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Alt Atelier

Alt Atelier

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Historical Martial Arts Supernatural Virtual Reality
NEO or New Eden Online has reigned at the top of desktop MMO's for the past twenty years but with the emergence of VR and VRMMO's that is no longer the case and the Game designers (Questry Studios) has decided to call a halt to their Global MMO after the release of the next Expansion.

But have promised to release their side project to fill the hole left in Players hearts.

What new challenges await a handful of the Games top players?

(Inspired by New Gate and Log Horizon)
Diary of a Dungeon Master

Diary of a Dungeon Master

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Historical Martial Arts Supernatural
The party of Adventurers broke through the final barrier of the Dungeon.

Defeating the last Guardian Boss had opened the path to the Sacred Heart of the Labyrinth. They could never have thought their wildest dream had come true. The dungeon was too harsh a place to let them hope; hope that one day they would conquer its lowest levels.

Behind the thin film of water, some parts obscured by moss, was what appeared to be text. Written in some ancient language.

As several of the party began translating several others began clearing the ground to begin laying the symbols and relics they'd need for the large scale movement spell. The remainder of the Raid fixed their gear and polished their weapons while listening to translated narration of the mysterious message.

(inspired by DM LN's, Re:Monster and Mystery of the Dungeon)
A king's play.

A king's play.

A boy at the age of 19 called Tom starts playing a brand new mmorpg called 'Era online', to play Era online you need a brand new system (like a xbox) that allows you to 'dive' into the virtual world. Tom has had a hard life and wants a escape so he buys Era online along with the system, this leads to adventures and fights. Join Tom as he walks the world of Era in a hope to find a purpose in doing anything.
The dragons roar

The dragons roar

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance
In a magical world the only race without magic is the humans, but through research they have learned how to use magic through the bonds of animals.

In a quite forest a young hunter enjoys his journey but is startled when he hears a roar, not a savage roar but a sad roar, a roar the sends the message of help!

What will happen when our young hunter goes towards the noise and not flee like others would.
Cursed by mistake

Cursed by mistake

Original Action Adventure Harem Romance Slice of Life
This fiction does not currently need a warning but may in the future, at that time it will go here.

You've been warned, that a warning is forth coming.

Synopsis of the story;
Random good guy cursed by association now has 6 months (+/- 3 months) to live...

...or does he?
Slimes: The Weakest Monster

Slimes: The Weakest Monster

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Supernatural
A truly unfortunate man dies under.... strange circumstances, and is reborn in another world

My release dates will not be consistent, nor frequent, so please be patient. I may change the tags as the story progresses.

This novel contains Game-like elements.
Reaching for Heaven

Reaching for Heaven

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Supernatural Profanity Gore

This a world where gods and monsters roam, where the strong rule with an iron fist. A boy, born to ordinary parents, possesses a power not seen in centuries. He will face many hardships. All in the pursuit of what he saw that day. Join Hei as he searches for his destiny.

___ Some sort of xianxia inspired thing.

The Dark Emperor

The Dark Emperor

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Romance
The world of Elaria is rule by descendant of ancient beast. Where human are treated as slave.
A boy half human and half beast who is abandoned by his clan. Join his journey to see how he frees the human from control of the ancient beast.
Rise of the Beast King

Rise of the Beast King

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural
A man is reborn into a primitive and savage world where he is left for dead and tries to survive as he slowly turns into the beast that live and hunt beside him and maybe something more...
God World Online

God World Online

Original Adventure Fantasy Romance Virtual Reality
A youth ,abandoned by his life friends and his guild.Left alone after his parents and his brother die .

He suddenly finds himself in a game .No in a reality game.What will he do ?

The idea is completely mine.I never saw any other fiction or real novel with this kind of idea.


Maybe twice in a week .

Flight of Light

Flight of Light

Original Adventure Fantasy Psychological

Find me under the moonlight



When you are feeling lonely,

When you are feeling empty,

When you are feeling distant,

Find me under the moonlight.

I will be waiting, waiting for you.

As I have always done and will always do.


A Fallen Heaven

A Fallen Heaven

Original Adventure Fantasy Romance Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

A human crown prince stops the war with the demons by signing a peace deal but a meteor falls on top of the demon capital, this meteor gives magic radiation everyone around it and the human crown prince turns into a monster.

The Absolute Mad Elf

The Absolute Mad Elf

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Psychological Reincarnation Martial Arts Gender Bender Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Reincarnation...an odd word for an odd concept. A lot of people in my past life believed in it, that upon death the soul would move on and enter another body.

Some people believed in it so strongly, that many monks of that world avoided stepping on blades of grass, believing them to hold souls of their own.

I never took to divinity that much, only learning of it by chance, hearing of it here and there.

But I didn't need to be a religion expert to know that there was no reincarnation portrayal that involved gaining a new life flooded with status screens, stats, skills, mobs, and more.

To top it all off, I am now a snow elf, proud guardian of the frozen tundras. Or as I like to call it, the vast, absolutely nothing!

Oh yea...did I mention I was a chick now?

Dying is pretty rad.

The Darkness: Curse

The Darkness: Curse

Original Fantasy Reincarnation Supernatural Strong Lead Non-Human lead Secret Identity Magic

All of the light and the anomaly disappeared, when a woman floundered on the ground. That woman fallen asleep with badly wounded; bruise; many skin cut; burn injury. He gaped. The storm stopped. Not the stopped storm which made he gaped. But that woman. A creature who covered by bright light, but that light wouldn't to blind.

