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Build-A-Harem : Logging In

Build-A-Harem : Logging In

Original Adventure Comedy LitRPG Sci-fi Short Story Virtual Reality Harem Supernatural Male Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore

*WARNING! Sex will be rife throughout this series, so be prepared for that.*

It was supposed to be easy...

Dax just wanted to have a sexy and easy gaming experience but got a whole lot more than he bargained for with Build-A-Harem.

In this, the first volume of the Build-A-Harem series, Dax will be thrown in the deep end as he has to explore the island he's been dumped on with his guide and companion Jesse, a talking Komodo Dragon, and learn what it takes to... well, build a harem.

There will be crafting, world-building, sex, and more in this story, as well as a better description as the author jumps between this and writing the story.


Primordial Evolutions

Primordial Evolutions

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

The High Heaven Realm, a realm that has experts as numerous as trees in a forest. At this place, there lives an 8-year-old boy. This boy is called Jing Guanyu, a physically crippled boy who cannot cultivate his Energy due to a strange body condition. Due to the crippled state of his body, this leaves him unable to embark upon the path of Essence Cultivation either. 

The only path left to him is the path of Divine Cultivation, a mystical cultivation path that focuses on the soul and forming contracts with the Spirits of powerful Spirit Beasts. However, when he spends over 4 years trying to sense the spirit force of his first Spirit Beasts Spirit Realm, the rest of the clan deem him as a complete waste.

Watch as the seeming waste of the Jing Clan rises up far above the Jing Clan using his self-made cultivation scripture, the Primordial Evolutions.


Authors Note:

Ok, this is an eastern fantasy that incorporates western elements in a subtle way. Strength is determined by more than your power level. The MC is very overpowered, being able to fight people far above his "Realm and Stage of cultivation. However, he has ample disadvantages for this power. 

The Main Character also has the POTENTIAL to become the strongest existence in the entire existence of the story. But that is only in potential and DOES NOT mean he has extremely high "talent". Potential is potential, it is what he can do in the future if he has enough luck/perseverance to get there. Talent is a measure of the DIFFICULTY of cultivation, it is not an indication of how strong someone can be.

I will also make this clear, I am writing this story for enjoyment and thus will possibly abandon it, however, I will attempt to at least finish the arc I was writing when I decided to abandon it because we all hate a story being hiatus'd or abandoned in the middle of an important plotline hahaha.

The inspiration for Book:

> Martial World (Original not TMW)

> Lord Xue Ying

>Stellar Transformations

> Ancient Godly Monarch

> Invincible



Final words: 

Ok, I will just say that there are several reasons why the MC's cultivation speed is so mediocre despite how "talented" he is. There are logical reasons and they will be explained when necessary.

Hope you enjoy. I will take constructive feedback and logical criticism. However, I will not even reply to illogical criticism, rants or salty people who got pissed off because the main character didn't get "that divine medicine" or "this divine sword" or whatever.

Note: I have marked all 4 of the content warning boxes due to a uncertainty in how dark, gory, descriptive or traumatizing my story will get.

Btw, the cover isn't my property but was gotten from a website on mysthology (greek i think). IF they ask me to take it down, then i shall. IF NOT, then I really DGAF. LOL



Blue Moon Emperor

Blue Moon Emperor

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Martial Arts Harem Reader interactive Slice of Life Male Lead Anti-Hero Lead Wuxia Sexual Content
My name is Xing Peng or so I thought, until the day I was hit by a lunar meteorite and got reincarnated into a vast new world which was similar to those mentioned in the Chinese novels.
since that day, I was no longer Xing Peng.



P.S- the chapter releases are infrequent as they depend upon my mood :P
Almighty Manager

Almighty Manager

Original Comedy Drama Contemporary Reincarnation Gender Bender Slice of Life Male Lead Female Lead Secret Identity

A moment of reckless bravery led Mihara Aoi, a budding talent manager, to a decade long, dead end career under Starlight Entertainment, a leading entertainment agency in the nation. Now, she wakes up and find herself ten years in the past. This time she won't let herself go down the path to ruins. She'll fulfil her dreams, become an almight talent manager and help develop a superstar. Aoi won't let herself be pushed down this time. Instead she'll do the pushing!

"Bring me coffee."
"I'm not going to the award ceremony."
"I quit."

Being an talent manager isn't easy. Aoi will meet eccentric stars, demanding divas and straight up demon-in-sheep's clothing as she signs newer talents, help them on their way to stardom, and walk down the path of an almighty manager.

Welcome to the Land of Junk

Welcome to the Land of Junk

Original Action Horror Psychological Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Profanity Gore

Okay, so here's the story: there are... these specific tunnels throughout the world, where occasionally all sorts of vehicles that drive in disappear, never to come back out again. Nobody knows where the missing vehicles and their passingers disappear off to, as if they spirited away. The most scariest part of this story is that, some say even the tunnel itself cannot be found when the police arrives! The only thing they are left with is an alternate road to the other side.

Okay, I get the first half, but now you're pulling my leg. That's bull.

