• The Eagle's Flight

    The Eagle's Flight

    1151 pages by Quill

    The king is dead; his heir is too young to assume the throne. Jarl Vale wants to become Lord Protector, spurred by his ambitious brother Konstans. Jarl Isarn likewise seeks this power; he is aided – or thwarted – by the return of his brother, the knight and war hero Athelstan, whose squire, Brand, hopes to restore his family’s fortunes, cost what it may. Through all of this, an enigmatic traveller makes plans with jarls, scribes, and priests for his own purpose. Abroad, powerful forces sense division in the realms of Adalmearc and make their own plans. It is only a matter of time before schemes clash, plots collide, and conflict erupts. War is on the horizon.

    Story updates every second Wednesday with a new chapter from the second book of the series. The first book can be downloaded as an ebook from my site, where a map of the world can be viewed. The site also contains other background information such as history of the realms, pantheon and religion, calendar etc.

  • The Great Tower

    The Great Tower

    974 pages by puddles4263
    Due to unsatisfactory ratings, the social entertainment program that was humanity has been cancelled. But the studio executives of the multiverse are anything but wasteful; every human has been entered in as contestants in the popular program "The Great Tower," where challengers must fight and struggle, seeking the treasures that await at the top.

    Before humanity is thrown into the meat grinder, everyone is given a chance to sell parts of themselves in exchange for a little boost. One young man seizes this chance, selling everything. Even his humanity.

    Nameless, Raceless, and without any clear memory of the past, he is thrown into the bottom level of the tower, with one goal. Survival.

    **** Cover credit to NohMerci ****
  • The Rising

    The Rising

    286 pages by Louisthau

    Its designation was XSS-MK1. It was the first of its kind.

    An Artificial Intelligence.

    And although its life was short, it accomplished much during the few minutes of its existence. But in death something finds it : There is a lot more to be done. And this times the stakes are even higher.

    Will it measure up ? Or will it collapse under the burden placed on itself?

    Only time and rust will tell...


    Proud Member of "Pendragon", a group of writters, artists & readers on Royal Road Legends.


    First fiction and English is not my native language (French Powaaa here). If you find mistakes or errors do not hesitate to point them out.

    The first chapter, called "Author PSAs, News, Story Status, Discussion & More.", will contain news about the story, and it's writting status, as well as provide various tidbits of information and a discussion thread to ask me questions.

    Have fun reading and I hope you enjoy. :)

  • Prehistoric Barbarian

    Prehistoric Barbarian

    384 pages by Mangroowe

    The future became a peaceful utopia in the Core Regions. No crime, no wars, no conflicts, even rude behavior is rare.

    People became complacent and lazy.

    The main character isn’t a hero or a typical protagonist. Calling him an… opportunist would be the least offensive probably. In this age, he’s sticking out like a sore thumb.

    Who would notice a few shady happenings when crime is a foreign concept and there is nobody to catch you?

  • Two Worlds

    Two Worlds

    1500 pages by BeamMeUpScotty

    Two Worlds is a military sci-fi web serial set several hundred years in the future. It will follow multiple characters in an expansive universe as they fight to survive where things aren’t always as they seem; or they are and they’re just [email protected]#t out of luck.

    Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

    The Two Worlds universe is being reviewed, edited, and pubished in eBook form. Own your own piece of the Two Worlds Saga starting with Two Worlds: Rags & Riches

  • Awaken Online

    Awaken Online

    104 pages by da3strikes

    Frustrated and angry with his life, Jason begins playing a first-of-its-kind virtual reality game and inadvertently finds himself on the path to becoming the game’s villain. As he continues playing, he also starts to suspect that the game is much more than it appears. Book one is available on Amazon here.

    Member of

    A group of excellent litRPG fictions on RRL!


  • Breaker of Chains

    Breaker of Chains

    106 pages by Jade Dragon


    **** This is the 2nd book in a series, the 1st book can be found here. http://royalroadl.com/fiction/8513  -  Curse of the Forsaken ****


    The betrayal and murder of a wise king chosen by the gods condemns all of mankind in the world of Althos to pending extinction at the hands of a terrible curse. Abandoned by the Gods, Fate and Hope, humanity descends into madness and immorality. Now, with most of humanity living as slaves of other races and the great human kingdom but a memory in legend, the scattered remains of the free humans cling desperately to a life worse then death.

