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Hope you like the chapter. It's one of the sadder ones.

Violet found herself in a foggy woods. it was neither dark nor bright out. Infront of her stood a man walking through the wilderness. He was a rather tall man standing about 6 ft tall. It was not his height that stood out though. neither was it his bronze skin. He gave off a feeling like he was unmovable like a mountain. One could feel his will power by simply standing next to him. His black pupils like coal but their look was hard like diamonds or sharp like knives.

Violet followed him through the woods . She spoke to him but he seemed to not be able to see her. The further into the woods he went, the more Violet got an awful feeling.

This place feels wrong, Violet thought. She felt worried for the man with the unbendable will power.

Violet pleaded to the man, "please turn around".

The man could not hear her and carried onward. The man slowed as he seemed to draw closer to his destination. He sighed deeply as he was clearly worried about something.

The man looked to the side, closing his eyes almost in prayer, " Anea I'm sorry, but I must give my brother a chance to live. Even if I must fight destiny itself."

Violet could sense it. The man was expecting to die. she didn't understand and called out questioning him but once again the man didn't reply.

Soon the man arrived at an orb wedged between some jagged rocks. the orb was blacker than obsidian. This orb seemed to absorbed light itself. As the man arrived before the orb, shadows seemed to approach. Violet could tell from the man's expression that he had known the figures were there the whole time. He had walked into a trap knowingly.

Picking up the orb he addressed his soon to be attackers, " A trap so cleverly constructed. Should I avoid the trap, this relic would lead to the immediate fall of Annoh but should I try to stop you, I die."

" Brilliant as always Raylin", replied one of the men approaching him.

An eyebrow raised on Raylin," I expected betrayal from many people but you Gran, I did not. how many years had I trained you to use your magic. For you to join the enemy and betray everyone. What did they offer you that changed you so?"

" More money than you would ever see from Annoh. You could have it too you know, all you would need to do is join us." Gran claimed.

Violet observed the man's features. He had a crooked nose and low hanging ears. he also had green eyes and brown hair. he stood straighter trying not to appear small in front of Raylin in spite of being a whole head shorter.

Violet could not make out the others features as they appeared fuzzy like the fog.

Raylin stood silent listening to Gran as if pondering something.

"They treat you like a guard dog. With your power you should be the one ruling. Not that stuck-up crown prince, besides it's not like you can get out of here alive either way. That orb is ours whether you live or die," Gran stated.

Raylin smiled at Gran with an almost wicked grin, " Not exactly".

Raylin activated one of his powers. Violet could feel him putting all his power into it. she heard him say the skill name" Doppelganger". An exact duplicate of Raylin began to form. Raylin thrust the orb into the forming chest of the shadow. Then he commanded it to run.

All the shadowy figures tried to catch Raylins clone but Raylin was ready for them. Pulling a hook sword from his waist. he met the blades of his attackers. preventing them from stopping the shadow. With all his shadow magic spent on his clone he activated some kind of ritual. Sinister marks began to burn Raylins flesh. At least a pound being burned away instantly. Violet could sense that the level of pain he was in was unfathomable but his strength exploded as a result. Violet couldn't understand what was worth such suffering.

"You would go as far as to use black magic to fight me???" Gran yelled, completely shocked.

Raylin clashed blades with what seemed like a small army of individuals of similar strength to him. yet many fell to Raylins blade. Occasionally one would get in a lucky stab and eventually as the ritual began to simmer out, Raylins strength faded. His trusted sword was finally broken by the slash of a claymore. As it broke the blade shattered into dozens of pieces almost all of which managed to kill one of the attackers. swords sliced off his arms and a spear through the gut pinned Raylin to the ground.

Gran grinned at Raylin," You should have sold you're loyalty to someone who could afford it."

Raylin looked him in the eyes with defiance, "It's because you sell your loyalty that its worth nothing!"

Gran grimaced back at Raylin pulling a dagger out of his robe. Violet shivered at its presence, everything about it felt sinister and wrong.

"We can't have you coming back as a shade. you must understand this is the easiest way." Gran said.

"you would use an item as cursed as soul sever, then you're fate won't be much better", Raylin replied.

" I don't believe in fate", Gran said as he plunged the wicked item into Raylins chest.

A shock wave spread out after the soul sever met its mark. All the plants for 200 meters suddenly died. The dagger in Gran's hand met some kind of resistance and exploded. The explosion taking Gran's hand with it.

Violet woke up screaming and crying.

Poe embraced her, " what is it Violet?"

"I ... I.. I Don't remember", Violet said now feeling better since Poe was with her.

Poe had known what Violet had seen. It seems my memories are bleeding over to her dreams, Poe thought. Poe used some mana to block the memory temporarily. A method that would only work as long as Poe kept the supply up. Sweet child someday you will have to grow up but it's not today.


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