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As Fleeting as the Rain

As Fleeting as the Rain

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Short Story Slice of Life Supernatural Non-Human lead Magic

A story about the life of a sentient raindrop



Fan Fiction Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Harem Slice of Life School Life Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Fan Fiction

for a long time devils, angels, fallen angels and supernatural worlds fought and fought that produced a devastating effect on the world and oppressed the weak race, but now it was time for the king to rise up with his kingdom and his army to neutralize the supernatural world ad the other races.

DXD x The Testament of Sister New Devil x fate x Goh x Etc



Original Action Romance Supernatural Male Lead Profanity Traumatising content

I died.

Yet, in a body of a boy, I woke up.

What is dream? What is reality?

For that world I remember,

For the woman I loved,

I shall walk my own path.



-The updates will be irregular due to school and other real life matters.

Short Stories  Of fairies and more

Short Stories Of fairies and more

Original Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Short Story Reincarnation Summoned Hero Martial Arts Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

A collection of short stories that tell a tale in a magical world full of wonder and horrors. 

The Short stories will tell of a sci-fi world and other things like summoning and transmigrating, also rebirth.

If you want to take an idea from my short stories then go ahead.

but leave some credit on your story.

Airey Academy Of Magic

Airey Academy Of Magic

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy School Life Male Lead Female Lead Secret Identity Magic

The protagonist of the story is a daughter of a well-known aristocrat, Fiona. After being 16, she is tasked to study at a prestigious school, Airey Academy, to learn and improve her skills in magic. In the academy, she learns the difference in treatment between aristocrats and commoners, especially in social standards. But during her time studying, she notices a commoner different from the others, Alexis. 

A Conquest of the Stars: The Heart's Anguish

A Conquest of the Stars: The Heart's Anguish

Original Action Psychological Sci-fi Tragedy Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Gore

Stolen from his home, Eleusis is forced to wage a war against his brother. He now serves the ones who killed his father and stole him away. Eleusis uses his genius to annihilate his foes in battle, while secretly working to bring the Universal Collective of Allied Planets and Systems to its knees. Filled with determination to create a better universe, Eleusis is forced to do terrible things in the hope for a better tomorrow.

Having risen to power as the Champion of Her Majesty, Kaldratos must unify a divided Imperium and save his Empress from the foes surrounding her. Faced with debauchery, assassinations, duels and plots, he must bring stability to a splintering Empire, or forever be remembered as the one who lost everything.

Narrowly escaping the destruction of her home; Risa finds herself entangled in the plots of the Imperium as her saviours fight to destroy it from within. Caught between her fear of death and her loyalty to the ones who saved her, she must find her own path amidst a web of deceit and betrayal.


This story is posted every Friday on my website - - and is updated the following Monday here on RoyalRoad. Check out my website if you want to see the updates earlier!

Short Stories for You and Me

Short Stories for You and Me

Original Fantasy Short Story

A collection of short stories written by me, normally focusing around fantasy and the like.

Hope you enjoy.



Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Non-Human lead Magic Profanity

A golem maker's project turns out to be far more than his creator bargained for.

Fortunately for the golem, he's quick to find allies, learn skills, gain levels, and get himself out of horrible predicaments. Which is good, because his creator has a whole lot of enemies.

Unfortunately for the golem, he's about twelve inches tall, full of fluff, and really, really bad at being a hero.


(Cover by Amber Rimkus)

Heaven's Will

Heaven's Will

Original Action Adventure Comedy Romance Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore

As someone who has reached the apex of cultivation, Tian Yu was a prominent figure in the cultivation world. He was the type of person one would least expect to die, yet he mysteriously died on an unexpected day. And because of his death, the once peaceful world had become chaotic with countless people eyeing on his wealth.

Countless thousands of years had passed since the death of Tian Yu, and inside the depths of the Land of Eternal Rest where the dead resided, a jade coffin trembled...


Author's Notes

This is my first novel, a Xianxia one at that, and it will contain mature contents (Gore, profanity, nudity, etc).

There will be around 1,500 - 2,000 words per chapter, sometimes even more.

Not Many Get A Second Chance

Not Many Get A Second Chance

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Non-Human lead Magic Profanity

Jack Dallmain was you're average university student. Few friends and often short on cash. But that didn't matter as everything was going fine. He didn't hang around with the bad crowd and he always completed his courseworkon time so he could spend the rest doing club activities and hanging with his friends. A girl he fancied even agreed to go an a date with him.

But one day everything changed. It was going to be a great day, he had everything planned. But then, he got caught up with a bus-jacking and was threatened with a bomb and a gun. It was supposed to be a great day but it turned out to be his last.

Or was it-

Light of Gemini

Light of Gemini

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore

The world has fallen into chaos.

 A mysterious and nigh all-powerful system has arrived on Earth, bringing with it creatures of myth and nightmare.

The world's very soul is at stake, forcibly evolved into something beyond imagining.

The strong will rise and the weak will die.

May the light of Gemini shine upon you.


New chapter every two to three days. Reviews welcome and appreciated. I hope you like it.



Original Action Adventure Virtual Reality

A fatty coincidentally gets one of the best classes in the game. What can possibly happen?

Dungeons & Monsters

Dungeons & Monsters

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Romance Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content

[Brazilian Portuguese]

Depois do dia conhecido como "Holocausto", o mundo mudou. Nada mais é o mesmo. Cidades foram destruídas, milhões de mortes, monstros vindos da fantasia, deuses, magia e dungeons.

