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A wagon was rolling down the cobblestone road. It had been traveling non-stop for 4 days, carrying three passengers towards an unknown destination. However, anyone seeing them would be hard pressed to call any of those beings ‘people.’ Not to mention that, technically speaking, one of them wasn’t a passenger at all.

“Huff! Fucking! Huff! Box! Huff!” complained Kora to nobody in particular.

Fiends detest menial physical labor. While it may be a fact that they have the strong bodies and night-inexhaustible stamina, those are meant for bringing about violence and destruction. The summoning contract cared not for their opinions on such things though. If their master commanded them to act like beasts of burden, then that’s exactly what they had to do. So it’s only natural that Kora would be dissatisfied when she was ordered to pull along an entire wagon loaded with miscellaneous everyday items.

“Huff! Me and my, huff, big mouth!”

It was of course her offhanded suggestion that brought about this turn of events. Boxxy, her master, would never have thought to do this if it wasn’t for her ill-thought-out words. Indeed, Xera had remarked multiple times that the Mimic will latch onto things she said and never fucking let go of them. Like the inexplicable habit it had of parodying her demonic appearance when using magic.

“Huff! Huff!”

It was also a fact that Boxxy knew not the meaning of restraint and worked its minions to death.

Your body has deteriorated due to extreme exhaustion. HP -540. Max HP -540.

Quite literally. Even if Kora boasted to be able to move around at full strength for days, actually putting it to the test revealed that her body would start giving out after about 20 hours of intense labor and expire completely after 10 more. She would then be immediately summoned back and put to work once more.

“Huff! Boss! Huff! How about! Huff! A break! Huff!”

“I’m not tired,” replied Boxxy. “Keep going.”

Of course it wasn’t tired. The most strenuous activity it had performed recently was rummaging through the goods in the wagon. Right now it was deeply engrossed in examining a bunch of simple clothes made to fit children in their early teens. They were modest, sturdy and rough to the touch. They were also quite dull in color - either brown or beige. These clothes were the polar opposite of the few high-class outfits on the other end of the wagon that were made of silk. A more worldly mind would realize the former were meant for commoners while the latter were clearly targeted at people with a high degree of wealth, such as nobles or successful merchants.

The Mimic was trying to wrap its mind around why those humans and elves always seemed to wear these things considering they offered absolutely no protection against swords or magic. Was it really just to look different? Was that really so important? Even if Boxxy constantly changed its shape and appearance, that was always for a very practical reason. Well, except for assuming Xera’s form whenever it played with its steadily growing pile of gold, but that was more a question of function rather than fashion.

“Huff! Huff! Huff!”

As for the actual Xera, she was sitting silently in the coachman’s seat, bored out of her skull. While she did find it amusing to watch her companion suffer under the box’s commands, it got old pretty quickly. At least she got to see Kora sweat for once. She’d never done that during their sessions together, probably because there’s a huge difference between ploughing a succubus for an hour and pulling a cart for a whole day. Xera doubted whether fiends were even capable of sweating.

“Huff! Goddamn! Huff! Cart! Huff! Gonna punch it! Huff! To bits! Huff!”

Well, there was no doubt as to that now. The sweat was literally pouring out of Kora at this point. It had gotten to the stage where the white, stretchy fabric of her top and bottom clothes were completely soaked. The already skintight clothes slung to the fiend’s body and became half transparent, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. One might say her current state was even more perverse than if she were to simply go naked.

“Huff! Master! Huff! If you don’t let me! Huff! Take a break! Huff! You’ll regret it! Huff!”

It would seem Kora has had enough and resorted to truly empty threats.

“You’ll get a short break when you die,” answered Boxxy from the wagon.

Technically it was right. Re-summoning Kora would give her a new body that was in peak physical condition and any physical exhaustion would simply disappear. However, that did nothing to alleviate her stressed out mind. She had piled up way too much stress from all this pointless labor and needed a break badly. If things continued on this way, it was highly likely the one to break would be her. Boxxy had already reduced one demon to a hopeless wreck of a pervert, and Kora did not particularly want to follow in those footsteps.

