Number One Under Heaven (Old Ver.)

by BaiSiwa

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Harem Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation School Life Secret Identity Slice of Life Strong Lead Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

This novel is being remade from scratch.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Worldwide Search ago
Chapter 2 - Song Shu ago
Chapter 3 - Min Family ago
Chapter 4 - Misunderstanding? ago
Chapter 5 - Promise ago
Chapter 6 - Jade Phoenix's Auction House ago
Chapter 7 - Jiu Hang ago
Chapter 8 - Sovereign Grade Treasures ago
Chapter 9 - Half a Day ago
Chapter 10 - Dark Horse ago
Chapter 11 - Realm Gate ago
Chapter 12 - Mortal's Realm ago
Chapter 13 - Asking for Directions ago
Chapter 14 - Poison ago
Chapter 15 - Spirit King ago
Chapter 16 - Slaughter ago
Chapter 17 - Sudden Despair ago
Chapter 18 - Chaotic Queue ago
Chapter 19 - Longevity Restaurant ago
Chapter 20 - Perfect Grade Pill ago
Chapter 21 - Mortal's Sect ago
Chapter 22 - Qiu Heng ago
Chapter 23 - Pill Making Cloud ago
Chapter 24 - Tian Yi and Lao Bai ago
Chapter 25 - Entrance Exam ago
Chapter 26 - Spectators ago
Chapter 27 - Ghost ago
Chapter 28 - A Small Cry ago
Chapter 29 - Curses ago
Chapter 30 - Black and Blue ago
Chapter 31 - Outer Court Disciple ago
Chapter 32 - Fiend ago
Chapter 33 - Yun Family ago
Chapter 34 - Sect Master? ago
Chapter 35 - Xuan Wanshan ago
Chapter 36 - Waiting List ago
Chapter 37 - A Joke ago
Chapter 38 - Midnight Talk ago
Chapter 39 - Senior Bai ago
Chapter 40 - Yun Xiuying ago
Chapter 41 - Challenger ago
Chapter 42 - Personal Servant ago
Chapter 43 - Spirit Gate ago
Chapter 44 - Spirit Beast ago
Chapter 45 - Phoenix ago
Chapter 46 - Demons ago
Chapter 47 - Empyrean God Church ago
Chapter 48 - Rumor ago
Chapter 49 - Ancestor Feng ago
Chapter 50 - Spirit Power Control ago
Chapter 51 - Midnight Visit ago
Chapter 52 - Feng Yan ago
Chapter 53 - Despair ago
Chapter 54 - Judgment ago
Chapter 55 - Cultivation Spot ago
Chapter 56 - Xuan Family ago
Chapter 57 - Toy ago
Chapter 58 - Gin Seng ago
Chapter 59 - Divine Flames ago
Chapter 60 - Puberty? ago
Chapter 61 - Airship ago
Chapter 62 - Training ago
Chapter 63 - Karma ago
Chapter 64 - Meeting ago
Chapter 65 - Fangirls ago
Chapter 66 - Forbidden Parts ago
Chapter 67 - Half Gods and Gods ago
Chapter 68 - Sisters ago
Chapter 69 - Another One ago
Chapter 70 - Assistants ago
Chapter 71 - Arrival ago
Chapter 72 - Pill Contest ago
Chapter 73 - Begin! ago
Chapter 74 - Desire for Attention ago
Chapter 75 - Enraged Divine Flames ago
Chapter 76 - A Simple Question ago
Chapter 77 - Xuan Cheung ago
Chapter 78 - Who are you? ago
Chapter 79 - Heading Out ago
Chapter 80 - Guo Family ago
Chapter 81 - Soul Cleansing Spear ago
Chapter 82 - Returning to the Sect ago
Character Refresh List ago
Chapter 83 - Miracle Pill ago
Chapter 84 - The Birth Of An Everlasting Legend ago
Chapter 85 - Goddesses Appearing Left and Right ago
Chapter 86 - A Mother's Responsibility ago
Chapter 87 - A Father's Responsibility ago
Chapter 88 - Goddess of War, Jiutian Xuannu! ago
Chapter 89 - Su Qi and Feng Li ago
Chapter 90 - Sudden Confession ago
Chapter 91 - Challengers and Lectures ago
Chapter 92 - One After Another ago
Chapter 93 - A Pair of Peerless Eyes ago
Chapter 94 - Celestial Gate of Heavenly Knowledge ago
Chapter 95 - Supreme Library of the Heavenly God ago
Chapter 96 - Not Being Fair ago
Chapter 97 - Treasure of the Azure Dragon God ago
Chapter 98 - Heavenly Guardian Dongmei ago
Chapter 99 - Future Celestial God ago
Chapter 100 - Like One Big Family ago
Chapter 101 - Heavenly Fragrance of Pure Flowers ago
Chapter 102 - The Calamity ago
Chapter 103 - The Veiled Figure ago
Chapter 104 - Say Something... Will You? ago
Chapter 105 - Very Rarely Do I Get To Play For Others ago
Chapter 106 - The Holy Continent ago
Chapter 107 - Going to the Holy Continent? ago
Chapter 108 ago
Chapter 109 ago
Chapter 110 - Final Chapter? ago
Update! ago
FAQ / Last Update ago

