Chapter 6: A Feast

A note from Markious

Ok, so here we go with sexy shenanigans, if you dont like the idea of a werewolf having sex with a woman, well just skip this chapter 'kay? something tells me you won't like it...

Wolvini feasts were something that are hard to explain. They had all the joviality of a large party, and twice as much meat and liquor.  Twelve fires burned in a semicircle and the smell of meat rose high into the sky as the greasy black smoke rose to kiss the moon.  There were no chairs or tables to be found, instead pelts were lay down on the ground, creating an open area where one could walk a hundred eaters in any direction  without ever having to touch the ground once.


Filtiarn sat flanked by his two wolvish queens, one dark one light, and across from him was Aira.  She didn't believe she had ever eaten that much meat in her life, and if she ever saw another slab of venison it would be to soon.


The white wolf lord took a sip of his wolvini wine, a potent mix of alcohol that had to be kept away far away from the fire so it did not risk the chance of spontaneous combustion.  He was currently waiting for her answer, and even though she had made up her mind it was still a difficult thing to say aloud.


“I,I am yours.”  she whispered, and even as she said it she could feel the fear in herself.


The wolf lord nodded, as if the outcome was one he had foreseen, and this was within his expectations.  He nodded to the two queens, who at his motion stood up and brought a bundle to her.


They said nothing, but laid the package at her feet.  She knew what it was, but her hands still shook as she picked it up and held it up to look at it.  It was a cloak made out of a beautiful red fur, sewn together by one of her new sisters.  She went to put it on, but was stopped by the two wolf queens.


“You don't want to wear that yet.” Lunplena said.


“You would just get it dirty,” nodded Lunatra.


“Dirty?” Aria asked, with a confused look on her face.  They both nodded with wolvish smiles, and a look in there eyes that Aira couldn't quite describe.  As she was pondering what it could be she was surprised to be lifted off the ground by Filtiarn. “What?”


But he didnt answer, he simply looked up to the full moon in the sky, before letting out a howl that shook Aria to the core.




As his call to the moon echoed other wolves picked it up, creating a cacophony of sound halfway between music and a war cry that shook the very ground. With a smile he carried her with little effort back to the tent, as she looked over her shoulder she was surprised to see the two wolvish queens stop at the entrance of the tent and stay there.


“Best of luck tonight,”  Lunplena said with mirth in her voice, Aria’s eyes went wide when she heard what she had said.



He lay her down on the soft padding that was his bed, and she knew what was next, with shaking hands she started to undo her clothing.  It was not that she did not want to do this, it was simply the fear of a new experience.


Her hands were trembling so bad she couldn't get the buttons undone on her shirt, and with one large and surprisingly soft hand he wrapped both of her shaking hands up in a single firm grip.  And with assured movements he slowly undid the buttons of her shirt.


When her chest was bared to the world she couldn't help it, she removed her hands from his grip and covered her chest.


“Why do you cover up?”  he asked, there was a soft tenderness to his voice, and a slightly husky tone to how he was speaking.


“It is embarrassing”  she mumbled her face turning bright red as she looked away from the wolf lord.


“Embarrassing? Why? You have nothing to be embarrassed about, you are beautiful, and you are in the presence of your mate and no one else.”  he stated simply.


“Yes but,”  she started but gasped when he removed her skirt with one swift motion. “Wait, I just Wait!”  she said in a startled voice, only to be silenced by a kiss from him. His large tongue invaded her mouth, dancing and intertwining with her own.


There was something calming about that kiss, she stopped shaking once she felt his warm snout press against her lips.  He pulled away, and deftly removed her clothing, until she was fully naked infront of him.


“...aren't you going to take off yours?”  she mumbled, crossing her legs in a subconscious attempt to hide from view her stark nakedness. “Its embarrassing if I am the only one...”


With a smile he pulled off the armor and hide he had been wearing, and her eyes went wide when she saw the weapon that was hidden underneath.  


There was no way.  No possible way. It would never fit.


Contrary to her thought however he didn't skewer her just then, with a wolfish grin he put his head between her legs and moved closer, she gave off an shiver as the wolf lord’s breath brushed up against her lower lips.


With a practiced ease he spread her apart and began licking her in a place no one else’s mouth had ever come even close to nearing.


“Ahhh! Ahh!”  she cried out as she climaxed.


He pulled his head up from between her legs and started to crawl forward, licking everywhere as he ran his tongue from her lower area up to her collarbone.  He paused with his nose mere millimeters away from hers, and looked into her eyes.


With a smile he spread her apart with his spear, slowly at first, as he inched deeper and deeper into her.  As he went in she gasped in pain, and her hands tangled up in the fur of his chest as she grabbed onto him.


He quickly reached her limit, sadly he was only halfway inside her, but it was as far as she could accommodate he didn't mind. If he went any further she felt like her stomach might explode.  Here he paused, allowing her to catch her breath, once she looked up at him again he started his movements, it started with a slow motion, but each time he entered her it felt like a bolt of energy ran down her back.


The feeling of pleasure melted away all the previous pain and worries, as she lost herself in the moment.



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