1 pages by AkoCdonDon

    The FIRST was the most powerful


    The SUCCESSOR was the most resourceful


    The INHERITOR shall have them all and is ETERNAL.



    He inherited a universe from someone he never knew, tasked to make it grow and be the sole existence in this endless Omniverse.


    The only reason he accepted this impossible task is because of a Childhood Dream to command an Army of GODS and DEMONS and to never grow Old. Will he regret? Or will he obtain it all and reign Eternal?


    Will he Obtain his Dreams and march his army to conquer everything that exist or Sleep and Eat living his life as an Immortal?

    Let's have a look.




    Well the story will be full of pure OP’ness and some planet crushing adventures with a bit of comedy in it.


    I want suggestions, please give me some and i’ll try my best to incorporate them in the story. Point out any grammar errors or mistakes as i write and proofread my self

    Ps- looking for a good cover


  • "Fight!"

    44 pages by Aluicious

    Ylo feels the stir inside him.  This is it.  The battle he's been training for since the day his life was shattered.  He has prepared as best he can, spent ages upon ages searching, studying, practicing, and mastering his mystic craft.  Until this moment he was sure he would be successful.  But now, as he stands at the edge of the circle, and he sees the figure he must face, so familiar, and yet, so strange, his confidence begins to wane.  Will he have what it takes to overcome his darkest demons?

    Join him as he wields the awesome power of his Voices in duels to the death against a series of ever more powerful foes, and listen as he reminisces about the path that led him here.

  • The thought of water

    The thought of water

    1 pages by Nate

    A short story comprised of a single, long, run-on sentence

  • A sky as blue as ours

    A sky as blue as ours

    22 pages by gechura

    Isekai story. Just for the hell of it. Also, so I could at least acquire a decent grasp of writing without stopping arbritrarily (hopefuly). I have a skeleton of a plot in my head, but I am open to suggestions. I won't take too many though, as this lowly lurker had seen many stories destroyed because of too many ideas being crammed without being fleshed out. This story will be slow, like me. And I'll also update this synopsis when I am at a decent number of chapters. For now, I'm just going to have fun.

  • The Myth

    The Myth

    2 pages by IndicaHigh

    An Orphan at birth, Specter didn't feel an ounce of love or warmth. Other than himself, his hatred and his ability to shapeshift he had nothing else in life until his life came to a sudden halt all due to one moment that made him who he is today.from then on he began walking a new path in life as an Assassin for hire and started to indulge in the pleasures of life.

  • Tris The Tinker

    Tris The Tinker

    19 pages by isaacwinter

    One night. One item. One last heist.

    After searching the world for clues and ingedients, Tris is one item away from crafting the Veil's most powerful artifact: an Infinity Potion. Good thing she knows just where to find one.

    The annual Flower Festival is coming up, and the guards protecting the Crystals will be celebrating as well. All she has to do is go to the festival, make some small talk, then slip away to grab the Crystal. Easy, right?

    When Tris's plan goes awry and a forgotten evil attacks the Festival, Tris must choose: the ultimate prize, or the lives of those around her.

    Tris the Tinker is a LitRPG short story set in the same Veilwalkers universe as Lost Archive. You can read more about Tris and friends in that book, which is on Amazon now. I hope you will enjoy!

  • Transported


    3 pages by meganobrien

    Memory loss. Wanting to speak but can't. This is what happenes to Emily when she wakes bounded to a strange bed in a strange house with a man wanting answers.

  • A Reset

    A Reset

    0 pages by Treamnis
  • Labyrinth of the Departed

    Labyrinth of the Departed

    6 pages by StokesiaWriter101

    Where do lost souls go? To death's library of course.

    The labyrinth built by death is maze wherein lost souls get to interact with one another. It is a form of purgatory that allows souls to make contact with fellow souls like them who're stuck in a limbo and cannot quite pass into the afterlife just yet. Along came in a young boy who stumbled about the enchanted library. Indebted to death after being saved from an accident, the young boy must now pay back his debt by working in the library and assisting the 'Departing' souls. 

  • Connection


    5 pages by AnaWaifuKyut

    Don't know what to put.

    I apologize for any errors because I am just average in English as I am bilinggual.

    Chapters may take awhile because my vocabulary isn't wide and as a newbie, it's hard to write what one imagine without good skills.

