• History of Genesys

    History of Genesys

    7 pages by kette442

    This will be the place where i will post all the things that happen besides the main story I intent to post. Look at "Genesys" if you wanna know how that story is going if you are interested in the world. The main charakter there will be one of those Grounders, will be interesting maybe? dunno xD

    Anyways I will start with the history of those people staying at the Genesys tree and continue onward from there on, may not be in one straight timeline always, and updates may not be regularly at times but I will try my best.

    I just cant write a story without a history behind it, politics influencing the people and kingdoms and of course trying to get some speech idioms that will be based on the history of the continent. Dunno how good it all comes out but you will never know if you dont try xD

  • The Hellslinger Chronicles

    The Hellslinger Chronicles

    16 pages by OneDeathwish

    The Hellslinger Chronicles follows a boy named Seth who has lived in the village his whole life training to be a Soul Keeper, a human with piece of Heaven inside them, granting the ability to use magic to fight the evil. He dreams of leaving the village and exploring the world for adventure determined to prove his worth to his Father and the Cardinals of the village that he is ready to be a Soul Keeper. Little does he know, unknown forces are moving against him and his dreams of being a Soul Keeper seems to be slipping away more and more...

  • Blaze of the new horizon

    Blaze of the new horizon

    5 pages by Izukamaru

    Noah is a 19-year-old college student who shares his every day life with Akagi, a beautiful red-haired girl. This may sound like an enviable life, if not because in reality, Akagi is a kind of spirit that takes Noah's energy to survive.

    His day by day seemed to remain unchanged until, during a trip to some ancient ruins, a strange device transports Noah and Akagi to a parallel world where magic and fantastic creatures inhabit, or at least, it seems.

    How did Akagi end up as a spirit? What is the reason behind Noah's dream visions? Who is the girl of Noah's visions and what relationship does she have with his past? Why were they transported to another world? Noah will have to face the obstacles that are interposed to him in order to recover his lost past, uncover the unknowns after the appearance of Akagi and find the reason why they were called to another world.

  • Midnight Thoughts

    Midnight Thoughts

    0 pages by G_B
  • Default Reset

    Default Reset

    3 pages by Kuro Yuki


    The MC was playing online games with his friend when he brought up the disappointment of the unforeseen long hiatus that his favorite light novel has been in right at the climax of the story! The MC sighs saying that it has been three years with no signs of the author picking up his pen to continue the story.  The MC recalls the heroics of the fictitious gaming character when he boldly declared to his friend, “If I was that hero I would be able to defeat you at any game!  Even if you were my friend I would make you cry defeat a thousand times at least!”

    Unknowingly that those words would make his friend be playful and changing the MC’s life forever.

    How his friend would put it “that MC would have had an ordinary life, but that would have been boring”.


    “So you were helping the MC have a full happy life of adventure?”

    “Gosh no. By the way your character died.”

    “Noooo. You are a horrible friend!”

    “I don’t believe in having friends, but the MC is an OK guy…”

    “I bet the MC would have been happier if he didn’t have you as a friend..”

    “Your character died again…”

    “What?! You are horrible…”

    “You know best that I never know defeat!”

    “But you failed… as a character and a friend… you aren’t the MC!”

    “Your game character was reset to level one deleting the game data…”


  • The Golden Monarch

    The Golden Monarch

    49 pages by ImmortalFantasy

    The Golden Monarch: For countless ages gods and powerful beings have protected the universe. At the fringe of known space a darkness encroaches that threatens to consume all. Which heroes will rise to combat the darkness and stand in the light?

    Book 1, Rebels Rising: Artien is born into a village on the border of the beastial Wildlands. Warned by his parents never to enter, he lived within the village and it's rules. When a demon hunting party arrives, he is pushed into the Wildlands to escape. Why was he targeted? Will he be able to go back home?

  • Unbounded


    15 pages by zXii

      I'm just writing this for fun. I am also a beginner in this. This is about a dying man getting reincarnated in a magical world. You might find a lot of grammar mistakes as English is not my native language. But even so, you are welcomed to read this. I will also add tags as the story progresses. 

    Art made by Kawacy

  • Promised Daughter: We Call Ourselves the Cursed Part I

    Promised Daughter: We Call Ourselves the Cursed Part I

    166 pages by J-Eves

    Chudami is a silent planet. Empty of animals or insects, all that grows on it are flowering trees. When refugees fleeing Earth crash-land onto Chudami, they--desperate to survive its toxic environment--forge a bio-dome out of these trees and their flowers. There they shelter themselves, only to develop beneath the dome's branches an equally toxic society: cruel, authoritarian, and choked with fear.

    Eight hundred and fifty-seven years after the Crash Landing, Mayah is born into the bio-dome's upper caste. While a prophecy predicted her birth, no one--least of all Mayah--truly knows her destiny. Is Mayah the promised child messiah? Or is she a pawn in the political struggles that threaten to consume the bio-dome?

    It's a time of increasing unease. The Free Serfs, an oppressed anti-caste system movement, is daily growing in strength. It manages to get one of its own agents, Sukren, assigned to Mayah as her handler. Commanded to secretly manipulate her towards Free Serf goals, Sukren lives his double life on a knife's edge.

    This is Mayah's story, as she starts to suspect that Sukren is more than just her beloved guardian. This is Sukren's story, as he struggles between his loyalty to the Free Serfs and his love for Mayah, the girl he is raising like his own daughter.

    For more from J Eves check out http://www.j-eves.com.

