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Fjorgyn: A Rebel Rises (Complete)

Fjorgyn: A Rebel Rises (Complete)

Original Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Profanity

I have moved this over to Amazon for now.  I won't link to it from here because.... well... I'm not sure if RRL allows that.  Thank you to everyone who has read the story and enjoyed it.  And to those who enjoyed it and left reviews :-)



Michael was proud of his life and his accomplishments.  During the day he was Michael Semione.  He worked, spent time with his family, and did everything young professionals were meant to do.  At night, he became Creighton Dian-Cecht, a druid healer in Fjorgyn Online.  He was head of a company of crafters and adventurers known throughout the game.

Things changed, however, when Michael was killed in real life while playing the game.  He was reincarnated in Fjorgyn a level one only to be captured and sold into slavery.

Michael has a decision to make.  Will he escape on his own?  Or will he stand beside his fellow slaves-turned-allies and help secure their freedom?


Author's note:  This is my first work in the LitRPG genre.  Constructive criticism and feedback welcome.


I wanted to thank all of the creative people over at LitRPG Society for their guidance and encouragement as I wrote the first installment of this series.  Their advice and input were instrumental in my finishing what many of you have found to be an entertaining story.


Divine Empress of Chaos

Divine Empress of Chaos

Original Adventure Fantasy Historical Romance Martial Arts Female Lead Xianxia

A mysterious old man appeared before Yu Liang and her younger brother one day, throwing her peaceful world into chaos. Trapped inside the Divine Chaos Pagoda, she must safeguard her brother and reach the top while fending off enemies if they wish to escape the tower.

Just what secrets does this pagoda hold? With the promise of a legendary divine artifact as a reward, bloodshed and sacrifices taint the path to the top. Yu Liang wouldn’t bat an eye at the gore. Her steel cold heart disregards all besides her brother. But since when has he made a dent in her iron heart?

The allure of the legendary divine artifact pales in comparison to the devastating male evildoer. Is he a friend or foe? If she has to make a choice between her brother and him, will she choose the familiarity of family or the unknown future of love?

The old man entwined our fate together, but it is up to us to choose the path of destiny we wish to embark on.

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*Cover illustration was a picture found on google. I do not own the image used for the cover, all rights reserved for the respective artist(s)

Jovan's Gaze

Jovan's Gaze

Original Fantasy Sci-fi

Jovan's world is small and medieval. It was once ruled by the good kingdom of Esis in the south, and the evil kingdom of Krona in the north. Those kingdoms are now fifteen years gone, victims of magic that escaped the control of the mages who wielded it in a final, devastating war. Now the land of Theris is empty and scarred by plagues of magic; most of the war's survivors, people from both kingdoms, marched eastward into the endless desert in a desperate bid for a new start. They were never seen again.


Jovan did not go with them; he lives quietly among a small village of survivors. Jovan also has an obsession; he has become enamored with Skyreach Keep, the seat of power of the old Dark Lords of Krona. After visiting the barren keep too many times, his village casts him out and banishes him to the endless desert. There he must find a new life, or better yet, wither and die under the scorching sun.


Jovan marches east, but he does not die. He comes across a small building, filled with technology which is thousands of years ahead of his own. The people who work there speak a foreign yet strangely familiar language; it sounds ever so slightly like the dark tongue of Krona, the language of the enemy. But these strange people know where Jovan comes from, and they understand his language. They are, after all, his descendants, and they trace their ancestors back thousands of years... to an exodus which for Jovan is only fifteen years past.


Jovan has walked out of the desert and into the future. And something evil has followed him.



Monok's Bones: Discovery

Monok's Bones: Discovery

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Non-Human lead

Monok is gone, his soul residing in the moon, to forever look down upon the wolves of the small island.

Until that day when a strange ship arrives, a thing never seen before by the wolves.