“Huff! Master! Huff! If you don’t stop now! Huff! My soul will break down! Huff! Your contract will be! Huff! Broken!”

“What?!” replied Boxxy in a panic. “Why didn’t you say so sooner!”

It had no idea that was a thing that could happen. It already got a warning from Demons ‘R’ Us so there was no way it would want to anger them any further.

“Stop what you’re doing and take a break!”

Finally released from her orders, Kora stopped pulling the cart and fell forward on all fours. Well, all sixes.

“How long do you need?”

“Huff, huff, huff, like three, no- six hours!”

The Mimic made a note of the sun’s position in the sky. Six hours from now would be just after sunset, which was a good thing since it preferred travelling at night. It’s low-light vision gave it a definite advantage over a number of possible threats, especially when it came to adventurers and bandits.

“Okay. We’ll continue then.”

Boxxy then resumed rummaging through the cart, having already moved on from the clothes and onto the silverware. Kora simply remained on her hands and knees, panting heavily. It would take a long while before any semblance of her usual strength returned to her body. As for Xera, she walked up behind the prone fiend and raised her arm.


She then gave the fiend’s well-toned buttocks an open-handed slap.

“Ow!” yelped Kora. She looked over her shoulder with an angry expression. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

“You know,” said Xera with a mischievous smile, “ever since I had your uncle inside me, I couldn’t quite get that one thought out of my head.”


“About how it would feel to have this fine ass wrapped around his dick.”



“Huhuhuhu, I’ve gotten quite curious about it. And I think I might want to try it out for myself.”

“What are you- Oh…”

Realization dawned on Kora’s face when she felt something press against her butt cheeks. Something long, thick and throbbing. Looking at the succubus’s groin revealed it was exactly what she thought it was.

Xera had used her shapeshifting ability to grow a dick. It was something she was secretly practicing over the last few days. She recounted the feeling of growing a heart on her skin and applied a similar process to grow a penis coming out of her pelvic area, immediately above where her ever-hungry pussy was. This was the first time she’d ever had the urge to try something like this, so it took her a while to get it done right. At first she grew a miniature version of the member she was most familiar with - Kora’s. It took her a while to get it to work right, but she was quite confident she would succeed. After all, one would be hard-pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable about dicks than a succubus.

Once she was confident she had gotten the basic functionality of the organ to work, she then started to challenge herself in terms of how big it could get. Growing a 30 centimeter-long fuckstick that was a perfect reflection of Kora’s was an easy task. But then again, that wasn’t the biggest one she’d ever taken. There was that one time when she did it with a centaur.

And the result of that memory the 53 centimeter long and 9 centimeter thick horse dong that was currently protruding from her groin and hotdogging Kora’s ass. It came complete with a huge sack of apple-sized testicles that swung heavily beneath it and was long enough to allow the succubus to blow herself just by craning her neck a little. However, she clearly had no intention of doing so.

“The fuck do you think you’re doing?!” asked the red-skinned demon with eyes the size of dinner plates.

“Isn’t it obvious?” said the succubus with a wide grin on her face. “I thought I’d have you be on the receiving end for a change!”

It was indeed crystal clear what Xera intended to do with that monster cock. However, it was simply too large, even for someone of Kora’s height. Although it’s not like the fiend would simply sit there and allow this to happen!

“Getting awfully cocky, huh?! You think I’ll just let you have your way?!”

She wasn’t particularly opposed to having sex for a few hours, it’s just that she insisted she be on top. Something that wasn’t going to happen in this doggystyle position.

“Why yes, yes I do! After all, you can’t do a single thing to stop me!”

“Oh really?”

Even if she was vastly weakened, Kora was still confident she could overpower the physically weak succubus with ease.

“Yes, really,” insisted Xera. “Otherwise I might spill the beans on that little lie you just told our master.”