  • Endless Horizon

    Endless Horizon

    11 pages by zenihzwei

    I have a dream. It may sound embarrassing, but ever since I was little, I always dreamed of it. The dream was a strange thing, and almost none of it made any sense, even to me. However, there's something I always loved to see in that dream. Because of that, I've decided to go and search for it.

    "Hey, do you want to come along? Let's see what lies beyond the end of this sky."

  • Glimpse of void

    Glimpse of void

    3 pages by vesperius

    Endless wastes of smoldering deserts covers the horizon, the world abandoned by its makers slowly burns towards its end. Beneath endless sands lies a fragment of lost civilization spanning for miles and more. Among its ruins the few creatures still living tenaciously struggle with their meaningless lives as they strive to survive another day. Unsuspectingly the gears of fate started rolling at this forsaken place......

  • Wraith-touched


    6 pages by Mezzo

    A friend,

    A warrior,

    A leader.

    Ranvarius was known as many things in his life, ranging from the hopelessly energetic boy down the road up to the right hand man and travelling companion of the God-hero, Aros, himself.

    He was a man who devoted himself into whatever he believed in and gladly joined the hero's side when he was beckoned. He was the one who helped paved the way for the future of the world, even gladly giving away his life when the time called for it.

    Collapsed, bleeding and dying in a field filled with corpses and shattered steel, he held whispered his only regret to himself, a regret that will change the future of the world he fought for.

    Author's notes: So this will be an attempt of mine to create a story. Constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated, after all, I do want to improve.

    Releases may vary from a few days to a few weeks, because of my schedule.

  • Solo Flight

    Solo Flight

    0 pages by Emerson

    When Albert prepares to set out for the first solo flight across Elf light-66 All seems ok.... or is it? 

  • Adventures of Faven

    Adventures of Faven

    18 pages by zerosong000

    Vereth was one of the strongest and most knowledgeable mage in the world. Unfortunately, in the midst of a war waged between multiple of the strongest faction, he was betrayed and killed by those he had considered to be his closest friend.

    In a turn of fate, he finds that he has been reborn as Faven, who was had been bullied all his life because he was considered trash, and had finally drowned himself in despair.

    Now with a new body, Vereth is determined to rise once again as one of the strongest mage in order to take revenge on the one who betrayed him, and to return to those that cared for him.

  • Falling slowly.

    Falling slowly.

    0 pages by emptynames

    A conquest, a ambitious king, a small mountain nation that sits between the king his future empire.

  • College Student To Chosen Hero

    College Student To Chosen Hero

    10 pages by johnny sins

    This is the story of the person whose name is known throughout the world as the legendary general who faced death a thousand times, he is also known as the first true king and the uniter of lands.…..

    This is the story of Bob.

    Bob is a normal state university student, there is nothing really exceptional about him, no special talent, average grades, average looks and....  uhh well look everything in his whole aspect of being is average. And worst of all his daily life is absolutely normal.

    Well What do you expect? he lives in our world. Nothing supernatural, magical, and "fun" ever happens in our world.

    So thats why this story does not happen in our boring world.

    Welcome to the continent where war and famine is as natural as the air that you breath and this is the place where the legacy of Bob will unfold. 


  • Blank: a Story of Good Intentions

    Blank: a Story of Good Intentions

    76 pages by Zarelliel

    Many Millennia ago in a time of peace and innovation, a disaster of epic proportions, known as the Great Reverse, ravaged the world. The details remain vague, but humanity was once again thrown into the disorder and chaos. Under the mysterious circumstances, they reclaimed an ability that was once long lost to them, the restored ability to wield magic.

    Thus a period of great prosperity and enlightenment swept over the world. With the help of magic, humanity reclaimed its throne above the world's other inhabitants and created civilizations almost as grand and extravagant as the kingdoms and republics of the past. But with every piece of innovation, arises a piece of chaos. The Great Reverse gave rise to horrendous and terrifying creatures. Not much is known about them, because their very nature makes them hard to study. It is believed that they arise from human turmoil itself. They have tangible bodies, but they're mercurial and erratic. Additionally their sole purpose of life is to instill despair within the world. They are those who walk through the night with no soul, no heat, no individual thought.

  • Endless day (rewriting)

    Endless day (rewriting)

    0 pages by Sessy
  • Phantom


    37 pages by ZeroWolfGiven

    16-year-old Arata Atasuke was a regular and ordinary high school student, or so he thought until his life was put on the line and he discovers that he possesses the power to stop time for only a few seconds. He was quickly discovered by a group named Phantom, a secretive guild consisting of members with abilities just like Arata's. With nowhere to go and nothing to lose, Arata accepts the offer and joins the little group of theirs. Together, Arata, his partner Nakatomi, and the rest of the guild attempt to protect those who also possess abilities, but haven't been activated yet due to not having their lives being put in danger.

  • 99 souls

    99 souls

    0 pages by novicescribe



  • the AMAZING stick block-man

    the AMAZING stick block-man

    17 pages by Draegeas

    block-man's fantastic, incredible, glorious, amazing, jaunt through the digital world of PINEAPPLE THUNDERCRACK, the greatest virtual-reality game to ever grace this Earth. YOUR ADVENTURE!

    your story begins before the game is released, and you will soon become one of the first players. perhaps, even, the GREATEST. you will face nappie wearing bandits, drunk rocks, naked singularities, origami spaceships, coins made of air and the living embodiment of fence-sitting. you are quite possibly as high as a kite.


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