Suddenly their world is thrown into turmoil as a forgotten history begins to catch up to them. And the young wolf Kabian is thrown into the middle of this. What happens when wolves and humans meet for the first time in centuries, when both believe the other something from legend, or have forgotten about them all together.


Transformers Revisited

Transformers Revisited

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Sci-fi Cyberpunk Female Lead Gender Bender Male Lead Non-Human lead

Little did Police Lieutenant Ronald McKenzie know the consequences of his investigating the city's latest incident of urban violence. But then, no one would have. After all, who would have thought one would encounter Autobots and Decepticons, much less anticipate what would happen to him afterwards. 

Some Notes:

(1) This is a fanfic based on the Transformers franchise. The plot elements are from the Transformers movies, the original cartoon show, the Japanese cartoons and the comics. No declaration of ownership, direct or indirect, is claimed. This is a not-for-profit fanfic.

(2) The story has also taken liberties with the Transformers characters, storyline and story elements. I hope that’s okay with all of you. Think of this as Transformers on an alternate Earth.

(3) The graphics here are collages of publicly-accessible material. No. I.P. infringement is intended.

The Slayer and the Sphinx

The Slayer and the Sphinx

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance

What if every magical creature you'd ever heard of was real, driven into hiding by an army of violent zealots? This is reality for Sarah Heisen and Porter Collins. Sarah is a sphinx living a life of luxury in her family's mansion. Hidden from all danger, but shut off from the world, she wants nothing more than to escape. Porter is the Slayer's most promising recruit, and his skill is matched only by his hatred for those he hunts. The two are brought together as enemies, but fate has different plans for them. When an accident erases Porter's memory, he clings to Sarah for support. Now they are lost, injured, and helpless. If they want to survive, they will have to work together- and they may change the world as a result.


The Slayer and the Sphinx is featured on Web Fiction Guide and Novels Online!

Transition and Restart, book one: Arrivals

Transition and Restart, book one: Arrivals

Original Comedy Drama Romance Sci-fi Multiple Lead Characters School Life Slice of Life Strong Lead

Ulf Hammargren transits from one world to another, from Sweden to Japan and from the peak of his career to his high school body. He must rebuild his life and live with memories that never were. He must find himself again, find friends again and maybe dare to find love again. PG13 Observe that this is the first book in a series with book five currently ongoing. The slice of life tag is there for a reason. The story is slow, and the characters unfold as the story is told. If you're looking for an action packed quick fix, then you have come to the wrong place.

Money Grubbing Demon Lord

Money Grubbing Demon Lord

Original Comedy Fantasy Short Story Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Strong Lead Summoned Hero

A short story based in a fantasy world with Heroes, Demons, and lots of money!


Completed, with 13 Chapters and a Prologue at about 500 ~ 600 words per chapter.

Rica Wants Him Dead

Rica Wants Him Dead

Original Action Drama Romance School Life Slice of Life Sexual Content

The romance sequel to the cult classic: 'Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?'
In this follow up story we meet Teen Assassin, Ko. One of the best in the business. But after rescuing a Korean mob boss’s five year old daughter from kidnappers he becomes a hunted man in NYC. Now on the run and desperate to protect the child, Ko discovers there’s only one person willing to help him: The beautiful and deadly Rica Reyes. A villainous Rifle Girl from Ko’s past, who once tried to kill him. Out of options he's forced to trust Rica and accept her aid. But Ko is no fool, and he knows that the price Rica will extract for her help could cost him everything.

Teen Romance, Tsundere, Light Novel, Original Light Novel, Young Adult, YA, Romance, Crime, Assassin,

Darkworlds : London

Darkworlds : London

Original Horror LitRPG Mystery Virtual Reality Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity

Darkworlds is a horror RPG based on Lovecraft and Cthulhu. It's a cutting edge game with drug induced immersive reality, far better than any game before. Far realer even than the real world.

Adam works for a multinational data mining corportation in protected inner London. There are rumours of war, terrorism, plague and cataclysmic climate changes. Who would want to live in a world coming to its end?

