• Records of true fiend

    Records of true fiend

    6 pages by Omu

    this is new story I just thought about that involes a person who was at the near point of absolute power but due to some unforseen circumstances he was traped in the void and managed to be reborn as human but with a twist that i won't talk about for right now.

  • The Sick Duck Platoon

    The Sick Duck Platoon

    26 pages by cupcake

    The hilarious adventures of four best buddies, Samuel, Robert, Johnathan, and Diederik. 

    Sam- The main protagonist who always tries to tame the wild flock of the Sick Duck platoon. A guy with a sense of justice and courageous with a hair-trigger temper.

    Rob- The coolest and the calm headed guy. He loves is porn collectibles and is also popular among the girls. He his the idol of the perfect being in the flesh!

    Dirk- The bookworm nerd and an academically genius. He is very shy in front of people and his tiny in size. But no one would want to get at the bad side of Dirk because when he loses his cool, he doesn't give a shit even if it's his teacher or policeman or terrorist or the president of united states itself, he would beat the shit out of you by hook or crook.

    Joe- The horniest, the worst, the most idiotic person, who doesn't give a shit about the world. Always drag the flock inside a neck-deep shit situation. He loves his buddies a lot still end up dragging them down the drain. 

    The four of the teens were slapped as 'The four Sick Ducks' of Lamington high School. This is the rock N roll pathway of the Sick duck platoon!

    Note:- I don't own the cover photo, all credit goes to Monty Python comedy group.

  • Chaos


    1 pages by C36

    In a world were the people of Yurenia are ruled by 4 king. Each king with a magical gem forged by the gods. Until a certain acident happen and now one king has perish another try to take over everything and the other two still try to defend thier counrty. Everyone start to lose hope seeing that they will never get to be free. Until a group of warriors arrive. Each with a unique power. A team said to be unstopable a team made gods them selves. A team called Chaos Warriors.

  • The Amulet

    The Amulet

    3 pages by rushedman

    Our protagonist recieves an amulet in a dream, and becuase of this amulet his world will be turned upside down. 

    (This is the only Synopsis I can give currently as I am still working on the story I will update as I flesh out the story more)

  • All Encompassing

    All Encompassing

    9 pages by lylesane

    This is a side project that will run along with my main story, as of right now, 'Passing Onto Fog.' It will have an irregular update schedule, but it was an idea that has been sitting in my head for a while now. There was one other story that I've read that has a similar concept, but took a turn I didn't enjoy.


    A woman wakes in the dark with no answers to questions she doesn't know to ask. What awaits her here in this mysterious place?

  • Edelholz


    15 pages by Zirkonia

    You could say that this story is about a particular girl, however it's not only her that this story is about. It just so happens that most of this story is shown through her perspective.

    Well, anyhow this story is about what happens when you don't think things through. Especially when it comes to opening uncontrolled portals to who knows how many dimensions. That is never a good idea. Ever. Not even in an emergency.

  • Dreamers


    3 pages by Clowf

    A young girl in 1990 suddenly finds herself in a large scale battle that may just determine that fate of the universe. Maybe.

  • The Imperfect Girl for Me

    The Imperfect Girl for Me

    7 pages by mardwalimcan

    I met this particular girl on one of our P.E. class and eventually made her my Imperfect Girl.

    AUTHOR: I do hope some people like my story, I'm not good at making stories, but I hope my story can be understood by people who read it. Also, if you find some error in my grammar, please do correct me. 

  • Apocalypse in Russian style

    Apocalypse in Russian style

    4 pages by Nalevo

    This novel is attempt to simulate possible consequences of Apocalypse.
    The plot is based on the rationality and thoughtfulness of the protagonist’s actions, ongoing events and possible consequences.

  • The life of a minstrel

    The life of a minstrel

    6 pages by SlothPig

    An elf grew up, with the spirit of a man inside him. He was like any human in our world, with dreams. His dreams were of being a part of a band. But he had no talent with his voice ,nor had he enough dexterity to play an instrument. The closest he ever got was to be a roadie. He managed there instruments and there sets, but he wanted...MORE. One day, he got his wish and found himself dead. But he was reborn. In his elves body, he had a beautiful voice and nimble fingers. He was strait forward in his previous life, and now he vows to take his life down a more carefree path.

