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Chapter 023: Reaper


Thanks to DrizztShadow in pointing out my errors for the first chapter!

From this chapter, the storyline will be unchartered waters. Please do give feedbacks and suggestions on whether you think the story is going on a good or bad direction! I will then tweak the story if necessary. Must emphasize this point. FEEDBACKS AND SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!! =P


There's a spoiler, after this sentence. Highlight to read it. If you aren't someone who watches K-drama, then it wouldn't be a spoiler. If not...

Reaper idea was inspired after I watched a k-drama, called Goblin. Any k-drama or k-pop reader out there?


Chapter 023: Reaper

The captain could be seen sprawled on the floor after Chrono gave his assistance.


“Get him!”


Following that shout, the bunch of seniors wielding their shinai could be seen charging towards Chrono.


What the f*ck. Time to bail.


Still carrying the kid in his arm, Chrono fled the scene.


“WHAT IS GOING ON?” A booming voice resounded through the hall.


A robust man with streaks of white hair wearing a bogu appeared at the door. Not knowing who he was, Chrono continued to run towards the door. However, the group of seniors immediately stopped in their track and stood rooted to the ground. Beads of perspiration could be seen dripping down their forehead.


Seeing that they have stopped chasing, Chrono who was a few steps away from the door halted his steps.


The man looked at the captain sprawled on the floor, then he looked at the seniors wielding their shinai in a threatening way and finally at Chrono who was running away from them. The man sighed inwardly at the scene.


“Young man carrying the boy. Would you mind telling me what just happened?”


“Umm… Sure.”


Chrono then narrated what happened from the beginning to the end.


“Okay. Thank you very much. I will take it from here.”


Shortly after, shouts could be heard resounding through the hall. The seniors were lined up in rows and were given a punishment of practising the men stroke a thousand times. The scene was quite a sight to behold. With all of the seniors synchronised with their movement, it was awe inspiring.


The man wearing the bogu introduced himself as Sensei Kenji. Apologising for the senior’s behaviour, he gave a deep bow. All the new students, including Chrono, immediately stood up and assured him that they were fine and that he does not have to apologise. The session then resumed with him introducing the history of kendo, the pieces of equipment that kendo requires and demonstrating the five main strikes in kendo (men, tsuki, dō, hidari kote and migi kote).


“Sensei, how was my performance?” Nigel (Captain) fawned over Sensei Kenji in his office after the newcomers left.


“It was good. However, you shouldn’t have let anger cloud your mind. It was a good thing that you did not manage to hit the unprotected person with your shinai. We could have gotten into trouble if he was seriously injured.”


“Yes, Sensei. I will keep that in mind. However, he caused me to be humiliated in front of all my peers.”


“A nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long. In other words, revenge is a dish best served cold. There is plenty of time for you to teach him a lesson. Currently, the most important thing is the upcoming competition…”


Somewhere not far from the kendo club, on an isolated road.










“Tom Yo. Age 42. Cause of death is hit and run accident.” A man in a black suit wearing a black fedora said out loud.


Tom stared at the speaker and then looked at his body that was lying in a pool of blood.


Moments later, Tommy and the mysterious looking man appeared in a room. Looking at the man preparing what looks like tea, Tom could not help but ask again.


“Am I really dead?”


“Yes. This room can only be entered by souls.”


“So are you dead too?”


“Ah, I mean only souls can enter, except me.”


“... Who are you then?”


“Me? I’m what you people call grim reaper. Here. This is the water of memory. Once you drink this, your memory will be wiped clean and you can then proceed into that door.”


Staring at the cup for a few moments, Tom lifted up the cup and drank the water of memory.




As the door closed, there was a flash of bright light and Tom could be seen walking on thin air; as if there was a flight of stairs leading somewhere up into the sky.


Looking at his watch, the man muttered to himself.


“Shit, I’m going to be late. Latecomers have to foot the bill. I better hurry.”


Taking off his fedora, he walked out of the room and appeared back on Earth. He then quickly took the bus that heads to the meeting point.


Lying on his bed, Chrono texted Tiffany.


{Fany! Are you out of hospital?}


{Not yet =( The doctor said that the results are not out yet. There was a large-scale accident. Hence cases like mine which are not urgent will take some time. I should be able to leave tomorrow.}


{Ah. I see. Do you feel like eating anything? I’ll buy it for you!}


Just at that moment, Exceed 1 million views on YuoTube. (Reward: 1 x Lucky Draw LV1) completed.


Ehh? Since when did I have this quest?


Chrono summoned his status screen and looked at the quest section.

[Quest Log]


  • Upgrade all stats to 50 points (1 x Lucky Draw LV2)



[Special Event]


Hall Bash - Win the title <Hall King>


Reward: <Midas Touch>

There isn’t any new quest. Looks like I should check my status screen more often. Free lucky draw without doing anything. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


<Lucky Draw>


The box with the ? appeared in front of Chrono.


