• Reborn Lord

    Reborn Lord

    10 pages by rangerwill

    James woke up surrounded by people he doesnt know, in a place he's never been before not knowing who he is. This is his story and his path to finding himself. 

  • The Darkness: Curse

    The Darkness: Curse

    2 pages by finsternisfinnr

    All of the light and the anomaly disappeared, when a woman floundered on the ground. That woman fallen asleep with badly wounded; bruise; many skin cut; burn injury. He gaped. The storm stopped. Not the stopped storm which made he gaped. But that woman. A creature who covered by bright light, but that light wouldn't to blind.

    “A woman?”

    All of anomaly got normal again. Rain drops came down and moistened the woman. She looked in pain with pale skin, long- straight silver hair, gorgeous face, pink lips, and a spoiled gown. He wasn't conscious when he ran closer, due to fascinated woman. Before he got closer, his eyes looked around. Tried to find extraordinary things. Nothing. All of an anomaly before, was gone. Everything looked like his world, but he forgot one thing. The balck cloud which looked like black sands came closer to the woman. That things moved on the ground and reached the sleeping woman. He forgotten, if the darkness would like an unseen alley.

  • Dungeons and Dim Hallways

    Dungeons and Dim Hallways

    9 pages by desmis

    Ignis Fatuus, otherwise known as will-o-the-wisps, are little known creatures born of magical energy that use their appearance and powers to spread bad luck and inconvenience to the unwary.

    Cultivators, an offshoot of the species, can be created by dungeon cores to draw essence and other energy from one area to another to spread their influence and encourage growth within the dungeon. The ability to displace and convert these energies is an incredible power, and given time could lead to limitless possibilities. If cultivators weren't mindless constructs, they would be an incredible nuisance to the mages of the world.

    Khan is one such nuisance.

  • Freedom


    14 pages by stancool2

    Set in a dystopian world where humans are all programmed for one specific function, be it a cook, a guard or a slave. 

    A girl appears in my life, changing it forever...

  • Free The Dungeon

    Free The Dungeon

    2 pages by aiman11

    If there is a dungeon, there must be a dungeon's core responsible for managing and strengthening the dungeon, the strength of the dungeon is based on the number of levels.

    Each floor of the dungeon must have a monster head protecting their floor, and every head of the monster must have the subordinate according to his direction, each subordinate will surely die to protect their area.

    This story tells of a weak monster Fight to free the dungeon of his master first from humans. 

  • Event Horizon (S5)

    Event Horizon (S5)

    39 pages by Mage of mess

    In 2022 an influence once thought to be limited to the exclusion zone rises in full force within one of the very bastions being constructed to be a bulwark against such corrupting forces.

    Thrown into despair the world calls upon those strong enough to fight against the indefatigable abyss now threatening to engulf everything. An organisation going by the handle of Shadowfall takes up the task if only to buy humanity enough time to finish their fortresses to hide away.

    Only a few possess the skills and fortitude to fight for a future reminiscent of the innocent past. Their stories will dictate the fate of the world lest they lose their minds to untold horrors or eventually look into the abyss to find irrefutable revelation.


    Artwork by pvtskwerl (deviantart)
    Zero. (2010). [image] Available at: https://pvtskwerl.deviantart.com/art/Zero-181354470 [Accessed 10 Feb. 2018].

  • AWE: Ballad of 3rd Crown

    AWE: Ballad of 3rd Crown

    44 pages by depravedfallenhero

    It's been more than a two thousand years, since the battle of the 13 Seats and the Dragon God of Fire, Yu Illhan.

    The story follows Kijirou Keita, a NORMAL young man with black hair and blood-red eyes. Yes, it is normal. He's seventeen years old. He's in highschool. He lives on his own. And he actually has contact with girls!

    But he is a coward. He doesn't have the guts to confess. He's a guppy. That's why he still hasn't had a girlfriend and he is a sad example of a sad loser In life.

    So, since he doesn't have, and probably never will have the guts to confess, he asks for one.

    Who does he ask?

    A god, of course! Duh! 


  • A Fallen Heaven

    A Fallen Heaven

    6 pages by Royalist

    A human crown prince stops the war with the demons by signing a peace deal but a meteor falls on top of the demon capital, this meteor gives magic radiation everyone around it and the human crown prince turns into a monster.

  • Nephilim's Fall (Nephilim Online Book 1) [LITRPG]

    Nephilim's Fall (Nephilim Online Book 1) [LITRPG]

    8 pages by DanNorfahull

    Bedridden with a likely terminal illness. Michael is faced with being placed into a coma to try and buy time for Doctors to fix his health. But when the technical lead of the biggest undertaking in video game history offers him first access and long term playtime in exchange for some feedback, can he really risk his health just to play a video game?