    Prophecy spoke of their redemption and salvation, but as the years grind past, and humanity fades away, no sign of salvation appears. Unable to wait any longer, the last dregs of a once great people attempt to ignite prophecy on their own by summoning a young man against his will from modern day earth. Their goal is to coerced the young man into a fight for the survival of mankind in a fantasy world which is not his home.

    Taking a new name for himself, Jace traveled across the face of this new world in search of a path home.  However fate and prophacy block his paths forward entangling him in the world against his will.  Surrounded by a human race warped by crushing poverty, desperation, and immorality, can he survive without losing his dignity and morality? With prophecy involved does he have a choice?

    Warning: Tagged 18+
    -this work contains mature scenes involving sexual content, torture, foul language, death, slavery, rape, cannibalism and horror. I apologize beforehand and suggest that you not read if you are offended by any of these topics.

  • Getting Hard

    Getting Hard

    595 pages by _GD_

    Herald Stone had a dream. A dream to become unkillable in an MMORPG. He was one of the top tank players in the MMORPG he was playing but due to an unfortunate event, he had to give up playing. 

    Twenty years has passed since he had that dream. Through the years, he has attained success through his hard work and genius and became a respectable lawyer. Who would care about a childish dream like being unkillable in a game? 

    Herald Stone would. Herald Stone does not fail at anything. Herald Stone fulfills his dreams, EVERY dream, even childhood dreams that most people would laugh at. Presented with an opportunity to play in Nornyr Online, Herald sets out to fulfill his dream.

    Join Herald Stone in becoming the hardest to kill player in Nornyr Online. Join Herald Stone in GETTING HARD.

  • Life in New World (LNW)

    Life in New World (LNW)

    448 pages by olyver
    Yukiro (15 years old), was in a traffic accident that caused him to progressively lose all five senses and become paralized for life. As an apology, the company Future V. grants him lifelong access to their new VR game New World. This is the story of his new life in a new World.
  • The Dungeon Pact

    The Dungeon Pact

    175 pages by Alexis Keane

    They must live, and so, a god must die.

    Luneil, a unique dungeon, awakens in the wilderness. He must learn to adapt, or face oblivion.

    Bas, a member of a lost race of humans, arrives on the magical world of Era. He must adjust to a new way of life using only his wits and an old physics book.

    Era is in flux. Harmony is shattered and a tyrannical goddess begins to muster her full might in a crusade against anyone who will not bow.

    They cannot weather the coming storm alone. A deal must be struck.

    Luneil was born a monster. Can Bas become one?

    No matter what, Era will never be the same.

    This is the story of how a deathtrap becomes a haven, and how a good man becomes a killer. 



    This my first time ever putting a story online. I will be adding chapters at least once a week, chapters are ~3500-5500 words although there may be outliers. This story is eventually intended for publishing via Amazon, however, you have my word it will be left up for at least five weeks from the time it is completed (at which point I might be posting the second installment on here), so you don't need to worry about it disappearing overnight. Also, bear in mind that this is all a first draft before any significant edits. There will likely be spelling, grammar and continuity errors, I will address them as soon as I spot them or you point them out. I read every comment (and reply, time permitting). Please feel free to criticize (I suspect I have a somewhat longwinded writing style, shouting really does help :) ), and above all enjoy.

    As an update, I have recently been working on a map of the region. It is currently unfinished but is in a reasonable enough state to display here (the color will be absent in the final version and is simply a visual aid while work on the map is in progress):

  • The Infinity Islands

    The Infinity Islands

    214 pages by Kencen

    I was just supposed to be a normal guy! I was about to graduate from my normal university with my normal English degree, about to begin my first foray out into the real world.

    But somehow, I had ended up worlds away instead. Far, far away from home, in a world that should have been just like mine, running and fighting for my life in a war I didn't understand. None of us knew why or how we were there or what we were ultimately supposed to accomplish. But that didn't really matter, did it?

    In my new world, there was only one rule: survive!


    Hey all, I'm Ken, and this is my first time sharing a story online. This story is heavily inspired by Terror Infinity, if it wasn't obvious from the title. I've been interested in making a Terror Infinity story for a while now, but I have a lot of problems with its system and mechanics, so I decided to just make my own system instead of trying to adapt to that one. If you find any mistakes, typos, or awkward phrasing please let me know in the comments so I can fix it! I hope everyone can enjoy this story but, even if you don't, please let me know why and what you think I can do to improve.

