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Deaths pact

Deaths pact

Original Action LitRPG Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Magic Strategy Supernatural

Monsters appeared the military swooped in to fight them but they failed because these unknown enemies had magic then <S>  day happened and {the system} appeared causing us to have powers too.
























someone come up with a better synopisis plz

Life is interesting

Life is interesting

Original Action Fantasy Romance Magic Male Lead Slice of Life Supernatural

Lio is a somewhat normal guy and that is exactly what is so special about him. Striving for knowledge he does not even know that a little adventure is waiting for him.


Earth-like world with fewer continents but they are bigger in size. This world is not solely inhabited by humans... there are plants, animals... oh and creatures known from old myths, maybe.  There may be other races besides the humans. You will have to discover these things in the chapters i will write.

Author's note:

Greetings, fantasy-loving readers who stumbled upon my story by accident. My name is Cyan(obviously not my real name ;)) and this is my first attempt to write a story I have been searching for a story like this in the jungle called internet but have not found it yet. I thought I should bring it down to paper myself.

I am not a native speeker, so I would like to apolagize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Maybe you could point out these mistakes so i can correct them and learn from it. I would appreciate that.

This story is going to be a mature one, definately 18+ because i would like to include some mature love and some steamy scenes. I will try to keep childish actions to a minimum. There will not be any detailed, bloody gore scenes.

Broken Reality

Broken Reality

Original Action Adventure LitRPG Harem Magic Male Lead Strong Lead

While undergoing his internship in an IT company, William King's life changed when suddenly, a monster appeared knocking on their doors. Discovering the mysterious game like settings, William, together with everyone else, began their survival in this new world where reality and fantasy mingle together...this broken reality.

A new world crushing us

A new world crushing us

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead Supernatural

This should have been a normal airsoft game vs another team. It all happened with a normal invitation. It should have been an easy game but it just had to appear.


 Hi I'm new to this hole writing stuff, so don't be so harsh on me xD

English is NOT my first language so there will be a lot of errors but i hope its readable.

My releases will take a lot of time and i think more then 1-2 ch. a month is all i can do.

I hope you will enjoy this story of mine.

Son of a Chemist

Son of a Chemist

Original Comedy Tragedy Short Story Female Lead Male Lead

A girl brings a friend some flowers


Plains Girl - Idea

Plains Girl - Idea

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Male Lead

I have a few story ideas that i have, and i will be writing the beginning few chapters for each.

The story that gets the most positive feedback will be expanded - i'll add detail, and more chapters. :)


This is a short story that i want to know if it sounds good or not.

The outline of the story is a nomadic people get kidnapped by a Viking type people, and this is the story of a young womans experience with them.

The Search For A Mad Conqueror!-THE RED MIRROR

The Search For A Mad Conqueror!-THE RED MIRROR

Original Adventure Comedy Magic

A war was fought against a tyrant who started as a slave,turned to a bandit,became a warlord,conquered a kingdom,became an emperor,conquered the land and then the continent and still did not stop....each obstacle he faced was conquered but it seemed as if his hunger for more just couldn't be a war against him once he started to became what could only be described as a monster the whole world divided into two and the battle went on for decades finally a group of individuals as extraordinary as the Mad conqueror and some even worse then him came together giving people hope that for the first time that he could be stoped.

They fought there way through hordes of monsters,helped and saved what they could but undoing what the Mad Conquere has done seemes imposible.People who followed him feared him,some worshiped and some thought he was perfect ruler for the world.

The only way to stop him is killing him...that was the answer of the great celeastial Witch Saira who can see everything be it past present or future.And so the group of the 12 indivisuals went for a final battle to his castel and......he was gone.No where to be found.His generals who didn't showed up for a fight where no where to be found either....He was no longer in this world...boared of this world he seemed to have set his eyes on something new...


immortal tapestry

immortal tapestry

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead

im the year 2045, a bomb was launched that put the atom bomb to shame, tearing a hole in reality and allowing the energy of creation, somthing that was used up during the big bang, to re-appear in our universe. follow the protagonist as he strives to survive and thrive in this new world.


p.s this is my first time puting a story out there, so any mistakes that are pointed out are apreciated, and constructuve critisism is wanted, thank you.

Shadow Man

Shadow Man

Original Fantasy Psychological Short Story Magic

I was writing for my other story, Amethyst Phoenix, when I thought of an interesting character and basic story. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of a compelling way to incorporate it into Amethyst Phoenix, so I had the idea to just post it separately. So... Here it is.

