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Harems are only for wimpy guys?

Harems are only for wimpy guys?

Original Comedy Romance Harem Slice of Life Male Lead Profanity Sexual Content

When an ill tempered and bossy girl forces you to like otaku culture and unintentially starts a harem for you, guess the only thing for you to do is to go along with it. 


note: Ch. 1 is a trial run. Revisions coming and ch. 2 is currently being worked on. 

Dragon storm: Beginning.

Dragon storm: Beginning.

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Slice of Life Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Many years into the future, science has been tasked with finding an alternate mehtod of transportation. Fossil fuels have dried up, much faster than the world had planned. Anarchy had begun to reign across the planet. However, one team of scientists, fueled by fantasy and imagination, came up with a plan. From that plan came an idea and from that idea, the first dragon was born.

A couple centuries beyond the first birth, the dragon wars had destroyed most bastions of civilization. Technology was all but gone from the world. All that was left was to live your life as best as you can. It is here that we join our main character, James, on his road through life. It all begins on his birthday, the day he is considered an adult by empirical standards. At the age of 16, he gets his own salvage liscence and begins to make his own way in life.

Little does he know, the first time he goes out to the claim his grandfather gifted him for his birthday, he would find something that would change the world. Join James as he goes forward on adventures, fights an evil that surrounds him and perhaps even finds love along the way. Perhaps he will even find the answers to questions he has been asking all his life.



I hope you guys enjoy this story and any feedback is always really really appreciated. This is my second try to finish this story and it has been swimming in my head since I was only thirteen years old. I hope it writes as well as it has always been in my head. Note, I do not own the rights to the cover picture. It was find via a random search on pinterest for dragon pictures.

Slivers of Mastery

Slivers of Mastery

Original Fantasy Romance Short Story Harem Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore

A Banker. A Succubus. Teacher. Lover. Friend.
Follow the adventures of Tony as he befriends a demon, learns wisdom in the face of adversity and becomes a beacon of hope in a changed and terrifying world.



Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Virtual Reality Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic Profanity

Otus buys the first VRMMO 'World'. Find out what happens on his adventure.



This is my first story please give me tips on how to improve my grammar.

I wanna be a gamer!

I wanna be a gamer!

Original LitRPG Tragedy Non Fiction Sports Harem Male Lead Strategy

E-sports or electronic sports became the most popular sport in recent years, many games started to emerge and the most populaone? LoH(Legend of Heroes) it was firts release in 2014 and by 2016, 99.9% of the pro gamers all around the world form teams to play LoH.

Of course all of this was unrelated to me,Alex summer. I am a university student, 20 years all, nothing more to say i think. i have a very normal life or boring life whatever you wanna call it but one day my whole world change with just one frase:

-"Hey alex lets play LoH!"

Very simple right? but the biggest things sometimes start like this

this is a story about a dream, my dream


The Justicars

The Justicars

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Summoned Hero Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Magic Profanity Gore

In a world where villainous dictators reign, crime is at an all-time high, and the unjust is common place, five otherwordly heroes arrive to right wrongs and serve justice! The power lies on their side, however, as their superhuman abilities allow them to dish out punishment to all evil-doers, all the while looking remarkably dashing doing so!

Yet with great power, comes great responsibility, and as these ambitious youths will come to find, to have the fate of the world resting in your hands is not as easy as the caped men and women of fiction will have you believe! 

But they shall never falter, for in a world of evil, the Justicars will let it be known that justice always prevails.

The Prophecy

The Prophecy

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Strategy


Time passes just like a breeze.

A once beloved king, turned tyrant.

A once noble character turned villainous.


Millennia has passed since the seal of the Dragons,

In the shadow, a plan is brewing to once again free the Dragons of old.


Yet at the silver of hope, a prophecy was once again rekindled by the people, a prophecy who would protect them for days to come.


Path of the Fused-Phantom

Path of the Fused-Phantom

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Xianxia Gore

So, a young man finds himself saving the being that brings death, hurray. Anyway, in order to apologize, the being opens him a path to go to a world like in the wuxia-novels the young man loved to read, only with the culture going haywire.

Lucky for him, when it had to be chosen what race he will wake up as, he gained the eternaly forbidden race Fused-Phantom and all it's powers. Now, what path will the young man take, in a world filled with cultivators and immortals? No one knows, not even the author, so let him write history himself!