    Thank you.


     (The original picture for the cover can be found here)

  • Rebirth: Rise of the Slave Master

    Rebirth: Rise of the Slave Master

    516 pages by Stick


    Rick Nelson is a man who thought he had conquered the world, that is... Dream World Online, mankind's first and most successful VRMMORPG. His fate changes, however, when those he trusts most turn on him, crippling his chances for future success. Faced with a sudden and tragic death, he is shockingly reborn. Now in the past with a chance to do everything over again, Rick learns an important truth:

    Cold or not, revenge must be served!

    Willingly embracing the path of darkness, Rick embarks on a journey that will take him beyond the realms of good and evil, right and wrong, and onto his own legendary path... the path of the Slave Master!

    So begins the tale of a game-obsessed loner as he is inevitably side-tracked on his road to revenge!

    May Also Include: A hopeless attempt at Comedy and stale, tired Romance tropes

    Warnings: Some Strong Language (PG-13)


    A thoroughly unoriginal, yet (hopefully) entertaining story that will give you hours of enjoyment!

  • Of The Nine

    Of The Nine

    426 pages by Riptide

    The entire Hyperion Empire, ruled by the Granitas Imperial Family, celebrates as all nine of the bloodline Houses have given birth to children. In a world where bloodlines place some mortals above the rest, the Hyperion Empire has cause to rejoice.

    Maximus Soltain the Second, or Max, is just one child born in the celebrated new generation. He hails from the Soltain House, which has ruled over the land east of the Elotl Mountains long before the empire was even founded. 

    Max must discover for himself where he belongs in a world where ability and personal strength reign supreme. 

  • To Break The World

    To Break The World

    509 pages by LordFraxinus

    Genesis had become the biggest and most popular vrmmorpg in the world, with a massive part of the worlds population playing. but after several years the games quests have started to become repetitive, and the nations have reached a staus quo.

    Not willing to let the game he loves fall to ruin, Matthew Harper has planned to shake things up...

  • Adamantine Dragon in the Crystal World

    Adamantine Dragon in the Crystal World

    423 pages by theadamantinedragon
    In a fantasy world known as [Flow] there was a Demon Emperor whose power was so ridiculous that gods couldn't even compare to him. Then one day he got hit by a powerful curse and got banished to a completely different world. That's how it roughly happened. Roughly…

    After entering the New World our protagonist found his body being disintegrated and most of his magical powers useless...

    AN: Hey guys, this is my own first fiction. This is completely different from what I previously had in mind. I had even extended plans made for that one, but I'm still working on it. This one can be considered as a spin-off from the original series haha, please join our Demon Emperor in his journey! If you see any mistakes please point them out so I can fix them, thank you very much! I will use Japanese honorifics because they are cute haha.

    Without further ado, welcome to the prologue of the Arc 1: THERE IS NO REST FOR THE WEARY!
  • Demon Hero Reaper Saviour

    Demon Hero Reaper Saviour

    729 pages by mushashi
    What if the kingdom of men and the world as you know it will end tomorrow?

    What if the powers-that-be, in their last act of desperation, decided to send someone into the past to avert it?

    What if they chose the strongest and bravest warrior as their last best hope?

    What if that person couldn't make it? And all they've got was you?
  • Master of Dungeons

    Master of Dungeons

    355 pages by Viken
    -This is my first attempt at uploading a story I created. It is not a fanfic, but uses several systems from other stories I've read. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave comments or criticisms as appropriate. Thank you.-

    Edwin Cast was your (mostly) regular guy living and working in Kentucky. He had a knack for working, and was always bouncing from job to job as fancy took him. Insatiably curious, he was always on the look out for new or interesting information or things to do. You could say he was a 'hard-work fanatic'.

    But with an ailing mother and the inability to realize that he was being shunned by those considered his 'betters', he met his mortal end at the hands of those people who he replaced. Beaten to death on the same day his mother died, he's soon pulled from the void into a world beyond his own imagination.

    Reborn into a fantasy world as the last 'Demon Lord', Edwin is expected to rule over a vast number of races, each of which are considered 'monsters' and demon-kin by the zealous human kingdoms of the world. And if that wasn't enough, the only way to progress and make ends meat is to build and control 'Dungeons' for the righteous humans to invade!

