Chapter 6 - The Muscle Man




The new figure was that of a three-tailed Kitsune, his shirtless body revealing a martial artist build, his blue-green fur on his body neatly groomed along with the light orange fur on his underbelly.  His red eyes met Eden with annoyance as he shuffled his black shao-lin leggings and toyed with his gem bracelets in irritation.

“So, kid... you like the fact that Opal almost got you with the succubus kiss?” The kitsune teleported in front of Eden at the rhetorical question as he looked into his his eyes, “I really wish she would stop with the medical training and focus on her dark powers.  That way she wouldn’t seduce ever guy she meets.”

It was now obvious to Eden what had happened.  He had been placed under hypnosis by Opal’s kiss.  She likely had some active succubus genes, or this is what he assumed.

<Kid... I’m inside your head.>

<What the fuck?>

<Hinata has a movie ticket in her pocket.  My advice?  Accept the damn thing, kid.  The sooner we boost team morale, the better.  Name’s Densetsu by the way, but you can just call me ‘Legend’ for simplicity.>

<....Someone has a high opinion of themselves.>

<Haha.  Very funny.  You should know that’s what my name means roughly translated, mister half-slant.>

<Dude, racist!>

<How can I be the racist one when I’m full Japanese and you’re only half?  Besides, I was just trying to get a rise out of you.>

<Yeah, well... mission accomplished.>

<How many times have you visited upper dimensions, kid?>

<....A hundred or so.>

<No wonder you’re not losing your mind right now.  Also, focus on Hinata.>

Eden tapped Hinata’s shoulder in curiosity.  In response, Hinata heaved a sigh, pulling out a slip of paper from her shorts, handing it to him.

The unfolding of the paper revealed a group movie ticket to Eden.  He glanced to the shy-expression on Hinata’s face, followed by the smug one upon the face of the kitsune.

“Just... I... I was thinking we could all get to know each other... er... I mean, you could get to know us over a movie.  Is that okay, Eden?” Hinata’s question was coupled with the nervous crossing of her legs and a dainty lacing of her fingers.

“Well... I guess it would be for the best...” Eden’s words emerged as a sigh as he looked to Hinata, rising from the bed, “Who else will I meet there?”

Placing his claws between his lips, Densetsu let out a high-pitched, wailing whistle.  Without a second’s notice, the creature from beforehand and Opal appeared before them.  This caused Eden to yelp.


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