Kora’s excuse that her soul was withering away from the intense physical exertion was nothing more than a load of repurposed bovine waste. Otherwise known as bullshit.

“That thing despises being lied to, you know. I wonder if you’ll ever get another break once it finds out you deceived it.”

The fiend shuddered at the thought. It was a fact that Boxxy knew neither mercy, compassion nor common sense. After all, it drove her to the brink without even trying. Needless to say, her punishment was bound to be something she couldn’t even want to imagine. No, it was something she refused to imagine. The only thing she knew for certain is that she did not want to anger it, lest she become a broken shell of her former self.

She liked her current self!

“So you’re going to to just let me do what I want. In exchange, I’ll keep your little white lie as our little secret.”

As expected of a succubus. She was quite proficient when it came to matters of blackmail and extortion.

“So, what say you, Koralenteprix?”

“... Fuck.”

“Oh my! Well, if you insist!”

Xera grabbed Kora’s hotpants and tore them off her backside with a smooth motion, exposing the fiend’s nether region to the warm afternoon air. She then pressed the tip of her flared shaft against Kora’s butthole.

“Wait! Hold on a minute!” pleaded Kora. “That won’t fit! I’m not as stretchy as you are!”

The succubus ignored her and tried to penetrate her ass anyway. The rock-hard and extra-wide cockhead rammed itself against the tight opening, but the sphincter wouldn’t budge no matter how much she pushed against it. While it’s true that opening existed only as a means of being on the receiving end of anal sex, Xera’s current member was twice as thick as a regular fiend’s. It simply wasn’t built for that level of abuse.

“Hmm, guess you have a point. Then what about your other hole!”

Next she pressed the flared cockhead against Kora’s moist pussy lips. The clear liquid that was vastly different from simple sweat would suggest that the fiend was actually looking forward to getting a good dicking. Not that Xera cared. While she may be experienced in sex as a woman, this was unknown territory to her. She eagerly pushed against Kora once more, and after a bit of effort her flared cockhead finally slipped inside the fiend.

“Ohh! Finally found your way in, huh?” teased Kora.

“Haah, haah, just you wait! Haah, I have a lot more dick to get wet!”

Xera grabbed Kora’s huge thighs with her slender arms and started slowly, but surely pushing herself further inside. The sweet sensation of Kora tightening around her virgin dick was completely foreign. She wondered if she accidentally made it too sensitive, but such thoughts were washed away by her rising lust. Her dick kept sliding further and further inside Kora’s pussy until it reached the small ridge halfway down her absurd length. She wasn’t about to stop and pushed forward with renewed vigor, causing it to slip inside her with a small pop.

“Hnnnnnng!” moaned the succubus.


“Haah, what’s this? You can make a sweet voice like that after all, huh?”

“Huff, huff, what can I say? It’s been the first time someone’s filled me so completely. I’m starting to understand why you can’t get enough of my dick!”

“Heh, I’m only halfway there though!”

“H-half? Please don’t tell me there’s mooooooooooohoooore!”

Xera started pushing forward once again. She filled Kora’s vaginal cavity so thoroughly that it forced her neglected cock to pop out of its hiding spot and dangle uselessly between her red legs. She bit her lip and grasped at a few protruding cobbles from the road as her body struggled to accommodate more and more of the immense intruder.


The succubus’s sky blue thighs finally met Kora’s bright red backside, declaring to the world that she was currently balls deep inside the fiend. The intense pleasure she was experiencing was quite indescribable, overwhelming even. She actually had to stop herself for a moment, lest she cum right then and there. This situation was not too dissimilar from these two’s violent first time together about a week ago, except that their roles had been reversed.

Xera, overcome by a need she never knew she had, started moving her hips. She slowly withdrew her engorged member from Kora’s pussy, taking it about halfway out of the tight passage, then pushed it forward again. She began pumping away with an extremely slow pace, making sure to savor even the tiniest sensation of the fiend’s vaginal folds along the absurd length of her painfully hard and veiny cock.

