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POV: Ark

I was in a large windowless stone room, there were symbols all over the floor drawn in what looked like dried blood, and there was an old man in purple robes lying dead in a circle of silver symbols. There was no door that I could see and the only light in the room was coming from a ball of blue fire hovering a few feet away from the ceiling.

Well… Shit… I looked down and couldn’t help but curse in my mind. So what is this, am I some sort of ghost now? What I last remembered was that I had been abandoned by Carol and her date to suffer through dumb blonde hell at a little street side restaurant, then when I just couldn’t take it anymore and was heading back to my car there was a flash of light. Oh... Shit, I got run over didn’t I? Well that’s kinda a crappy way to die, I always hoped that I’d go out in my sleep or from alcohol poisoning. At least it was quick…

I was a small floating… thing… I could move and my shape was constantly changing, one moment I was a sphere the next a cube and a second later I was a pyramid. I was also shifting colors from a sharp green to a dark black to an icy blue, it was like watching paint constantly being splattered with new colors until the base color changed and the effect was a little mesmerizing to watch. Ok, let’s take stock of things here… I looked around one last time and finally felt something click as some foreign information settled in my mind with a dull painful throb that reminded me of a migraine. So, I died. But my soul or spirit or consciousness or whatever was summoned here to… Eden? And random dead guy was my summoner? Ok weird, but not unheard of. Granted it usually only happens in fantasy and anime… I let out a sigh but instead of air being expelled from my lungs my formless body just started rippling like it was a liquid. This is so insane… I always kinda wondered what it would be like to be summoned into a magical fantasy world but I never actually thought… I let out another sigh as my body set off a whole new series of ripples. Well no use thinking about that now… I’m here now and there’s apparently no going back home if this sudden insight is to be trusted…

For a while I just stopped and mourned my old life. My parents, siblings, and handful of friends would probably miss me, I knew that I should miss them. I missed my old job and my apartment, I especially missed my garden and my pet cat Chessy, but I didn’t really miss my family or friends all that much. I had been falling out of contact with them for the last few years of my life but I still loved them, even still I didn’t seem to really miss them much and I couldn’t understand why that was. I spent a good bit of time throwing myself a pity party, but I really did need it. I had lost everything I had known, literally lost my whole world, but that was something I could deal with and move past and the mere fact that I could was strange. Fine, whatever, I’ll make the most of my time in this world then…




I spent who knew how long digesting the information that the old summoner had forced into my mind, and honestly I was really grateful to that old man for not forcing me to go into this new world totally blind. I had been brought into the world of Eden where magic and monsters were commonplace, and humans weren’t the only race of people. My soul was summoned because I had the great luck of dying at just the right time and having a soul that met just the right conditions to be tied to something called a world seed. I was at a school for magic that was at the border of three kingdoms for three different races, and because of some racial tension those kingdoms were not on very good terms with each other. This along with lots of other bits of information and knowledge was given to me by the old guy, but none of that helped me since I was stuck in this damn room.

Well, fuck... So there really is no door… How the hell am I supposed to get out of this place? I floated back to the center of the room and let the multicolored gas cloud around me that let me move fade away. The gas cloud was a trick that I had discovered a few hours after my summoning, it just came out of me when I focused a little and it let me move around a lot faster than my pathetically slow floating speed. The cloud had the same shifting color scheme that my formless body did only it was lighter and partially transparent like fog. Was I summoned just to rot here until boredom kills me? Wait can whatever the heck I am now even die? Huh, wish the old guy had left something about what I am now and less about the stupid world seed…

There was really nothing left to do here, I had already looked through everything in the room and confirmed there was no way out who knows how many times now. The only thing that could distract me at this point was the strangely hollow writhing thing inside me that I had avoided investigating because it creeped me the fuck out, and at this point I was seriously beginning to consider throwing caution to the wind and investigating that strange thing inside me. Ok, sure, let’s do this! What could possibly go wrong? After all it’s not like this world is filled with all sorts of evil creatures or curses that could be inside me just waiting for their curious victim to investigate before killing me and taking over my body… Oh wait, that’s right that’s exactly what this world apparently has plenty of! I sighed for what had to be the millionth time as the familiar ripples formed on my weird body. Whatever, I haven’t done anything incredibly stupid for the last… um… however long I’ve been here… so I guess I’m overdue. Leeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrooooooyyyyyyy Jeeeeeennnnnnnkkkkkkiiiiinnnnnnssssssss!!!

With a thought I sent my conscious mind into my body, another cool trick that I learned to due based of some information the old guy left me, and proceeded to do the mental equivalent of poking the big scary creepy thing with a stick to see what would happen. I was honestly surprised that nothing did happen, so like the rational and intelligent person I was I decided to poke it again harder. Then when nothing happened again I decided to do the mental equivalent of bum rushing the strange creepy thing and hitting it with all the force I had. That mental bum rush was what got me a result in the end, proving once more that sometimes brute force and stubborn persistence really is the answer.

With a sudden sensation of vertigo I opened whatever my body was using for eyes to find myself in what looked to be a calm meadow under a bright blue sky. After my moment of dumbly staring in disbelief I checked inside myself to find that the weird creepy thing was gone and instead there was a small swirling orb thing that was made from the same colors as my body, in fact it looked a lot like I imagined my body would if it was smaller and ever decided to hold the form of a sphere for more than a second. With a quick mental touch to the orb I felt that sudden sensation of vertigo again and found myself staring once more at the familiar grey stone walls of my least favorite room on Eden.

Like all great scientists who had discovered a new and interesting phenomenon I decided that it was only right for me to play with it in the name of testing, for science of course. Meadow… Room… Meadow… Room… Meadow… Room… Huh, can I do this while moving? Let’s find out! Oh sweet, I can! Meadow and now room. Meadow, room, meadow, room, meadow, room, meadow, room, meadow, room, meadow with cute redhead girl, room… Wait… Cute redhead girl? With a careful thought I sent myself back to the meadow to find myself facing a cute and incredibly busty redheaded girl wearing a dress that was probably too short to be decent and a bemused expression on her young face.

“So, are you all finished now?” her voice was like the soft chiming of bells and was beautiful to hear.

“Um… I guess… Hey I can talk! Oh thank god! Man I missed the sound of my own voice… And wow did that sound really narcissistic now that I hear it out loud…” At that moment I was almost glad that I couldn’t blush with my formless body since given my past tendency to do just that over the littlest things what I had just said would have lit my face up redder than a stop sign.

“Yeah kid, you can talk in here. You should be able to talk out in the outside world as well now that the link has been finalized…”

I just stared at the girl in front of me, there was a lot in what she just said that I wanted her to clarify but I found myself stuck on one thing I just couldn’t let go. “Hey don’t call me kid! I’m 22 and you’re what? 16?”

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