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So i changed the name of the previous chapter and and deleted everything except the fight with the Magical Beast. . I will change the techniques and some other things, so that most of the things are new for you guys in the upcomming chapters.


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I left my family in the living room and went straight to mine. I divided my soul into 2 and let my soul twin take control of the vessel under my bed. I teleported at a random place outside town where there were no Magical Beasts present.


Alright now then, it’s time to make special techniques that I as well as my family could use easily” (MC)


What kind of special technique should I make? I will add all those usual fire balls, water ball, fire fist and other techniques in the manual. What I want to make is something unique and that will help us in battle.” (MC)


I was thinking long and hard for what technique to make with my current knowledge. Something that is unique and also very powerful.


Ah that’s right. I could make a binding technique that would bind opponents by hitting their acupuncture points” (Me)


I had read in many novels and seen many movies where people touch different parts of body the one time or in a combination to seal their flow of energies inside their body and weaken their opponents by a huge margin.


In my previous live my addiction to Chinese novels was so big that I even took lessons about Chinese Medicine. I loved how they use needles to prick a human’s body and ease them of their pain.


I have knowledge of the entire human’s acupuncture points; now all that is needed is hand precision and practice until I could even locate a normal human’s acupuncture points with my eyes closed” (MC)


But first I have to train my accuracy and all of my five senses to a high level” (MC)


After thinking through things that I should do, I started my training. I planned to train my five senses to a very high degree, my reflexes, my sword arts, bow arts, spear arts and many others. I had to strengthen my soul more to make more Soul Twins and that would make all the training a lot easier.


For my family, I made another blinding light the next day and wrote new words about training your body, five senses, reflexes and get experience by going to the forest around the Droyl Town. I also added a way to use Spiritual Perception and to practice that as well.


I found out that I could teleport to my soul twin’s location even without using my Spiritual Perception. I left my soul twin with my family because I wanted to experience all the training, fighting, life and death situations myself. I also told my soul twin to divide his soul the second it would be able to and send it over to my location. I could only receive any advancement, or experience that is related to the soul when using soul twin because the body is not mine. I had to think of a way through that.


When all was set and done I decided to start my training. First I started training my body. I did pushups, burpees and all the exercises that I could think of. I similarly trained my fingers as well.


After exercising for quite some time and when I thought that I had warmed up enough, I started searching through the outer border of the forest for some Magical Beasts to fight.


Let’s see. Will it be a rabbit or slime as my first kill in this world” (ME)


I had walked for a long distance and searched for an hour but I still couldn’t find out any Magical Beasts. I gave up on searching with my five senses and activate my Spiritual Perception. I sensed many life forms a few kilometers away from me in every direction.


I was searching for a whole hour and I couldn’t find any, but with my Spiritual Sense I sensed them everywhere around me. What is happening?” (Me)     


I started going near them and just as I reached 500 meters away from the life forms I had sensed with my Spiritual Perception, all of them ran away.


That’s weird. Why are they scared of me? Is this their natural instinct or is there a fault on my side?” (Me)


I looked around for an answer for a while and I had a guess.


Is it because of my presence?” (Me)


I used dark element to hide my presence and vanish the sound of my steps because I was not proficient in doing it without using dark element. After using the dark element I started walking towards a life form. I could go past 500 meters mark and I could see what it was.


It was a fat rabbit with scales instead of fur on its body, with green eyes, 2 horns prodding out of his head and a long tail. It was definitely a weird animal.


So you are going to be my first kill in this new magical world. You should feel honored you scaled rabbit” (Me)


I slowly sneaked towards the scaled rabbit. I slowly gathered Qi into my hand and just as it was a few steps away from me, I pounced on it and attacked its head.




Ah fuck. That’s disgusting” (Me)


As my fist collided with the rabbit’s head, it literally blew up like a water melon. I was covered in all of its blood and it was super-duper disgusting.


I spread my Spiritual Sense to look for a nearby lake or river. I found one not too far away and teleported towards it. After I cleaned myself, I made new clothes with my void element and came back to the place where I just had my first kill. I looked around the mess for a bit and I couldn’t find any of those famous Beast Cores.


Does this world not have any beast cores like those in novels? Maybe stronger beasts would have it” (Me)


I continued walking through the outer border of the forest to look for other Magical Beasts without the help of my Spiritual Perception. I had seen many types of animals, like a snake with hair around its neck, monkeys with tusks, huge insects and many more.


I also fought long and hard with all of those Magical Beasts without using my Qi or Mana. They were a good fight and I gained a lot of experience from them.


As soon as the sun was setting, I teleported back to my room. My soul twin fused back with me and I hid its body under my bed. I sat on my bed and started cultivating.


*Knock* *Knock*


After a few hours there was a knock on the door and when I went to check who it was, it was my mother.


“Come, the dinner is ready. And why are you holed up in your room all day long. Are sad because you didn’t find a pet? ” (Mother)


“N-No, I didn’t feel like going out. That’s all” (Me)


“Hmm I see. You should not stay in your room for so long and come out every now and then” (Mother)


“Ok Mama” (Me)


“Good. Come now” (Mother)


My mother took my hand and leaded me towards the dining table. Everyone was already there waiting for mother and me. Their pets were on the couch sleeping.


We had our meal and just as so we did father said something.


“Now then I have something to tell you all. This is a very serious matter. First of all there must always be someone with the kids when they are out of the house and little Tian, Ning and Ting remember if you want to go outside, always go with either me or your mother.


Second all of you have to keep quiet about the fact that we can cultivate and we have a cultivation manual. I have worked with nobles and other people for many years and I have learnt one thing, nobles have unquenchable greed. They always covet things that other people have. They don’t even leave their parents and try to snatch everything from them. So our foremost priority is to keep our cultivation and any matters regarding it a secret. The cultivation manual will always be with either me or your mother, so if you guys want to look at something, you should find me or your mother.


