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Volume 1 Prologue: Just another day at the office. (revised and edited)

A note from keriv136

This is the revised/edited version of the original Volume 1 Prologue. I will be deleting the older version and putting up the new versions. As chapters are revised/edited I will post them up. Feel free to let me know how the new versions of the chapters are. This is a slow process and will take time because I am working on new chapters while working with an editor to revise/edit the old chapters. Thanks for reading!

Please keep this in mind! Even though there is a harem tag and the MC does have multiple female partners in this story, harem is NOT the focus of the story. For the most part, the female characters in this story who are interested in the MC are interested for a variety of reasons. Some of them are political, genuine, ulterior motives, or other reasons and each character has a purpose in the story. Volume 1 might give you the impression that the harem aspect is 'the typical kind' but if you read further, you will see that is not the case.

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Another boring meeting, how many has that been now? I thought with an avid sense of despair.

I have been working at this company for five years and it's just been one boring meeting after another. I wouldn’t mind it so much if they weren’t about the same topic everyday, but all we do here is discuss sales, sales, SALES! Hour after hour, the same old concerns and washed-up ideas are brought up and argued around a ten-seated, round, conference table. On one end, at the head of the table, we have my supervisor wildly gesticulating in a frenzy, like some mentally ill patient, spewing froth from his mouth and periodically slamming his fists on the table with his rebuttals, seemingly completely unaware of how he consistently ruins his image with his ridiculous lack of decorum.

Well, at least watching my co-workers reactions to my overly enthusiastic supervisor can be entertaining.

Around the conference table, my co-workers responses vastly differed. To the right of my position Dave, a stout fellow with a long-drooping mustache, is always nodding off at these meetings, mumbling something about “feisty little fu****s” as he obscenely scratches his genitalia, letting out the occasional flatulent noise. Two seats away Jessie, the only woman at our board meetings, is always galvanized by the supervisor into a similarly manic state of enthusiasm, thrusting out an endless stream of paperwork and graphical data, from her small purse, to support her loudly uttered ideas, in a bizarre manner like a disproportionately large group of clowns somehow squeezing out of a tiny car. Meanwhile Fred, one of the more normal members of the board, stiffly sits perfectly still in his seat, his hands firmly clasped together and resting on the table in front of him, as he seriously nods to each of the supervisor’s proposals, like the ‘tool’ that he is .

How did I ever wind up in this room full of idiots? I wonder, with a continually growing disgust. The only reason that I continue to work there is because the job is easy and the pay is decent.

Projected on a white screen, behind my supervisor, are the sales figures for the month. Sales have been down lately, but with the economy the way it is, you can’t really expect people to shell out money for things they don’t really need. My company markets several convenience products sold on T.V. Not even one of them is worth mentioning, so I won’t. I analyze our company’s figures and am required to join the board meetings to parcel out the results. As I rarely socialize much, outside of my wife and child, this task is relatively easy for me. I just wish that I did not have to attend these inane meetings. They truly make me want to die.

"Hey Petey-boy, you paying attention or what?" (Supervisor)

I hate when he calls me that! My name is Pete, you damn fool! I think with venom, though I would never dare to say it out loud. Anyway, that’s me, Peter or Pete for short. I am a 27-year-old, slightly overweight, average Joe living in the good Ole US of A. I got married young, right out of high school and my wife and I have a daughter. My wife got pregnant in high school and we were married as soon as we graduated. I never could go to college and never received any advanced degrees so unfortunately my job options were few.

As I sat there, trapped in an inane meeting for yet another pointless day, I fantasized about the hobby that I do in my free time, reading manga. Yeah, I read manga, I read Japanese light novels, and I watch anime too.  If you don’t know what those are, Manga are Japanese comics but they can’t really be compared to American comics. The types of stories range from childish topics to more adult themes and the same goes for the Japanese anime. Anime are animated movies or shows which are similar to Manga in style, and in the kinds of stories told. My favorite stories always included historical or strategic elements to them since I was a huge history buff and loved strategy games. If you think I am too old for that, then you can just go to hell because I don’t care. It certainly is far more interesting than this trivial ‘working adult’ existence.

Well, I don’t want you to think that I hate my life or anything, it’s just gone stale. I had high hopes after marriage and after finishing high school, but after a few years of married life and this boring job, I guess I just got fed up with it all. I was never all that ambitious, honestly, but I used to be at least somewhat enthusiastic.

