Chapter 90: Three Idiots

Amphere Harrison

Seeing her loved one come back to life, Kyrie rushed forward and hugged her ex-deceased husband. Rudolf spun his tearful wife four times before falling to the ground like those romantic clichés of reunion between two lovers. I was so happy and astounded at the same time. How did my eye and Airi made some epic miracle!?

“H-How did you do that?” I turned to Airi, who was now helping me to stand up.

“Vesryn gave me all her powers and knowledge. I now know how to summon a soul of the dead by tracing the power of the Vesryn Pulse to the spirit world. The difference is that Vesryn can only do it with dragonoid souls. I tried mimicking her ways and I totally succeeded.” Then Airi made a painful sigh. “It’s impossible to revive a human, but with your Eye of Deus, I was able to break the natural laws of reality. The universe will soon recognize this anomaly, so Rudolf will be erased after about six hours.”

“Still…” Kyrie went to our side and then hugged Airi. “I was so glad that you bought time for my love. I can’t thank you enough, Airelina.”

Suddenly, Rudolf genuflected in front of my girlfriend and said these words. “My greatest gratitude belongs to you, Airelina.”

“That’s totally nothing!” Airi scratched her head due to fake embarrassment.

Then this reminiscing moment of reunion was interrupted when the airship shook. Then the red alarm goes in and made a disgusting buzzing sound over and over again that grinded our eardrums.

“I’m sorry to break this to you, but we still have a war to fight.” I said. And then I gave him one of the photon broadswords that were his in the first place. “Glad to have you back. This time, don’t get yourself killed.”

“I’m already a zombie, y’know.” Rudolf revealed his heart which was repulsively beating. He looks like a patient who got dissected in an operation and the doctors forgot to have his chest skin stitched back. Gross. Totally!

Suddenly, a zombie went into the scene silently, but we are alerted enough to notice him. It was Gilliard’s corpse. I looked at Airi, silently asking if she can do anything about that but she shook her head. I guess we’ll have to have Gilliard’s corpse to be rest in peace once again. So Rudolf and I bolted forward, slashing the zombie’s body with our photon broadswords, which carved a burning X mark on the dead dragonoid. Then, Rudolf grabbed the black heart with his Chaos Claws and crushed it with his own hand. Gilliard’s zombie then dissolved into thin air.

After killing my former comrades (which I’m certainly good at), we jumped out of the airship while holding each other’s hands, and we all shouted in unison!

“Activating Vesryn Pulse!”

The golden armored Chaos Dragon and the crimson plated Chimeratech Dragon roared as they jetted forward the skies. The dark heavens have been lit up due to countless projectiles flying all the way. The “alive” dragon knights are now getting the upper hand! I guess controlling too many undead dragons and knights are too much for our dark necromancer.

“Guys…” Richard talked to our earpiece. “I know it sounds absurd, but have you seen Reina?”

That’s what I’m searching for a while from the start. I had this conclusion that if Nox was able to revive Rudolf, he could have revived Reina too to fight against us. Now that Airi can temporarily revive corpses, finding her zombie should be one of our priorities. But no. “Reina’s not here.” I said to Richard.

I see then.” Richard’s tone is considerably sad, but he tried hard to brush away the topic. “Anyway, I have located Nox. He was located on the entrance of the Demonic Cathedral. He was about three kilometers from here, but I think I can open up a portal for you to teleport there!”

I was about to answer him to do it, but then, there was an explosion from behind us! It was the airship, now covered with thick smoke! Slowly, the airship is losing its altitude, but the attack ceased to stop! There was this golden streak that has been striking the thrusters of the airship!

Rudolf and our dragons drifted in the air as we go back to the source of the attack. I was never shocked when I saw his face again. It was the man whom I adored due to his chivalry and braveness. Estoff Wratih. He was on top of his dead lover, Elumina, on her Seraph Dragon form. But this Seraph Dragon is alternately black white due to the decaying scales and limbs, which make it look less angelic.

“I think I can work this one out, totally!” Airi said to me telepathically. “This one requires more work since we needed to use an alive beating heart of a dragonoid.”

