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The Revolting Rose

The Revolting Rose

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Anti-Hero Lead Satire

A tale woven from the finest fibres of Nonsense about an aspiring overlord set loose in a ludicrous land and the poor sod who finds himself tangled up in a senseless scheme to conquer the country.

Pagne never wanted to be part of a plot to overthrow the reigning Lord, but it was that or have his skin sewn into a pair of trousers. Besides, it's not like Saloonka has any idea what he's doing and doesn't even know what country he's in, so surely there is no chance of success.

Alas, Pagne did not account for the numbers of disloyal citizens who want to be conquered, nor did he expect that he would become one of them.

The War of our Stars (Star Wars Fan fiction)

The War of our Stars (Star Wars Fan fiction)

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Comedy Romance Reincarnation Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Fan Fiction



Star Wars Fanfiction. 

You'll understand the title, not in the first chapter, but as Frederick goes to outer space.


Before the Rule of Two, there were multitudes of Sith and Jedi. 

Numbering thousands of both Sith and Jedi, a great war between the Empire and Republic has existed since time immemorial.

From our World, a young boy named Frederick is born into the Galaxy of Star Wars, born into an Imperial Family, he lives up to the expectations of becoming a powerful Sith. 

But all he wants to do is to survive....

But by surviving, he does more so than simply surviving.


Many have made star wars fanfictions, and this one will probably...... 

(I have read, watched and played Star Wars, so here you go)



Our Peaceful Lives as an Isekai Pet Owner

Our Peaceful Lives as an Isekai Pet Owner

Original Fantasy LitRPG Romance Slice of Life School Life Male Lead Magic


I... Hiro... is currently facing a terrible situation...

What should I do in this Kind of situation I wonder? Let me Gxogle it for a sec...

"What should I do if an Isekai monster suddenly appeared on your bathtub?"


"Right~? Of course the result would be nonsensical~ right? Wait NO!? anyone tell me just what is going on?!"

Alternate Synopsis

The war to decide the next god of the world begins now!

100 divine and demonic beings sent to another world as monsters (S-Class), each one is paired with a master, and the last pair standing will be given the right to rule the world of Aruilte!

This is The Holy War of Aruilte!!!

And So! We will follow our protagonist Yuuki Hiro, and his partner 'The Azure' Slime Mana! As they-

Eh? What?

They... they... got left out of The War?

I died, so I'm trying again with all my stat points put into my Artistry stat!

I died, so I'm trying again with all my stat points put into my Artistry stat!

Original Comedy Drama Fantasy Contemporary Reincarnation Sports Harem School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Strategy Xianxia Profanity Sexual Content

I lived to the age of 25 and died from a heart attack while I was playing an online competitive shooter game. I met God, Buddha, and the FSM, and they let me retry my life with my stat points distributed how I like! I put them all into Artistry!

Goodbye, General

Goodbye, General

Original Drama Short Story Male Lead Profanity

A story of a unnamed soldier that was demoted to the northern frontier.

Abandoned by his family.

Betrayed by his lover.

Left alone for dead by his friends.

In his moment of weakness, he meets a general.


-There will be multiple chapters.

Just a dare...

Just a dare...

Original Horror Tragedy Short Story Male Lead Gore Traumatising content

Inside a tunnel sam is becoming claustraphobic. Suddenly he hears laughter from behind... The story starts with him begging God not to let him die as he runs for the other side... will he make it or will this mysterious creature catch him? (also... um.. if anyone is reading my stuff... can you please comment?)



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Male Lead Magic

*This work is a placeholder for when I finish my current book. I wanted to save a bit of my idea here (first 4 chapters) to get an idea of what you think about its potential.*

On a unique world saturated by a powerful energy, a boy stumbles upon a pawn thrown away in a game played on a galactic scale. Will he take hold of this opportunity forced upon him or will he fade into the background of history?

Larkin grew up in a large border town with his family. This town borders the grasslands ruled by orcs. Unlike the dwarves or gnomes, the orcs are a race of warriors who can only prove themselves through war. Border skirmishes are common and the threat of an orc invasion is always looming. One day, Larkin stumbles upon a man from the skies and is given a power usually only wielded by the rulers of the galaxy.

Cultivating Queen of the 13th Realm

Cultivating Queen of the 13th Realm

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Martial Arts Gender Bender Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Secret Identity Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Xianxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

As the assassin lord of the 23rd century fell into his death, his guardian had used his influence in the 18 Rings of Hell to sway the Yama's judgement on his charge. 

This Assassin lord had used his skills and power to punish wrongdoers, and expose the truth of criminals and politicians. However his path of protection and truthfulness lead him to an early grave, killed by his enemies and his family he walked to meet his judge, Yama.


After his verdict was decided Yama sent him to the wheel. This human would be reborn into the Asura realms human world this world would be judged by a different deity so any baring he had on Earth would be irrelevant and the laws of existense would be different then Earth.





I am pretty much new to writing and after much consideration I decided to attempt a story here. 

It is more of a Wuxian than a Xianxia but who really gives a fuk! 

I might randomly stop at times due to midterms or finals so wish me luck!

As one final note this is nothing like what Buddism is nor will I try to make it into a real Chinese novel, I am simply intrested in making a wuxia! 

