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Game system online

Game system online

Original Action Adventure Romance Virtual Reality Male Lead

virtual reality story

maybe wish fulfillment

maybe some weeb shit

ill edit the synopsis later on

Blade of Death

Blade of Death

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Martial Arts School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore Traumatising content

After dying due to the destruction of the Earth, he was given a second chance in a new world.

But after a betrayal by those he had trusted, he once again wound up dead. There was a slight difference though, this time, he thrown back in time, to just minutes before the destruction of the Earth.

Watch as he takes back control of his own life, as he strives to seize the opportunities that he missed the last time, as he corrects mistakes and makes the right kind of friends. Watch the start of a new legend, one large enough to eclipse that which he left behind in the previous world.

This is the story of Kallok Glaur Thanatos, a man who is no longer bound to the orders of others. He is not a good man, but nor is he pure evil. He’ll make the occasional joke, get to know people and have friends, but in the end, he has a name to live up to, and how he does love living up to it.

Hi guys, my name is Dragos and this is my first fiction. It’s an original, but there are concepts that have been taken from many different novels I’ve read so some bits might feel similar to other stories you’ve read.

This fiction is a LitRPG and the character will most likely end up being a bit OP but he’ll have to grow to get there. I’ll most likely ask for opinions at times and change concepts so please do be patient and do give feedback as it would be really helpful.

18+ for strong violence, gore, language, some sexuality, and nudity (will most likely not have lemons so if that’s what you are here for, then you’re out of luck)

Release schedule: Will try to get two chapters each week, but that will depend on the chapter length and also my university schedule.

The Wars of Avalon

The Wars of Avalon

Original Action Historical Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Strategy Profanity Gore

Clovis cast out of his home at 16 for reasons unknown to him joins the army and is caught up in the 7 years war just as it reaches its peak, can he survive when his commanding officer is a no good noble, the enemy army far outnumbers his own and forces beyond his understanding are trying to kill him?

A Demon Lord NEED HELP!

A Demon Lord NEED HELP!

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Romance

She always there for me. And I'm always there for her. But one day, I sense something different, actually I already had sense this feeling from the first moment I met her. Though at that time I just shrug it off as something not important. This time, the feeling that I had sense from her is raging, different from before. I don't know why but that just how it is. So I ran away from her instinctively.

But I love her.

He always there for me. And I'm always there for him. We're bound together and can't be separated by anything. He is my everything, and I am his everything. But one day, I saw him talking happily with someone who seems like a woman. That is when my rage suddenly explodes. I don't know why, but he ran away from me. Though the one talking to him is a man, it's my fault that I suddenly became emotional. He ran away but it's okay, I'll take him back by any means.

Because I love him. 


*I'm not proficient in english, but I will try to improve it. By all means, please wear a safety helmet before reading this.

**If any of you love yandere, please try to ride this journey with me :)

***If anyone who had read Hero? Again? No way!, I'm sorry for abandoning it, after reading it multiple times again before this, I had saw there is a lot of problems with the plot and the story. Especially the characters and the world system. I tried to make the story mysterious but it seems there is too much hole on it. This story have a similar reference from it too, basically A Demon Lord NEED HELP! is something that is improved from Hero? Again? No way!, I hope you guys can finally enjoy this story!

Tale of The Degenerate

Tale of The Degenerate

Original Action Adventure LitRPG Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore

"I don' wanna die."

"Please don't forget about me please."

"Its all your fault you bastard!"

"OI,fight for me!"

I dont wanna be alive but a I don't wanna die either.

I want to be forgotten but I wanna leave my mark.

I tried so hard but you won't accept it.

I want to be with you but this is my battle






The Dream Journal

The Dream Journal

Original Horror Psychological Supernatural Gore Traumatising content

James Brown has been experiencing horrible visions for months now, thankfully, he seems to find a treatment that helps him better cope with the situation. Or so it seemed, soon the cure becomes the disease. James is now faced with the possibility that he may be cursed. Will he cope with the stress and find a way to break his curse? Or will his mind give way? Things appear to be getting progressively worse, he might not have much time.

