• Stockholm Syndrome

    Stockholm Syndrome

    8 pages by Teruterubozu

    Ad wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, nor the reddest of roses; he wasn't special in the world we know-- but with a twisted mind such as his, he might just be in a play or die universe.

    One day, he fell in love with the transfer student. And you know what love does to you psychologically, don't you?





  • The 73'th

    The 73'th

    0 pages by ZenKagami

    When a man who uses his eloquent tounge and his smarts to advance into the foundations of society is summoned into a world of monsters and magic as the 'Hero', he is forced to fight against the bane of all living things, the 'Eater of Souls'.

    After getting completely overpowered by his enemy he gets killed, and just when he thought his eternal sleep was finally at hand he is reincarnated into a new world as a demon lord.

    This is the story of the 73'th, and weakest of the demon lords, the one-horned demon, Azazel.

  • Symbolism of Life Vol. 1

    Symbolism of Life Vol. 1

    0 pages by GogurtisGud

         I'm just a 16 year old kid who wants to write about symbolism that I see in everyday life.

  • The Ragnarok Hypothesis

    The Ragnarok Hypothesis

    1 pages by LukasNeira

    "I thought I had signed up to beta test a new MMORPG.

    It turns out I had volunteered to be a test subject for a new virtual reality interface.

    The problem is, I can't wake up."

    Lukas saw a job ad for experiment participants on his university's web site. With nothing better to do over winter vacation, he signed up, hoping to earn some cash and flesh out his resume with some human-computer interface work.

    Winter vacation ended a long time ago. Lukas, however, still hasn't woken up. 

  • Boots on New Ground

    Boots on New Ground

    8 pages by Koh513

    A team led by Albert Gallows was sent to complete a simple mission. Locate the production facility of a new weapon of mass destruction and put it on a permanent delay. Unfortunately things didn't go according to plan, an unexpected detonation placed them in an unpredictable situation. Now launched into a realm of swords and magic, they will have adapt to this new place. Boots on the ground soldiers, either survive or fade into the earth of the world, Oldana.


    Hello everyone! As a longtime lurker of this site I've enjoyed many stories on this site. I figured now would be a better time then any to get cracking and see if I can make something any good. As this is my first story, I would appreciate any advice, criticisms, or aggressive booing. Thank for sharing your time with me and reading this piece of fiction. Hopefully you'll enjoy the ride : )

  • Instant Action [LitRPG]

    Instant Action [LitRPG]

    11 pages by Wodan

    A slow growth LitRPG story featuring two games, SciFi (Millitary Cyberpunk) and Fantasy (New World/Realism), with a heavy focus on group/guild dynamics.

    Feedback and suggestions warmly welcomed.

    Please be aware that these chapters are a work in progress, subject to editing and revision.

    I plan on posting in a relatively finished form, if you guys would rather quicker rougher updates please let me know.

  • Poems of emotion

    Poems of emotion

    0 pages by Dragochaos

    By rl89

    This is a bunch of poems that I wrote throughout my life. My experiences and my soul which has broken many times. I have decided to post  these poems which I have wrote. So to the critics on here can #### off if you can not understand a persons feelings then don't read

  • RE:interference


    2 pages by dost

    Got hit by a truck now i get 20 wishes............ super op mc                                                                                                                                                                                                Jin kurasagi is a normal half Japanese and half American that is a super otuko and gamer that can keep good grades in school also he keeps his body helthey and manges his time pefectly so he can watch and play the latesest shows,games




  • The weird life of side-character B

    The weird life of side-character B

    4 pages by Vuliy

    (I'm writing this as a time-killer so releases will be irregular. I will try to make the story as weird and creepy as possible. You have been warned~)

    Your name is Ben and you are not sure why you are writing this. Perhaps because odd things seem to flock around you and your daily life is full of things that are better not questioned. Like the feeling that your thoughts are not your own, but rather a monolog written from an odd perspective about an odd character not from the start intended to be the main character of an even odder story. For a moment you ponder the concept of your every action being narrated in various ways for other people's entertainment. Then you shrug and silently laugh at the idea. Surely your daily life is real and not the result of a newbie author with terrible grammar acting on an impulse to write an as weird as possible story while sleep deprived and bored by too much free time.

  • By any means

    By any means

    5 pages by Anger

    New to writing stories, please criticize the story so I can grow as an author.

    Tired of novels with the main character that has unrealistic powers or some other bs that defies logic?

    Well don't get your hopes up because this novel will probably be the same, but I will at least try to make it different then your average story.

    This is the story of a man forced to prove his worth by any means with only 2 options, Fight or die trying. 

  • The Flower Shiro found under the Moonlight

    The Flower Shiro found under the Moonlight

    22 pages by KafuuLatte

    Just when do you cross the line of like, and cross over to the line of love?

    How much should you like someone before you can confidently say you love someone?

    Does this "love" break easily?

    Or does this "love" stand strong?

    This story is about Shiro and Hana's fateful meeting and the relationship that follows after.

