• Immortal Ascension Tower

    Immortal Ascension Tower

    1068 pages by theonionjunktion

    *** Setting ***

    After hundreds of years, candidates to the legendary Title of Twin stars finally appear in the Mysterious Light-Shadow Sect. However, few people can tell wether they will bring luck, misfortune or even catastrophe, as the clash between two hidden powers slowly unveils for the world to see...

    A thousand years ago, a man at the peak of existence, the Evil Saint, along with his companions challenged the might of the Nine Heavens of Tian and fought the Tyrant of the Heavens, Lord Tian himself!

    After the Evil Saint died in battle, his companions dispersed throughout the countless planes of existence and laid low, licking their wounds and not daring to openly challenge the heavens again... Now, a full thousand years later, there are once again signs that something big will happen!

    Mortal, Ageless and Immortal. The three big Realms of cultivation, furthermore divided into total of fifteen Stages. Many walk on the path of martial cultivation but few reach its end.
    A boy eight years old holds knowledge that many seek but none can obtain. Who is he really? What is his connection with the Evil Saint?

    Who and WHAT is the Mountain?

    *** Disclaimer ***

    Immortal Ascension Tower is an ORIGINAL Xianxia/Xuanhuan(Eastern Fantasy Novel).
    Epic Cover by Francis Blake/NeonBeat, feel free to check his profile out on DeviantArt! (http://ineonbeati.deviantart.com)
    Although I own the story, I'm not an English native speaker so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I might make while writing this story.

    *** Release Schedule ***

    The dates are announced every week due to the writer's busy schedule.

  • The Solitary Sword Sovereign

    The Solitary Sword Sovereign

    292 pages by theonionjunktion

    One day, every human on earth was given a class and gained abilities. People gained levels and stats; like strength and agility.

    Will Chamberlain; a 16 year old, was given the class Water Meister. He had the ability to freely control water. An ability that had more than meets the eye.

    At the same time mysterious structures called dungeons showed up all around the world. Demons escaped from them, and attacked mankind. Those who conquered these dungeons, would be rewarded with power beyond their wildest dreams.This was not easy as they were filled with many dangers.

    Will decided to enter a dungeon.

    His power... water.

    His weapon... a katana.

    His true aim... immortality.

    His key... walking the martial path.

    His destiny... to conquer the dao of the sword!

    Join Will as he fights to build his own empire, in a world plagued with demons, dungeons and many more mysterious forces:

    "I am not controlled by the system, it shall be controlled by me. I will be a sovereign!"


    Novel by Patriarch Onion (Also the author of Titan's Throne) and hosted on theonionjunktion on royal road with the commentary of the beautiful and handsome Cookie. Will try our best to keep to the schedule, for now it's twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday!

  • Titan's Throne

    Titan's Throne

    536 pages by theonionjunktion


    30 year old Bastian Smith died and reincarnated in a different body in a world different from Earth. The body he was in was that of a 12 year old abandoned boy of noble birth. Bastian was at a loss. This new body also had a dragon looking tattoo on his chest. When he touched it something strange occurred. A powerful voice resounded in his mind:

    “To the owner of the Titan’s Mark be warned. You shall bear great power but you also bear a curse. Anyone who bears this mark is a child of I, the Great Ambevilius. Emperor of all that is under the heavens. If slay or subdue 1000 mark bearers, you shall become a successor of mine. This is not a destiny you can escape, so fight in the name of my glory!”

    At this moment the memories belonging to this body merged with his own. This was the Sovereign Continent; a place where cultivation is everything, a place with many wonders, a place where only the strong are just! Bastian then began his long and arduous journey…to earn the right to sit on the Titans Throne!

    Twitter @onionjunktion95, Instagram @theonionjunktion, Cover by Sage Zulu


    Novel by Patriarch Onion (Also the author of Solitary Sword Sovereign) and hosted on theonionjunktion on royal road with the commentary of the beautiful and handsome Cookie. Will try our best to keep to the schedule, for now it's twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday!

  • Pathless Origin: Bane of the Gods

    Pathless Origin: Bane of the Gods

    70 pages by theonionjunktion

    After a failed suicide, 16 year old Artillian Skye wakes up as an armoured soldier. With only a spear in hand, he is thrust in the middle of a battlefield with thousands of soldiers.

    Somehow he had entered the Gaia domain. A place were spirits, demons and demi gods run rampant in their quests for power. Artillian learns that he was given a second chance by the fallen goddess Hestia, she had given him the last of her divine essence to bring him back to life.

    Thus he makes it his life's mission to restore her to her former glory, however to do that he needs to get stronger himself. He needed to become stronger than the gods! For her he would kill any god, do anything, even searching all from the heavens to the nine levels of hell if need be, for she had given him something he had never had...A reason to live.

    So he made her a promise: "I shall make the bottomless sky your ground, the boundless universe your domain and the unending infinite your sky!"

    Cover by sagezulu

  • House Of Omen: The Indomitable Smithersmith

    House Of Omen: The Indomitable Smithersmith

    12 pages by theonionjunktion

    Every day for six years straight, from the time he was twelve, Darius Omen hit an anvil ten thousand times a day without stopping. He did not know the reason why he had to, all he knew was that he must. Little did he know that hit by hit, strike by strike, his originally meek body was being refined into something that had never been seen before in the history of mankind.

    In the war against spirits, mankind had little to be proud of. Yet one day a young man entered the battlefield. He dazzled millions and killed even more, all with merely a rusty old hammer than no one could hold or fathom.


    Novel by Patriarch Onion (Author of Solitary Sword Sovereign and Titan's Throne) and hosted on theonionjunktion on royal road with the commentary of the beautiful and handsome Cookie. Will try our best to keep to the schedule, for now it's twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday!

  • The Anarchist

    The Anarchist

    33 pages by theonionjunktion

    A family burned alive in their home. The chief of police dead. Rumours of discontent and an impending rebellion brewing in the flooded slums of the old town. A mysterious figure inspiring a movement that that threatens the fabric of society itself.

    Goslington City is going to be in trouble.

    Former policeman Gavin Watkins is called out of hiding to solve the death of his former mentor and current Police Chief Richard Wilson. A wash-out with a fragile psychology, Watkins had lost his way after he was forced to commit an unspeakable act by an old enemy. With the only man who ever believed in him gone, Watkins will have to form an uncomfortable partnership with Wilson's estranged daughter and conquer his demons to find out what is happening in Goslington before it is too late.


    Message from the Author: I am afraid that my update schedule is highly erratic. I cannot guarantee exactly when new chapters will come out, only that they absolutely will come out until the book is finished. That I can promise. I hope you enjoy this. It has taken me a long time to get it to where it is.


    Cookie's Note: this book is from a writer, Tristan De Robillard. He's also member of the onion junktion, be sure to check out this book!

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