• The Great Magician

    The Great Magician

    9 pages by k4idus

    Zavel is the strongest mage of his time. He's the people's saviour, the God Killer, the one who did the impossible.

    And he's decided that wielding such power makes for a boring life indeed.

    In his time of self-reflection, he found the biggest challenge  making magic without using magic  and with it came a new lease of life, a calling.

    To be the greatest magician of all time.

  • Tales of a Villain - pilot project

    Tales of a Villain - pilot project

    7 pages by Lord Rraune

    Having led all his life in the belief that he was a villain, Zareph is more than disappointed when the heros party didn`t manage to beat him after sieging his fortress. Enraged and deprived of a goal in life he enslaves the hero and continues to rule his world until the day where he couldn`t stand the boredom and decides to go to another world. On a whim he decides to take the hero with him and so the tales of a villain (?) starts ...

  • Journey to the East

    Journey to the East

    11 pages by Gilgamesh18

    In the ruins of the old world, a girl, joined by a Native-American Samurai with a misteryous past, seeks her true self and embarks on a journey east to fufill this quest. Alongside them will be an entourage of companios and allies, all together as they stride east to find what they look for, but what coudl that be? While out west a new Empreror has risen to power, styling himself as a roman emperor of old, he dreams to take over the Land of the Eagle. Backed by a shadowy organization and faced by enemies on all sides as he tries to achieve his goal of a New World Order.

  • The Dungeon Heart

    The Dungeon Heart

    6 pages by MommaGx3

    New work in progress, just an idea that has been floating around in my head recently. 


    MC has been reincarnated as a dungeon core. Will update the synopsis after I have my few chapters posted.



    15 pages by MisterGlitchyOfficial

    What is a soul? Is it just as science tells us? Merely a network of cells in our head? Are our memories just a result of super-complex chemical reactions? What if magic existed? Would it allow us to see the truths of this world, allow us to gaze upon the heavens? In the past I would sometimes ask myself, does my Existence matter? Am I but a spec on a piece of dust called earth, drifting in between the giants and swimming through the stars? Is this existence we call humanity not even that? Am I not even that?


    This is the tale of a man who was able to look past the veil of reality. Travel with him as he struggles against the heavens to become the first immortal.

  • Supernatural


    3 pages by Apollo_Eclipz

    Note: this book will be Written in full chapters so don't expect one chapter to be short, it will be based on my understanding of the T.V show "Supernatural" so please don't criticize me.

    This Book series is about the two Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, who were raised by their father, John, to hunt and kill all things that go "bump in the night" after his wife, Mary, was murdered by an evil supernatural being when the boys were young.

  • Insanity overload

    Insanity overload

    1 pages by DeusVult31

    This story focuses on the life of an unnamed protagonist which lives in a world that is controlled by a psychotic omnipotent god.

  • Empire Haven Online

    Empire Haven Online

    7 pages by DeusVult31

    After being rejected by his long time love, Ryuki Shuichiro decided to withdraw from society and stay at the comfort of his home playing videogames and watching anime.

    After years of being a self sustaining hikikomori he developed unparalleled skills for gaming. 

    Everything was in place for him, he felt peace with his new life.

    But as they say peace always gets distrupted easilly...



  • Ability


    22 pages by maybeimu

    A world where military rules. and power is everything. a world where ability users are born. follow a boy who is seacrching for his true self and his comrades in their journey to overthrow military for freedom of people of this land. 

  • Apollo


    3 pages by Misti

    Magyk and Qi rebuilt the world as myths once again started to roam the Earth, broken and bloody corpses left in their wake.

    Taking pity on all that she had created The Mother reshaped the world to what it was originally. Pangea. To give all races she had birthed a better chance she put them all here, with the humans. With them, the humans learnt how to survive and become stronger. Together with species of lore, stability was brought back.

    Everything has a price however, and The Mother entered a sleep that she may never wake from. In her absence, the humans greed sprung roots once more. The dominant race waged war to sate their hunger, and once it finally went out of control the other species united and slaughtered them all. 

    All that's left of the once mighty race are ruins, slaves, the unkillable in cells and the rest in hiding.

