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A Summoner's Confession

A Summoner's Confession

Original Fantasy Psychological Short Story Supernatural Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic Sexual Content Traumatising content


"Not the master of conjuration. Not the finest summoner to walk the halls of this old Academy of Magic. Just Sora.

"You know of me, if you know much of anything. But there's more to me than the official story in the textbooks. All of that is just the grand details. That's not the story.

"I've made mistakes. I've held secrets. I've done impossible things. Good things. Terrible things.

"I'll not die before I've said my piece. With aching bones and a heavy heart, I fear that now the time is right for my confession."

Published on Amazon here. This story is about 13k words.

This is the first story I've published. Since I've had success on RRL with Sorcery in Boston, I've decided to cancel my exclusivity deal with Amazon, and publish it here, as well. It's a short story, and much harsher than Sorcery in Boston. Please be advised that this story is not suitable for children at all.

Gate Guardian - Tale of the Blazing Heart

Gate Guardian - Tale of the Blazing Heart

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Female Lead Magic Male Lead School Life Slice of Life Supernatural

Since the beginning of time, the world has been the slaughtering ground of the Eidolons, mysterious beings from a parallel universe that contaminates the mind of the people to commit deadly sins. In an ambitious struggle to put an end to this evil corruption, warriors with extraordinary abilities; the Gate Guardians relentlessly fight these monsters.

One day, Yohan Romanov ceases to become a regular high school student - He becomes trapped in the crevice of dimensions and suddenly attacked by an Eidolon. Coming to his rescue just in time is a Gate Guardian named Erylle Fontaine, who is the woman he is secretly in love with. Yohan learns that he has the potential to become a Gate Guardian, and Erylle needs him to fight by her side and join her group; The Blazing Heart Legion.

This is a tale of love.

This is a tale of hope.

This is a tale of laughters.

This is a tale of tears.

This is the Tale of the Blazing Heart.

This is my original story and it can also be found here: © ArchlordZero

Battlesquire Book I  -  First Blood

Battlesquire Book I - First Blood

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Male Lead Female Lead Magic Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

There was nothing Jess craved more than the rush of battle, having trained for endless hours in mastering all the weapons of war. She would do anything to prove herself worthy, anything to be granted the rights and privileges of every knight who fought for the Crown.

Anything not to be relegated to the status of simpering handmaiden, a wallflower at court whose only purpose was to be meek and demure for the pleasure of arrogant men she despised.

When a certain professor of etiquette makes it clear that she would see Jess broken and humbled, forced to submit to a lady's proper role, Jess will do whatever she must to escape that fate.

Even if it means blackening her dagger for king and country, learning what it truly means to be a Squire of War.


(Warning: Though it starts off gently -  sex, graphic violence, heroism, and betrayal are all part of the story.)



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Male Lead Secret Identity Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Have you ever imagined what the future of the world could be within the next century? Have you ever been curious if evolution made by scientists could be real? Have you ever wondered what would happen to the world if climate change never healed or lessened? Do you dream of becoming a main character of your life living in this different world full of mysteries and exciting adventures?

Four-star General Christian Michael, a living legend of World War 4 and 50 year old commander-in-chief of the United Nations has volunteered to become one of the Icemen in his brother's experiment. He and his former team have been sealed in a water container with the agreement to be awoken after ten years.

However, he sleeps for over ten years more than the agreed date. What could be the reason for his late awakening? What kind of world is he going to live in now?



Original Action Adventure Comedy Sci-fi Reincarnation Martial Arts Supernatural Secret Identity Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

A financial analyst and manager died from a heart attack. But he found himself reincarnated in an alternate world where technology had surpassed his original world’s version of the early 20th Century. He found himself living peacefully together with his new family when a bomb is dropped on his beloved home.

And as the world revolved around a cycle of chaos, all the nations released their best agents to spy on their enemies in an effort to get the upper hand in this new world’s pecking order.

This is the story of the man who will be known as the greatest spy in this new world.



Original Romance Tragedy Short Story Female Lead Male Lead Traumatising content

A strange boy departs from those snowy streets he both cherished and hated. 




The Isekai

The Isekai

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Romance Reincarnation Martial Arts Harem Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Sexual Content Traumatising content

This is the story of a boy that suffered a lot in his other life, he got bullied at the highschool and his father always beat him up, cut him making him suffer, and one day he died because his father killed him.

