An old school RPG fanatic, my childhood and teen years were shaped with Dungeons and Dragons, Lone Wolf series by Joe Dever, Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, Warhammer and many more. Everyday with my friends, I would gather around them and we would then be fighting various monsters; from the lowly goblins and slimes to the fearsome dragons of yore, Lich Kings and Darklords. I had imagined myself as a hero of sort saving the world, rescuing pretty women from dangers and earning myself fame and fortune. And some 20-30 years later, with a wife of my own, I present to you my own story. A story that I had thought of wanting to write since I was still in my teens. I wanted to share with all of you the joys and sorrows I had experienced in one way or another. Hopefully, as how much my life was shaped by what I had read during my early years, I hope too that I could do the same and be the source of inspirations and everything that is good for you.

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