How to Go from Village to Empire: A Poor Mandragora King Guide

How to Go from Village to Empire: A Poor Mandragora King Guide

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Non-Human lead Strategy

"You need only to defeat seventy-two other ruthless Kings. How hard could that be?" said the Oven Toaster a.k.a The Devil Almighty



Chapter Releases: Sporadic

Apollyon, The God of Chaos.

Apollyon, The God of Chaos.

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

The old tales passed down generation by generation speak of a time where Heroes from earth went on to fight the Demon Lord in the Mirror Land but one person is always forgotten. A mystery person who gave the habitants of Earth the weapons capable of destroying cities with the slash of a sword and who gave the Demon's the capability of using destructive magic. With this, the mystery person caused a long cycle of war which is exactly what he wanted. It gave him power, it put everything into a constant state of Chaos and this Chaos is what kept him going. It gave him strength. This person was Apollyon, The God of Chaos.

This will be a story of twists and turns as Apollyon tries to return to his former glory.

 All rights to the picture used go to Razerblade07, a user on Deviant Art. You can find the original picture at

god Dimension

god Dimension

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Harem Profanity Sexual Content Gore Fan Fiction

i fan of Terror Infinity and i was so upstep that all the story stop ,

so i give it opportunity

Warning: Major spoiler for the Manga, Anime, Light Novels,

Full disclosure.  several elements inspired by stories such as terror infinity, any related fanfic stuff cough side b and domain

my first story it take time but i  believe in the story.


so the main  Character is lee ,He is 18 years old and An Israeli who lives in Miami , takes a height of sixty feet.

the story take place half year after his little sister disappeared before his eyes that she was on the computer.

lee Just come home He looks into his sister's room and thinks where ron is and feel deep in her heart that she is somewhere, He went into her room and sat in her chair who knows how many and suddenly the computer turned on

Hello lee I'll give you a chance to know where Your little sister just type Yes.



Original Horror Tragedy Supernatural Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

What's life coming to when you hope you're insane? I never knew a person could wish to be deranged. Madness would be such an easy escape though, but quite frankly, I don't think that's possible. These ... things will never let me escape. They're hunting me now. Haunting every step. I've only seen two, the twins, but I get the feeling there are more; lots more. They haven't harmed me yet, but I've seen them kill. Everyone just walks by or watches or films it on their damn phone but no one sees. I wish I couldn't see. I'd cut out my eyes if I thought I could blind myself to them and make them blind to me but I dread what horror they'd think up instead. Would they start touching me then, idly stroking my arm while they butcher anyone nearby?

Maybe this is their punishment because I interfered? Their torment and my madness, for the rest of my life, stretching into my death, a tortured soul eternal.

NEET get a system in modern world

NEET get a system in modern world

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Martial Arts School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Sebastian, our mc, get what he wish for but what does he need "it" for when he' sin modern world


PS: So basically a leveling novel like usual but the only difference is he's in modern world and he dont hide his power like the others and for the love of god don't even expect an NTR in this novel



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Supernatural Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Gore

The story of the fifth most wanted person in the world during time of her childhood. A young girl with unnatural powers tries to survive in a world where everyone seems to either want her captured or dead. Born as an arcane during the peak of the mass huntings and executions of witches and arcanes, she can only hope to stay alive long enough to see her life through.



Fan Fiction Action Adventure Drama Fantasy School Life Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Gore Fan Fiction

Huntsman Academies—prestigious institutions in the world of Remnant dedicated to training the next generation of humanity’s protectors—Huntsmen and Huntresses. Together, they fight to protect the people from the ravenous creatures of Grimm and evil organizations. Unfortunately, not everyone attends these schools with such righteous ambitions in mind. The members of Team SWRZ (Pronounced Schwartz) are far from becoming the defenders of Remnant.

The Yang Emperor

The Yang Emperor

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Male Lead Wuxia

A story about a reincarnated cultivator keeping all his memories and trying to get farther on his journey than he did in his previous life.