So, this novel is a typical op MC story in a xinxia setting, just, he has no mission, yet at least, and just wants to enjoy his life. This story is just me using up some ideas I had while messing around. Of course, there will be a story, not just mambo jumbo. With that said, the storys who insired me to write this are listed below:

I was a sword when I reincarnated

Death March

And here on royal road, great novel by the way: The daily life of a divine soul

As said, they inspired me, I am not trying to steal but create my own one. Should their still be similarities, then i say sorry for my lack of creativity.

This story has no fixed updates as i write when i feel like it. With that said, I hope you enjoy.

Dungeon Planet

Dungeon Planet

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead

Cliche start of an alien race using humans as entertainment, but hopefully I can branch off into a more original role

 *星* Star Emperor

*星* Star Emperor

Original Adventure Romance Sci-fi School Life Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content

War rages because of a lie. Will you be able to do it. Will you be able to put an end to all that senseless bloodshed. It is your duty as my son.

Carry it. Carry the weight of the galaxy on your Shoulders. Do not stumble do not fall. Yhere is no room for self-pity nor tears. 

if you are feeling down. Smile. Smiling has always been easier then explaining why you are feeling sad.

Go forth my son. the Universe beckonds you. 


Aeroth: The Arrival of the Beasts

Aeroth: The Arrival of the Beasts

Original Fantasy Mystery Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic

A young man makes his way to his first Wizarding Trials where he will face the expectations placed upon him by his bloodline. However, unbeknownst to him, darkness is brewing to north of Aeroth, and he takes it upon himself to investigate the oncoming forces.

Tristan the Black Mage

Tristan the Black Mage

Original Fantasy LitRPG Psychological Reincarnation School Life Male Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content

A young high school boy who is unhappy with his existence becomes a great black mage in a fantasy world of magic and swords.

Join him on his rebirth and on his journey to becoming the greatest black mage of all time. 




New chapters will come out three times a week.


Devil Princess Reincarnation

Devil Princess Reincarnation

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Gore Traumatising content

Olivia Pine Fredirin was one of the five children of the Pine Family, a house of Dukes in the Fredirin Kingdom. She was a naive, sweet, and timid girl, unsuited to the hard world of royal politics. However, the personality of Olivia, was a fake, a manufactured persona to temporarily maintan the her body, until her body grew strong enough to house her true soul.

Seven years, and finally, she has awakened.

Reincarnated as a Pillbug monster

Reincarnated as a Pillbug monster

Original Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Non-Human lead Profanity

"How did I get here ?" "Why is this happening to me ?"
Those were just a few questions he asked himself at that moment.
But then he soon realized there is no point in asking such questions...
After all, what's done is done. Now he will need to live his new life as a Monster,
after having the misfortune of reincarnating into one...

Chronicles of Magnus Stone

Chronicles of Magnus Stone

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Chronicles of Magnus Stone

My name is Magnus Stone. I’m going to tell you about the end of the world. It wasn’t a nuclear apocalypse, a zombie outbreak, or even global warming that ended the world. It was something only the geeks and nerds of the world ever dreamed of. The world became a game.

Author's Note:

This is a story idea I had while writing some chapters for my other story "Tales of a Dwarf-Lord". It wouldn't leave me alone, so I just started writing it. Hopefully it is interesting. It is largely inspired by "The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound" by puddles4623. Which I am currently reading. If you haven't read it, do so now.

Transmigration Retiree

Transmigration Retiree

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Harem Magic Xianxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore

"What's that you say? I can never leave this reality ever? Good!" 


Ed, was a normal man in a world full of superheroes, so he didn't really have too many complaints when that first truck fell on him. After all he'd read enough comics to know that sometimes things just happen. Besides he'd been old when it happened and his life though lonely had more or less been fully lived. 

The second time around when that one guy pushed him a cliff for the chalice of ambrosia wasn't so cool though and then there was the third time when he was getting used to life as a lady and that crazy goddess showed up out of nowhere and started ranting about purging the demon menace....then some other stuff happened and he briefly got to go back to earth before falling into a coma where he adventured in the world of dreams. 

Then the aliens came and the dream ended and he was suddenly stuck being the AI Overmind for the whole damn star systm. Then the aliens died and because he was all mechanical and what-not he just kind of had to keep on going. 