    Because nobody has ever done that before.


    "I'm offering you a choice Michael. You can stay here and be put in the coma as suggested by your Doctor. Or you can come with me and we'll do the same, but also plug you into Nephilim Online".

    I look at him aghast. "Are you insane!?"

    "Of course I'm coming with you."


  • Alphabet Agents

    Alphabet Agents

    2 pages by pillowfortress

     We are agents. 26 individuals with designated letters from the English Alphabet. Even though we keep our identity a secret, we call each other by nicknames representative of what we do.  Our abilities are used to combat national threats in the shadows. To find spies hidden in high places. To root out organizations hidden in the dark. We are the Alphabet Agents.  We fight to maintain our country's peace.


  • Flight of Light

    Flight of Light

    1 pages by Ilisle

    Find me under the moonlight



    When you are feeling lonely,

    When you are feeling empty,

    When you are feeling distant,

    Find me under the moonlight.

    I will be waiting, waiting for you.

    As I have always done and will always do.


  • Second coming

    Second coming

    1 pages by Inute

    Being born into a desolate space where there was no Concept of Space or Time. Having no language to speak, only images and thoughts without meaning. Despite being born into a desolate heaven, he knew that he was the first.



    10 pages by ddejesus

    A man who crossed another world to search  for his daughter. a world filled with magic, swords and monsters but he himself has no magic or any blessings the new world he is in provides. All he has is the skills he gathered as the Best HUNTER in his old world..

  • Ice Cubes

    Ice Cubes

    7 pages by pipinkj

    Arrogant, scary, cold. Both Gray and Neve have both gotten used to being called this. They may seem like this on the outside but on the inside, they are completely different.

    Neve dreams of someone who will melt her heart, while Gray hopes that he will meet some who's as bright as the sun. But they've given up hope because of how they look.

    Scared of what society will think of them, they hide and only reveal their true selves online. So how will these two ice cubes react when they see each other?

  • The Isshaniad

    The Isshaniad

    23 pages by zelixirnwiaa

    The story begins in a tavern. Then it begins for real in some backwater piss stain in the steppes. 

    This is the life of a young boy, Isshan, as he grows from a boy to a man, in a world that seems to simply fall over for him. Growing in the shade of his father, and nursed by the hand-me-down memories of his mother, his life has been destined to be at least interesting since his birth.




  • Mystique


    1 pages by myling2002

    When Crues meets Andromeda, he is suddenly tossed into a bloody and brutal competition known as Mystique. He then has to survive and complete tasks that push him to his breaking point. But his biggest challenge yet is that on the other side of the world, a ancient demon is rising and ready to suck each living human of their dreams, blood and soul. Creus must finish Mystique without dying to destroy the demon before it lets loose more soul-sucking demons in the entire system. 

  • The Journey To Aeruth

    The Journey To Aeruth

    3 pages by antilightnovel

    In Aeruth, nobody is safe. Demons and Goblins rule the night and venturing to the large town is a death sentence for everyday humans like 15-year-old Keel, who wishes to save his sick brother by obtaining an antidote hidden in the town. One could say Keel is the most determined human in the entire realm of Anisphere. The only problem is, he isn't aware of just how challenging his journey will be.

  • Toya and Rin and The other Dimensions

    Toya and Rin and The other Dimensions

    5 pages by oneaidan

    Rin and Toya was Summoned by Dimension God Mari Toya is the Dimension Wielder Rin and Toya are 18 They are not brothers and sisters but ChildHood Friends

  • Nightmare


    1 pages by chickenbakuba

    Winnie the Pooh along with a few other characters wake up on a dilapidated railway train without the slightest memory of how or why.

    The train never stops and never turns, constantly headed straight.

    The inquisitive Winnie frequently asks where the destination of the train is or why the exit of the train is collapsed. There are multitudes of questions which he has, but no one, even the tight-lipped toys who have been on the train for a long time is able to give him an answer. All they remember is that it is forbidden to get off the train.

    Increasingly weird occurrences on the train and mysterious characters befuddle Winnie. However, life on the train is peaceful, albeit boring. All would be perfect with a good ol' pot of honey, Winnie reckons.

    However, like everything good, peacefulness is only transient.




    Will Winnie and his friends survive?

  • Triumphant


    6 pages by Umbra635

    A world of Elementals, Magic, Beastkin, Monsters and Heroes. Triumphant is a story of retribution, balance and warfare.

    What does it take to forge a legend worthy to stand beside that of the gods?

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