“Yes boss sales are down, we didn’t hit our quota last month, we need to ramp things up, no more hitting our bottom-line!” (Pete)

I say with false enthusiasm  while pumping my fist. These sort of cliche statements and empty words always manage to get the supervisor off of my back. What an idiot.

“That-a-boy! I can always count on you! Let’s get those sales up everyone! You are all dismissed!” (Supervisor)

Damn, it’s about time, I don’t think I could have handled any more of that. I thought with relief.

With the dismissal, we all got up out of our seats and filed out of the conference room, like a bunch of sheep. Yep, just another day at the office.

I think I will browse the internet a bit while pretending to work. I decide as I head over to my desk.

As I was walking there, I saw one of my co-workers, Greg, bee-lining towards me with one of those creepy smiles on his face.

“Hey! Hey! Petey-boy!” (Greg)

Greg yelled out across the office while waving at me.

You bastard, I hate you so much! I thought, watching him walk over.

“Yeah Greg, what do you need?” (Pete)

Greg found his way over to me before I could get back to the safety of my desk and I was not happy about that. I can’t stand this guy, but unfortunately it is part of my job to deal with him.

“I just wanted to know if you finished those reports yet? I need them before the end of the day.” (Greg)

Greg always spoke with a high pitched voice whenever he wanted something from me. It was quite unnerving and really pissed me off, but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything to him about it. I try to avoid him as much as possible, but he always seems to find me at the worst possible time.

“Uhh, I am almost done. I will have them to you before 5, don’t worry.”  (Pete)

Yeah, that’s a lie. I didn’t even start working on those reports yet, this guy is such a dunce.

“Wow, great, that would be such a big help. You KNOW~, last time you told me that too, see, and ummm…” (Greg)

Why does this guy feel the need to over emphasize and drag out certain words?

“You kind of disappeared on me and I didn’t get those reports until the next day.” (Greg)

Class 1 idiot alert, I doubt this guy could find a report if it was taped onto his forehead. Last time, I merely hid in the empty conference room, yet he never found me. He did not even think to look there, he just haunted my desk for a while.

I put on the best fake smile I could.

“Don’t worry Greg, I promise that this time I will absolutely make sure to get them to you!” (Pete)

For some reason, I felt the need to pat him on the shoulder as I said that. I thought it would help make me seem more trustworthy.

“Alright! Thanks a lot, I will leave it to you then! (Greg)

Looks like it worked, I can’t believe how trusting this guy is. I almost feel bad for him, but I am just not in the mood to work today.

After Greg left, I finally made it back to my little sanctuary in this office, my desk. Well, it’s more of a cubicle than a desk really, but it was my very own safe space in this bland office. I had a few anime figurines scattered around as decoration and my desk was quite a mess with papers, coffee cup, pencils and such scattered around everywhere. Sitting at my desk, I noticed I still had 2 hours left of work, so I decided to check out reddit and see if there were any new anime series coming out in the next month or so. This was my daily routine when things weren’t hectic. I made sure to keep a work tab ready to open in case anyone came close to my work space.

The time passed like this, with me browsing the various reddit threads and occasionally posting replies to other people’s posts. I didn’t know any of the people posting on the threads, since it was all anonymous, but they were a lot more interesting to talk with than anyone I worked with. I also checked out a few of the translation sites, hoping to see updates to some of my favorite translated light novels.

Damn, it’s already 4:50, I better hurry up and get ready to go before Greg catches me. I thought, with panic surging through my system.

I had planned to leave the office, before he noticed that my report was still not complete.

I will just make up an excuse tomorrow. I’ll tell him that I had to leave early because of a family issue. I doubt he will question me too much on it. I thought, a sly smile forming on my face.

The guy was mainly a pushover anyway. I could probably delay the report for a few more days with some well thought out excuses.

I grabbed my stuff, after organizing my desk a bit and shutting down the computer. I didn’t have much on me, I preferred to travel light. I took a quick look around just to make sure no one was paying attention and I walked towards the exit as inconspicuously as possible. No one would notice if I left a few minutes early if I pretended to walk out for a stretch or something. I could always talk myself out of any sticky situations, so I wasn’t too concerned. Thankfully, Greg was nowhere to be seen, but I knew he would be around shortly. That guy was nothing if not persistent.

The water cooler was close to the exit of the office. This made it very convenient for me. I poured some water into a plastic cup, took one more glance around and quietly slipped out the door without making too much noise.

