• Nighthunter


    291 pages by SJ Reaver

    Reality shifts and Alexa finds herself trapped in a world far more dark and deadly than the one she knows. Her new body is stronger and faster, and she feels a connection to the magic around her, but it may not be enough to protect the scattered remnants of humanity she comes across.

    Author's Note:

    My first fic, written for Nanowrimo and continued because people liked it.

    Arc 1: Foundation (Chapters 001 - 017)
    Arc 2: Haven (Chapters 018 - 033)
    Arc 3: In Progress (Chapters 034 - ???)

  • Raak


    149 pages by Crimeus

    James was in his 30's when his death came suddenly, not that he minded much, as life was seeming to drag on.

    His story, however, did not end with his death.

    As a point of fact, it had only just begun.




    This will be my first work, so please by all means comment with any errors I may have made. Suggestions for the story (which may or may not be used). This is a litrpg and a bit of a power fantasy, so be warned the protagonist will be pretty OP eventually.

  • The Dao of Magic

    The Dao of Magic

    993 pages by alkaliho

    Here I am, sitting on a mountain so far away from civilisation it might as well be the godforsaken arse of the world, about to ascend. Can't wait to leave this crapfest of a planet... Turns out that the higher ups decided that an unaffiliated rogue like me is too big of a risk to let run around free.

    Seems like this entire cultivation world is a late stage capitalist money making machine for the powers that be in the higher realms, and me stealing the good loot in front of their descendants and sect disciples noses finally pissed them off enough to take action.

    First, they sent all the sect masters and hidden dao protectors to off me - which failed, obviously. Heh, afterwards they simply bitch slapped me out of their universe though.

    That is interesting and all, but I just woke up in a valley watching some critters murder each other while trying not to freak out about how bad it smells here.

    Soo… where the fuck am I? Why is that deer fighting a feathery squirrel? Why am I teaching this baby rabbit saved from a cannibalistic mother how to kick beings in the face with the power of qi?

  • Universe Online

    Universe Online

    66 pages by Viken
    (Thank you Drakannon for the Cover Art!)

    My name is Allec Renn, and I was born with ALS.

    For those of you who don't know what that is, it stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It basically means that I lost the ability to control my muscles. Its just like Lou Gehrig and Stephen Hawking.

    By the time I was 6 years old, I was living in a hospital, and from there things progressively got worse. I cannot walk, talk, eat or even go to the bathroom by myself. But there is one thing I can do. Playing games.

    The advent of Virtual Reality during my early teens greatly alleviated my problems. In the games I can be who I want, what I want. A mighty warrior, a powerful spellcaster, the charming rogue. The crafter. The builder.

    All sorts of games have come and gone over the years, rising and falling with each advance in VR technology and the ever-increasing power of the Artificial Intelligence's that control them.

    But now a new actor has taken to the stage. Solar Dynamics, Inc. has unveiled not only the first fully immersive 'deep' Dive Pod, but their flagship game puts all other VR games to shame.

    Universe Online.

    No longer are players stuck on a single large world to explore. No longer is there a limit to what you can do, what you can be. Fly spaceships across the universe, conquer planets, create custom technology. Mine, Build, Destroy. Explore. Rule.

    Do you have what it takes the control the Universe?

    I'm going to do my best to find out!

    -NOTE: This story is MATURE, and such has graphic fight scenes, blood and gore. Also cursing. Quite a bit of that in some cases. Sex may also be involved.

    -NOTE: Like my other story, UO is a work in progress. The storyline, characters, and other things are still in the drafting stages. Also, excuse my spelling and grammar errors!
  • Overgrowth


    122 pages by Not_A_Hat

    I never thought I'd be killed by butterflies. But here I am...

    Edmon Valli was a smuggler, before a freak storm threw him off course and stranded him on a desert island smack in the middle of an uncharted monster zone. Trying his best to survive, or possibly even escape, he stumbles across the find of a lifetime: an unclaimed dungeon crystal.

    This is a dungeon-ish story, but without reincarnation or transmigration. I started it as a whim for NaNoWriMo so I may drop it any time after that... or I might not. My current plan is to write until I can reach some sort of conclusion and call it 'volume one'. I hope someone enjoys reading it for now!

    All comments, corrections, and criticism welcome.

  • Life Reset

    Life Reset

    868 pages by shemerk

    The book is published on Amazon (and includes a bonus chapter and a prologue that are not published at RR). For a more polished, streaming read, please get it HERE

    For news and subscribing to the newsletter, please check out my site: http://liferesetlitrpg.com

    A LitRPG Novel.

    After being betrayed and cursed by an extremely rare spell, Oren, a once powerful and influential player, found himself as a 1st level Goblin!
    Without even a fraction of his previous power, he vows to somehow pull through and seek revenge on those who betrayed him.
    His greatest advantage are years of personal gaming experience and thorough knowledge of the game's world.

    But first, he has to figure out how to survive long enough playing what is basically a low-level fodder monster!