    Both of them with their own problems and secrets that would make or break their relationship depending on how they deal with it together.


    Chapter release will be irregular, sorry.

  • Fortress of Black Rock

    Fortress of Black Rock

    2 pages by Ohanski

    In the nine realms,on the highest realm, there exists a black fortress.

    Nobody knows from where this fortress came with its mysterious outside made from black rock.

    Nor how long it has been in that same place all that they know is that it is unpenetrable.




  • The Frozen Child

    The Frozen Child

    0 pages by Saberous

    A short story about the tragic death of an unlucky child.

  • Unmei no Gia

    Unmei no Gia

    13 pages by eLLie_bLackheart14

    No matter how long I run, I can never escape my sins

    No matter how long time pass by, it will never disappear

    No matter how I try to erase it in my mind, I can never do so


    Takahisa Risu is an ordinary girl at least that's what she wants to be but having no friends and being a loner, she is far from being normal adding to that is her mysterious dreams that she knows nothing about. 

    Being burden by something she doesn't know, her life is already hard to live by as it is. Try throwing in a mysterious hot guy into it and her life turns into a roller coaster. But meeting him might turn out to be the key to the questions she seek.

  • Sky Walkers

    Sky Walkers

    0 pages by JCStalker

    The planet of ethos is unlike any other mankind has ever seen after many million years the quality of earth's environment posed a threat to life. in pursuit of chance to live and thrive humans found a planet many light years in the event of this atronomical exodus the population declined morethan half. After living on ethos for a thousand years they were able to unlock half of its secrets. But after some time scientists found that the core  of ethos is expanding rapidly which may lead to its destruction. with the knowledge attained through these millions of years the best team of scientists gathered and found a way to save the planet. most of the terrain of planet stands in the sky above the ground due to the planet's anamolous gravitational properties. After surviving this threat a new supernatural power suddenly emerges within the masses. It's called the Mist. When people use this power water in their body emerges as sweat and turns into mist. These people with supernatural people are called as Naturals. The Mist appears frequently in five colours, but some individuals attain rare colour mist which signifies the uniqueness of their power. Our Protagonist is a National Athlete who is a seeded player. 

    He is a normal guy who attains a Unique Mist because of a certain incident. His attention turns slowly towards the international official sport of Naturals - Fall. This story is about how he rises to the top and saves ethos from a dangerous threat.

  • Your Secret's Safe With Me (I Think...)

    Your Secret's Safe With Me (I Think...)

    58 pages by Jacob_Shrine

    Ricky Castillo is a living the typical high school life. He keeps up with his homework, deal with his annoying siblings, surfs the net for games and anime, gets dragged around by his best pal and makes sure he's out of the radar of the popular kids' tyranny. But this all changes when a half-Japanese-half-Filipino girl named Amy Kawaii transfers into his class. After a "slight" mishap in gym class, he overhears something about the new transfer student that arouses his suspicions and soon discovers that she's the famous pop idol "Mayph" who suddenly vanished from the spotlight two years back. In a hilarious twist, he has to protect this girl's secret from leaking out or else he might deal with more than just threats from her bodyguard. Amy, on the other hand, discovers something about this boy that might bring back her reason for wanting to be an idol in the first place.

  • Void Infinity!

    Void Infinity!

    6 pages by Antel1904

    ~~ even though this is a fanfiction, and because someone said so: The cover I used for this story is an image from the anime "Full Metal Alchemist". When I get the inspiration (im really bad at drawing) I'll try to create my own cover...
    so... a truck killed me and now I'm a "hero" for the God of nothingness, waiting for the battle royale that the primordial gods are making....using the "Terror Infinity System" I'll be getting stronger to enter to the battle....well... not that I want to....

  • The Legends of Col: Red Tide

    The Legends of Col: Red Tide

    5 pages by Infamous

    The lives of three high school students take a turn for the worse when they are sucked into another world, a world where a king reigns supreme with the help of the superhuman forces he controls. The worst part is, a radical resistance group known as The Red Tide is convinced that the high school students were sent there by God to help put an end to the king’s reign.

  • The Ties That Bind

    The Ties That Bind

    26 pages by Betwixt2Worlds

    Suddenly awakened, In the hot sticky wastes of the Arizona desert,a being walks. Beyond explanation or reason. But,in the backround,reality is begining to fade.and the creeping hands of the end poison the air,all seems to be leading to a peak. Something is coming. And the one person that can fix a collapse bigger than the beginning itself, can't even seem to decide what they want for breakfast.

    "Here I stand,that which bound and existed.the background of the way before All, and Nothing.im am that which traverses things unexplained before words were born"

    These are the ties that bind.

  • Virtuoso


    4 pages by SpanishBurglar

    Its my first attempt at creating a novel so all criticism, constructive and critical, is welcomed. Michael, the prtoganist, is an aspiring musician on the verge of creating his magnum opus, and forever being imprinted into the world's history as a musician and composer greater than the masters of legend. However, as he approached the pincalled, fate was cruel, and he was struck down. 

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