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IMProvised combat

IMProvised combat

Original Action Fantasy
When a magical plague struck Aitken's village, he was forced to find the cure - a cure that could be easily acquired by the local church… Except they refused him.

Armed with nothing but a rusty sword and a glaring lack of training, Aitken decides to go get the cure on his own - that's when he discovers the truth about the plague. The plague is a prototype fabrication from the church itself. Unfortunately, he isn't the only one discovering something and quickly winds up in an outmatched fight. On his dying breath, Aitken swears to bring down the church - even if it costs him his soul… When he opens his eyes, he is in a place known only as Damnation, with a wise old imp in front of him. “I am your grandfather.” the imp tells him.

Will Aitken stop the church before it unleashes their plague on the world, saving only the “true believers of light”? or will Aitken be stuck in damnation forever? And how exactly does a demon go about fighting a church, in the name of justice?

[18+]: Blood, gore, some swear words. (Anyway… is “damnation” qualified as one? whoops, mighta messed up there).

[Warning: Inter- & Personal Challenge]: Heavy time constraints, Little editing. National Novel Writing Month. Updates daily for the rest of November. Will be finished before December. Can be considered a draft.

[Participating in the NaNoWriMo]
The Great legend of Fafnir: The Beginning

The Great legend of Fafnir: The Beginning

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Tragedy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts

Long ago, a kingdom reigned supreme, ruling over a country that was to make its mark in history.

One night, the royal family had arranged for a celebration that will forever be known to the rest of the world.

And be known throughout it did, for blood was spilt, and the lineage was stained red.

One man took it upon himself to change this destiny, forcing the kingdom to crumble under his might.

he carried with him the idol of Arakthur, the first dragon of existence, waltzing through the land as he tears the nation to ruin. 

In his wake, he stumbled upon a boy whom fate favored, and so did he.

"I will give you a life you were never meant to have. Abandon your past. You will have no choice but to live as I dictate you to."

And in the end, you will realize, your true purpose.

Undeath Beyond Death

Undeath Beyond Death

Original Fantasy Supernatural Female Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Secret Identity Magic

"Do you understand what this means, trangressor? No, should I say..."

The mage family of Velkins passed magic-bearing treasures down their house for generations. Among that trove was a black crystal ball filled with immense, but unusable magic remniscent of that of the living dead. It held power over the dead, and no one knew when or where it first appeared. The ball remained incouspicious in the vault until it was stolen one day. 

One cloudless night, a young boy with a cold heart and an ambition fit for a king stood in a graveyard. In his hands was a black crystal ball. Before him was a desecrated grave. And standing next him was a skeleton that towered over him, its eyes glowing red with undead treachery.

However, the same crystal ball that granted the skeleton power to move bound it to its master's will. But for how long?

Lich. The Depressed Necromancer

Lich. The Depressed Necromancer

Original Adventure Fantasy Gender Bender Tragedy

My life has always been one of misfortune. Nothing I do ever turns out right, and everything seems to go wrong. Especially the things that matter. When I'm not tripping on a venomous snake I'm being held up at knife point. I thought death would free me, but my curse of bad luck has followed me into my demise as well. Now, I have to try and deal with misfortune, except no longer with my original body. You can see why my outlook on life isn't the cheeriest? Cover made by a band of traveling hippies, (AKA Zeny) and if not for this computer screen blocking me from reaching him...please turn to How To: Become an evil overlord or whatever, and replace the gore, with thank-yous. Basically that.

The Dark King's Older Brother

The Dark King's Older Brother

Original Comedy Fantasy Psychological Magic Male Lead Reincarnation School Life Supernatural

Takamachi Kariya is not the most popular student in Higashikami High. A violent punk with rumored gang ties, one gaze from his foul eyes is enough to make the girls cry. However, one day, he has a new item a level above the rest added to his poor resume: brother to the Demon Lord.

Kariya is suddenly reunited with Kureha, his sister he hasn't seen in five years and learns that she has inherited the awe-inspiring power of the king of demons. But power divides. Not long after, an up-and-coming demon hunter shows up in town in Kureha's pursuit.
What follows is a deadly, twisted game of tag, where nothing—nothing—is as it seems.