The last thing I want you guys to know is that I plan to make a clan and to do that we cultivation techniques, treasures and the most important thing that is strength. I cannot make the clan now because I am very weak at the moment and from what I guessed from the cultivation manual, the next realm that is the Foundation Establishment Realm is just the beginning. There would be many more realms after that and for us to become stronger and obtain resources, we have to join a sect. I asked around from a few travelers about any sect recruiting and there will be the yearly recruitment of all the sects in the capital at the end of the year. We do have a few months until that time so we have to get stronger. Quality is more important than quantity so don’t make haste. It will take around 2 months to reach to the kingdom from this town, so we will start our journey to the capital of the kingdom 3 months before test begins” (Father)


I didn’t know that my father was intelligent. I thought he would be naïve. Now I don’t have to worry about him making mistakes when dealing with those nobles” (Me)


After father explained us a few things, everyone went to do their own things. All of them went back to play with their pets and I went back to my room. After entering my room, I closed the door and split my soul. My soul twin took possession of the vessel and I teleported back to the forest to continue training.


Now that I knew that father was going into the sect, I have to get stronger fast and make the new techniques as well. I couldn’t do everything with just a single body and my soul twin also could not help. I decided to focus on making a technique that would help me speed up my process of getting stronger.


 “I have to make a technique that will help me in my body cultivation like my soul twin does with my soul. What could work” (Me)


I pondered hard and long. I started forming ideas in my head and sorted them out.


My soul twin is made by splitting up my soul. So I just have to think of a way to do that but with my body. But I am not an immortal so I would die if I split my body in half” (Me)


Ah I could do that” (Me)


While I was thinking hard, I had an idea in my mind. I thought of using my blood and making a technique similar to soul twin with it.


While I was thinking about the new idea that I had just thought of, there was a special rift and my soul came out.


Ah just the perfect time” (Me)


I used void element and made a knife. With that knife I slit my wrist and let the blood flow out. I controlled the blood and made it into a red ball floating in the air. I split my mind into 3. One was holding my blood in the air, the other was using Light Element to heal my body and the last one was controlling the blood flow in my body.


After using Light Element, my body was producing blood fast. After I had extracted about 5 liters of blood from my body, I stopped. I made the five liters of my blood in a round ball shape and told my soul to go in it. After my soul went in it, all of blood starting reacting and after a few minutes, there was another me standing in front of my face.


I inspected him for a bit and after I saw that there was nothing wrong with him I told him to start doing exercises. I was watching him intently and hoping that this would work. The other me exercised hard enough till even breathing was hard for him and after that I told him to deactivate himself.       


After telling him to deactivate himself, I watched as the other me turning into blood and flowed back into my body. When the blood touched my skin, it magically got absorbed in it, and the feeling was weird. My soul also fused back with me, and after a few minutes, I felt all of my body aching like I just did strenuous exercise. I was happy that it worked and with that done I started focusing on my training.


I called the new technique Blood Twin. I made as many blood twins as I could. I could create only one more as I didn’t have any more splitted souls. I also called back my soul twin and changed him into a blood twin. I gave them all different orders and started focusing on completing the Acupuncture Technique.






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adiwsp @adiwsp ago

It is far better....thanks for the update

Lomyril @Lomyril ago

Sorry, but I have a problem believing that he would lose such a large amount of blood without killing himself... and then absorbing it?  Where would five lieters of blood go?  The human body can only take so much.

I realize this is fantasy, and that we can suspend our belief to enjoy the story, but this is a bit hard to swallow.

I thought of a solution though. If they merge into one body, the body would be bigger, certainly.  It would allow the one that trained to share what it learned or earned with the original body.  They would then need to split apart, with both bodies ending up with some training, but not 100%.  It might even be more like if one body trains 100%, after the merge and split both bodies would have 40% training.  (Some training would be lost in the transition).

Of course, this means that the 2nd body will still stick around, but that is an issue he'd have to overcome somehow.

    pcrider178 @pcrider178 ago

    The author said that he used light magic to accelerate his blood regeneration rate. The author may have worded this in a different way since he still had new blood being produced fast. This would mean that despite losing so much blood he would still have enough to survive.

      Lomyril @Lomyril ago

      No, I did read the part about where he healed himself with Light magic.  Then that leaves open whether or not he was a bit tired after casting his magic.  Nothing was brought up about being squeamish or in pain.

      I'm ignoring for the moment the fact he would have left traces of blood everywhere.  I would think there would still be something on the knife, or dripping down his arm onto the floor.  I'm assuming he had a great deal of control for something he was using for the first time. 

      All in all, the character seems to become too super too quickly, and the author seems to be glossing over a lot.


      Macro141 @Macro141 ago

      For the blood when he absorbed back into his body, it fused with his body giving it the experience and the training results.


      Edit: and it then burned after giving it the results


    Tidaveel @Tidaveel ago

    I have no answer for you when it comes to where the blood went when he absorbed it, but it says that he used the Light Element to replenish his blood, if rather unclearly.

    As for reduced effect, the blood clone trained until it was having trouble breathing, but after he absorbed it, his body only ached which hints that there are indeed diminished returns from training like this.

Akkechi @Akkechi ago

thack you for the chapter nice twist Lomyril you never read a wuxia have you when cultivators lose blood they make lakes with it

Tidaveel @Tidaveel ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Except for a few typos, like 'leaded' instead of 'lead' and 'splitted' instead of split, I have nothing to point out. And yes, both those verbs are in past tense. 'lead' is pronounced differently in past tense, but both are spelled the same.

As a side note; an alternate name to the soul pieces while split might be Soul Fragments or just Soul Pieces.

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