    Main themes:
    Character leveling, Settlement building, adventure.
    once a week, usually on Tuesdays.

    Once completed, I intend to publish the book via Amazon as an ebook.
    The published book will undergo tweaks and adjustments, as well as a professional editing.
    Those changes would NOT be published here in RR.

  • The New Journey of an Old Soul

    The New Journey of an Old Soul

    1494 pages by Vihyungrang

    The story of a soul seeking new adventure in a new life. A secret wish to find some things he never really found in his old life. Will the universe have other ideas for him again? Warning: 18+ due to violence, language and sexual content Note: The story is complete. A/N: Since people seem to be skittish with the gender bender tag, I should probably mention that it does not play a particularily important part in the story. More in the beginning, less as the story goes on.

  • Necromancer by Halosty

    Necromancer by Halosty

    626 pages by Halosty
    A somewhat spoiled rich kid enters Royal Road to stalk his crush. Instead, he finds himself on a dark (read: fun) path that will inevitably lead him to becoming a Necromancer.
  • Insania Online

    Insania Online

    2395 pages by Warhawx

    Welcome to the world of Insania, a game where you can play however you want! An expansive world ruled by a top tier AI capable of accommodating each and every player and their needs!

    Here we follow the story of Richard, and his avatar, the golem Gondorrer, as he comes and plays a MMO in one of the most dificult ways for no other reason than a sudden impulse, and fail miserably a few times before finally getting it right.

    Follow him in his adventures, composed by epic monster battles, custom made equipments, bad jokes, not right in the head friend, along with an unhealthy addiction to Monster Hunter, lots of rolling and window-balls!
    Okay, this is my first story here and it will probably be full of errors and such since my native language is portuguese, but any and all (constructive) critics are welcome.

  • Re:Hamster


    945 pages by Jormlung
    Steeve was a weird guy, he hated his world, and proved it by killing hamsters in the funniest way, but bad luck for him he died in an equal stupid way.

    And as he did, the hamster God who was bored reincarnated him as a hamster in the world his pantheon govern, the twist? He forgot to turn of the hero system, and so our protagonist is now a super hamster, who decided to follow the path of a demon lord and made a mess of this world in vengeance!


    This story is about a EVIL protagonist so there's a lot of EVIL in there!
    Also there's a lot of 'mature' scene so be wary of that!

  • Kingmaker


    528 pages by brostigno

    This story is on hiatus/abandonned.


    People die, then that's all... or at least, it should be that way. There may be anomalies, yes – the occasional hero of old getting reincarnated for some obscure purpose – but who knows what the gods are thinking. If they are thinking at all. If there are gods, to begin with.

    What would explain such a mistake, then? The hero mark wasn't given to our reborn champion, but to his perfectly normal sister. A prank from these mindless gods, perhaps. Luckily for him, he was done with this hero business and had other plans for his new life, so it's all good... Here is the story of one who isn't meant to stand among heroes, kings and emperors anymore, yet will find himself holding power over them.


  • Emerilia


    461 pages by Michael Chatfield

    13+ Swearing and Gore. (A LitRPG series.) (Sexual content contained within spoilers)

    BOOK 1 +2 HAVE BEEN COMBINED INTO THE TRAPPED MIND PROJECT ON AMAZON. CHECK IT OUT HERE ( http://amzn.to/2kebWgY) Also it is available in audio book format here: http://amzn.to/2tJEWEM

    BENVARI MOUNTAINS, EMERILIA 2 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2lkJSIt

    For The Guild EMERILIA 3 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here:http://amzn.to/2mycHCO

    New Norizons EMERILIA 4 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2nFpEvp

    This is Our Land EMERILIA 5 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2ptInO8

    Stone Raiders' Return EMERILIA 6 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2sbmowr

    Time of Change EMERILIA 7 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2sSe0hD

    Beyond All Expectations EMERILIA 8 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2vdEGhm

    Of Myths and Legends EMERILIA 9 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2jccaZv

    The Pantheon Moves EMERILIA 10 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2zwDt46

    Empire Burning EMERILIA 11 HAS BEEN PUT UP ON AMAZON.  Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2jNRzI9

    As such I've had to take them down from RRL.

    The Jukal Empire’s fleets can’t keep back the aggressive species. An idea is fielded, create Emerilia, a world of magic, Dwarves, Elves and fantasy characters.

    They can grow cycles of human Players, conditioned in a simulation of Earth to make them want to play Emerilia. The humans were a mighty foe for the Jukal Empire, but with their inhibitions gone and the morality of a game never in question, they can hold back the tide of the Aggressive species while calling it fun.

    What's the best way to control slaves? Make them think that they're free.


  • A Dragon Gnawing Its Tail

    A Dragon Gnawing Its Tail

    1045 pages by _GD_

    Emperor Krystfallen, the fabled First Dragon Emperor, awakens in secret five hundred years after his purported death. Legends speak of the great sacrifice of the First Emperor who offered his life to defeat the Blight Incarnate and the Blighted Multitude that threatened to consume the continent of Forkspear.