“Noooohooo!” half-screamed, half-moaned Kora. “Don’t do it slowlyyyyy! It needs to be faaaaaast and roooough!”

“Shhoooo goooood!”

Xera gave voice to her lust, completely drowning out the other one’s complaints. Even if she could hear them, the succubus had no intention of doing that. Up until recently, she only cared for the orgasm, but thanks to the fiend she was currently stuffing herself in, she made the choice to try and savor the act itself. Not to mention that her extremely sensitive member would end up ejaculating almost instantly if she moved any faster.

“Pleaaase!” screamed Kora, her voice dripping with need. “I want to cum! I have to cuuuummmmm! ”

The slow, sensual fuck was driving her more and more desperate. Xera’s clumsy actions gave Kora just enough pleasure to enflame her lusts and make her horny beyond measure, but not enough to push her over the edge and bring her to a climax. There’s a reason fiends wanted rough, fast sex - they simply couldn’t get themselves off otherwise! It didn’t matter if it she was penetrating or being penetrated, a slow act like this one was no different from torture!


An obscene, rhythmic sound started coming from below the over-aroused fiend. She had stopped supporting her upper body with one pair of her arms and reach down to her underused prick. She began to furiously and desperately masturbate herself with two hands while her pussy was scooped out by Xera’s truly monstrous cock. She wanted a release. She needed it!

“Haah, haah,” panted the succubus in a moment of clarity. “Fine then! Have it your way!”

She picked up the pace, instinctively matching her hip movements to Kora’s desperate masturbation. Her massive breasts heaved back and forth mightily from the momentum, begging to be touched. Their restraint had long ago been cast off, allowing the outrageously obscene nipples to stand at full attention. Xera moved one hand to her chest and started roughly mauling and pinching the soft, pliant flesh. Her pleasure rose and rose, driving her into a state that could only be described as fuck-hungry.

And indeed, just as she thought, a mere minute after she increased her pace, she came. Her inhuman prick distended powerfully as a torrent of pseudo-semen travelled up it and into Kora’s waiting snatch.



Xera screamed as her cock exploded inside the fiend, painting her inner walls with an alabaster white. Her ejaculation was impossibly loud, as if her entire body was a pump designed to force the stuff inside Kora. She produced so much of it that it immediately overflowed from the fiend’s vagina, splattering both of their thighs in spooge.

*SPLURT SPLURT SPLURT SPlurt splurt sput*

“Haah, haah, haah.”

The succubus panted heavily as her over-sized testicles finally ran dry. Super-sizing those things was a great idea on her part, otherwise that massive orgasm might not have lasted as long. She finally understood why Kora’s dick shot out so much cum, despite the stuff being completely useless. It was hard to deny it felt absolutely amazing.

“What?! Don’t tell me you’re already done!” protested Kora. “What about meeeeeheeee!?”

“Haah, haah, what about you?”

“I haven’t cum yyyeeettt!”

Of course she hadn’t. Xera had no experience fucking a pussy until a short while ago. Even if she had a truly outrageous rod, it meant nothing if she didn't know how to use it. At least, not to an experienced demon like Kora. She also lasted barely 10 minutes inside the fiend’s folds, not nearly enough for a proper go by fiend standards.

“Haah, haah, I fail to see, haah, how that’s my problem!”

“Argh! You insufferable sluuuut! I’ll make you pay for thiiiis!”

“I’d like to see you try!”

Of course Xera was confident. She had grasped Kora’s weakness. There was no way the fiend would allow herself to-

“Alright! It’s on, Slagathor!”

“Huh? WAH!”

Having recovered somewhat from the exhaustion caused by pulling the cart all day, Kora abruptly turned the tables on the selfish succubus. She gripped her softening horse dong inside her with her powerful vaginal muscles and abruptly twisted around.