  • Cobalt Nik

    Cobalt Nik

    4 pages by Zee (Brutally Unhonest)

    A young woman wakes up late, goes to work, and gets killed on the way home. 


    Blah, blah, blah. All you care about is what happens after the fact... And let me assure you, stuff happens.


    The MC is gonna be reincarnated as a kobold, in a fantasy world. It makes me feel unoriginal that there is another kobold reincarnation story that was recently started that I was not inspired by, as it seems more dark than mine will be, but nonetheless, Here it is. Enjoy.

  • Taodins Legend

    Taodins Legend

    4 pages by kalkonso

    Taodins Legend is a fiction inspired from a legendary high elven General named Taodin whose actions inspired me to write this masterpiece(jk).

  • Steven Universe:The Gem Crusaders

    Steven Universe:The Gem Crusaders

    11 pages by SimonBelmont12

    Embark on an alternate universe version of the beloved show we all know and love, with an all new cast of characters, a new beach city, and a brand new adventure. It will be a journey of love, hurt, tragedy, happiness, and more, as we follow the journey of the Gem Crusaders lead by the great warrior gem, Cassiterite, her right hand gem, Cats Eye Chrysoberyl, and the few gems they have left unscathed as they try to rebuild their numbers and prepare for a potential war against Homeworld.

  • Sand Girls

    Sand Girls

    28 pages by GreenFlame000

    In a world where the oceans have dried up into dune seas and the atmosphered is all screwed up, there are two strange girls travelling across the desert in a half-rusted tank. Let's restart the Wild West, Iron Style.

  • Spirit certain of itself: Her adventures

    Spirit certain of itself: Her adventures

    11 pages by SoulofKefka

    Being suffocated by restraints is common in modern life. To either overcome or just cope is something everyone must do in order to keep living. In this story, Adalina's lofty goal is to take the reins of her own destiny, let herself be the one to determine the possibilities and outcomes in her life. Follow her search for answers, which includes treading over the world of cultivation, meeting fantastical creatures, companions and enemies along the way.

    I do not plan on writting something unpleasant, nor difficult. What I strive for is purity, even if in a broad sense and in many forms.

  • Mystfall Chronicles

    Mystfall Chronicles

    59 pages by killercrashman555

    My first story...ok I've never thought about publishing it, I just wrote for fun until someone told me that it was good and then I decided what the heck...


    The Continent of Magoss has seen many trials, it has seen empires rise and fall, rebellions and catastrophes. Through it all comes a new age. The age of conflict, an aftermath of a grand war that shook the continent a several centuries ago. Now a new story begins, one of Nyle Mystfall and his search for his elusive homeland and for his remaining family. Simple curiosity paves way for great adventures.

    Note: This same story is on another website...it's my friend's and I gave it to him, he put it up there first. I think there's like two chapters of my work on there, one of his yet. If you'd consider it, you can read it on the site there, gives him more moral support (or something like that as well as me). This is the wordpress site...Which I guess I am now the co-owner of (I'm so proud!)

  • Critically Impaired

    Critically Impaired

    16 pages by InfScout

    This story is about Dave, a man who sees everything as unimportant. The only thing he can feel is amusement and strives to make himself laugh through any means necessarry. Unfortunately the only person who finds his odd sense of humour funny is himself. Watch him bumble his through life as he tries to cope with a past life and a tragic backstory to make himself normal.

    This is my first story so forgive me if things are a bit rough.

  • Grate Lord Saga

    Grate Lord Saga

    0 pages by Kind Guy

    In the immortal world to save the innocent peoples life from deamon two people named Grate Lord and God Lord are doing this work this is a fan fiction

  • Dreams I had........

    Dreams I had........

    2 pages by Miss Vixen

    I'll be sharing my dream which I get while sleeping.

    Anyone can share his/her dream and I'll modify it to make the story smooth and post it.

    Please, No BS.

    I hope You like it.

  • Angel Of Death

    Angel Of Death

    3 pages by Voidmage

    One look into my world, you would think that it would be cool to live in I mean superheroes and villains what could be cooler. But that is all on the outside, the destruction they cause when they fight is more than the villain would have caused if left alone. I used to be like the others blindly looking up to them, but not anymore.

    Not my image from https://ajhateley.deviantart.com/art/The-Assassin-Request-378117769 if that does not work then use this  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/239042692694504227/

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