Lucian teve que aprender a se cuidar cedo depois que seus pais morreram em uma quebra de masmorra. Com inúmeros problemas em sua vida, tudo o que ele queria era se tornar um "Despertado", mas isso parecia ser impossível, até que um dia, depois de fugir de um grupo de encrenqueiros, ele encontra a oportunidade perfeita.

Also post this fiction on:


Endless Horror

Endless Horror

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Reincarnation School Life Supernatural Female Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Gore Traumatising content Fan Fiction

"Dear readers, please sit back and enjoy this story. After all, you are a part of it..."

When Kathleen Ramsey decided to surf her favorite fiction network and waste some time on new stories, she was interested by one with a hooded skeleton as cover. She knew nothing about what awaits her...



Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Virtual Reality Magic Profanity Gore

Virtual Reality has always been a goal for humans, more so for escaping reality. Aldemoor is the worlds first truly immersive virtual reality game, designed entirely by an AI with no human interaction.

The world boasts of expansive races and classes, with combat in both the light and the shadows. Political manipulation, romance, raid bosses, the world is constantly revealing its secrets, but only to those who choose to search for them.

Maximilian Everett missed the initial release of the game. Once he had it though, he found that Aldemoor's AI had a lot more planned for him than he expected. Delving into the mystical, Max finds that there is certainly more to this world than what appears on the surface.

Aldemoor is my attempt at the litrpg scene. I tried before with my first story on here but it wasn't on this level.

For those who are reading my other story, Prime Magus of Earth, I am still working on that story so don't worry. I just wanted to take a small break and try something else for the moment.

Valin's  Tale- Godless

Valin's Tale- Godless

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Summoned Hero Martial Arts Reader interactive Supernatural Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content Satire

Earth is dying. (good riddance) Instead of fixing the problems plaquing the world; the leaders of the supernatural community decided that shipping masses of people to another world (whether by their own choice or "persuade") would leave those left on earth with a more time to find a solution ( proscranating the envitable). The story is shown with the perspective of our main character (nerd with visions of grander) Valin someone who decided to take matters in his own hands (forced to volunteer) to leave prepared than forced off with nothing on him like so poor many shmucks before him.  This is the story of the godless.


My native language is English but this is my first story so please give me any suggestions you want (if their good enough I will try to include them) and point out any mistakes in my story or writing.

The story will have dark humor with elements of many different genres of fantasy but tying them together in a cool fun way (at least I will try). No haram or cliché elements I promise. (like bad guys being bad for no reason or all characters have zero motivation for anything they do)

I take a lot of inspiration from story’s like the spellmongers tale, wuxia novels, Chaos seed, A (sort of) dark mage Waldos Rabbit and Bloodlust a gladiators tale. 

EX: Emblem

EX: Emblem

Original Action Adventure Supernatural Male Lead Magic

Since humans were first born into this world, they have been marked with an emblem. This emblem would dedicate their fate. Those marked with the strength’s emblem would become great warriors, while those marked as the wisdom’s emblem were destined to become great mages. Whether what the emblem gives them, they would all differ in many ways; their strengths and weaknesses would differ even with the same ability. In a world where the emblem determines one's fate, Lynn, a 15-year old freshman, is one without these two. To be one out of a billion, will he be able to survive in this world?

Against the Nine Great Heavens

Against the Nine Great Heavens

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Martial Arts Harem Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Magic Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Died poisoned, the founder of the mighty Saint Sword Sect's soul transported into a mortal world called the Prism Continent. With the wish to return, he built his unshakeable road towards the Nine Great Heavens, the world of Gods and Immortals.

This is the tale of an Immortal descending into a mortal world.

A/N: I put the Content Warning because there will be a little of swearing, gore description and sexe scene. I don't intend to put those mature content on every chapter, it was just to let you know!

Vampire Princess Reincarnation

Vampire Princess Reincarnation

Original Action Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Gender Bender Strong Lead Non-Human lead Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore

This is a generic reincarnation story.

After dying at the hands of his loved one, a lost soul caught the attention of The Manager. Taking pity on the soul, The Manager allowed it to have another chance at life in a different world.
Bearing a near-insane hatred towards his fellow men, the reincarnated soul decided to go on a quest for vengeance against the nations of men, bringing with him armies of monsters and demons to destroy all civilization. However, before he could finally obtain his revenge, he was defeated by a hero.
After dying a strangely peaceful death, The Manager once again makes him an offer. Since he entertained The Manager enough, he is once again granted another life, however, this time it had a twist: he is now a girl.



Original Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Slice of Life Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Profanity Gore

A young man wakes up to find himself in a hideous body and in a place as unfamiliar to him as the concept of organization, with only the company of monsters to keep his loneliness at bay. They watch him with curiosity, hesitance, and fear, but in the chaos that one’s mind is thrown into after waking up in a strange place those emotions go unnoticed by the protagonist.

I'll be attempting to have bi-regular releases, so expect around a thousand words every two days. I have never attempted any sort of novel before and I am usually quite lazy and uncommitted so I may need to adjust this schedule to maybe make more frequent updates, or perhaps make less frequent ones depending on the practicality of it. If anyone is interested in editing feel free to privately message me.

I also highly encourage criticism and comments, from my previous experiences as a content creator I am much more commit to things when I have regular communicate with my viewers. If you would like to encourage me to write more the best thing you can do is leave a comment. I encourage anyone who has traversed the depth of this description far enough to read this to do the same on any other content creators on any this site or any other.

Have a good day!