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Chapter 172: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 3)

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at a degree incomparable to the boys. Not only that, Jim and Tommy who are less talented than Jones, had not yet learned the movement techniques that Enki imparted them.


Vengre, with brute force, broke Tommy’s guard with his hilt, he viciously smashed his elbow into the boy’s solar plexus forcing the air out of him and stunning him. Then with a Ki-clad sword, he strikes downwards, fully intending to hack Tommy into two.


But at this moment, he heard a faint whisper of the wind behind him. His instincts, like roaring tides, thundered in his mind. Telling him to dodge, or die. He dodged.


Unable to overcome this unreasonable fear that suddenly struck him, and with a quick, acrobatic dive, he flew towards his side.


Then, Vengre, turned his head to take a look at what caused the hairs on his neck to stand.


Instead of viewing an attack from where he originally was, he found the tip of an arrow right before his eyes.


His training kicked in to save him before his mind even reacted. Mustering the full speed of an elite Peak A ranker, Vengre, a veteran of the Imperial troops, expertly lifted his blade to deflect this ghostly attack that could home in on him.


His prediction failed.


The arrow, at the very last second, dipped unnaturally and pierced into his hauberk.


It unleashed a powerful explosion of energy, right at his torso and blasted him across the forest.


His body flew like a dart, smashing through rows of soldiers until he finally landed right beside the princess.


It was a bloody mess; however, it wasn’t the gore but the shock that exacted a scream from Princess Axtalia.


Vengre, protected by his body-protection talisman, did not instantly die from Edward’s arrows. The shot had at most incapacitated him, and with time and a good doctor, he would recover.


Still, the princess, after recovering from her shock, felt annoyed by Vengre’s incompetency.


She went towards him with an unladylike hysteria and proceeded to stomp on his face with her pin-shaped heels.


One of her stamps went into his eye and punctured it, causing the young heir to wake with a great roar of pain before fainted again.


The princess, having exhausted herself after a while, kicked his head one last time. Seemingly pleased at his screaming and suffering, she returned her attention to the beautiful fight before her.


So far none of the boys had fallen, but their escape has also been deterred.

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