• Life Merchant

    Life Merchant

    304 pages by YoonTaeTifYu

    On a fateful afternoon, Chrono wakes up to find out that he can add years to his lifespan thanks to a lightning bolt. What should he do with his newfound power? Ro… I mean, legally earn some money? Become a tyra… run for the Presidential elections and gain power? Create his own hare… warm and happy loving family? How will it change his mundane life, how will it impact the world? Will it be for the best or for the worst? Near the planet’s core, lurking in the shadows, an evil existence is slyly scheming to wipe out the universe of all lifeforms (because yes, there are other living species in the universe, fools!). Follow him on his day to day life as he fulfills his destiny, granting wishes, making dreams come true for his victi… I mean customers; and become the best on Earth (who knows, maybe he’ll also become the saviour of the world at some point).

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