After being killed he found himself reincarnated as a baby in another world with a special mission to do. Do you think that it can get any crazier than that? Wait and see.


Hello, this is the first novel that I have written. I hope you enjoy it. A friend recommended me to write this because he said that it was a good idea. Let me know how I am doing if you can. The story won't bore you.

The story is: Adventure, drama, fantasy LitRpg and romance.

Cover made by Harumy-kyun Deviantart.

Remmember this isn't real.

Amber Silverblood: Silverpack

Amber Silverblood: Silverpack

Original Action Drama Fantasy School Life Supernatural Female Lead Magic

It has been a month since Amber joined the Silverpack, leaving the ruins of her old pack behind.  Now she lives in her alpha's cabin with her mother and the orphaned Kimberly.  But just as life is starting to feel normal again, the demonic crime lord Hendricks returns.  He has a score to settle with Amber, and he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process.  As if that wasn't enough, Majestic is still running experiments on Silverbloods, and Amber's freedom will only last until their current specimen dies.  Amber's new pack is being threatened from without and within, and she's going to have to find new strength if she wants to keep it from being torn apart like her last one.  New strength... and maybe something else.

Amber Silverblood

Amber Silverblood

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural

Meet Amber, a teenage girl struggling with the death of her father, an overstressed mother- and lycanthropy. Amber wants nothing more than for things to go back to normal, but a magical corporation has its sights set on her. Six months ago they lost a very important test subject, and they think Amber will be a suitable replacement. If she refuses to go with them, a demonic crime lord has his own plans for her as well. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Amber is forced to find allies in the midst of her enemies while still trying to keep her new wolf-ish nature under control. Only one thing is certain: she can trust nobody but herself.


Amber Silverblood is freatured on Web Fiction Guide and Novels Online!

Pins or Die!

Pins or Die!

Fan Fiction Action Comedy Supernatural Fan Fiction

Neku Sakuraba is your average teenager, he aspires to be the ultimate emo and nothing more. His life radically changes when he's dragged into the troubles of a random girl. Suddenly, Neku finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conflict. He discovers his latent talent to wield magical pins, which become his weapon of choice to defeat his pursuers. Every new enemy is stronger than the previous, and Neku's pins always look crappy in comparison. Will Neku defeat the vastly superior enemies? Can he ascend the ladder to become the strongest pin user in the world!?

Note: Other than borrowed sprites, character names and pins - there's no real connection between this story and The World Ends With You. You neither need to play the game first, nor will this story spoil the game.

Transition and Restart, book two: The Billion Dollar Empress

Transition and Restart, book two: The Billion Dollar Empress

Original Comedy Drama Romance Sci-fi Multiple Lead Characters School Life Slice of Life Strong Lead

The billion dollar empress is back in town. Without her empire, and most definitely without a billion dollars. After her transition and arrival in a world where she was never born fifty years earlier, Christina Agerman has started to rebuild her life as a high school student in Japan. She has found friends and love, and now it's time to restart the fashion empire she never created. But it comes at a cost. How strong are those ties of friendship and love when she starts out on a road she has to walk alone?

Catch Me If You Can (a PicYourStory entry)

Catch Me If You Can (a PicYourStory entry)

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Male Lead Strong Lead

A survivor of a spacecraft crash desperately tries to survive in a ruined world long enough to escape capture and find a way to return home.

(this is an entry to Scribble's PicYourStory writing event)

The New Agent

The New Agent

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Sci-fi Female Lead Gender Bender Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity

Casebook nine thousand, nine hundred twenty-nine of the Warehouse 13 archive follows the exploits of United States Secret Service agents Myka Bering, Peter Lattimer, and ATF agent Steve Jinks when they were assigned to the government's secret Warehouse 13 facility for supernatural "artifacts," ably assisted by their young techno-wizard Claudia Donovan and their supervisor Dr. Arthur Nielsen.

This particular casebook excerpt from the archives chronicles how, after the death of agent Jinks and the reconstitution of the warehouse, agents Bering and Lattimer recruited Warehouse 13's newest agent, New York Police Lieutenant Devon McMasters.