P.S: If anyone is interested in Amethyst Phoenix, the progress has been pretty good. I think I'll be done with book 1 in a few months and then I'll release the chapters here as I go through the (tentatively) final edit.

Path of the Mind

Path of the Mind

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Magic Male Lead

Mages. Those that use the power of their mind and soul to manipulate great and powerful changes in the world.

Yet, what if they never got their start? Looked down upon by all in world that requires power to survive.

What they need is a hero one who would launch magic into a never seen before realm. What they need is one to pave the way so that others may follow. They need their own path.

Hello readers! This is my first story so please be construtive. Infrequent releases, so be prepared for cliffs! Also I may add tags later or remove them depending on how the story goes.

My Everyday Life With A

My Everyday Life With A "Harem"

Original Comedy Harem Male Lead School Life Slice of Life

After 17 Year old Hozumi Azuma exposes the Student Council President in front of the whole school from catching her in the act, he's forced to be in a club that has 5 girls in it. But, none of the girls have a romantic interest in him!

And so begins the "harem" comedy of Azuma and his "harem" of girls.

The Blind Musician

The Blind Musician

Original Fantasy Reincarnation

This story is about a person who died and was reincarnated as a blind and emotionless albino who has a talent for music. Did I mention that his brother is a mute bro-con? No? Well either way, prepare to go on a journey full of strange magic, strange people with questionable morals, and a silent brother who will probably be an important character!

Prepare to be disappointed! 

A note from Mr. Bubbles: I’m not sure if I will be putting in any romance in the story, but if I do be warned! It will be the trashiest and most poorly written romance in the history of all romance! *sees a generic harem romance story*…It will be one of the trashiest and most poorly written romance in the history of all romance! Also, there will probably be some gay stuff so if you aren’t into that you best watch out.

Chaos World Chronicles : Dissolution of Cascany

Chaos World Chronicles : Dissolution of Cascany

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Strategy

Welcome to the world of Ascary, a world of rich lore and history. A world where different races thrive and conflict. Split by five different continents: Azcaros, the continent of beginnings, Lecarne, a continent primarily ruled by the elves and their allies, Seneca, the home of humanity and the center of the Senecan alliance, Rhoygar, the central continent with a purpose to divide Seneca and Lecarne from conflict. and finally the continent of Carrion, an uncharted land, with elements yet unknown to all.

Our story sets 1028 years after the dawn of the new age, Set on a steampunk, renaissance italian-based country called the Republic of Cascany, which is a nation found at the southern borders on the Continent of Seneca. The country is divided into 8 provinces: Casca, Colvarre, Acretelium, Floristane, Sarlicia, Mondici, Lohraine and Aggripus It is ruled by a Sovereign alongside 7 other Governatori Provinciali, governors who are tasked to rule given provinces.soon a massive civil war will erupt and shall tear the heart of the republic.

Join the noble house of Rottura as they defend their heritage of Sarlicia and take action in the civil war erupting on the republic of Cascany.


Hey guys, new author here. this is my first story here in RoyalRoadLegnds, I hope you will enjoy it. My work is inspired by stories such as warhammer, LoTR, a Song of Ice and fire, etc. I also hope to create rich lore in my chaos world chronicles. As a fledgeling author I hope to gain experience for you, the readers and I wish you to support me in this series

The Reincarnation ~ The Hero Of The Damned

The Reincarnation ~ The Hero Of The Damned

Original Action Fantasy LitRPG Anti-Hero Lead Harem Magic Male Lead Reincarnation

Adonis Grace , a(n) orphan who lost his parents at a very young age , had a curiosity and thirst for knowledge which surpassed most people on Earth.When he was abandoned by his parents he became homeless and had to face challenges that most children could not survive at such a young age ,however, Adonis was able to survive these challenges for 20 years (Was abandoned at the age of 5).These challenges varied from beatings from thugs,disease,and mother nature itself.Through these circumstances his trust towards others was nearly non-existent.


This didn't deter him though from his overwhelming thirst for knowledge.He would look for and do anything in the pursuit of knowledge.He would read newspapers,old magazines,and thrown out books but when he couldn't find the answers he was looking for he would find out himself , in other words experimenting on himself and other objects he would find to saturate his curiosity.