    But legends couldn't be further from the truth.

    Follow the First Emperor, who is nothing like the person proclaimed by the legends, and the lives of various people he meets along the way, as he tries to uncover what has happened during the centuries that he was asleep.

  • Lady Bunny

    Lady Bunny

    351 pages by androg
    Alan was a model student, good grades, good at sports, member of the student council and admired by his peers. His avatar Lance was a lv113 Knight, strong, honorable and respected by both the players and NPCs in the city. Alan wanted his online-life to be different from his real one; He sold ‘Lance' and created a new female avatar called ‘Bunny'.

    Follow Bunny, with her unique class and animal minions, on a joy-filled adventure in the RR universe. Adding in two quirky online friends and a dose of high-school romance to spice up the fun. For those who think farmers and breeders can't make it to the top, think again.

    Cover Pic stolen from Mondaiji (Kuro Usagi)
  • Under a Boundless Sky

    Under a Boundless Sky

    512 pages by RivertheRoyal

    If you were to ask someone what they thought of Revian Snow, they would say that she's small. Cute too. Doesn't talk much. Average grades, and hard to find in a crowd, though you'd think that someone with her looks would be more noticeable. She also plays the popular VRMMO's for some reason, but doesn't like to interact with others too much, even online. 

    In short, she doesn't stand out too much. 

    She likes it that way—After all, it's much easier to keep a secret when nobody's looking for one.


     If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon. It's a great help to me, and a very good motivation to do better, and more. 

    I hope you continue to enjoy what I write! 


  • A Snake's Life

    A Snake's Life

    308 pages by Kenaren

    An old man died in his sleep. Upon arriving in a pure white plane. 'God' Told him his wife that he had lost years earlier had been chosen to become the Hero a world needed. The man pleaded with the 'God' to send him as well. And though the God agreed the man would not be born a human. The man accepted anyways. Now he's in this new world trying to Evolve into something that can survive until he meets his wife again. Think he can do it?

    Taking a break from this story to focus on one of my other stories. 

    Many thanks to Aizen-Sama for the cover!


  • BreakDown


    845 pages by SnowMelts

    Six years after being orphaned, twenty-two-year-old Christina Bolen is finally getting her life in gear. With a business degree, Chris will finally be able to afford the life she wants for herself, but more importantly for her sister. Unfortunately, things don’t turn out the way they were supposed to. Chris is accused of a murder she didn’t commit and before she knows it she is a pawn in a game within a game. The only way out is learning to dominate in the virtual world humanity is losing itself in. A game world so widespread that it is replacing the real one in every aspect, including, or especially, the financial one. She might have never been a player before, but Chris vows to earn a spot on the gameboard. Even if that spot doesn’t exist yet.


  • Necromancer and Co.

    Necromancer and Co.

    498 pages by Dissonance

    In a time before the existence of the present, the gods decided to create a plane of existence where all their creations could exist in the same place. In it, all would be fair, and all gaps between races and technological advancements could be crossed with a single system that the gods had created. Every year, the gods would choose a new race to put in their land, and in this new group of beautifully unlucky people, Alen, his friends, and a few people from Earth have finally met their turn to be tossed into the playground of the gods.

    Unfortunately though, Alen was thrust into a forest of corpse-eating bears and horribly smelly undead on his first day, one of the many danger-zones of the continent the gods had chosen to throw them in. It would be easy to say that he simply died within the first day, or that he'd starved to death or whatever, but let's be honest...

    That story would be no fun to tell, yes?

    (Re-write of my first fiction with the same name.)

  • Re:Lovely


    683 pages by NaughtyHippy
    One day Noel finds out that there is indeed an afterlife, she's also given a second chance. While keeping her eye on the prize our heroine journeys through this strange new world causing various minor shenanigans and chaos, enjoy!

    Based off of and inspired by Re:Monster, I will be taking liberties as I please. By that I mean this is not completely accurate, enjoy.... I hope someone enjoys this... please don't hate me... I love you guys!

    Rating: M 18+ Strong Language, Innuendos, and cookies...*cough* Sexual Content *cough*

    Edit: Some guy said I should point out that there is lesbian sex in here. Basically, if you don't like seeing that sort of thing, don't read on. I'm completely fine with people who just don't want to read that. I am not fine with people who are homophobic, seriously, go away if you are. I don't want you here.
  • The Tale of G.O.D.

    The Tale of G.O.D.

    329 pages by Andur

    This is the Tale of G.O.D.   (And how Humanity never reached the Stars)

    Antioch is a sheltered being and knows little about the world. Although he harbours his own secrets, he doesn't comprehend the scale of the adventure he is about to embark on. Being locked up in a research station, he is content with his fate, but when he starts receiving strange messages, he suspects that not everything is well in his little world.

    When it's abruptly decided that the project has to be ended, Antioch is faced with the large world outside his prison.

    He won't like what he finds... and there are powers at play who would love to put the escaped subject back into the box.

    But as in so many tales, it's hard to close Pandora's Box once it was opened.

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