• A Fool and a Monster

    A Fool and a Monster

    41 pages by Elliot Moors

    Ben Callan, an aged monster hunter in service of the state, takes on the hardest job of his life in order to prove to himself and others that he is worthy of the legends his title holds. Things go south as he meets a small child with nowhere to turn, and enemy forces close in on a vulnerable township. Thousands of lives rest on his shoulders–will he save them, or fail them all?

  • The Eclipse

    The Eclipse

    1 pages by mysticfaux

    Once just a normal a boy in America, 

    He has things taken from him.

    It was the moon

    The moon Kidnapped the Sun

    And now he attempts to fight the gods....


    [10/10] best plan


    [BS Short Story]

  • The Legacy

    The Legacy

    5 pages by SoccerDude

    Feared as for his past, Ryder Angel is cast out rejected by those he considered family. His former friends, Carlos, David, and Ulysses harass him despite his attempts to rekindle their friendship. Life would have continued until a foreign light surrounded the four and brought them to a world filled with magic. But before they can enjoy their new life, they're soon going to realize that they play a part in something much larger than they could have ever imagined. 


    AN: This is not a typical hero story and there is no evil demon king. There's lots of original lore to the story. Hope you enjoy!

    P.S. Not quite sure on a schedule (probably weekends) as high school work takes a large portion of my time. I'll gladly accept constructive criticism as this is my first story. Thanks and hope again hope you enjoy!

  • Fate


    7 pages by XiaoAiqingge

    If you were given the opportunity to start over and create a new world, would you do it even if it meant destroying the current one?

    This age old debate had divided the world of Amizuas.

    The desire to protect the world.
    The desire to destroy it.

    Heroes on both sides have arisen to defend their own beliefs.

    Who is right? Who is wrong?
    Justice belongs to the victor.

    The flames of war are hereby ignited.
    The time for talk is over.
    It is time to pick a side.

  • Killing X Intent

    Killing X Intent

    36 pages by Sion

    Five years after the (UN)/ United Kingdom made the announcement about the country of Philippines being wiped out during the day that they called Fallen War, a certain class at Armadon academy was given a mission to kill a certain student named Yuu Mirai they claimed him to be a survivor of the Fallen War that ended Five years ago, now fourteen students in his new class were given a mission to kill him however their teacher plead to them and choose wether to kill or be his ally, the next day they started to observe him and judge wether they'll kill or be the ones to be his comrades

  • Dawn of the Phoenix

    Dawn of the Phoenix

    10 pages by as505

    Ravenbourne. A lagre, dry, and ruthless dessert, where only the most wicked of creatures could exist. 300 years ago, cities and comunities started to form there, filled by hunters who wanted to hunt only the deadliest, and most profitable pray. A hunters dream was always the same; to kill a phoenix. The large creature looked like a dead bird, with fire licking it's razor sharp wings. It's blood could provide rapid healing and higtened reflexes, while the bones could make the sharpest, lightest on most durable weapons.  

    Of cource, this golden age of wealth and prosperity could only last so long, and when the last pheonix was slain, and the last drop of blood lost, Ravenbourne crumbled into a pit filled with violence and gangs, where only the strongest would survive.

  • The Lies They Told Me: Short stories from my life

    The Lies They Told Me: Short stories from my life

    3 pages by Roslyn

    Like many of my peers, I've discovered that life is not quite what I expected it to be. As I age, I've begun to find that many of the sayings and truths that my parents, authority figures, and friends have passed on to me were outright lies. Every person I know has been subject to the same interactions, which got me thinking, why not write a compilation of stores about my life experiences to date. 

    I hope that this book will help all of us come to terms with the realities that we face today or deal with some of our deepest feelings about the past. Maybe these people lied to us and maybe they honestly believed the myriad of things they told us, but either way I think we can have a good laugh looking back and remembering the first times that we realized these things weren't true. I also hope that you can look back at the lies, or life lessons, that you've learned and can be inspried to own your stories and share them with others in a genuine way.

    Wiithout further ado, I hope that you enjoy the many short stories of my life that made me who I am today. These stories range from funny to down right surrel, so good luck on your journey!

  • Rise And Conquer

    Rise And Conquer

    8 pages by electrokin97

    Ridiculed, betrayed, left alone, and finally...killed. What would you do in this situation? After reviving and unlocking an immense power... What would you do? Revenge? World domination? Get the girl(s)? 

    Or after gaining the immense power that you gained...

    Would you conquer?

    Note: This would be my first novel(?), and I will mostly be writing whatever pops into my head, as it pops into my head (Following the story obviously). Also, please note that there will be rough patches in the story (They will go away once the story starts moving). I have a website (wshello.eu) that I post short stories/poems on (I don't really follow any writing rules I just write what goes well with what I am writing).

  • Sovereign of the World

    Sovereign of the World

    2 pages by SlothMK

    Sovereign of the World

    An orphan join the army, dreaming of becoming a great General, only to die years later, not even being close to achieving his dreams.

    For whichever reasons, which the author can't be bothered to explained, he goes to the past, to when his first battle is taking place.

    If dreaming of becoming a great General only got me the position of Captain, then I should just simply aim higher.



    Author Notes:

    Help me come up with a better synopsis please. I'm also looking for a book cover.

