilla group led by Estoff Wraith, act as freedom fighters, offers the only resistance to the mankind’s cruel abuse of their power.

A set of dire events occurred, bonding two individual’s fates altogether.

Amphere Harrison entered the Dragon Knight Academy with his dragonoid partner, Airelina Frembell, who is also a key member of the Arcadia. Now an unwilling participant in the struggle against the abusive government, Amphere must learn to control his dragonoid’s power and win the Dragon Knights Tournament to gain the princess’s favor. This will be their first step to give dragonoids the freedom they deserve once and for all.

Vesryn Pulse follows the action filled story of a young man who is dragged into a brutal war, possessing the unbelievable skills to help him uncover the secrets of the government, Arcadia, and the Vesryn Pulse. However, he will soon learn that the truth comes at a far greater price that he could ever imagine.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Vesryn Pulse ago
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: A Dragon and a Knight ago
Chapter 2: A Fateful Encounter ago
Chapter 3: Pledge to Protect ago
Chapter 4: Dawn of the Futuretech Dragon ago
Chapter 5: From Then and Now ago
Chapter 6: A New Opportunity ago
Chapter 7: Metal Rocks! ago
Chapter 8: The Way of Freedom ago
Chapter 9: Registration ago
Chapter 10: The Silver Woman ago
Chapter 11: Mask’s Mystery ago
Chapter 12: Chevalier Unit ago
Chapter 13: Elimination Round ago
Chapter 14: A Deal with the Phantom ago
Chapter 15: Dragon Clash Royale ago
Chapter 16: Overload ago
Chapter 17: Promise for a Free World ago
Chapter 18: Exit of the Phantom ago
Chapter 19: Vanilla City ago
Chapter 20: Please Trust Me ago
Chapter 21: Blackmail ago
First Days in the Dragon Knight Academy ago
Chapter 22: Fairy Dance ago
Chapter 23: Poison Gas ago
Chapter 24: Deduction ago
Chapter 25: Phantom Revival ago
Chapter 26: Ghost of the Past ago
Story of Rudolf Azregon ago
Chapter 27: Tropical Madness! ago
Chapter 28: The Ruined Cathedral ago
The Story of Twin Stained Hearts ago
Chapter 29: Confessions ago
Chapter 30: A True Bond ago
Chapter 31: Estoff’s Wrath ago
Chapter 32: Voice of the Emperor ago
Chapter 33: Overtech Dragon ago
Chapter 34: Dracaryx Unleashed! ago
Chapter 35: Identical Hearts ago
Chapter 36: Wanted ago
Chapter 37: Ally of Justice ago
Chapter 38: The Oath ago
Chapter 39: Sin of my Friend ago
Chapter 40: Don’t Call me Amphy Again! ago
Story of Airelina Frembell ago
Story of Airelina Frembell II ago
Chapter 41: Betrayal ago
Chapter 42: Dragunov’s Secret ago
Story of Star Berries; Tale of Friendship, Love, and War ago
Chapter 43: Objection! ago
Chapter 44: Reassortment ago
Chapter 45: Into the Abyss ago
Chapter 46: Deus Ex Machina ago
Chapter 47: The Mastermind ago
Chapter 48: Old Friends ago
Chapter 49: Heaven and Hell ago
Chapter 50: Blood Brothers ago
Chapter 51: Vengeance and Existence ago
Chapter 52: Divine Suffering ago
Chapter 53: Blacked Out ago
Chapter 54: Love and Freedom ago
Chapter 55: Seraph and Diablo ago
Chapter 56: Blood-stained Hero ago
Chapter 57: My First Love ago
Chapter 58: Fake Honor ago
Chapter 59: The Holy Guardian ago
Chapter 60: Troubles and Liquor ago
Chapter 61: Airi’s Upgrades ago
Chapter 62: General Class Dragon Knight ago
Chapter 63: Yggdrasil Fall ago
Chapter 64: Promise to the Princess ago
Chapter 65: Rainbow Road ago
Chapter 66: Regular Tuesday ago
Chapter 67: Most Powerful Dragonoid ago
Chapter 68: Sugarcoated ago
Chapter 69: The Finals ago
Chapter 70: Elform ago
Chapter 71: Princess Knight Captured! ago
Chapter 72: The Four Dragonmen of Apocalypse ago
Chapter 73: Requiem Aeternam ago
Chapter 74: Light and Dark Flame Arts ago
Chapter 75: Hot Spring of Love ago
Chapter 76: Love without Progress ago
Chapter 77: Kill Them All ago
Chapter 78: The Most Awaited Battle ago
Vesryn, the Saint, and the Eye of Deus ago
Chapter 79: Sabotage ago
Chapter 80: Task Force Libera ago
Chapter 81: Return of the Crimson Dragonfly ago
Chapter 82: My Last Hope ago
Chapter 83: Price of Vengeance ago
Chapter 84: Dying Love ago
Chapter 85: The One to Blame ago
Dragunov and the Three Musketeers ago
Chapter 86: Heart Resonance ago
Chapter 87: A War to End ago
Chapter 88: Interlude to the Final War ago
Chapter 89: Love between Living and the Dead ago
Chapter 90: Three Idiots ago
Chapter 91: Declaration of the End ago
Chapter 92: Necross Dragon ago
Chapter 93: Rise of the Savior ago
Chapter 94: Necross Ascension ago
Chapter 95: Hearts of the Million Dragons ago
Chapter 96: World’s End ago
Chapter 97: Honor of a Dragon Knight ago
Chapter 98: Final Pulse ago
Epilogue ago
Chapter 99: ??? ago

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I don't usually make reviews becouse i suck at them and becouse i am lazy, but i felt like i had to make one for this story, and reason is there are none other than this currently.

Style: it feels good, easy to read but not to simple at the same time. 

The narration is in first person through the view of multiple pov, while the MCs (they are two I guess), still retain more importance. 

Grammar: I think it's good enought for me but i am italian so... take me half-heartedly.

Story: has promise. The academy thing is a nice set up for starting fantasy books ( personal opinion here). The mistery and politics behind the courtains are cool! 

Characters: they feel a bit out of an anime show, but i can't say they aren't well fleshed, it's good as long as you will develop them more throughfully.


Please bear with my grammar and poor explanations... KEEP IT UP! ;)

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This story is good and same time it triggers me so much, style and world building are top noch.MC is meh and story is bad, not overally bad but its feels like story for kids with exeption that many things points out otherwise like slavery rape etc. characters are just..... feels so unreal every of them.

  • Overall Score

I don't know how to feel about this. While the story is good, the delivery is quite atrocious. It's not nearly as bad as other stories you can find, but regardless, it's still bad. There are a lot of wandering thoughts similar to what I see in Japanese Light Novels, I believe they're called. Lots of ideas and sentences aren't completed and some wrong words/tenses here or there but okay. The characters are rather bland.