Are you sure? Some people even claimed to have a picture of the tunnel before it disappeared, and don't say it's photoshop, because people had inspected the picture and said there's no signs of photoshop at all!

You need to stop believing in that crap. Also, just because there's no signs doesn't mean it can't be photoshopped. There's so much people on the internet nowadays that have some pretty good skills with photoshop. You can't justify that with a photo or two. That story had some potential, but I honestly don't think it's real... wait, why is this tunnel so dark?

Haha, it bet it's one of those tunnels from the sto-




Original Action Adventure Comedy Sci-fi Multiple Lead Characters Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore


Man’s quest for expansion and exploration has always been relentless and brutal. Every ounce of discovery obtained with blood stained hands, either dealt by colonizer or aborigines. Even though every quest for the unknown has always been with good intentions, humanity’s inert nature for power and avarice overcomes those good intentions. But then the human colonizer becomes the colonized.

First discovered on the outmost fringes of the Milky Way, GEOMs are life forms altered by their original form from the parasitic protrusions in their body thus they are called GEOM worms, in attribute to closely resembling the invertebrates. The parasites are sentient and, according to autopsies, came from deep space. The First Plague Wave dawns the parasitic revelation to human flesh, astride their conquered races. Fortunately and unfortunately the human body has already attained another step in evolution in 2400’s; attaining a neurological evolution that enabled the use of inert and unique powers. Of course all of this means that you have to be genetically gifted to have super human output. Hedge cults believe GEOM worms have been drawn to the tertiary settlements due to this human potential.

               Though the possible acquisition of powers have cause the human race to come to the brink of extinction specifically in the year 2425 where the estimated one hundred trillion population of the Tertiary planets have dwindled down to thirty trillion in just twelve years after the First Plague Wave Started on 2403. But the evolution of Homo sapiens was also its salvation.

Knights, named after the noble warriors during the medieval era, were the vanguard of humanity’s resistance against the Plague. Only one in a fifty thousand would have fully developed brain cortexes to sustain inert superhuman power. One in five people would awaken a power but fail to develop them further due to genetic make-up.  And only one in five hundred thousand would be able to use their awakened and sustained power to their average potential.

               Depending on the power acquired, one could be selected and trained to be a knight or invited to join the Union Tertiary Space Forces. Only the elite have been chosen for Knighthood. Even though powers are the core of being a Knight, the person’s physical, mental stability and environmental factors are also rated to standards of missions the Knight should be sent in---such as being already above average genetically even without an enhanced brain cortex, though weaknesses are sometimes overlooked for one’s raw talent or gift. Feats and stories of this incredible people spread like wildfire among the desperate human race, lifting much needed morale to sustain the fight against the dreaded GEOMS.

               What follows are one of those stories.

Tales from Congeria: Joy and Simon

Tales from Congeria: Joy and Simon

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity

Congeria, a land where magic and mundane meet, where demonic forces clash with science, steel, and those bolstered by blessings of gods. This is a tale of Joy and Simon, and their fight against the Demonic Cartels, those who use the blood of man for their own personal gain.

Joy Godfrey, a rather brutish woman has her own plans for life: She hopes to pit herself against some of the toughest creatures Congeria has to offer: Demons. The best way to find them would be to join the Crusaders and work your way up the ranks, but risking it all on a pledge with a unique God, Joy hopes to bypass the work and land herself straight in the Crusader's Special Ops division. Encountering the head of the division, a man only known as Simon, he has certain special plans for Joy...

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An Unlikely Haven

An Unlikely Haven

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Mystery Summoned Hero Slice of Life Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic

 A story about a small bar inside an alley of the Imperial Capital and how it's more than what it seems to be...

A Maiden's Strange Voyage

A Maiden's Strange Voyage

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Historical Supernatural Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic

In the Northern Song dynasty, despite all its stability, all Chaoyun is thinking of about the possibility of seeing the world. 

She is known to be one the most skillful servers, a certain charm around her that pleases almost everyone even if she is odd, even if she is strange, but it was accepted as a part of her. 

Until, one day a woman enters, who embodies the hope she might see, and the secrets behind why she could be so. 

Written in Blood and Soul

Written in Blood and Soul

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Strong Lead Magic Profanity

Lester Deak, an aspiring Comic Book writer buys an ancient pen called "The Pen of Blood and Soul" from an antique shop on a whim after the shopowner claims the pen will change his life. And much to our main character's surprise after somehow activating the power of this mysterious object he's given an edict that he must save the world, and finds himself passed out in a cave in a world Might and Magic. How will he manage to change this world's fate as he forges his legacy?

The Untitled

The Untitled

Fan Fiction Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Male Lead Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Fan Fiction

It isn't often we mention names. The greatest royalty, the most-skilled hunters, and often even the people we know best in the world, we know them all by their titles. Names are private, personal, sacred. This you must understand before you hear the story of The Untitled. Because to hear their story is to hear their names; the names of Legends.

Evolving World

Evolving World

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Cyberpunk Slice of Life Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content

Research into new forms of energy have always been in development for the advancement of technology and mankind. A certain research base has finally had a breakthrough in this type of field, and have ushered a new age by design (or accident). This energy has consequences. Who knows what they are? Because I sure don't.


