Howdy folks, just a quick announcement.

About two weeks ago, one of my readers asked this gentleman on Twitch to read the prologue and first chapter of this story on his stream. The vod can be found here and the reading in question starts at 1:08:00. He does a really nice job of it especially on the Mimic's hissing noise.

I've sent him an e-mail and he has agreed to also read out Chapter 2 this Sunday, on Jan 1 at 5 PM CST (11 PM UTC+0). I hope you will join me on his channel for a bit of fun. The guy will read and voice act anything you folks might want to request, so be sure to check his channel out. Just please be respectful and carefully read the submission rules on his Twitch homepage.

Hope to see you guys there.


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Darquesse @Darquesse ago

interesting, i wonder if you could record them and post them on youtube

runewone @runewone ago

Interesting. Made me want to read the first chapters again

Senizal Fi Chrora @Senizal Fi Chrora ago

And the said person was I, SENIZAL! KAHAHAHAHA!

SlimeAction @SlimeAction ago

Next step we'll find someone drawing some scene from those chapter and put voice over it.

toomuchtime @toomuchtime ago

Great voice, the reading starts at 1:08:00 before he complains about his internet

blackfear2 @blackfear2 ago

Have him read some demon interludes next time it wojuld be pretty fun XD

tomledder @tomledder ago

could record them and post them on youtube.

Wi11 @Wi11 ago

 it isnt available anymore Sad

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