So instead he plays an immersive video game. The game's level of reality makes his job in 2027 dystopian London seem grey, flat and pointless. And when he plunges back a hundred years to 1927, with the aid of a neural net and suspicious new medication, he's soon playing a gun toting, misfit priest -- hunting down servants of the Great Old Ones.

But deep in the game, something is wrong. Player characters disappear and Adam sees things that were never there, both awake and dreaming. 

Adam goes hunting monsters, but when his sanity drops to zero, monsters come hunting him.



Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Gore

A group of friends are teleported to another planet. Along the way they befriend dwarves and elves, and find out it is a battle planet for a race called tyters, and the humans are the prey! They have three years to level up and grow as strong as possible before before the hunt begins. In a stroke of luck they learn how to use magic, but will it be enough for them to survive?

Wolf's Cry

Wolf's Cry

Original Action Adventure Drama Psychological Romance School Life Slice of Life Sports Supernatural
I always thought less of myself than what my real potential was. Until that day, until that moment. What changed, I still do not know, but something did and the monster, that I am now, was born. I died that moment, not physically but mentally and I was reborn or reincarnated as I might paraphrase.

The Great legend of Fafnir: The Beginning

The Great legend of Fafnir: The Beginning

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Tragedy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts

Long ago, a kingdom reigned supreme, ruling over a country that was to make its mark in history.

One night, the royal family had arranged for a celebration that will forever be known to the rest of the world.

And be known throughout it did, for blood was spilt, and the lineage was stained red.

One man took it upon himself to change this destiny, forcing the kingdom to crumble under his might.

he carried with him the idol of Arakthur, the first dragon of existence, waltzing through the land as he tears the nation to ruin. 

In his wake, he stumbled upon a boy whom fate favored, and so did he.

"I will give you a life you were never meant to have. Abandon your past. You will have no choice but to live as I dictate you to."

And in the end, you will realize, your true purpose.

IMProvised combat

IMProvised combat

Original Action Fantasy
When a magical plague struck Aitken's village, he was forced to find the cure - a cure that could be easily acquired by the local church… Except they refused him.

Armed with nothing but a rusty sword and a glaring lack of training, Aitken decides to go get the cure on his own - that's when he discovers the truth about the plague. The plague is a prototype fabrication from the church itself. Unfortunately, he isn't the only one discovering something and quickly winds up in an outmatched fight. On his dying breath, Aitken swears to bring down the church - even if it costs him his soul… When he opens his eyes, he is in a place known only as Damnation, with a wise old imp in front of him. “I am your grandfather.” the imp tells him.

Will Aitken stop the church before it unleashes their plague on the world, saving only the “true believers of light”? or will Aitken be stuck in damnation forever? And how exactly does a demon go about fighting a church, in the name of justice?

[18+]: Blood, gore, some swear words. (Anyway… is “damnation” qualified as one? whoops, mighta messed up there).

[Warning: Inter- & Personal Challenge]: Heavy time constraints, Little editing. National Novel Writing Month. Updates daily for the rest of November. Will be finished before December. Can be considered a draft.

[Participating in the NaNoWriMo]
Assassin Type: The Rifle Girl- Rica Reyes

Assassin Type: The Rifle Girl- Rica Reyes

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Romance Female Lead Martial Arts School Life

For Anime lovers of -School life- Romance- Action series. Eleven year old Rica Reyes is the new transfer student at St. George Middle School. Pretty and quickly popular, her classmates never suspect that she is really the precious student of the notorious contract killer, The Villain Reyna Rai. Rica's mission is to protect a handsome classmate named Caleb from a criminal crew that will kill for what's in his possession. Tsundere, Assassin, Original Light Novel, Light Novel, Romance, Middle School Life.

