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A note from Colossus

Well my followers as you can see by the title this is the last entry to this story, i hope you have enjoyed it as much as i have wrote it. I have fine tuned this from you messages you have all giving me on issues it had and this is now an e-book that is able to be purchased on Amazon, Kobo and Kindle, please support me if you feel it's worthy.

please also leave comments telling me about what you enjoyed about this book and i also have good news. i have started a sequal to this story that i will be starting to post in a few days time title The Chosen When Worlds Collide so pls continue the support as i will contiune this level of content to you, thanks to everyone.



“Dawn! Dawn you alright” Artanis voice echoes to her ears shaking her body, she opened her eyes slowly to see her brother arising to his knees with aid from Alisianna and Rain still not moving. Dawn slid to a sitting position for she felt groggy and very weak. She heard a moan and turning to him again saw that Rain was now moving around. Rain moved to his knees and hands and then to his feet looking around to see his sibling already awake. Alisianna bolts to the reaction to hide Dawn from the sun but sees the light touch her for the first time and is shocked to see her not instantly combust, she is then told about what happened to her as well and Alisianna grew a giggle of relief that good souls are always punished.

“What happened” Rain questioned

“It worked Rain, Colossus is defeated,” Cloud said

“How did you guys know to have me grip the evil sword?” asked Artanis

“Asked you girlfriend, it was her idea” Cloud added

“Well when you touched the good blade and were hurt by it, I figured that the evil one wouldn’t affect you, but it would hurt us as well” Dawn concluded and smiling to her Artanis kissed her lips, Alisianna kissed Cloud and seeing the passionate moment Rain got to his feet and walked away from the aurora. Moments later a hand slid upon his shoulder, and turning his head, he saw her face.

“She would be proud of you Rain,” Alisianna said with a smile

“I know” Rain replied sniffing himself that a known fragrance of the one Sephinroth has been near him and upon his lips, but looking around he sees no sign of her.

“Look!” pointed Dawn seeing the holy blade lift by itself into the air and emerging to its side and handling its grip was an angelical figure, bigger than both Colossus and the Chosen and taking the blade it sheathed the weapon to its own harness.

“Greetings, Chosen” it spoke in a deep commanding voice “It is an honor to see and meet you at last, you have done a great deed and will be forever remembered it time for it”

“Who are you?” Rain asked

“I’m known by many names, titles and stories but holds only amongst them one true purpose that shapes all my glorification together as one; but to you I would be known as the keeper”

“The keeper, the keeper of what” Cloud said

“The keeper of the Chosen and its path through the ages of time, for its needs to be shifted and continuously moved for the balance it holds and protects is a forever moving foe” the group listens to the brightly cloaked figure resembling themselves in the form and then looks to Rain he turns to them all with a shrug to his shoulders.

“Hey don’t look at me, that line was beyond my comprehension” Rain replied and turning away carrying the blade with no effort the being lifted itself into the air cutting a portal to its own dimension, and about to leave the being stopped and looks to the group one last time.

“For the pain you have suffered let the mend begin and the wounds be cleansed for the most powerful passion of all never dies, rebirth is inevitable and what better place to start a new then in the dwelling of the old” the being then disappears. The group looks upon each other wondering what the comment meant and in the mist of thinking Cloud looked around.

“Where’s Rain?” He said


Appearing in the abandoned town of Soulguard Rain showed in a stream of light, he looked around franticly in the town for he knew what the beings secret meaning was, coming up with nothing searching the blacksmith’s shop, the backer and the weapon crafter holds a stop he hadn’t check strikes like a bolt to his mind, His own home.

Racing to where the settlement was Rain went to the front gates, they were still bashed the way that Cloud had describe them in the stories he told them in young and going past them to the back setting Rain then came to a massive halt along the cobblestone walkway leading to the it. His sword that was firmly in his grasp came to the stone resonating with a metallic ring echoing around the area and jointing from surprise the white gowned figure turned its head facing him. Standing in the exact stop his parents died.

“(Gasp) is this real?” she said

“Elanee!!” Rain replied

“You can see me, I thought…I thought I was a…” and not finishing her speech Elanee ran toward him she leaped into his arms and catching her softly did Rain spin her to a slowed stop and into an embracing hug.

“Is this real” she said again

“Yes Elanee it’s real” Rain said into her fine flowing brown hair, Elanee squished tighter never wanting to let go, but then pulled away to gaze a glimpse to his eyes.