M.O.T.H.E.R. Reborn – The Cronus City Chronicles

M.O.T.H.E.R. Reborn – The Cronus City Chronicles

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Cyberpunk Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters

We made them to be our slaves. We made them to be like us. What we didn’t count on… was how well we would fail at both.

The Genesis Corporation created M.O.T.H.E.R. to give cyberoids a sense of identity, a faux childhood reality to make the artificial humans both subservient and empathetic to mankind. But when a rogue cyberiod downloads the M.O.T.H.E.R. program into an android body, the equivalent of a cyberoid god on Earth is born, leading to a rift between humans and cyberoids that can only be reconciled by one thing… revolt.

Now Civil Defense and Intelligence officer, Major Eric Corbin, might be the only man who can put an end to the conflict, before it begins—if he can find the android first. As a hardened military veteran, with more than a few cybernetic enhancements himself, tracking down a rogue cyberoid and a stolen android shouldn’t be a problem. But as Eric dives deeper into the investigation, he discovers a conspiracy that might not only lead back to Genesis Corp, but the very heights of the US Military itself.

Even worse, Eric discovers he might have just found a kindred spirit in the cyberoid responsible for the whole mess and bringing her to justice might not be as easy as he first thought.

Stonewalled by interdepartmental bureaucracy and facing a threat unlike he’s ever experienced before, it will be up to Eric’s skills as a counter-terrorist and his small team of CDI operatives to find the true puppet master behind the incident and stop them, before the M.O.T.H.E.R. program reborn releases all hell on Earth.

M.O.T.H.E.R. Reborn – is the first installment of the Cronus City Chronicles and takes place in the Once Giants Sci-Fi universe (Available on Amazon). A must read for old school players of Cyberpunk 2020, fans of Appleseed and lovers of Ghost in the Shell, Bubblegum Crisis and Blade Runner. 

Brian the Drow

Brian the Drow

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Harem Reader interactive Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic

Brian is miserable. Most of his friends and fellow gamers have long ago moved away, leaving him stuck in a dreary life lamenting the loss of his favorite past time. And so he simply plods along with not much hope for escapism.  With nowhere else to turn he finally breaks down and commits to try out some Online Gaming.

My first real attempt at an LitRPG :D

Life is a VR

Life is a VR

Original Action Adventure Comedy LitRPG Virtual Reality Reincarnation Male Lead Strong Lead Profanity Sexual Content

What would you do if you have a 2nd chance to revisit your life?

A textbook LitRPG with extra spice 

A Glimmer in the Dark

A Glimmer in the Dark

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Profanity Sexual Content Traumatising content

A world begins anew after an eon of recovery and regrowth had passed.

The inhabitants of the world simply continue with the lives they lead with little care for the origin of their situations and of their home.

Yet they will soon discover that the period of regrowth and renewal does not stop for anyone or anything.

The Legend of Bracula

The Legend of Bracula

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Reader interactive Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Secret Identity Magic Profanity Gore

Peaceful life. Me thinking about peace will be ironical. I don't know whether I liked how I lived so far, but at least I want to enjoy how I will from now onwards. What a pleasant dream? Its funny a monster who should be crushing other's dreams started to dream about peaceful life.

Maybe considering rules of the world, will I be allowed do so. Will they let me do so? I am Brad Diavol. And I will live as I like. But why is this angel keep following the path I am trying to create. Can you please leave this poor evil fellow alone and alive? Pretty please.

(KiBiBiK's note - I got the pic from online somewhere. I do not own it and can take it out if anyone has any issue.)

Eat and Grow Strong

Eat and Grow Strong

Original Fantasy LitRPG Wuxia

What others took for granted was what he yearned for with all his heart. He died with a dream that never came true.

But fate did not abandon him. He was given another chance with a broken ability that bordered on cheat.


Author's Note: I tried to mix xuanhuan elements to LitRPG System. I wrote this to improve my writing skills, so please feel free to offer any kind of suggestion.