    This story follows the tale of a young man who will ascend to the top, leaving behind tears and blood in his path. Much of which, may be his own. His name, Apollo, a High Human. The Sun god.


    Greetings! This is my first work so contructive criticism is welcome. If there are any grammar/spelling errors please alert me in the comments and I will fix it ASAP.

    There will be no set schedule as I'm unreliable AF and the synopsis and other chapters may be edited frequently to something I might be more happy with. Enjoy!

    Also not really sure what tags to put on here so as the story develops please suggest some more to add!

  • forgotten memories

    forgotten memories

    3 pages by Snow angel

    average human Zskelarna gets summoned by six gods to help the world in a different way.


  • A Soldier

    A Soldier

    4 pages by V A Scherholz Dias

    A short story of a man forced to go to war in a fantastic world. He is not a hero, nor is he special.

  • The Mortal Bodied God of Immortality

    The Mortal Bodied God of Immortality

    7 pages by Rexceed

    Follow me on wattpad.


    A reincarnation story that I am writting, sorry if you don't like it or it has a slow start,best advice would be not to complain and move on. Yes this is not a description, I'll replace this with a proper description eventually.

  • Wanderlust


    3 pages by thrillsofventure


      This story is about a being of data and energy that travels the multiverse to satisfy his ever growing wanderlust and longing for knowledge.  A young boy set off into the world with wanderlust not knowing what the future has in store for him in his way to greatness. 


    -Immortals,gods,demons,devils,and ghosts there nothing compared to me. I slaughtered immortals, I obliterated gods, I executed demons, I massacred devils and annihilated ghosts. So what do I have to fear for im forever.



  • Masked Wonderer

    Masked Wonderer

    3 pages by Nashi

    A boy was summoned into another world along the heros. But the heros were not from the same countries but each came from seperate  countries but they were not affected by the launguage barrier because of the blessing of the gods. The main character was different from the other heros because he was average in everything and that most of his status was corrupted. Feeling felt out from the rest he decided to leave the country that summoned him wih the help of a slave he helped in his way and jorney the new worlld while trying not to get lost.

    This is the synopsis for now. And i don't know if this is a one shot or not.

  • Walk The Sky

    Walk The Sky

    11 pages by TheFoxDetective

    We all heard the story before. A princess captured by the villain, the hero set out on a journey to rescue her. He succeeded slaying the antagonist, saved the princess, and the both of them went back to their kingdom and live a happy life.

    It’s a classic. Everyone heard of it. But I want to tell you another story. A similarly short and simple yet different story.

    A story about a princess saving her prince from danger.

    So that they could finally be together.

    So that they could walk the sky, to be free to do whatever they wish, once more.

    Are you ready to uncover a different take on the tales as old as time?

  • My Otherly World inheritance

    My Otherly World inheritance

    3 pages by arsros

    Hey all I am no writer I am just donig this for time pass. And thanks for reading this if you are reading it.


    This story is regarding a Guy finding out who he is and where he belongs to? Its not a good synopsis I promise that I will update this soon.


  • Spirit Pulse Realm

    Spirit Pulse Realm

    5 pages by vikramhire007

               A Realm where only those who seek power can survive. Where Only strong are loved,respected and worshipped.But there is always a limit to the level of power which you can acquire. Watch the journey of John as he solves the mystery behind his spirit palace and the seal placed on his realm i.e. Spirit-Pulse Realm.


    Auther Note : Hello guys, if you enjoy my work please give me feedback and well even if you don't ... then please tell me my mistakes.

    This is my first work so please be generous in your feedbacks.

  • Aspera


    21 pages by Agony

    Aspera , an Online VRMMORPG that swept the world as the new craze , a full imersion RPG with lifelike npcs , a game that managed to shake the foundation of this world.

    Our Protagonist , Michaels Adam , was recommended by his doctors to play this game , in hope of curing his disease. But they would have never guessed , that they unleashed a monster that will later be known as the God Of Cruelty 

  • The Elementalist

    The Elementalist

    2 pages by Autar

    He woke up in an unknown place at an unknown time.

    His species is seen as weak so he is cast away into darkness 

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