It’s been a long time. Here goes.


Reaching into the box, Chrono fiddled around before he decided on one.


[Lucky Draw LV2] x1 received.


Nice. Lucky me.


[Lucky Draw LV3] x1 received.


What the hell?


[Lucky Draw LV4] x1 received.




[Lucky Draw LV5] x1 received.



[Mysterious seed of unknown origin.] x1 received.


A seed? Level 5 and a seed is my reward? Tsk. Made me happy for nothing. I thought I would receive some overpowered item or skill.


Placing the seed near the edge of his desk, Chrono picked up his phone and continued texting Tiffany.


“Chrono! Let’s go!” Chrono’s mum’s voice could be heard.


“Okay! Coming!” Saying that, Chrono climbed out of his bed and left the room.






Chrono had jammed his little toe against the corner of his desk and whilst grabbing onto his foot, he hopped out of the room wincing in pain. The seed that was lying on the table, rolled off the table, as it was near the edge and fell into the space between the bed and the desk. After which, it continued to roll to the corner of the room before nestling itself in the corner comfortably. (How cliché can it get? Hahaha.)


<Instant Arena>


Level : 1🔽


Stage : 1🔽


Companion : Abaddon🔽

                           [ START ]

Name: Slime

Level: 1

Health: 10


Name: Kobold

Level: 1

Health: 20


Name: Goblin

Level: 1

Health: 30


Name: King Slime (Boss)

Level: 1

Health: 100

Name: Abaddon


Level: 8 (Exp to next level: 7423)


Skills: Fist of destruction (Passive)

[Healing potion (I)] x2 received.


[Energy potion (I)] x3 received.


[Slime bubble] x3 received.


[Tome of slime] x 1 received.

[Tome of slime] - Increase stamina by 1 (Can only be consumed once)

Just by 1 point? Oh well. Better than nothing.

Stamina - 16 (+1)


The next day. (It’s a Sunday.)


{I’ve reached! Do you need me to go up and help you carry your belongings down?}


{Nope! You’ve already come all the way to fetch me. Will be down in a jiffy =D}


10 minutes later…


Tiffany and her parents appeared at the entrance of the hospital. Looking at Chrono’s car, Tiffany’s mum started to formulate a scheme to help her daughter catch the big fish.


“Chrono! My husband and I have something on. Could you bring Tiffany back for us please?”


“We do?” Tiffany’s dad asked.


Tiffany’s mum nudged him in the ribs before pulling him away as she rejected Chrono’s offer to fetch them to where they wanted to go.




Tiffany covered her stomach awkwardly as her face flushed red. Chuckling at her reaction, Chrono opened the door for Tiffany.


“Let’s go for some food. I can hear someone’s stomach growling from miles away. I wonder whose stomach is it.”




Tiffany covered her face as she quickly entered the car and closed the door.


After lunch and some window shopping, Chrono dropped Tiffany off at her house before he headed down to MTG as it has been quite some time since he went for his Muay Thai lessons.


He drank 2 healing and energy potion after he was done with his Muay Thai session and entered The Arena straight after.


<Instant Arena>

Level : 1🔽


Stage: 2🔽


Companion: Abaddon🔽


                           [ START ]

Name: Kobold

Level: 2


Name: Goblin

Level: 2


Name: Kobold King (Boss)

Level: 10

[Healing potion (I)] x1 received.


[Energy potion (I)] x2 received.


[Kobold’s nail] x3 received.

[Kobold’s nail] - A useless piece of nail dropped from Kobold King





[Name] Chrono Feldman


[Lifespan] 86 years




<<Life Merchant>>


Ability to shorten one’s lifespan and transfer the number of years to a target or increase one’s lifespan by receiving a specific number of years from a target’s lifespan.




Power/Strength - 16 +

Intelligence - 35 +

Speed - 25 +

Agility - 27 +

Stamina - 15 +

Luck - 50

Charm/Charisma - 31

Recovery - E

Control/Accuracy - D




<Life Merchant Contract> - (A shop where a person’s desire can be fulfilled)


<Lachesis Eyes LV3> - (Ability to see target’s lifespan and cause of death)


<Inventory> - (Somewhere to store all the random junk)


<Lucky Draw LV1> - (What new skills will you obtain?)


<Overdrive> - Increase the basic stats by *10 for 10 minutes


<Omniscient LV1> - See everything within a 5 metre radius


<Instant Arena> - Entrance to The Arena




[Quest Log]


  • Upgrade all stats to 50 points (1 x Lucky Draw LV2)



[Special Event]


Hall Bash - Win the title <Hall King>


Reward: <Midas Touch>


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