Assassin Type: The Rifle Girl- Rica Reyes

Assassin Type: The Rifle Girl- Rica Reyes

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Romance Female Lead Martial Arts School Life

For Anime lovers of -School life- Romance- Action series. Eleven year old Rica Reyes is the new transfer student at St. George Middle School. Pretty and quickly popular, her classmates never suspect that she is really the precious student of the notorious contract killer, The Villain Reyna Rai. Rica's mission is to protect a handsome classmate named Caleb from a criminal crew that will kill for what's in his possession. Tsundere, Assassin, Original Light Novel, Light Novel, Romance, Middle School Life.

Ray-004  (Completed)

Ray-004 (Completed)

Original Psychological Sci-fi Tragedy Short Story Cyberpunk Slice of Life Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

  A Clone, remembered the Memories of His Future Self.
   Remembering, saving, the  her that the Future Him adored.
 He went into the Planet Filled With Wanderers and Hunters.
  Searching for meaning, in a Universe filled with Bounties and Aliens.
This a Story of A Melancholic Clone...

Staying Human

Staying Human

Original Action Adventure Drama Romance Sci-fi Reader interactive

It's the year 2047, and a virus is turning anyone it infects into rabid animals. The human race is on the brink of extinction. This is Eve's story, a woman struggling to hold onto her humanity while the virus wreaks havoc on her body. Living in a human tribe that needs her only a little more than they fear her, Eve's only friend is the spear she hunts with. When she meets a wolf-hybrid named Bastian in the wild, the mysterious young man takes it upon himself to show Eve that she still has a reason to live, even if it isn't as a human.

Electric Life

Electric Life

Original Drama Sci-fi Short Story Virtual Reality Slice of Life Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters

Ailey’s final moments drew near. Her father came to pick her up from the hospital so she could spend her last hours with her parents. During her last moments as she sat on her deathbed, she looked at her father and uttered her final words.

“If only I could see the world you created...”

After taking the medicine that would sentence her to her final rest, she closed her eyes one last time.

Or so she thought...

Her eyes fluttered open to a pristine white chamber in confusion. Her father gazed at her from a screen on the wall across from her bed. A sigh of relief escaped from his lips.

Vesryn Pulse [Completed]

Vesryn Pulse [Completed]

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Magic Strategy Grimdark

Long ago, the humans triumphed over the dragons, sealing them into a human mortal body now known as dragonoids. The dragonoids became enslaved by the humans, and uses them as military weapons by the power of the Vesryn Pulse. Arcadia, a guerilla group led by Estoff Wraith, act as freedom fighters, offers the only resistance to the mankind’s cruel abuse of their power.

A set of dire events occurred, bonding two individual’s fates altogether.

Amphere Harrison entered the Dragon Knight Academy with his dragonoid partner, Airelina Frembell, who is also a key member of the Arcadia. Now an unwilling participant in the struggle against the abusive government, Amphere must learn to control his dragonoid’s power and win the Dragon Knights Tournament to gain the princess’s favor. This will be their first step to give dragonoids the freedom they deserve once and for all.

Vesryn Pulse follows the action filled story of a young man who is dragged into a brutal war, possessing the unbelievable skills to help him uncover the secrets of the government, Arcadia, and the Vesryn Pulse. However, he will soon learn that the truth comes at a far greater price that he could ever imagine.




Original Drama Romance Short Story Contemporary Slice of Life School Life Male Lead

From Japan to Sweden, from Tokyo to Gothenburg. One month in an alien world. Four weeks to fall in love. A Transition and Restart sideshow. Set in the Transition and Restart storyverse during the 2016 summer.

Day in the life of a _______ (COMPLETED)

Day in the life of a _______ (COMPLETED)

Original Comedy Fantasy Short Story Summoned Hero Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore

this is a collection of short stories out of my boredom and all are one-shots with some having maybe spinoffs like Op guy then Not so Op guy (yes that will be there)




(Cover made by Palt)

A Glass Window

A Glass Window

Original Comedy Tragedy Contemporary Slice of Life Non-Human lead

This is the story of a glass window that gets installed on the façade of a train station.