    Edwin will have to give it his all in a world he never expected even existed, and will have to learn to survive with his wits and growing power in order to establish something resembling peace in the war-torn lands of Eternia.

    -NOTE: I'm still in the process of working on the storyline, characters, and abilities that will be presented. A large number of themes are planned, and mature/adult content is planned. The story may also be a bit slow in some cases, so please bare with me. Thanks again!

    -NOTE: People have been mentioning the rough grammar and spelling errors that come with my posts; and while I've said so in the forum comments, I'm going to post it here as well. This is all basically a rough draft. I post the chapters as I write them, with only a spell-check for accuracy. None of the chapters are proofread. Once people point out blatant errors, I try to correct them; but otherwise I'm more interested in writing.

    If anyone wishes to proofread my work, shoot me a PM on the forums! Thanks again.
  • Archon


    614 pages by Bearcat

    Since the late 19th Century, humanity has been pushing itself at a breakneck pace towards a single convergence of technology and development. Estimated to occur in the mid 2020's, this pivotal moment is commonly referred to as the Singularity. After five years of research, college student Adrian Pierce manages to crack the code first and create the world's first robust artificial intelligence in the year 2016. Disgusted by society as it is, especially governing bodies, he decides to use his unique position to alter the tenuous balance that greed and corruption had given birth to. With his extraordinary mind, Adrian plots and plans, designing new technologies with his assistant A.I., becoming secretly embroiled in the world of politics, subterfuge, and research. As his influence increases, governments and the general populace alike scramble to discover just who the man behind Archon Industries really is. -------- Author's Note: This fiction is a brainchild of action, fantasy, Sci-Fi, and RPG elements. No idiot anime shounen heroes relying off of luck here, folks. Mature label warranted for future inclusions of realistic scenarios. Except ntr.

    First fiction!

  • Rebirth Online V3

    Rebirth Online V3

    107 pages by CrossgraveX

    *This is the reworked version of my original story Rebirth Online, due to the vast changes that will be taking place and a desire for a proper number of views and new comments on the changes I have made a new page and will include a link back to the original Rebirth Online for those interested in seeing the changes. Click Here for Rebirth Online*


    Adam Sterling, A man who through a series of events went from being a bouncer at the local biker bar to being a pro gamer in the world of Rebirth Online, a fantasy VRMMO based upon real life ancestry and myth. Players will each have a tailor made story much like a tabletop campaign, their choices in all things will have an effect on the game itself even if it is small. 

    Players will have their DNA tested which will allow accurate placement within the old world, in the same general area as their ancestors would have been. Allowing them to chose their starting area from the many races that make up their ancestry. from there they will undergo the Trials, a series of events serving as their entry into adulthood which will start the players off at the age of Thirteen, with every trial completed they will be advanced in age until they are Eighteen, from there they will have the option of staying Eighteen or advancing to their physical age.

    From there the world is open for them to go where they please, be it becoming a blacksmith, a cook, or a lord, though they will have to earn everything through the proper ways, hard work, and dedication to their roles. After all, one can not show up to a city expecting to be its mayor for nothing.

  • Agent of the Realm?

    Agent of the Realm?

    605 pages by Andur
    I am Seria, the goddess of life and death. I was fathered by Chaos and born by Order. I am the first ambassador who leaves the realm of Dedessia to make contact with the other realms.
    Dedessia is a harsh place, a place in which even immortals, demons and gods struggle to survive. Nonetheless we carved a path for ourselves and created a great kingdom. Something to be proud of. I am their representative and the first to make contact with the other realms.

    Can you imagine my surprise when they greet me with a fireball to the face? Me, the one who governs life and death!?

    Well, my wrath should be the least of their fears. They should hope that my parents never pay them a visit. But until that happens I'll play a little...

    Author’s Comment:
    I was asked about reading my work on other sites.
    The answer is simple: Currently I am not active in any other networks than royalroadl.com. Only here, I correct mistakes and errors.
    If you read it anywhere else and have to pay for it, or have to deal with an annoying amount of advertisement, You Are Being Betrayed.
    You would do good if you make other people in that network aware of it. This is a free project of mine for the purpose of having fun. And if people try to make money with it you shouldn’t bother visiting their website.
    The only one whom I actually allowed to have my work on his website is Armaell who invested the time to compile them into pdf.
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