Let me start by saying that if you are reading this on RRL i'll be taking this post down later on (When it's no longer relivant) so that it doesnt detract from the whole  "Uninterupted reading experience" thing...

So yeah, at lot of personal stuff going on right now the biggest of which being my dad having some health issues so I haven't really been in the mood to write anything for the past few days...

I'm probably going to take this next week or so off to deal with that...


so i guess this is just a "I'm taking a break notice..."

not much else to say, but here's what i plan on doing when i come back:

Dungeon Instinct: (Late January/early February) Volume 2 prologue and maybe a few chapters while i edit out the 500ish page mess i have in G-docs...

Grimm Lord: (Around March) Not starting on the meat of the story until i'm ready to write out the next tenish or so chapters back to back...

Garden of Ark: (next weekish... depending on personal stuff IRL) i'm gonna try and get through to at least chapter 13 before moving on to anything else, excluding a few D.I. chapters i'll probably put out,

Avalon Saga/Black Dungeon/Official Name TBA: (Meh... after the next few Garden Chapters i'll publicly release what i got written now...)


AaronDragon Out...


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ofother @ofother ago

Hope your dad gets well. Thanks for the update.

gaigous @gaigous ago

Thanks for the update!

I hope he gets well soon :D

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