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Chapter 30 – Can I not even complain?


“What do you mean we have run out of materials?” Dawn asked, “Isn’t there enough wood to build houses and other things that are necessary?”

“Well we have more than enough wood, but we have no metals or anything of the sort” Cadan replied “Star Hall is supposed to be a hall for crafters but without any raw materials they cannot create anything or even start practising, ” he said as he shook his head.

“……….Ugh, how annoying!” Dawn frowned “I solve one problem and then another one comes my way, is there never going to be any peaceful days in my life” he muttered irritably.

 ‘Hmm, it will take some time until natural resources start appearing in this place, the high amounts of world essence will make natural treasures appear eventually, but a lot of time is needed. The best option is to use the liquid essence and the essence crystals to trade with others and get some stuff’ Dawn contemplated.

“Is there any place that we can buy materials from?” Dawn asked as he looked towards Cadan.

Cadan stroked his chin as he thought about what would be the best option. If they wanted to make a trade then it was best to get it from a good source, they had many things that they could use to trade for the materials that they needed.

“Hmm, there are people that we can trade with but the problem is that this territory is a great distance away from any other human settlements in the Alverton Empire” Cadan explained. “Also, I don’t think that it would be wise to let our existence be known to the rest of the Alverton Empire as of yet.” He added.

The Alverton Empire and their nobles were very hostile when it came to the matter of the Shayde clan, they thought that they had already gotten rid of them so it was not the best idea to let them know that the Shayde clan was actually doing fine and was going to become much more powerful than they had ever been.

“……….Yeah, there are a lot of people that would want your clan to disappear, if they find out about the amazing place that you’re living in right now, they will definitely march their armies here.” Dawn said as he half joked and was half serious. “What about the Empire next door, aren’t they closer to us than the Alverton Empire if you consider the distance?” he asked.   

Since they couldn’t operate in the Alverton Empire without the risk of exposing themselves, the best option was to deal with a different nation that didn’t have a proper connection to the Alverton Empire.

“Hmm, the nation that is closest to us from here is the Osman Empire, it is an empire that is just as strong as the Alverton Empire” Cadan explained as he thought about how to deal with the current situation.

“Oh, then let's trade for some stuff from there, if we can get a long time supplier it would be even better,” said Dawn.

If the Osman Empire was as prosperous as the Alverton Empire then there was no problem with doing trades with them. Even if the Alverton Empire eventually found about a deal between the Osman Empire and the Celestial sect they would not be able to threaten the Osman Empire to stop their dealings with them.

Cadan pondered as he said “The problem is that we barely know anything about the Osman Empire, I did not hold much of an interest in it  previously and didn't look into it and I doubt anyone else here know anything either”

Cadan had thought that he would spend his entire life in the Shayde clan previously so he did not bother to think about foreign nations and their power structures. The high ranking members that would have had some idea about the Osman empire were no longer a part of this world either and the information had been lost.

Dawn could only sigh “Fine, we can actually go there and check out the place. Maybe we can get some big time merchant to sign a contract with essence crystals and liquid essence for raw materials like metals and spirit herbs.

The plan that Dawn and Cadan came up with was to actually physically travel to the Osman Empire and then find someone who is willing to do business with them. Even though they said that the Osman Empire is not too far away it was actually a huge distance and it was a journey that would take them some time to complete.

To go to the Osman Empire they would have to cross the entire forest and pass it in the opposite direction of Torrine town. Since they wanted to do big business they would have to go to a city that had a wealthy merchant or a clan that was willing to do business with them. The closest city of the Osman Empire from the forest was still thousands of kilometers away.

Since the sect had settled in after their initial stage of growth and just needed time to develop Dawn was free to leave for a little while and let the others run the show. A few weeks or months of absence would not be a problem.

“Oh by the way I have been meaning to ask, when are we going to be able to meet that teacher of yours?” Cadan asked as he remembered that Dawn had a teacher that none of them had ever really met.

“……….” Dawn’s expression did not change but he was panicking on the inside. This kind of secret identity was hard to maintain, he should never have said that there was a powerful force backing him up. Even though it helped him with convincing the Shayde clan to join his sect it was a pain in the ass to continue this façade.

‘Oh crap, I totally forgot about this old geezer lie I made up’

“Uh, that geezer left for somewhere, I don’t know when he will be back.” Dawn answered.

Cadan’s eyebrows were raised “Isn’t he the leader of the sect, shouldn’t he be taking charge of the situation? How come he is leaving everything to you?” he asked curiously.  

When he said that something that Dawn had been holding inside of himself finally came out. All of this time he had been working for the Creator and doing all the hard work but that damn old thing was always just watching while he did all the heavy lifting.

Somewhere in Dawn’s mind the old geezer that he had been lying about became what he thought about the Creator as.

“That damn old geezer,” Dawn said as he had a frown on his face “That fellow is crazy, he expects me to do all the hard work while he just sits on his chair and watches everything happen like it’s no big deal.

That damn thing could solve all of the problems with a wave of his hand but he always makes me do all the hard work………”

Dawn went on and on as he started badmouthing the Creator, making Cadan feel quite awkward. It seemed to him that there were some unresolved issues going on here, he had stepped on a landmine and Dawn was going off on a rant.

“Uh, I think I get it, can we change the topic now?” Cadan asked as he had been listening to Dawn’s complaints for about an hour now and was waiting for an opportunity to find a way out.

“What! Are you saying my complaints are unwarranted? Hmph it gets even worse…….” Dawn glared at him and went on with his long list of complaints.

“Well as I was saying, that old geezer is a damn lazy ---- BOOM” before he could finish his sentence a loud noise was heard from outside.

Dawn was startled “What was that?” he asked as he looked towards Cadan.

“Uh…..sounded like thunder?” he said.

Dawn had an odd expression on his face “How can there be thunder? It’s a clear and sunny day today” he said.

“Ah, whatever anyway I’m not done. Where was I……… Ah……..that old geezer is a damn ---- BOOM” a loud sound went off again.


“That old geezer ---- BOOM” the thunder roared once again.

Dawn was startled ‘Don’t tell me that the Creator was listening to what I was saying the entire time? Why the hell is he making lightning strike every time I badmouth him, it’s not the first time someone has said something bad towards him. Why the hell is he not letting me complain, damn old bastard’ he thought in his mind.  

However, Dawn did not want to give up “That ---- BOOM

By now Cadan had caught on to the situation, although he didn’t know that it was the Creator that was causing this big fuss he knew that every time that Dawn said something bad about the so called ‘old geezer’ thunder would strike.

This made him feel fear and also left him in awe, whoever was behind the Celestial sect and was Dawn’s teacher was not a normal person and was definitely at a very high level.   

Dawn could only smile wryly “Uh, I mean that old man is a real gentleman and takes very good care of me. He is very magnanimous and has a heart of gold.”  



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