The succubus’s back and head slammed against the ground, her abused dick hurting like it was about to be ripped off. Truthfully, it wasn’t as thick as it was, that might have actually happened. She looked up to see Kora was now straddling her cowgirl style. The fiend quickly took off her top and her gauntlets, allowing her impressive breasts to sway freely.

“I will have you satisfy me, whether you like it or not!”

She began rising up on Xera’s half-erect cock, taking it almost completely out of herself. Then, after readjusting her footing, she squatted down abruptly, making the massive dick disappear as if she were performing a cheap magic trick.

“YAAAAAHAA!” screamed the succubus. Her prick was still sensitive after having ejaculated just now. She really tried too hard to make it just right.

“Come on then!” taunted Kora while rising up once more. “This all you got?! HUUH!?” She then slammed her hips down again.


A bolt that was more painful than pleasurable shot through the succubus. Well, in her case it was all pleasure.

“WAAHAA! What is this!? This is way too goooood!”

“Hah! What happened miss high and mighty?! Not so cocky now, huh!?”



“Worthless slut! How dare you try and take the lead! You’re absolutely useless! The only thing you’re good for is being a cock-sleeve!”


“Hyeeeheeeshh! I’m a worthlesh whooore!”


The combination of both verbal and physical abuse quickly made her equine member stiffen inside Kora, something the fiend was very happy about. It’s not often the size queen found a dick that had the potential to satisfy her, so there’s no way she would let this rare chance go.


She thrust herself down, eliciting more obscene, slurred words out of the succubus’s throat. She felt the flared cock head reach that deepest part of her once more. She started gyrating her hips, revelling in the pathetic squeals and moans coming from the succubus beneath her.

“Huhuhu, now this is one good dick!” said Kora with an evil grin. “How about it, wanna disappear and leave it behind?”

“Hahn! Haaahn! UuuuuunnnNNOOOOO!”

“No, you wouldn’t want that. You would much prefer becoming my personal living dildo, wouldn’t you?!”


“Wow, you really are hopeless! Fine then, let’s see if you can hold out this time!”

She started once more bouncing on Xera’s groin, finally getting the rough and fast fuck she wanted. Two of her hands started pleasuring her own dick while the other two tweaked and massaged her nipples. She was using her full power to make sure she climaxed this time.

The succubus beneath her was rapidly reduced to a sorry, insensate state. She couldn’t even form words anymore. The sensations from her dick were simply too overpowering. Her only halfway coherent thoughts were ‘Fiend pussy is the best!’ and ‘Having a dick is amazing!’ Of course she came again, letting loose a slightly weaker torrent of semen into Kora’s insides. But the fiend did not stop riding her and kept going up and down even while she was being pumped full of cum. The abused member was given no chance to rest. The intense feeling of both pain and pleasure that it relayed back to Xera caused her to have another orgasm before her second one was even done!

It didn’t stop there though. The third orgasm led into a fourth. And then a fifth and a sixth. Kora’s demanding lust did not allow the member to deflate even a single millimeter. The succubus’s dehydrated body actually started absorbing her own spent semen through her skin, just so it could recycle it and fill up her massive balls with it. Her subconscious simply did not allow her orgasm to end as she came buckets for a solid 20 minutes.

Eventually, inevitably and regretfully, Kora finally reached her own climax. She gritted her teeth and let out a growl as her cock sprayed its own cum all over Xera’s face and breasts. The succubus instinctively opened her mouth and tried to take in as much of it as she could. The sudden influx of semen that wasn’t her own seemed to make her slightly withered and abused cock spring to full health and keep shooting out sperm with full force.

“Haah, haah, good slut,” commented Kora.

She stood up slowly, allowing the succubus’s overworked horse dong to slip out of her insides and flop between her massive breasts. It gave off about 4 or 5 more powerful spurts before it finally calmed itself down. Kora’s own genitals were also a mess, with thick, off-white cum dripping from both her pussy and her limp cock. She moved a step forward, turned around and calmly sat on Xera’s face.