“Is it over, is…”

“Yes Elanee Colossus is dead” she laughed giggling and hugged him again, this time with Rain pulling them apart and looking at her he smiled.

“I have prayed that this miracle would come to pass that I may see you again,” he said and about to kiss one another Elanee stopped, she pulled away and took some steps back.

“What is wrong?” Rain asked

“I feel the beast’s presence not holding sway to me anymore Rain, but it might be still in me, I still might hold the curse”

“Elanee the celestials elders brought you back to me, they would have cured your curse as well”

“But can I be certain to risk it all” and stopping his speech Rain thought as he bowed his head, “You have asked me once if ever would be selfish and just take what I have been given, that time is now Elanee” and approaching her again she held her hand out stopping him,

“I’m sorry Rain I can’t” she said backing away, she turned from him to walk on when Rain gripped her arm and spinning her as he did during the dance he placed a kiss to her lips as he did then, she felt her knees go weak and heart race but no evil. She stopped it only to give Rain a smile for then she knew she was cured; she kissed him again and again laughing for her dream had come true…enjoying the moment Rain broke from the time.

“What is it, what’s wrong Rain?” Elanee said seeing him back up from her

“Nothing, (he said laughing) nothing at all but I must hold my word that I gave to a woman when I found love again, and found it I have” Rain finished going down on to one knees and taking her hand, she grew tears to her eyes and a bright smile upon her face.


Months flashed by it seemed as the sound of wedding bells rang out through the city now rebuilt. Rain waited with a glorified heart as his bride came down the aisle way, she had her hair crimped and parted perfectly being complimented by golden strands of bailey leaves veining throughout her hair. A half vale covers the back side of her head and a slim fitting dress hugged her angelic figure as she walked towards him. She looked to him as she stood beside him; they shared the vows to one another Rain went first,

“Elanee…this world is filled with darkness and hate and corruption, but also light, truth and beauty. Elanee you are my light…my beauty…and my truth to my world that binds me to it and forever I will love and honor you for that gift.” Elanee then proceeded

“Rain…you are my best friend, before you I never had a best friend and though we have been through times of annoyance, hatred and then caring for one another I see that the war we went through and the peace after it could not have given me what you have brought to my heart and that is your soul. I love you so much and for the rest of my days will honor that pledge” they then kiss and the celebration begins. The party with Tristan and the group runs throughout the night and later Elanee and he depart from the crowd to retire to a night of just them.

Finishing their passionate evening together, they lay in bed wrapped around each other’s love and stare into one another’s eyes “Rain this has been the most memorable night to my heart, but the time has come for you to awaken Rain” she replies shaking him

“What?” Rain said confused

“Wake up Rain” she says again shaking him, “Rain! Wake up” he hears as he jolts awake to see standing over him Cloud fully clothed and armed.

“Rain you ok?” says Cloud seeing Rain look at him then lies back down to his bedroll putting his hands to his head. “You were dreaming again,” Cloud added

“No Cloud it was a nightmare as usual”

“The Thought about Elanee again huh” Cloud said seeing Rain nod “It’s been over a year and still they are that strong?” Cloud asks with Rain nodding again and looking to his right he stares to the young beauty lying beside him slumbering away to dreamland of her own. Cloud looks to the little Kityana and smiles.

“But you know Cloud for everything that went bad, it is true what they say when you are repaid in full” Rain says stroking the little ones hair from her face, she moves around but stays asleep, as Rain quietly moves out of bed, and gets dressed.

“Go on without me brother” Rain smoothed out with softness in his voice, Cloud moves to his side, placing a hand to his shoulder.

“She needs this of you, it`s been time long coming, and this time you can`t say no…I’ll wait for you outside”

He meets Cloud outside in a short time taking a moment to recap what happened after Colossus’s demise for the being did come to the sights but never turned back as Rain dreamt he did. The King, Rain was told was killed through a poison Rain did not know he had for the King kept it a secret to hold morale but in the end claimed his life. In his last will and testament was written from the King’s hand to lay the fate and protector ship of the city and kingdom to his son and heir but not being of age yet, it was to be held by Tristan and to be taught to his son through the master of good will. Through the time statues of Straud, Crysonia, Dalamar and Laurona were carved and crafted in the new mausoleum where the home of the Blackblade family resided from the burned images from the Chosen minds. In the town of Soulguard which with Lord Tristan’s resourceful aid was rebuilt and once again home to the Drow of the rebel faction, Cynn was incased in a crystal casing from help of Lalandra who survived the battle and was placed in the center of the four statues as a symbol of hope to one day return to lead them. In the under dark was a similar crafted casing created to honor the title of the Matriarch to the Shadowell city, that for the time being has Captain Stryker taken hold of leadership, with an ever continuing vow in Sophie’s honor to bring down the faction that broke from them. Sephinroth seemed to have just disappeared from all sight and for the year passed on never has been sighted.

