• This Boring Life Of Mine

    This Boring Life Of Mine

    5 pages by addictedgamer

    Kalvin Frey could tell the future. It's all he's good for. One day he had been telling fortunes on the same street he had been standing idly for years. He lived a boring life until he was told to see his own future.

  • The Bloody Flower

    The Bloody Flower

    2 pages by pp0mm3

    Give me your opinion.

    Once, a great man said that God made everyone in His image, but that does not mean that we are all the same. Everyone is the same at birth, but then you are wondering why there are differences in jobs and status partners?

    These differences are created in the scriptures, which have passed into society, but the situation is more complicated than that. People are capable of thinking and those who want to rise in social status are pushed from their ladders and knocked down to the very confines of hell itself that was created by these same people who are defeated.

    In other words, the word equality is full of false lies and ideals. I was trying to find an answer to this problem, but will be forever facing dilemmas and dead ends.We live in a world where possibilities are reduced to little more than crumbs and we just have to live with it.

    Of course we have exceptions, otherwise we would not evolve as a species, so we are always learning from the mistakes of those who passed before us.


  • Fallen


    6 pages by Shidoni777

    After her husband's betrayal, a wife must take her children and two remaining friends, to a land far away from her beloved.


    (This is a one-shot random story, that I decided to do. It is complete.)

  • A Life of Terror.

    A Life of Terror.

    8 pages by Akylas

    Report number 3689926573915693681.

    Target:World-End has died.

    Retrieval of corpse: Successful.

    Total destruction to homeworld: 98.740269472927 percent.

    Spirit: Sealed, awaiting transfer to council chamber.

    Memories: .....Downloading....Completed.

    Overview of Life: Commencing in 3....2....1...


  • Myriad of Possibilities

    Myriad of Possibilities

    0 pages by the starseeker

    Jonas is a normal man, one day he goes out to work, and finds himself in a difficult position, he sees a man getting killed, but not with a gun or a knife, with magic !


    'Well, i will write this fic as you give me tips of what way i should go to, so if you don't give me tips, i will cry'

  • Bomb


    1 pages by BloodyArtist01

    An officer paces around a dim lit room stressed, as time ticks away. The scoffs of a man echo inside his head.

    will the location be revealed or will it be too late?

  • The hours beyond Midnight

    The hours beyond Midnight

    10 pages by vervaine

    Jesse's got nothing better to do than to waste his summer holidays away on graveyard shift at his uncle's backwater gas station. He doesn't mind the dark hours and the night is his only friend. That is, until Vince pulls up in a '59 Cadillac DeVille one midnight. Charismatic and bad to the bone, leader of a pack of teenage delinquents he’s the embodiment of Jesses wildest dreams.
    Eagerly the boy lets himself be swept away into a world where the borders between fantasy and reality blur and the sun never seems to rise. But when disaster strikes his newly found friends suddenly appear to be far less human than he initially thought and Jesse is in way over his head...


    Story is set in the 80s and contains some period teenage slang and pop culture references.

  • Watashi to Creation [ONESHOT ATTEMPT]

    Watashi to Creation [ONESHOT ATTEMPT]

    33 pages by kurorin

    Ever hoped that that manga or anime character from third grade you drew up would come to life? Well it ain't as rosy as you might very well think. Enter Kaito Nakajou, ordinary high schooler with dreams of drawing manga for Shonen Jump. He's cynical, downright uninspiring and frankly, he hates many things; yet he holds on to that one dream.

    And then, he meets three uninvited guests lounging about in his Kyoto room.



    Second work, and this was the oneshot. I'm sorry to anyone who might have liked this short style, but soon enough I'll be restarting the style to be more appropriate for my tastes (which is to say longer chapters.)

    Be on the lookout for the real work!

  • Thunder Emperor

    Thunder Emperor

    0 pages by DarkGodAnubis

    i do not own right to cover image its owned by http://www.therookies.co/people/kwun-kiu-stephen-lee/ 

    In his previous life he was a college student who was obsessed with lightning and storms that he studied meteorology and worked part at a lab and was secretly eperimenting on himself to gain the power to control stroms and lightning which failed and led to his death.

  • The Five Secrets

    The Five Secrets

    22 pages by Plastosilch

    Heres is a world that has potentially always been on the brink of destruction due to the unique nature of its divine constructs and magicks.

  • Crumbling Foundation

    Crumbling Foundation

    5 pages by GreyjoysAnatomy

    Glim has finally run out of luck. Caught unprepared and with darkness encroaching at every angle, he's on the verge of becoming a dead safeguard, a protector leaving nothing behind but dead bodies and the savage brutes who tore them apart.

    Hunted in a bleak world where every shifting shadow could be an enemy, Glim will have to use every ounce of his training and knowledge if he wants to make it home alive.