Forced to continue collecting the materials and data from countless worlds that were destoryed in the process.  

Then there was that whole war with the gods business that followed...mostly because of Ll that world destroying he did.

Anyway, thankfully someone pulled a "rocks fall" on that whole curfuffle, because by the time he was in control of himself again, things had long gotten out of hand. 

Now the powers-that-be tell him that he must spend the rest of his existence in single lonely section of the cosmos. Trapped in a single portion of a single universe. And now he weeps...No worries though, these are tears of joy. 


Hopefully this final unending existence he's been given will be the quiet life he's been looking for. 


A Man who's seen everything gets abducted by aliens and is converted into an AI that sits at the helm of a fleet of alien ships and behind the computer systems for most their planets. This Alien AI goes to war with the gods and ends up nearly destroying an entire reality. The Angels condemn the troublemaking AI to life as normal child on a far off world....All truth said, the "AI" couldn't be happier. His life's been far too interesting(read: Scary, Inconvenient and Painful) in his opinion and he could do with a bit of normalcy. 

The Hero Beside You

The Hero Beside You

Original Adventure Comedy Tragedy Male Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Ryder was chosen by the goddess, Selene to be a hero to save the world to which Ryder graciously replied with a simple "F**k no!". With little to no choice, the goddess went with her second choice, Regis, Ryder's best friend. Now Ryder has to follow Regis on an epic journey to make sure his goodwill friend doesn't get himself f**king killed.


"Sometimes the real heroes in life are the ones who walk beside us"-Some high guy at the park

First story so you WILL see an almost literal shit ton of grammar errors. 

The Child of Night

The Child of Night

Original Horror LitRPG Psychological Virtual Reality Strong Lead Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Gore

People play MMORPGs for a variety of reasons. Some, play to escape their dull lives, most MMORPG protagonists play to support their loved ones by fighting inhuman odds to become popular and rich with their hardwork in a virtual universe as opposed to a real one. A lot of times, there is luck involved, specifically when getting items better than almost anyone else and getting so powerful that one is unbeatable. Quite touching really. But this story is different.

This is a story of someone who is happy with their real life. He does not want an escape into a better world, he is not socially awkward and is not bullied incessantly. His survival does not depend on farming monsters to earn money in real life. Xero played just for fun, at least in the beginning.

Independent of the reason why someone would choose to play an MMO, the fact that they have made a choice to do so matters. When having no real need to log in, why continue to play ? 

The need for entertainment can only take one so far, what lies beyond is the realistion of hidden desires. Of doing actions that impact a lot of other people without suffering any real consequences. There is a sense of power in this fact and once that takes hold it never lets go.

THAT is the reason we make this choice, that is the reason we play the game. Everyone else wanted to be someone powerful like a 'Champion of Light' or the 'Harbinger of Doom'. But what happened to Xero did him turn into something that inspired terror or hatred but he did not choose it for those reasons. Sometimes, compassion can lead to a disaster and unbridled slaughter is the only way out.

But, what does one do when confronted with someone who is powerful yet indifferent of its effects ?

What does one do when faced with a Child of the Night ?

For starters, never provoke them...


六つの親和力(Muttsu no Shinwaryoku)

六つの親和力(Muttsu no Shinwaryoku)

Original Action Comedy Romance Harem School Life Supernatural Male Lead Magic Sexual Content

Alternate title: The 6 Affinities

In the year 2040,  a massive earthquake lead to the discovery of an unknown structure in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. With humanity’s decision to explore the structure a crystal was uncovered later to be named the Akashic Records. This lead to the discovery of magic and humanity’s past with it. Countries later set-up academies to teach students with magical affinity.


20 years later, Akisada Hiroshi a newly enrolled student into one of such magical academies aims to be the strongest mage in the world, gifted with the rare trait of having affinities to all fields of magic.


Authors: Gerrage, Koyuki

Illustrator: Gerrage

Koyuki's website:



Original Drama Fantasy Psychological Mystery School Life Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters

New Future Academy, refurbished and reopened! Students from all across the country are being sent invitations. The smartest and brightest students are being offered an opportunity to work together towards a better future! A New Future! Definitely nothing will go wrong and there is definitely nothing suspicious about it! 




...ignore those tags...


Inspired by Danganronpa and mystery stories in general.