    And honestly, I don't know what to put as title.

  • Pathfinder


    14 pages by Ggiov

    Explore the average, everyday life of Ravel. An adventurer.


    [Title is tentative]

  • SIr Skelliton

    SIr Skelliton

    3 pages by kain01able

    Necromancy is an old but simple practice.
    To be a necrotic spell master requires only three things.

    Magic, a limitless yet dificult power to master.
    Raise undead, one of the first and most basic spells any magic user will ever learn across their lifetimes.
    An open class slot.

    But this isnt a story about an up and coming necromancer. No this is about the faithful minion thats been summond by their fledgling master.

    If you think being a necromancer is hard, just imagin how hard it must be for a Lv1 Skeliton.

  • Rosemary Stensen

    Rosemary Stensen

    0 pages by PeachPuffed

    In a female-dominated private school, six girls and one boy compose the high school student council. They've only ever had to worry about everyday issues until they find themselves trapped in a deadly game after playing with an ancient idol. Tied to the curse they unleashed upon themselves, the seven teens have to find a way to end the game before there's no one left to play.

  • .on,kjb l.

    .on,kjb l.

    0 pages by niccm


  • The story of Xson

    The story of Xson

    2 pages by Stewstew

      Xson is an orphan trying to find his way through his crazy world rife with monsters and wars. What does his future hold? will he become an adventurer? a soldier? A lord?  Where will his life take him? What will happen while he strives to keep living, keep moving forward? 


      First time writing, going with the flow. Plan on making long chapters no real release schedule. Setting is medieval fantasy character will not be op gona have a system that's the gist 

    (cover is not mine if want removed for any reason contact me and it will be done asap)

  • The Crimson Hawk

    The Crimson Hawk

    4 pages by JJVEA

    Elli has recently amassed a huge sum of problems- not through her own devices, of course! It just seems that fate has it out for her, with her childhood friend starting to avoid her, her superhero life getting compromised by a strange woman, her new team seeming to hate her, and her beginning to hear a mysterious, disembodied voice of a ghost. Having obtained all these issues, what's a super-enhanced, super-regenerating woman to do?

  • Ashen Colored Dreams

    Ashen Colored Dreams

    1 pages by ChrisLeonhart

    A victim of the "Kokuhaku Game", Kusakabe Yuu is a victim of depression, and currently cannot believe in anyone else but himself. Currently undergoing a psychological treatment and monitoring, he one day has a meeting with a girl inside the world of his dreams. How will this chance meeting define his life, as well as his perception between reality and fantasy?

  • Wave Fighters (LitRPG)

    Wave Fighters (LitRPG)

    7 pages by kvauss

    Didier Shaw goes to sleep in his bed as usual - drunk and alone.

    When he wakes up, he's not drunk, and he's not alone.

    He finds himself in an oval stone prison, where's he's told that he is a wave fighter. It is a world that looks like a video game, where he is rewarded with skills and experience points for killing things. And he's going to have to do a lot of that, because unless he can survive wave after wave of monsters, he will never be given a pass home.

    He and his fellow wave fighters must improve their powers and level up their base if they're to become powerful enough weave fighters to leave this new world.

  • I Shall Devour

    I Shall Devour

    7 pages by Mystic



    Something feared by all, but accepted by many.

    A state at which we no longer exist.

    This is the story of one soul who experiences death.

    This is the story of a soul who's luck is so large, they survive the experience.

    This is the story of a soul who'll be reborn.





    This is my first ever novel.

    Im trying my hardest!

    Uhmm... Anything else?....

    Ah Yes! 

    This story will be heavily influences by everything I have read so far. It's existence stems from my boredom and curiosity in the art of writing.

    The Mc will be completley overpowered. (Wish fullfilment)

    That about sums it up... SO?


  • Writer's Block

    Writer's Block

    4 pages by FragM

    Any amount of experience and understanding can provide the impetus for what might be the greatest story that you shall ever put to paper.

    To the test of time and tastes.

    You could be a retired sailor who pens a tale about a man and a whale that depicts a tale of unrelenting self-destruction.

    Or a child who had no parents to spin you warm loving tales ... forced to blanket yourself in tales of your own creation...

    Follow the story of one such individual and his attempts to churn out a story worth it's telling.

    Mature language and themes, but no raunchy sex. Constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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