  • Demon's Life In Another World

    Demon's Life In Another World

    1 pages by Yamisan101

    In the vast continent of Egros, a huge variety of races existed. Through the years Kingdoms and Empires appeared one after another and waged endless wars. Each century, special types of demons are summoned in an altar and are given preferential treatment in a certain society because of their above average power and innate skills. Being summoned in this world as one of these demons after passing away from his previous life, Chris could not help but praise his luck. Though everything seemed to be going his way, does it really?

  • The Secrets Of Finnley

    The Secrets Of Finnley

    44 pages by dslake

    "Everyone has three lives; A public life, a private life and a secret life"

    As a straight A student, Finnley never got himself into trouble. He goes to school, runs track, hangs out with his two best friends Cristian and Emma and studies; a lot. That is until Cristian decides it's time for Finnley to go out and party for once. They end up in a club and while Cristian is focused on the girl of his dreams, Finnley disappears into the crowd.

    By the time the night ends, Cristian has been arrested for getting into a fight and caught for underage drinking. The next morning, after getting out, he finds out Finnley never came home.

    As Cristian starts his search for Finnley, he finds out Finnley kept a lot hidden from him and he starts wondering; did he know Finnley as well as he thought he did? And exactly how important was Finnley to him?


    WARNING: This story involves LGBT content. If you're not okay with this, please leave!

  • Blood Drive

    Blood Drive

    41 pages by tanhony

    Updates every Tuesday and Saturday on Tanverse

    Nathan Westwood is a vampire hunter - one of the only two he knows. Alongside his mentor, a mysterious sorceress named Athena, he has pledged to fight against the colossal vampire organization known as the Family - a group that seeks to rule the world from the shadows. With only a few spells and a gun or two, the duo travel the world, working their way up the ladder to the leader of the Family himself. It's a fight that few know about, and even fewer care. But it's the only fight they have.

  • Town of Geldwin

    Town of Geldwin

    10 pages by Rar

    Adrain Hawke is a guard within Geldwin; a town neglected by an expanding kingdom, forcing them to fend for themselves. No trade routes run through it. The adventurers guild is long abandoned. Nothing of note exists, and gradually visitors vanished entirely, leaving the town isolated from all but a few. Then the undead lay siege.

    >The Siege of Antioch, from a 15th-century miniature painting

  • Talus au bout de sa vie

    Talus au bout de sa vie

    2 pages by ClemCa

    C'est vraiment court (un chapitre), écrit en cours et une fanfic que j'ai faite sur le jeu Paladins, où j'ai imaginé Talus, le personnage toujours souriant et rieur, être quelqu'un de triste...

    Après ça se finit plutôt mal, mais je ne vais pas vous spoiler plus, bonne lecture :D

  • Legend of Yzer

    Legend of Yzer

    36 pages by remeseiz

    Yzer, a adolescent human, is a a full contact mage. That means that in contrary to "normal" mages he can fight on the front line. he uses magic to transform his body to fight evil powers that grow stronger each day. Knights, warriors and mages consider this type of magic taboo. Actually all other types other than healing magic is taboo and therefore forbidden, with the exception of creating magic items. Which is only done by archmages under the supervision of the king himself. They who even consider using this type of magic should prepare to face the consequeces.

    This wasn't always the case, after the last great demonwar. When the Archdemon was defeated and his army of magic using demons was slain. The king suddenly started to promote "Anti- demon magic" propoganda. "Demon magic" users were arrested without good reason. Unless they let their magic be sealed they were held captive or worse.

    Yzer his master Doman, A great "demon" magic user, noticed things going sideways before the magic users were hunted down. He retired from the royal army to live a secluded life in the forest of Fargo with his young apprentice Yzer. There they continued practising their art, hopefull that one day the king would see the error in his ways. That "demon" magic isn't evil, weak or dark. But that magic in all forms can be used to fight the forces of evil

    But everything changed when one day the prince and his men find them. Master Doman is arrested for treason. Yzer who was hidden embarks on a epic journey, meeting new friends, fight enemies, save his master and try to convince people that magic isn't evil.

    This is the story of Yzer and how he became a legend. 




  • Children of the Forest

    Children of the Forest

    1 pages by obigrace

    Back in a time when the Earth was at its youth there dwelled many magical things on this land and in the depths of our waters. This story is a love story between the next Queen in line to the Elven throne and a commoner elven man who is withdrawn from the rest of the elven kingdom. An unlikely enchantment that will ensnare you to stay in this mysterious and truly magical world. 

  • The Aspiring Scholar

    The Aspiring Scholar

    4 pages by Malice

    A man tormented by his past. helps the kids of his city to lessens his own pain.

    P.s i suck a writing don't expect much.


  • Book 6: Daily Life of Divine Overlord

    Book 6: Daily Life of Divine Overlord

    143 pages by king of spades

    The story follows the tale of the elder of the Finnerman twins, Shengyn Finnerman, who has joined the Divine Overlords led by Morphus, in order to overthrow the natural order of nature and get revenge for his brother's death. The story is followed by tales of several members of the Divine Overlords, including their leader Morphus.

    For proof of authorship, the link below


    Scroll up and you will see statement "I will Be posting statement on Royalroadl.com"

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