Your World and Mine

Your World and Mine

Original Action Drama Romance Slice of Life Non-Human lead

After killing the planet and everything inside it, the Demon King Carthe, now the only inhabitant of a dead world, ends his own miserable life. However, destiny gives him an alternative ending as he is sent to the next world as a spirit. In attachment to a human named Annabelle, Carthe wonders what kind of world she could make if she was given the power of drastically changing everything.

Immortel Evolver Dungeon

Immortel Evolver Dungeon

Fan Fiction Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Gore Fan Fiction

what happens when a man who is always bored, suddenly wakes up in a black void and has a message in front of him that says: Please choose a creature


(ps: i do this for fun ,englisch is not my area of expertise and no mather how hard you rage i will not lisen to proposals abaut the story.)

Silent Cultivation

Silent Cultivation

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Magic Xianxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

This is a xianxia novel.

It follows a young Silent Black, on his quest to gain revenge and power

Join young Silent and his new friends on his quest to become powerful and fulfill his mysterious mission and gain a mysterious new strength, one not found on earth.

The Insane Royal Family

The Insane Royal Family

Original Adventure Fantasy Romance Male Lead Secret Identity Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Each Royal Family Member Is A Great Person But Each Of Them Have Their Secrets As Well. 

And 34 Year Old The Vice Commander Of The Royal Army Charlian Is The First One To Discover These Secrets.

bad luck world

bad luck world

Original Action Fantasy Romance Mystery Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Lan, transported to a new world without knowing anything more than his name and his abilities.

The Princess, the Witch and the young Dracolich

The Princess, the Witch and the young Dracolich

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Female Lead Magic

After an incident involving a Necromancer and his legions of dead invading a small settlement, the castles ruler a young princess ally’s a witch and a newly created dracolich to adventure to find the invading forces and defeat them, along the way the setting begins to change, the dead arisen and the lands twisted, what was a journey to redeem their people becomes a mission to save the lands and quite possibly the world itself...



Original Action Fantasy LitRPG Summoned Hero Reader interactive Male Lead Strong Lead Magic

A 17-year-old introvert with a passion for gaming finds himself standing before a glowing Goddess. Along with nineteen other students, he is sent to a game-like fantasy world where he must fight to one day achieve the destiny of a legendary Hero.

"Even though he never became a Hero."

F-Feya? When did you get home?!

"You're an idiot despite your 198,833 intelligence stat..."

Don't sigh at me! Besides, I broke through 200,000 yesterday... Ow! Don't hit me!


Author's Note:

I'm writing this on a whim using the inspiration that kept me fully-awake last night. Basically: I don't have a solid plan for this story yet. Regardless of that, I've produced 8888 words to set up the initial world. Later chapters will be shorter. By the way, I dislike fights and similar drama that drag on for thirty chapters so MC is OP. This story is going to be terrible.

Author's Complaints:

I blame my new phone for any grammar mistakes. New keyboard's buttons are hard to hit, man.

Author's Grievances:

My old phone was washed away in the Pacific. Rest in Atlantis, my cure for sexual frustration.

Author's Note (2):

I don't actually have sexual frustration... Haha... I will edit this stupid synopsis later...

RozenS : The Linked Book

RozenS : The Linked Book

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Summoned Hero Martial Arts Slice of Life Magic Strategy

In our life , everyone has their special things. That thing sometimes can help you link yourself to the other people.  A link can't not be seperated except that they wish for it.

This story is about a thing of a brother and his little sister which has connected them for a long time . That thing is very simple and can be found everywhere but it isnt the simple link that other people can see through easily



Harry Potter and the Insert of the Self

Harry Potter and the Insert of the Self

Fan Fiction Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Reincarnation School Life Male Lead Female Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Fan Fiction

As like any who are of the same generation as I am, I am a huge HP fan... Always running from reality to find solace in JK's world... But never in my wildest dreams have I expected to find myself LITERALLY in it... As Harry Potter himself...



Original Adventure Drama Romance Tragedy Male Lead Female Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

     Long ago, The world began to change. the presidencies combined and formed one government. forcing people off the planet before total extinction. which was the Worlds last chance for survival. Plan Z as they called it. All of the popuation got together running tests physical verbal and mental tests to see who would be able to withstand space. only 200 people for each space station. then that was it. The world launched into outer space. many rockets failed but at the same time many rockets were successful leading us to where we are now. we are living in space. on a newly found planet called "xephria" is where our civilization stands. the world was destroyed by an unknown Plague. its been one hundred years and the civilization is now sending teenagers every 50 teenagers is two adults each in a squadrant. there are 5 squadrants being sent down to see if earth will be habitable again. they wil confront many obsticles along the way but what exactly will they find?

Stranded on The Old World

Stranded on The Old World

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content

James Noble, a seemingly Immortal soldier fighting for the re-unification of Terra (Earth) is torn from his cause and droped on another world at the other end of the galaxy for the amusment of some fairly sadistic gods. With nothing but a few tens of thousands of years of experince He must survive on a world completly unlike any he has visted in the distant past.


P.S: this my first attemp writing please point out any mistakes or things you think i should alter or do better.

P.P.S: i do not own the cover all credit goes to the original creator.

P.P.S.S: I'll release chapters whenever they are finished, sooooooo no set release schedual...

The mysterious forest

The mysterious forest

Original Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Male Lead Female Lead Magic Profanity Gore

Mark had lived a normal life. He had never expected to find a mysterious forest at the back of his old house.