“Clean that up.”

The barely-even-there consciousness of the succubus recognized the presence of dripping semen in front of it and thrust an unnaturally long and slithery tongue inside Kora’s pussy. It eagerly licked up all of the leftover cum, lest it go to waste. It kept writhing inside the fiend long after the last drop of succubus spooge was gone. The intense smell of sex as well as the taste of her own semen seemed to reignite Xera’s supercharged sex drive, causing her massive dick to slowly harden once more. Kora’s own member gave an equally enthusiastic response, betraying her own arousal. She hated to admit it, but that succubus was a natural at eating pussy.

“Well then, shall we go for round two?”

Xera didn’t respond with words. She simply reached down to her flared dick and started stroking it, bringing it from half-mast to full erection within seconds.

“I’ll take that as yes!”

Over the next five and a half hours, the two found many new, fun ways to play with Xera’s horse dong. First they squeezed it between their massive breast flesh, giving it a double tit job. That eventually devolved into a 69 position where they deepthroated each other with great gusto. Then Kora started vigorously thrusting into Xera’s ass from behind while stroking her half-meter dick with all four hands. She then started pounding the succubus’s pussy in the tried and true piledriver position while the blue-skinned slut sucked herself off. They then found out it was possible for the fiend’s (relatively) thinner penis to penetrate Xera’s urethra.

The coup de gras was when the demonic duo performed a maneuver known as a double helix, wherein both of them twist their engorged members around each other in order to stick them into each other’s pussy. It was official, being penetrated while penetrating the other was absolutely the fucking best.

After six hours of the semen-fueled-carnival, the Mimic finally ordered them to quit their antics and continue on their way, putting an abrupt end to their fuck-frenzy. Kora was strapped back in place and forced to push the cart, while Xera was made to keep an eye out on the road and watch for enemies, although it took her about an extra 20 minutes for her to fully regain control of her sex-addled mind. Neither of them particularly remembered how this whole sexcapade got started in the first place, and Kora’s white lie about needing to take breaks was completely forgotten about. At least for the time being.

“You know,” said the succubus once they were on the road again, “you never did let me stick it up your butt.”

“Huh? Of course not! Huff, huff. The pussy is one thing, but us fiends don’t let just anyone stick it up our butts.”

“... That’s a bit weird.”

“Huff, not really. Huff, butt stuff is a special thing to us fiends.”

“What, even the males?”

“Are you kidding? Huff, huff! It goes double for those guys! Huff, huff! Porking another male is a sure way to establish one’s dominance over them!”

“Wait, so is that why you were actually flattered by your uncle’s attitude?”

“Of course! Huff, huff. If a fiend says they want to stick it up your butt, it means they think highly of you!”

“Wow, you lot truly are idiots! What sort of twisted logic considers anal rape a sign of affection?!”

“Huff, huff, who knows? Huff, what sort of twisted logic readily accepts anal rape like you do? Huff!”

“Guuu… You got me there. Hmm? Wait a minute! Didn’t you do me almost exclusively in the ass these last few days?!”

“Huff, huff, what can I say? Huff, huff, I’ve grown to like you more than I thought I would! You’re incredibly slutty, you know that?! Even for a succubus! Just my type of girl!”

“S-shut up! This is mostly your fault you know! You’re a fucking asshole!”

“Huff, huff! Thanks for the compliment, sugar-tits! Hahahaha!”

Xera was silently thankful Kora was facing away from her while Boxxy was somewhere behind her.

She really did not want to show her blushing face to either of those two.


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My proudest fap!!!



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i kept waiting for the mimic to tell arms to stop moving, rest for real. making her just sit there and take it. 

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12/8/2016 6:50:57 PMxion03 Wrote:

Lol, you should write a Corruption of the champion kind of game. You've got talent in that regard "sealed"

 That game is being speraticly worked on still you can likely do a section for CoC. Or which is the scifi smut game fenix is working on.


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