“A woman?”

All of anomaly got normal again. Rain drops came down and moistened the woman. She looked in pain with pale skin, long- straight silver hair, gorgeous face, pink lips, and a spoiled gown. He wasn't conscious when he ran closer, due to fascinated woman. Before he got closer, his eyes looked around. Tried to find extraordinary things. Nothing. All of an anomaly before, was gone. Everything looked like his world, but he forgot one thing. The balck cloud which looked like black sands came closer to the woman. That things moved on the ground and reached the sleeping woman. He forgotten, if the darkness would like an unseen alley.

The original martial art

The original martial art

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural Magic Wuxia

Это мир боевых искусств. Бессмертные ... Боевые искусства ... и очень очень

A path lit by the fallen, but walked by the forsaken.

A path lit by the fallen, but walked by the forsaken.

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Psychological Virtual Reality Supernatural Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Secret Identity Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

A wanderer, Lost in the annals of time unable to find his way out, after having willingly given away his body so he could escape the horrors of reality.

Woe is his story, sad as it may be for he will find much and little at the same time.

An attempted peacemaker,  An accidental murderer, an unappreciated wanderer and old as can be- he's walked more paths than most would dare think possible and with the passing of ages he's grown calm and jaded.

But the world noticed his ways, and people noticed his passing, and over time various legends of him were told varying from "a man who walks dark roads and has no face" and " the destroyer of the albier kingdom" and they grew large enough that the sysyem noticed him and decided to put him to use. 

forming new worlds is hard, especially for a system inexperienced in the ways but the system pulled together various hero's of legends, being of thought and being of power, kings and legends from all over and scrapped the world forming a new one from its ashes leaving those taken  as the new gods of the world- to fend for themselves and create a paradise since it could not on its own do so.

The system now known as 'The legion' and 'bastion of souls' to the gods and childer of the planet set forth a series of rules that all most follow, be them gods or mortals and in doing so used the last of its power, but in the process made a set of rules so unbreakable that those who governed the world could not overturn them.

this is the story of bastel, god of wandering, roads, risk takers,  rule breakers and creator god of vampires, who he made so that some beings might have longevity enough to wander alongside him while he searches for a way to break the seal that is the system and leave  a place he considers a prison.

The whisp of Revenge

The whisp of Revenge

Original Action Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Supernatural Female Lead Secret Identity

Year 3050, a meteor fell down and landed on earth. Mysteriously, animals started to mutate from it.

Year 3055, Mankind started to gain supernatural power.

Year 3060, Mankind build a wall to live in and mankind was divided into two opposing sides, the government and the guilds.

This is the story about a woman, who wanted revenge and a man, who wanted to make her to look at him.

She has two identity, a lowly office police government while the other identity, one of the biggest guild " The Scorching Dragons " leader.

He has power, the most omnipotent one, and the most handsome looking looks, hmm, but why does that woman was disgust by him? 


( This is my first story, so maybe there are some lack of explanation, wrong grammar, etc. )

The Legendary Couple

The Legendary Couple

Original Adventure Fantasy Romance Supernatural Magic

 The Legendary Couple by serifpersia

The story follows Ruu and Lin, a couple that tries to fight for freedom and peace within the  kingdom of  "Ami", a kingdom created by two human races. Ruu is an adventurer while Lin is the former princess of that kingdom after five centuries.

Many years before that event, these humans lived in two separate continents that were separated by one big mass of water. They were like a two massive islands.

People lived their lives without knowing about the existence of intelligence that might rest inside of the opposite land mass. But the event of the comet hitting one of these lands changed lives of many.

Normal Humans that had powerful swords, advance writing system and unique culture had to flee from danger as the comet was hitting their land. As they didn't have any other choice, they used the last source of energy to power one massive ship that will sail for the first time.

Many of them died during the trip that was taking 50 days. People didn't want to go this place because they were afraid of the unknown but the comet hiting them, led to change of hearts. They sailed on the land of demi humans that had magic powers in their fingertips.

Humans fought the other race and won the war because of their more advance tech. In the end both human race leaders agreed to form a kingdom where both races could coexist. Lamar the leader of the demi humans made his daughter Lina, a girl with cat ears as new queen and the leader of the normal humans, Hin made his son Leo the king of the newly formed kingdom. Evil people within two races worked together to destroy this peace.

Will Ruu and Lin defeat those bad people or will they die,we shall see.

Rhythmic Pulse

Rhythmic Pulse

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters

Music lies within all of nature, from the tiniest pebble to the grandest storm. It is a force that may bend but will never break. Even if the entire universe burns out, music will still sound out in the darkest of silences. To understand the true heart of music, one would have to become a song themself.

These thoughts wormed their way into Jay's mind, along with his dream of becoming as strong as he could be. But this world is not so forgiving, and no one can do everything on their own.

Valeria - World Of Chaos

Valeria - World Of Chaos

Original Action Adventure Tragedy Magic Strategy Profanity Gore

Two foster brothers journey through the world of Valeria in search of Glory and Honor.


Map of Katar: https://imgur.com/PKRpaDq (incomplete)

Map of Valeria: https://imgur.com/EIEn0pN



all map work done using RollForFantasy.com