    I'd love to be like the top authors here that post a chapter a day, but my creativity and motivation are limited so I'll proably only post once or twice a week.

  • Feirut's One-shots

    Feirut's One-shots

    11 pages by Feirut

    A list of one-shots/ short stories that I made whenever I have the time.


    placed all warning tags just in case.

  • Records of War

    Records of War

    2 pages by xXChryssalidXx

    The discovery of Ichor has given us many things. Endless life, an end to mental degradation and a means of long time travel across the void of space. Yet with it came the knowledge of horror, of an enemy within the void... and within ourselves.

    The Lord Governor of the 3rd sector has declared a state of emergency not for a few select systems... but for the entirety of the 3rd Sector.

    Authors Note : This story will be rather slow, with lots of exposition. Also since I am writing it as I go it will probably be subpar.

  • Fantasia: The Empyrean Magi

    Fantasia: The Empyrean Magi

    6 pages by strangeguy

    Desolate Continent, a place brimming with magic and ruled by power. A child carries within him, a mystical bloodline. Upon discovery of his mysterious birth and true identity, akin to a small fish in a large sea, the young man aimlessly seeks his fate. He finds himself involved with fairies, dwarfs, demons and even the gods themselves.

    Join him as he smashes the world order and forever engraves his name in history!


  • Hope


    4 pages by Afann

    A story of humanity survival against past and future enemies. 

  • - All-Father's War of Tarot Nations -

    - All-Father's War of Tarot Nations -

    21 pages by IzanagiZenzo

    In 1994, The First War of Tarot Nations Occurred, The Main Reason was, All-Father was angered due to the disturbance of the relic that he himself created for the people of world, when the relic was disturbed, All-Father Decided to summon heroes of known and unknown legends from the world and a Fruit that will gave the person a wish that he/she truly wished for, and he decided to put this heroes in tarot cards, He arranged and teamed up the 78 Arcanas in two teams, "Command of the Divinations" and "Order of the Dark Ages", All-Father did this to entertain himself, Kurosuji Ceres. A normal teenager living his life peacefully until All-Father made him a Master of one of the Major Arcana's, His Future is unpredicted but how will they win such war? will there be a triumphant? or will the Beasts of the Occult overcome the world? No one knows. 

  • The Holy Curse

    The Holy Curse

    1 pages by Aslan

          If the blessing can not help me, I will take the curse.

          If the goodness can not help me, I will be the sinner.

          If the god can not help me, I will be the Devil.

  • The MUD-Series; A Lamp In A Different World

    The MUD-Series; A Lamp In A Different World

    1 pages by Chronim

    A object gains awarness of itself in a world filled with terror and war...


    Hello, I'm absolutely not good at writing a synopsis and probably writing something in general. This line marks the beginning of the MUD-Series: The Multi-Universal-Dungeon-Series! English is not my first language and writing is a hobby of mine so all corrections and tips in the commentsection are really appreciated! The start will be very slow and littered with reedits and unregular releases!


  • The Antagonist

    The Antagonist

    36 pages by The Spectator

    Year 347:

    In the wake of a new age, comes a young adult who will face multiple trials, testing his resolve as he travels around the world of Erda. He will encounter many great kingdoms and battle multiple foes, including monsters and mages alike. Here in this story, Dustin will either prevent the upcoming catastrophe or inevitably be swept away in the annals of time, with-in this swords & magic world.

    [Author's Note]: Don't expect much. Writing to pass some time, while attending my college classes.

  • Great Master of All

    Great Master of All

    33 pages by Kapter

    Hmm, Basically no Idea for a sypnosis but well.

    Will he be the great master of all or what might happen?

    Uhh, warning is there for whatever it is better warned than nothing kek

  • HP - Doing what I want

    HP - Doing what I want

    3 pages by Valuba

    Tib Warder did random things, was different, and could edit the way reality in a vague way. Things just worked the way he wanted them to work, and sometimes could change this in the blink of an eye. But even before his ability to edit reality came to be, he could see reality in different dimensions and could change them too.

    Although seeing dimensions of reality were usually in the threads dimension, which Tib used most since it was the simplistic way of seeing and controlling things out of the bunches of numbers, equations, science, and many other things. 

    Today, he seems to want to go explore the Harry Potter universe, or any random alternate HP universe.

    (Do not expect an actual story with depth or anything like that, if there is any depth, that was an accident. I'm mostly doing this to release steam and excersise my imagination. Also I will be using infinite in ways that some understand it and the way I understand it sometimes.) (again)

    (Also, I will be changing the genres at certain times to be a bit more realistic like action packed at one point and then slice of life in another point. Doesn't make sense to make it a bit more realistic, I bet that's what you're thinking but I will do what I want!)

    (I do not own the original picture that I cropped a bit out, so if you want it off and know it's yours, I can take it off)

  • The Salama Lands

    The Salama Lands

    2 pages by Is-Aech

    Stabbing, gutting, flaying. A world without rules. A world full of dead. When a young assassin stumbles upon a secret that can defy even the gods, what happens to his vengence on vampires?

    Join Gattas on his adventure through Salama, the land of llight, which in actuality is very much filled with zombies, trolls, giant spiders, and murderous canibals.

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