PS: The story might contain "sexually explicit" words, but it won't contain anything like full on smut, just implied imagery. There will also be profanity, but nothing offensive. Just think of it like stubbing your toe and you yell out an instinctive "F-bomb." Expect anything between 6 or less profane words per chappy.

PSS: This is a laid back type of story and is my first time experimenting with writing an actual story. Don't expect work that brings on enlightement or universal truth.

Hitman by Accident

Hitman by Accident

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Cyberpunk School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead Sexual Content Gore

A man rushes toward another man wearing a tuxedo in a tea party"Gudini Sir! I-i mean Boss! The Grocers destroyed our headquarters in the North, Sir, they're clearly declaring war" 

"A man who don't know how to adress his superior is no longer needed, relieve him of his duty Kuro"Gudini said to Kuro beside him.

"Yes, master"Kuro replied to Gudini.

Kuro vanished and appeared behind the man's back while his hands are already straight throught the man's chest grabbing his heart then pulling it out.

"I am finished, master"Kuro wiped his hands with the tissue and bowed his head to Gudini.

"A tool that has no use is simply useless, remember this well Kuro"Gudini said to Kuro while walking away.

"Yes, master"Kuro replied while looking at his trembling hand.

That's right....I just have to be a tool when my hands are stained red....Since childhood I have always been nothing but a tool. All those who took care of me, all ended in blood and death. Another corpse is added to the pile. I've forgotten all their faces but each one leaves  a mark, from tears to the screams of agony. Any more than this and I'll be left with no conscience, only a killing machine.


Clerical Error: A Challenge of Vircon Adventure

Clerical Error: A Challenge of Vircon Adventure

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Virtual Reality Female Lead Profanity

Actually, this is your mom’s video game.

Daria Jackson hasn’t entered NeuroNet to play Challenge of Vircon since her tanking husband passed away. The newly single mom gave up championship gaming to focus on her biofarming work, doing her part to make Earthsplorer Command’s deep space voyages possible.

For ten years Daria’s cheered her kids on as they fought their way to top the leaderboards. While cleaning out their VR cabinets, Daria accidentally ends up a noob in the game world she almost ruled. She can't log out until she levels and masters current content.

But Daria must present and install the Biofarming Unit at Earthsplorer Command in the next forty-eight hours. Can a middle-aged woman everyone thinks is a gaming has-been rise to the challenge in time to save her career and the fate of deep space exploration?

Immortal Daughter of Time

Immortal Daughter of Time

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Supernatural Fan Fiction

A Vampire born in a time before Man and her story.

Dead in the Water: A Dungeon's Tale

Dead in the Water: A Dungeon's Tale

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Profanity

Waking up unexpectedly, trapped on a desert island is never pleasant.  It's even less so when you wake up as a newborn dungeon core.  Only time will tell if this fledgling dungeon will thrive, or if he's dead in the water.

Uncertain Light

Uncertain Light

Original Action Adventure Comedy Reincarnation Strong Lead Magic

Gabe's life is suddenly cut short in the form of a meteorite strike.  A very random and unfortunate occurance, to be sure, not at all influenced by some higher power.  Or was it?(add suspensfull music).

Standard adventure in another world sorta thing. This is my first attempt at writing a story, feel free to point out mistakes in the comments.

The fall of the blue moon

The fall of the blue moon

Original Comedy Horror Short Story Profanity Gore Traumatising content

This is a short story.

The real blue moon is the second full moon of one month , it's rare ( it's not colored blue like in the fiction).

I had the idea from a dream.( or a nightmare)


The Defiant's Deck

The Defiant's Deck

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Reader interactive Male Lead Female Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

(Might revise this synopsis later on)

So if you want a normal synopsis: Have you ever heard this saying? "It's not about the cards you're dealt, but how you play the hand." Well I wanna say forget that! why should you accept what life gives you? I say grab that damn deck from life. Now what if someone did get that deck somehow? that's this story.


now if you want what I'd actually like to tell you: This is the author (me) talking to the reader (you). I'll start off by saying I am a reader too, I love that escape. But why are we escaping? It's because consciously or not we aren't satisfied with this reality. We hate being chained here. We read because we want to be free, we want to be strong, we want to be the best. We crave that chance to soar out of the mundane. We desire that power, pride and security in being the best, someone untouchable. At least I know I do. So although I can't give you what would truly satisfy that silent scream of defiant discontent, I wanna offer you a ride on this journey. So suggest to me what you want and I will do my best to bring it to life.

(if this doesn't resonate with you as well, that's fine lol, I would still enjoy having you tag along if you want.)



Reborn As A Cute Loli

Reborn As A Cute Loli

Original Adventure Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Martial Arts Gender Bender Female Lead Wuxia

Rinley's previous life can only be described in one word- tragedy. Born with a weak physic, adopted by a crazy master and betrayed by his lover.

But the heavens have eyes. In the next life, he was blessed with good fortune that can make people green with envy. But who can tell him, why is the image in the copper mirror in his hand... a girl? A very cute loli at that.


Crossing over from Webnovels :))