Note:  The graphics here are collages of publicly-accessible material. No. I.P. infringement is intended.

Gleaners' Guild

Gleaners' Guild

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Virtual Reality Cyberpunk Male Lead Magic

2038, California. Stan is doing his mandatory "volunteer" service years on a collective farm when he encounters Thousand Tales, a game that offers immortality to the super-rich. He can't afford to have his brain uploaded like those elite customers, but maybe he can turn a profit out of the game instead of just playing it. Not as a legendary swordsman or a brilliant wizard, but as a dealer in the junk no one else seems to want. If he plays his cards right, he can draw the attention of both the farm's supervisor and the game's ruling, meddling AI. Should he, though?

LitRPG. Part of the world of "Thousand Tales", a novel series on Amazon, though no knowledge of it is expected. This story is around 12K words long. I'd appreciate feedback to help write a much longer version! Updates every few days. Cover art from, by Lorc, CC-BY.

Land of the Dogs

Land of the Dogs

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Profanity Gore

It all started with a broadcast and a countdown timer. Twelve hours later, electronics stopped working. A few days later, the dead started walking.

At least, that’s what everyone tells Simon Finch. The last thing he remembers is diving into the lake on a warm summer morning before heading off to college. When he surfaces, his family is gone, the skies are dark and the only clue he has is a plume of billowing smoke on the horizon.

Simon is forced to put his own future on hold for a future he doesn’t understand. Now, he’s on a mission to find his family and find answers in a world where survival is the only thing that matters. Small settlements have risen in humanity’s downfall and Simon must navigate from camp to camp, following the trail his family left behind. He knows to fear the dead, but in a world so dangerous, can he trust the living

go to for updates on the official release and bonus chapters from Land of the Dogs.

Transition and Restart, book three: Wingman Blues

Transition and Restart, book three: Wingman Blues

Original Comedy Drama Romance Sci-fi Multiple Lead Characters School Life Slice of Life Strong Lead

Every great hero needs a wingman. A loyal friend, someone to have your back and a voice of reason. Matsumoto Yukio is one such loyal friend, and so is Takeida Kyoko. They stay in the shadows of a hero and heroine each. They watch the great game of love unfold in front of their eyes and help their best friends to overcome every obstacle. Until Yukio and Kyoko fall in love with each other. Hero and heroine to each other, and old loyalties are pushed to the breaking point. PG13

Wyrm's Den

Wyrm's Den

Original Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Short Story Virtual Reality Cyberpunk Male Lead Magic Strategy

Quest Objective: Enter the Sorrowborn Caverns and find the terrible Wyrm of Azern, a feral draconic creature that was summoned by a band of crazed cultists.

Difficulty: Insanity

With the hardest quest in the game, Dragon Kings of the New World, only available to complete one night of the year, Sivlander and his friends get ready for one hell of a rough night.... 

Release Schedule


Chapter Two — 21st August 2017

Chapter Three — 28th August 2017

Chapter Four — 4th September 2017

Chapter Five — 11th September 2017

Chapter Six — 18th September 

Chapter Seven — 25th September 


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The Mad Scientist's Wife

The Mad Scientist's Wife

Original Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation

A man, betrayed by his girlfriend, vows to create his own perfect wife who will never betray him. But, in one of his experiments, he dies.

Now, he is reborn in another world. A world of swords and magic. Will he create his perfect wife in this life? Or will he find true love?


This is my first novel and i will appreciate any input you can give to improve the story.

Love has no Limits

Love has no Limits

Original LitRPG Romance Short Story Male Lead

This is a one-shot fiction that is about the love.

It has in total 2000 words and this time I won't write a synopsis, just because some people told me that is bad.(This can be changed if I see it doesn't work)

Genre: Romance, fantasy, Litrpg, male-lead.

The Exile

The Exile

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Summoned Hero Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark

Kayden Yamada was once a great student at Royal Cross, a base of exorcists who specialize in combating the evil across the world. He was made for great things until a change in paths marked him a traitor and the Royal Cross was forced to banish him.

Now, a giant evil is making its way around the world and their only hope is another gifted student by the name of Amy Downs and her medic partner, Kearney Nielsen who are tasked with locating the exile.

Things await them in the outside world and with two threats on the table. The duo have a lot on their plate.