Chapter 5: Some things need to be broken...



Lunatra stared at his back as they walked through the forest, The way he moved was something she had memorized.  The way his tail would swing with every step, the bounce the ripple of the muscles beneath the fur.


She had always been the silent watcher, the one that never expressed her feelings, the one content with simply being there and being around him.


But now, a burning fear was eating away at her, and she didn't know how to confront this enemy, it was not one she could attack head on, claws would help nothing this time.


He paused, and she perked her ears up, but found no discernible sound.  With a slow deliberate movement he turned and looked at her.  His eyes were on her, this was her Filtiarn, her lord, the one being she would dedicate her life to, even if it caused her end.


“Are you going to tell me what is wrong?”  he asked.


He knew the answer, of course he knew the answer, he knew everything about her, he had practically raised her, he and her sister were the only two constants she could always count on.  


How could he have not known.


But how could she say it? He had made his decision, and she would respect it.


He walked over, the pads of his fur making a soft sound as they traveled on the soft dirt of the path. She didn't move, as he moved closer to her.  He looked down deep into her eye, searching, there he found hurt, insecurity and other negative emotions.


“Will you not tell me?”  he asked, as he breathed in her scent deeply.


“You already know,”  was the reply he received, and it had more bite in it than ever Lunatra expected.


“I do, but I want to hear it from you.”


She sighed, his mind had been made up, trying to convince him otherwise would simply be like trying to tell the wind to blow a different direction, it went where it went inspite of her. “Our world is this forest, all these years we have wondered these woods, this is where our cubs were born, this is where the pack is.”  she looked at him, before shifting her gaze away from him.  With a single hand he pulled her face back in his direction.


“It is, but the pack can only stay here for so long,”  he looked around.  “I have made it too strong, I have broken the balance, to many clans, this place cannot support us for much longer.”  he lifted up her chin to look at him.  “This clan is too united, we have cleared the forest, we are more powerful now yes, but there is no conceivable way for us to grow from here, the forest has no more to give us, and should we take land from man, we would only get annihilated.”


She put one hand on his even as he brought the other up to cup her chin.


“The Wolvini were never meant to get this big, we are a clan based people, meant to be in packs.”  with a sigh he let go of her face, “In my arrogance I forgot what it meant to be Wolvini, I cannot find any solution to our problem now but two, the first is to leave, the second is to die, neither are what I wish for, but I do find one more appealing.”


“How would you leaving fill the woods with prey again?”


“The clan would break apart, none of my sons and daughters are strong enough to lead it, let alone any other member of the pack, it would war with itself, and fall, the sad fate of our  people is to roam these woods, always hunting.”  


“There is no other option?” she asked, he could hear the quiver in her voice.


“Not that I can see, but I am just a simple wolf.” he let out a toothy grin. “Come, we have a feast to prepare for your new sister.”




A young wolf girl walked into the room Aira and Lunplena were currently sitting in and chatting.  Aira stopped mid conversation just to look at this Wolvini girl, she was a head smaller than others, but she had the same fur color as Filtiarn, and Lunplena’s blue eyes.


“Mother, they have returned,”  she said, before stalking out of the tent.


“Mother?”  Aira asked surprised, the wolvini woman didn't look old enough to have a full grown child.


“Yes, from my second litter.”  she smiled.


“She looks just like Filtiarn.” Aira said, as she watched the young wolf leave.


“Of course she does, she is after all his daughter.”  laughed the wolf woman.


“Won't you be sad to leave this place? All of your family?”


“Sad?” The wolf queen stopped in her sewing, and thought about that for a long while before answering.  “I will miss my children, and I will miss these trees, but I will still have the three most important things to me when I go.”


“And what are those?”


“The moon, my sister, and him.”  she looked over at Aira, “And perhaps with time you will become more forth constant, we will have to wait and see.”


“But what about your family, you kids? What will happen to them when you are gone?”


“Filtiarn is a smart wolf, he know that his ways no longer work, or rather that they were doomed to failure from the start.”  she made a gesture to the camp with her arms. “If I may, what was the first thing you thought about when you first laid eyes on the camp?”


“I mean no offence when I say this but I expected something more, primitive.”  Aria answered honestly.


“And before Filtiarn’s time you would have found it in such a manner, it is he that conquered all the clans in the area and organized them, and with his leaving they will regress back to the old ways.”


“But, isn't that a shame? I mean all the work he has done will just crumble.”

“That truly is what this forest needs, his empire his pack is too strong, too many mouths, to well organized, once it falls the forest can recuperate.”  she smiled, “And I thank the moon there are none strong or smart enough to prevent its fall, not even his own children. Sometimes bones need to be broken so they can be set straight.”


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