Lich. The Depressed Necromancer

Lich. The Depressed Necromancer

Original Adventure Fantasy Gender Bender Tragedy

My life has always been one of misfortune. Nothing I do ever turns out right, and everything seems to go wrong. Especially the things that matter. When I'm not tripping on a venomous snake I'm being held up at knife point. I thought death would free me, but my curse of bad luck has followed me into my demise as well. Now, I have to try and deal with misfortune, except no longer with my original body. You can see why my outlook on life isn't the cheeriest? Cover made by a band of traveling hippies, (AKA Zeny) and if not for this computer screen blocking me from reaching him...please turn to How To: Become an evil overlord or whatever, and replace the gore, with thank-yous. Basically that.

Vesryn Pulse [Completed]

Vesryn Pulse [Completed]

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Magic Strategy Grimdark

Long ago, the humans triumphed over the dragons, sealing them into a human mortal body now known as dragonoids. The dragonoids became enslaved by the humans, and uses them as military weapons by the power of the Vesryn Pulse. Arcadia, a guerilla group led by Estoff Wraith, act as freedom fighters, offers the only resistance to the mankind’s cruel abuse of their power.

A set of dire events occurred, bonding two individual’s fates altogether.

Amphere Harrison entered the Dragon Knight Academy with his dragonoid partner, Airelina Frembell, who is also a key member of the Arcadia. Now an unwilling participant in the struggle against the abusive government, Amphere must learn to control his dragonoid’s power and win the Dragon Knights Tournament to gain the princess’s favor. This will be their first step to give dragonoids the freedom they deserve once and for all.

Vesryn Pulse follows the action filled story of a young man who is dragged into a brutal war, possessing the unbelievable skills to help him uncover the secrets of the government, Arcadia, and the Vesryn Pulse. However, he will soon learn that the truth comes at a far greater price that he could ever imagine.




Original Drama Romance Short Story Male Lead School Life Slice of Life

From Japan to Sweden, from Tokyo to Gothenburg. One month in an alien world. Four weeks to fall in love. A Transition and Restart sideshow. Set in the Transition and Restart storyverse during the 2016 summer.

The Dark King's Older Brother

The Dark King's Older Brother

Original Comedy Fantasy Psychological Magic Male Lead Reincarnation School Life Supernatural

Takamachi Kariya is not the most popular student in Higashikami High. A violent punk with rumored gang ties, one gaze from his foul eyes is enough to make the girls cry. However, one day, he has a new item a level above the rest added to his poor resume: brother to the Demon Lord.

Kariya is suddenly reunited with Kureha, his sister he hasn't seen in five years and learns that she has inherited the awe-inspiring power of the king of demons. But power divides. Not long after, an up-and-coming demon hunter shows up in town in Kureha's pursuit.
What follows is a deadly, twisted game of tag, where nothing—nothing—is as it seems.

The Madman's Clock

The Madman's Clock

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi

2245 AD

It wasn't supposed to end this way.

Captain Jack Mallory of the United Earth Marine Corps is wasting away on a space station in the middle of nowhere, the furthest he and his recon squad could possibly be from the fighting on Alpha Centauri. Under investigation, all he and his three men can do is wait, until an admiral appears with new orders, and the recording of a garbled transmission.


"Echo-two, Echo-two..."


The UES Saturnus is an experimental starship that has just set out on its maiden voyage. An enigmatic race known as the Edra has objected to the Saturnus and its experimental equipment. Earth has ignored their protests.


"...this is Zulu-two-three... requesting assistance."


Mallory and his men are the only ones close enough to deal with an extremely sensitive situation.


"... Saturnus is compromised. Edra commandos are pushing... bridge is... secure. Captain... won't cease experiment... psychosis. Entire crew... affected."


There are just two problems. First, the voice on the recording is Mallory's. Second, the transmission is time coded; it hasn't been sent yet.


The Saturnus is not damaged. Not yet. Soon, it will be. The Saturnus is top secret for one very good reason, a reason which has forced the hand of the Edra. The Saturnus can travel through time.