Conversation with the Supreme one


Rydos looked around to see who was speaking to hm. He was not able to overcome the pressure and lay down when sudddenly the pressure vanished. He looked around and spoke

 “ May i know who is speaking to me”

As soon as he spoke the white light disapeared and he felt like he was standing in the middle of the universe. Infront f him stood a humanoid figure. The figure had no facial features , It was a universe with the outline of a human. Rydos was shocked to see him and he knew the humanoid figure was something far beyond he could imagine. He gathered all his courage and spoke to the figure

 “Your majesty may this lowly one have the honor of knowing your name and the purpose for which you have called my soul”

The figure spoke to rydos

“Boy you can call me the Supreme one as i dont have a name. I have seen what you went through and i know it was unfair with you.  I wanted to do something for you so i summoned your soul before it dissipated.”

Rydos- “your majesty may i know the reason for why you have summoned me”

Supreme one-“ i summoned you to give you another fair chance where you will have everything you could wish for and i want to see if you could attain your godhood again. I will bestow upon you some gifts which you want. You will be reincarnated into a world filled with mana and qi. In this new world due to my interferance no one was able to cultivate qi as i wanted to see how far my creation can go by cultivating mana. But i will my power into you so you can cultivate both mana and qi in its purest form.”

Rydos- “ your majesty i will be honored but may i know what will happen to my divne core? And how will i be able to cultivate mana as i have no knowledge about it”

Supreme one-“ boy the divine core will be there waiting for you. Once you attain your godhood once again I will let you travel to earth’s heaven dimension so you can consume your core to become a paragon. So boy tell me what do you wish for?”

Rydos after thinking for a while-“ your majesty please grant me your full knowldge and also as i am about to reincarnate i wish to have a supreme body which is stronger , sharper , faster and ruthlesss than humans .”

Supreme one-“ hahahah... boy you amaze me . i grant you your wish, you will have my complete knowledge and because of the huge knowledge you will be getting you will have a mental strength far above a sovereign. I also grant you a body which is supreme in all aspects but for that you will not be born as human but as a being which is far stronger than humans.”

Rydos-“ I thank you for that your majesty but what is a sovereign and  when will i reincarnate and what will i be?”

Supreme one-“ boy you will have complete accesss to my knowledge once you are born and then you will know what is a soveriegn and everything you want to know and boy although you will be born as someones child but as you will have my knowledge and my essence you will be known as my child to the entire world.”

Rydos-“ I thank you your majesty”

Supreme one-“ boy call me father and now  i will insert my essence in your soul. You will be born a normal demon as your mother would not be able to give birth to a supreme body so after your birth my essence will change your body into a supeme body. I hope you will not disappoint me son”

Rydos-........ i wont father.

And as he said that everything  turned completely dark. His soul was pulled by something and he lost consciouness after that. He knew he was going to take birth once again so he let the nature follow its course.  A new world unknown of its future was wating for the birth of the child of the Supreme one.


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Wickrz @Wickrz ago

Thanks for the chapter!


AndragonLea @AndragonLea ago

 And then, he was penetrated by His Noodly Appendage, and he saw that it was good.

Jokes aside, I'm liking it so far! ^^

DarkAether @DarkAether ago

 The time with the supreme one in my opinion could of been done a bit different, with how it came out it seemed like a japanesse reincarnation story of here is your 1001 broke abilitys. On the whole this seems pretty interesting

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