After 20 years , he had become an unparalleled genius but he never voiced out his ideas or opinions because his trust towards others had worsened over the years with the exception of people who he held dear (People who showered him in kindness).One day while trying to saturate his thirst for knowledge , he comes across a young child who's parents abandoned him.He felt like he could connect to this child so he tried helping him by taking this child to a(n) loving family who wanted to adopt a child but while on his way back he was brutally stabbed by the deranged father who abandoned the child.


In his dying moments he cursed those who took life for granted and treated others like trash.


"Why are humans so cruel!"


"Why can't they value the life they are given or the lives they give!"


He cursed the gods for making humans this way , he cursed humans for their cruelty towards others , but what he entailed by doing so would change him forever.









Original Drama Romance Contemporary Slice of Life

It's a story written in a particular fashion about people and their aspirations.

Righteous Prosperous Malicious

Righteous Prosperous Malicious

Original Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Summoned Hero

The kingdom is not in danger. Foreign armies are not assembling at the border, demonic beasts are not attacking towns, and no traitorous ministers are corrupting the monarchy. 

What is a man summoned by a rouge mage supposed to do in such a peaceful land?

Life of the dark god

Life of the dark god

Original Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Strong Lead Supernatural

Being just born but understanding everything.

Being able to learn magic and everything else he wants to without much effort.

Being the son of two of the very first existences and being part of the race called gods.

Hikaru sets his goals to become stronger than anyone else and to gain knowledge noone else has seen before.


(My first story but i hope you like it)

The American

The American

Original Historical Psychological Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead

The “War To End All Wars” failed, and now the world faces a crisis. It is no longer a war 

 of superiority, it is a war of ideology. The Third Reich grows more powerful by the days following 

 the surrender of Great Britain, the sack of France, and the Russian withdrawal, leaving the 

United States as the only superpower that can stand against the monster known as “Nazi 

Germany”. With no other choice, the United States annexes Canada and Mexico forming “The 

Land Of America”, forcing them to result to alternative means in order to fight the Nazis. To 

fight a monster, you need a monster. A monster known as “The American” that can counter 

German advancement. There is many debate as to whether or not “The American” is a man, or a 

battalion, but one thing is certain. This is a war the world can not afford to lose. 

The First Canticle

The First Canticle

Original Adventure Drama Fantasy Magic

In the upheaval of the city of Caelondia, those with power rule. Even the people who hold the smallest of power will make every effort to ensure their legacy lives on. Enter the Sigils - items which grant their wielders the power to channel the elements and cast powerful magic.

The Sigils have perpetuated a society of inequality between the power hungry guilds people known as the Camerata and the impoverished lower classes, the Unsung. A prolonged civil war, ignited by Unsung rebels who steal Sigils from the Camerata, has only entangled its deep roots of mistrust across the city since.

One of Caelondia’s finest agents, Asher Kendrall, had been exiled for treason five years ago, but he is now summoned back to Caelondia to solve the mysterious kidnapping of the emissary Enzo Laurent. As other members of the Camerata join his investigation, all having their suspicions about one another within this society of deception, their faith will be pushed to the limit as a darker mystery lurks in the shadows of Caelondia.

The Overlord of the Void

The Overlord of the Void

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead

Legends of Zestria, it was a game that changed the world the moment it was released. It was the first of it's kind, a virtual reality massive multiplayer online role playing game or VRMMORPG for short.

With the help of cutting edge technology the creators of the game were able to create a massive virtual world full of magic and monsters. On the first week of the game's release over two million copies were sold worldwide, an earth shattering achievement which was the first of it's kind.

Soon, almost a third of the entire world population was playing Lengends of Zestria as they continued to immerse themselves in the huge magical world. They found insurmountable treasures, fought strong monsters, built marvelous creations and many more as the continued to explore the world, the possibilities just seemed endless!

After five years of what looked like heaven defying success the creators of Legends of Zestria, Ezlow Corporation made a shocking announcement, they were about to shut down all the game servers within a time span of 24 hours.

Sam, a legend in the game known as The Dark God, hears about the news and decide to stay inside the game until the server shutdown.

When the timer turned 0, Sam knew that something was wrong, he was still in the game and was unable to log out. He soon realizes that he was no longer inside the game and instead in a completely different world.

Insipred by: Overlord, Arifureta Shokugyon de Sekai Saikyou and Tensei Shitara Slime data ken 

The ones who have read the novels above would probably know what to expect, VERY OP MC, he wont be evil and he sure as hell won't be good, maybe a bit more tilted to the evil side.

There was also one thing I wanted to be clear about was that I am not a native English speaker.

Helpful criticism is always welcome.