Yes, free! Free at last! I chuckled  to myself as I headed down the hallway of the office building towards the elevator.

My day was finally finished and I could head on home to my family, but especially to my light novels. I had purchased a few new ones and was anxiously waiting to read them. Pushing the button to call the elevator, I waited for a minute or two, and when the elevator door finally opened, I stepped inside. I pushed the button for the ground floor and listened to the plain elevator music while the elevator moved downwards.

This was a comfortable feeling for me, finishing up work and heading down in the elevator by myself while listening to the soothing music. The elevator ride was not a long one, but I always enjoyed the relative silence whenever this time of day came. It was a moment when I could reflect on my life.

To put it bluntly, I wasn’t very happy. There was a time when I was, and it wasn’t even that long ago, but somehow, at some point, things changed. I guess I had always chosen the path of least resistance and this made life quite simplistic for me. It was hardly a challenge and the lack of a challenge made me bored. In truth, my intellect and natural abilities were quite high.

If I were to compare myself with the average person, my intellect was far superior and even my natural instincts, reflexes, and abilities were higher. I had been very athletic, but at some point, I had become lazy. I gained weight, I stopped exercising, and I slowly began to wither away my potential. I didn’t need to interact much with other people because of my work, married life, and interests. I began to look down on those around me because I believed myself to be better in so many ways, and I came to hate myself because my life seemed to lack purpose.

It was quite the predicament and I didn’t really know how I could change the situation around. Well, that’s not entirely true. I knew how I could change things, it was more that I didn’t want to change things and I had found an easy escape. Yes, the interesting and complex fantasy worlds I could read about in Anime, Manga and light novels! They brought me to worlds I could only imagine and offered me an escape from my dull life. I had become so entranced in the many different worlds that I began to yearn to be just like those characters myself. I knew it was impossible, but at least I could escape in my mind.

Yeah, I am pathetic, I already know that.

Only a few moments had passed as I was deep in thought. The elevator's descent slowed but I had thought it to just be my imagination until, with a rumble and a creaking of gears, the elevator screeched to a halt.

What the hell is going on!? I began frantically pressing buttons but the elevator was not responding.

Oh man, don’t tell me the elevator broke down? This can’t be happening!!! How the hell am I supposed to get home now? I even pressed the emergency call button but that wasn’t working either. Wasn’t the whole point of the emergency call button supposed to be for summoning aid in emergencies?

I started yelling at the top of my lungs and banged on the elevator door hoping someone would hear me. It was stuck on the second floor, where there were many offices, and it was about time for the afternoon work hours to end so someone should hear me or come to the elevator soon.

Despite this, no one came to the elevator and there were no responses to my frantic cries for help Minutes stretched into hours, as I slowly ceased my futile actions and waited in silence in the, now forlorn, elevator. What is going on out there? Why is no one responding? This sucks! My day is completely ruined.

As I was thinking those thoughts, the elevator lurched, surprising me and sending me head first into the elevator door. I quickly braced myself with both hands and saved myself from the pain of banging my head against the elevator door.

What was that!?

The elevator lurched again, but this time I was a little more prepared for it and was able to stop myself from flying in the other direction.

After the second lurch, it got quiet. The light went out in the elevator and I was now standing in almost complete darkness. I was getting scared, I didn’t know what was going on. I moved to the center of the elevator and looked at my surroundings. I could see a little, but I didn’t notice anything especially strange.

It was then that the elevator suddenly lurched one last time. This time was different. There was a sense of weightlessness for a moment as the elevator made a loud screeching sound and then fell as though it was being swallowed by an endless abyss.

I fell with the elevator for a long time, I couldn’t tell how long. I screamed at the top of my lungs in fear, knowing I was about to die. I couldn’t understand what was happening to the elevator, as it went against common sense. The elevator was only on the second floor, yet the elevator and I had been falling for what seemed to be an eternity, down what could have been an endless abyss. My primal fears were stirred in that dark abyss, in that weightless surging eternity.

Would I fall forever? Was my fate to be consumed by the abyss until even my very thoughts faded away? Years could have easily passed as I continued falling, or it may have been mere moments. There was no way to tell how long I was suspended in that state.

My last thought came as the fall came to a, surprising, end. The elevator’s violent crash, shattered its body but I surprisingly lived. With a fleeting glance at the unknown, I lost consciousness.

A note from keriv136

minor edits 5-4-17. Added in that he never went to college and that he is a history buff that likes strategy games, just minor backstory.

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