Meeting the rest of the group with Lord Tristan alongside them, they all go to the Mausoleum to pay the anniversary respects for the full year revolution of their fall. As the group gathered to the burial site they all stared with massive emotion to the statues of fine carved stone forged to their beloved guardian images. In the middle of the stone statues laid to a peaceful slumber their mighty leader and guardian mother to all Cynn; to her left was the trusted healer and most trusted advisor Arbiter Maylor; and to her right was the Captain to her strong arms forces and keeper of her own heart Lord Straud. In the back area behind Cynn’s solid crystal casing were the two images of the Children’s great parents Lord Dalamar and Lady Laurona whose name had now been passed to the new daughter of Alisianna and Cloud; and in the middle of these was one who they all shared in pride to call an adopted daughter Lady Elanee Kerrigan.

They lay to their graves fresh flowers of arrangements they each adored in life as they did at the dawn of every new coming season but this time was different for it was the first that Rain had come with them. They all took time to sorrow and remorse over the time with each one and some had a harder time than others. Dawn fell to her knees in a cry over the grave of Maylor as she thanked him for the great gift he gave her and being her mentor through all the rough times, Artanis aided her pain by resting his hand to her shoulder side holding a time for he knew it had to be hard. Alisianna held the twins to her tucking arms as she watched Cloud pull his blade out and use it tip down to the ground saying a prayer as he sat between the statues of his parents. Tristan with his wife beside him holding their son Casavir to her arms waited as he said a farewell thank you to the mighty Captain as did the rest for he was the closest thing they shared as a father and with Rain being the last one to see her perfectly stone sculpted face Rain approaches the place where his best friend and his trusted love Elanee laid. As Artanis looked on holding to his arms and under wing Rain’s adopted daughter Kityana did Alisianna hand to Cloud the twins. Walking slowly behind him for she felt his unwavering hurt she could see him hold a stumble to his walk, back tracking to his thoughts all the times he spend with her from the rivaling meeting of their soul till the loving pain of the separating end did Rain hold strong his course to her white silent form. Looking at the image of her life ending by his own hand did he fall upon her feet like a bag of stones crying.

“I’m so sorry…it’s my fault…I should’ve tried harder, I should’ve been stronger” he stuttered from his broken speech, Alisianna gripped his cloak from behind and Rain fell to her comforting offer like a child, he looked up to see her face wet with tears as she saw for the first time in a year two streaming rivers down his; “It’s been so hard seeing you in such pain Rain” she said to him softly so no one could hear “ And if I could change my marriage to be with you to end this pain I wish to every new morning would end, I would’ve been with you, I wish you weren’t alone” Rain smiled to her face for the words said and through sobbing to hoist both his and Alisianna’s body to their feet again, he looked upon the grave of his love one more time.

“It’s been too long, I should’ve been here sooner…I just couldn’t…”

“Hey its ok,” said Alise wiping there tears from Rain’s face “We all took our own time to get here and now you did too”

“Can we please leave” Rain asked and nodding Alisianna helps him to his feet

“Hot tea and bread were awaiting them in our home,” Alisianna announces to the group. Filing out one by sorrow filled one and being the last to trail behind them, Rain looked back one final time. His cloak lifted from a swift warm breeze catching it and blowing the cloak over his daughters face he looked to her with her housing an innocent new look back as she so gently clasped to his finger to suck on it. Rain looked back to what he thought was a faint whisper to his name in a voice he had not heard in a time…but it was only the wind. He looked to the endless sky and held a grin to his face

“You’re right, I know you’re with me,” he said softly to it and then his eyes shift to his child in his arms, “And I know I’m not alone” Rain then walked to the home of his brother, and by his best judgments looked to be a most promising, peaceful day.


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