 I was about to do what was planned inside of my head, but several zombie dragon knights swarmed around us! Just what the heck are that other dragon knights doing!? I was then guilty of blaming them when I saw that each and every one of my allies are so busy fighting their own horde of zombie dragons and soldiers. I guess everything doesn’t come easy.

“Leave this to me!” Rudolf shouted. “Go!”

As I rushed away from the scene, the undead dragons started to chase us! But Rudolf got his thing ready. He inhaled so deep and then released with a devastating shout! A strong shockwave emerged and an invisible shockwave pushed through the horde like a deflating balloon. Everyone who got in the area of effect of the sonic wave got their selves paralyzed. Dragons started crashing on the snowy forests. It was the power of the royal blood after all. The Voice of the Emperor.

With Airi’s incredible speed, we caught up with the Seraph Dragon. We got them in surprise that Airi’s photon pincers locked the Seraph’s wings. Estoff zombie came in rushing to me and made a heavy slash and thrust but I managed to dodge it by docking and stepping backwards. I then activated two Deus Ex Machina arms to aid me push this persistent zombie away by making a gigantic hook and jab. Estoff blocked the mechanical jab with his buster sword, but that force made him flying in the midair, away from his dragon.

I grabbed this opportunity as I jumped forward. I morphed one of my gigantic mechanical arm to a defibrillator which charged a hundred thousand volts and slammed it on the Seraph Dragon’s chest. Since the zombie dragon has been pinned down by Airi, I had a ninety-nine percent accuracy, and I succeeded in delivering a painful electric surge!

For a short moment, Elumina’s heart started to beat once again!

Airi’s dragon forehead glowed, and a gigantic V sign appeared once again. Slowly, wounds of the Seraph Dragon began healing, but not all of her body parts. But it managed to bring back the passionate red eyes of the kind hearted Elumina!

“Estoff!” I shouted as I witness my dead mentor freefalling!

I had my other Deus Ex Machina arm to extend and catch Estoff’s corpse, and had my Eye of Deus glare at his very eyes. His body now glowed in red light, and the black heart once again converted into a stone, cracked, and became a genuine heart. As soon as I managed to reinstall that heart to my mentor, his emerald eyes twinkled as life has once again entered his body!

“Amphere you wanker…” That was his first words to me. But his pale undead face managed to make a smile.

I will now be opening a portal!” Richard said via our coms.

Then a gigantic portal, about ten meters in length, opened. Estoff and I went through it flawlessly, and my Chimeratech Dragon and Estoff’s Seraph Dragon followed. The next thing we know is that we’re already in the very entrance of the gigantic diabolic cathedral.  It’s still the same from afar, only that the demon dragon statues from near looks more sinister than before.

Another portal opened and Rudolf and his Chaos Dragon made their appearance.  “Richard said that you will need some help once again.” Rudolf said.

“This world seems to be more hellish than the one I left!” Estoff laughed.

“You guys should be thankful of me. I brought you back to life, even for a brief period.” I made a smile.

We three knights fixed our gaze to the one on top of the stairs before the gigantic doors of the cathedral. There, a man with messy black hair and rainbow-colored eyes fought us with the very same stare. He was standing in a glowing red demonic circle, which was maybe used to channel his energy and control all those corpses. It was Nox.

It looks like we three just interrupted his “prayers”, so he unsheathed his broadsword on his back.

“So you three idiots will fight me in my domain.” Nox had his menacing laugh. “Fine! Come with all you got!”


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Dragrath @Dragrath ago

So they found a way to steal back the zombies even if it is temporary... I does seem it will work out to be a pretty cliche end(not necissarily bad if done well enough as Tropes are tools) but I kinda figured it would be and yeah super ominous ritual is going to be a problem... The guy has a zombie army and is soon going to revive as a demon I still can't get why anyone would you know not respond against what has to be the  obviously diabolicaly evil demon in the totally not on the map demonic chappel... yeah... also I note he only said he couldn't revive them now he never said he would revive them doesn't Dragnov know that demons can't be trusted on their word without an explicit contract? 

I'm willing to bet he can call those giant demonic dragon statues to life too becuse why the  hell not? I mean the villan already has a zombie army... >_<

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