It's nothing serious, after all it spends most of the time just windowing there as people pass by and live their lives.

Host Me!

Host Me!

Original Romance Contemporary Slice of Life Male Lead

This is the story of Yuuto, who upon turning 18 was unceremoniously thrust out into the world head first. He encounters misfortune and somehow ends up working as a host in Shinjuku to pay off his massive debt.

Ricochet Island

Ricochet Island

Original Action Comedy LitRPG Short Story Male Lead Strategy Profanity

Hugo wakes up on an unfamiliar island, with no memories of how he got there. He’s given only one piece of information: “This is an elimination game”. Then, he’s shot.

He wakes up on the same island again, as if nothing happened. In fact, no matter how many times he’s shot down, he always finds himself back at the starting point. He’s forced to retry the game over and over, without end.

To get out of this hell, he must shoot down all other players and be the last man standing. Easier said than done. For how long will he have to endure this imprisonment? Will he be able to retain his sanity throughout the ordeal?

A Summoner's Confession

A Summoner's Confession

Original Fantasy Psychological Short Story Supernatural Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic Sexual Content Traumatising content


"Not the master of conjuration. Not the finest summoner to walk the halls of this old Academy of Magic. Just Sora.

"You know of me, if you know much of anything. But there's more to me than the official story in the textbooks. All of that is just the grand details. That's not the story.

"I've made mistakes. I've held secrets. I've done impossible things. Good things. Terrible things.

"I'll not die before I've said my piece. With aching bones and a heavy heart, I fear that now the time is right for my confession."

Published on Amazon here. This story is about 13k words.

This is the first story I've published. Since I've had success on RRL with Sorcery in Boston, I've decided to cancel my exclusivity deal with Amazon, and publish it here, as well. It's a short story, and much harsher than Sorcery in Boston. Please be advised that this story is not suitable for children at all.



Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Virtual Reality Female Lead Profanity

Shae is broken. Deeply hurt by life, unable to fit in and without the perspective to understand what the people around her mean by their actions. Her only link to the world around her, a pet cat, dies, and her world is turned upside down. 

When an opportunity presents itself, she grabs onto it, unaware of the part she is made to play in plots that may well determine the fate of mankind.

*** 25-Feb-2018 

For all intents and purposes, this book is now finished. At least the second pass.

Book came back from the editor with a ton of work to do. Some of it is what's been said in comments here already. I'm 5 chapters into editing now, and it's going pretty well. Join me on twitter to get updates on my progress, @mroysson


Cover background Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

Cover design by Al Pearce (

One Hamster Army

One Hamster Army

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead

Greetings… Perhaps you have heard me of me, perhaps you haven’t.

I may look like a mere hamster, but looks often betray reality.

The human race have oppressed hamsters for far too long and it is my duty to save our kind from their clutches.

As the reincarnation of the Demon Lord, it is impossible that I will fail!

Mental World Online

Mental World Online

Original Fantasy LitRPG Psychological Sci-fi Cyberpunk Multiple Lead Characters Virtual Reality

Brain Chips, our future, your computer in your mind. An ARWORPG game and a mystery. Someone's changing the game, their motives are mysterious and their actions unfathomable. Story stars a lovable cast: a doubting young cow farmer, a shameful coder, a girl who wants to be a famous painter, a Troll Hero-King grieving for his kingdom, and a magical girl. Join them on a journey embroiled in mysteries, into their hearts and minds in a mental world, online. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Entering World Online...



Virtual Death + Oneshot

Virtual Death + Oneshot

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Short Story Profanity Gore

Virtual Death is about a hero waking up after a shipwreck and found that he and his party had arrived at the land where the demon king's main fortress resides in. They attacked the castle and successfully charged through to the last stage...however, something was wrong....


Boo! is about a ghost who didn't know he was a ghost until he found out through the interactions of his two best friends.

  1. Virtual Death (mini-story)
  2. Boo! (oneshot)