Monochrome swirls dueled with technicolor lines, there was no sound and the only sensation I could feel was a pulling on what I thought was my right arm. There was no up or down in this place, there wasn’t even a point of reference for me to gauge things by. This, though not appearing exactly how it had been described to me, was the Rift, or at least this is what my apparently feeble mortal mind interpreted the great nothingness yet simultaneously everythingness that made up the Rift to be. It was all very confusing and I didn’t really even understand what little 13 had said about it, all I knew for sure was that in this place I could turn concepts into elemental magic sorceries and that I had some random time limit in this place. It wasn’t much to go on, but it was all I really needed to know about the place.

Alright, let’s just start this out with the most important magic and then I can work my way down to the least… Sorcery, as it was described to me, was the highest and widely considered the best form of magic, it involved taking the concept of something and turning that into magic that a person could freely and inherently control. Unlike the other forms of magic sorcery really didn’t have any limits beyond its wielder’s imagination, and sorcery also provided the greatest level of free control of all other magics. And the absolute best part was that anything could become an element for sorcery, something that caused my inner fantasy geek to squeak with complete joy when I first heard it. Basically a sorcerer could say that cheese was his element and as long as they spent countless years setting the parameters and concepts for that cheese element he could then do cheese magic as simply and with the same mastery as he might move his fingers. Luckily I was in the Rift which, according to 13, had the strange and wonderful effect of turning any thoughts and concepts directed at it into sorceries. That meant I got to skip that long and difficult step of researching and defining my concept into an element since the Rift itself would just do that for me, all I really had to do was feed it what I wanted and the Rift would spit it back out as a sorcery tied to me and my soul tighter than if I had done things the normal way. It was the best and fastest way to get sorcery and I was beyond excited for this quirk of the Rift, so much so I had spent long hours considering what sorceries I wanted while 13 and I talked.

Ok, first off is… Energy. The element of Energy is general and all encompassing, but specific focus should be placed on magical energy, electrical energy, kinetic energy, caloric energy, and heat energy. Mana, electricity, force, stamina, and warmth. Each is important, and as such each is a vital part of my concept of energy. The element should be able to alter, apply, and act on the laws of motion, thermodynamics, physics... As I thought about energy as an element, and went on in detail of how I wanted it to work, I could feel knowledge and concepts being feed directly to my mind. Suddenly things just clicked in my mind, and I knew that I had my first element and sorcery. Woah… That was… a thing. Damn what a head rush, but I can’t get distracted. What’s next? Earth magic? Or maybe some sort of linking or bonding magic?




For who knows how long that’s how things went, I would think up a concept and framing for an element and then I would acquire that new element for my growing list of sorceries. I had already incorporated the elements of energy, earth, space, and linkage with only a minor amount of difficulty, but when I got to trying to make light an element like I wanted I reached my first real problem. How the fuck does light heal? No, that’s not it… The real question is how should my element of light heal? Um, is it a holy blessing sort of thing? …No, no dice, nothing clicked. Then maybe it heals wounds by… illuminating them? …Fuck! Ok, um, maybe… Ah, fuck it, I’ll just come up with something else! Light illuminates things and can be made into lasers, beams, and waves. I felt the now familiar flood of knowledge and sudden insight that came with my acquiring a new element, but I wasn’t relaxed or happy this time because I still had a problem. Shit, what’d make a good healing element besides light? I guess I could use the backup I came up with, but do I really know enough about biology to make it work? Screw it! I made space work and I barely knew anything about quantum physics and dimensional science… I felt a strange jerk and then the pulling sensation on my right arm increased in strength dramatically. Shit! I’m not ready yet! I want to have the element of flesh! To be able shape, mold, alter, create, mend, sense, restore, and just all around heal or change the body! …What, nothing!? Does it still need more? Um… Cells! Nerves! Tissues, synapses, senses, biochemical, bioelectric, hormones, bones, skin, stem cells, ageing… Oh come on! Just give me the damn click already! I could actually feel myself moving in the Rift now, and I noticed I was constantly picking up speed and moving faster. What else is there!? …Oh! Um. Microorganisms, viruses, blood, immune system, antibodies, muscles, allergies, tendons, organs… I felt everything click into place as my mind took in and began to process the element I had defined as flesh. There was so much there, in my panic I had been throwing out countless terms just hoping for one to stick and get me an element with healing capabilities but because of all I had thought and thrown into its creation the flesh element could do so much more.

Just as I was trying to sift through what I had gotten from my last element I felt myself lurch and the dueling monochrome and technicolor expanse I had just begun to get used to fell away. As my vision gave out and I felt my eyes close I wondered if I had picked up enough magic to survive in the world I was heading to, I really hoped I had or else I might not even make it past my month of guard duty.


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Yay Op-ness achievement acquired. \(>ω<)/

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is this inspired by daniel black


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Energy, earth, space, linkage, light, and flesh or life 

Awesome powers hope this is as interesting a set up for you as it is for me.  

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