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Hohoho its back. For those who haven't read this yet before (it got deleted on april 1, 2017) be glad that you'll now have a chance to read this treasure of a novel. Hohoho if you love XIANXIA novels but TIRED of those generic CLICHES scenes, random arrogant young masters, senseless bullying scene, and arrogant/prideful mc's that always add fuel on the fire, read this. Looking for a GOD MC? Here it is(but no universe or world building). RIDICULOUSLY OVERPOWERED MC that do what ever he wants? Look no further just click start reading. Its a well written novel with an OP MC and FUNNY as hell, Author have a great sense of humour. ^_^

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My Review (I don´t know what else i could write in here)

Some may hate thiis novel, but I loved every chapter that was upload, and I was always waiting for the next chapter. Thanks to the author for letting us read such a good novel again.

If I write something wrong, I´m sorry for it, english is not my main language.

  • Overall Score
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The story is trully awsome.Just read it yourself.You will be addicting this story like drugs(i did not take drugs so just assumption)and there will be some grammar mistake but not that you can't read type.The character too is not some 2d stuff of type.



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 Absolutely fucking amazing. If you love Xianxia, but are tired of all the lame ass tropes and cliche's, then this is the perfect story for you. It's funny, unique, interesting, and filled to the brim with face smacking and blood spitting.

  • Overall Score
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I will writte this review hoping it'll be seen by the author.

I won't list the good points: they are many and have been listed in all the review you'll find above and below mine. Let's concentrate on two things.


First style and grammar. It reads chinese. It feels chinese. It breathes chinese. Except chinese is not english. Most of the time, sequence of tenses are messed up. Sentences are a bit confusing and you have this weird mix of present, past and all that that result in a not super elegant writting. Funny in certain case, immersiv, maybe but overall clanky. This is more of a warning. I personnaly sway between annoyance and chuckle.


Storywise I have just one question: where the hell are we going? Without spoil, the goal of the MC is to learn (what? I can't spoil sorry) but after 77 chapter, he did not learn anything. And it's either because he doesn't listen or because simply no one teach him anything despite his numerous meetings.

So a small message to the author: don't lose yourself in a loop of funny but aimless situations. We have yet to see Tian evolve from his journey. Hell, we have yet to see him learn something.


A friend that only wants good things for this novel.

  • Overall Score

If you love XIANXIA novels but Filled with those generic CLICHES scenes, The Mc being the random arrogant young master, doing the senseless bullying read this. Looking for a GOD MC? Here it is(but no universe or world building). RIDICULOUSLY OVERPOWERED MC that do what ever he wants? Uses deus ex to pseudo rape everything that is female while planets and planes are getting vaporized by demons and devils and he joins them in massacres of all that is human.

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I don't understand exactly what it is about this novel that captured me so immediately. This novel rapidly joined my list of novels that I check daily (usually multiple times per day) for updates. I don't want to talk about the drama except to say that I am glad BaiSÄ«wà is strong enough to continue moving forward through it.

As for the story itself, it is an amazing take on xianxia. Imagine a xianxia novel where you started at the top, being one of the (if not the single) most powerful beings alive. The main character is comically unaware but not the the extent where I grow frustrated like with some JP MCs.

The writing is near professional and I hope that the author decides to self-publish on Amazon as I will definitely buy a copy.

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Don't bother reading reviews. Read the Novel!

My All time favorite story is back and with the actual author. For any who left because of the flak they got critisizing the old one welcome back. But really this is easily the best story I've ever read on this site (and i've read alot). It has a completly unique spin on the wuxia genre and is worth a read to anyone familiar with it.

Characters are almost as great as thier reactions.

Story has a plot that quickly sucks you in and flows so well.

Few to no issues with grammar.

And what can I say about the style other than that it is unique and amazing.

Frankly im just rammbling to meet the word count. This novels so good I feel like i need to give hime five stars everywhere just to compensate for the hours of amusment I've gotten. 

Quite frankly no one should have read this far into my review, they should already be reading the story. What the hell are you doing? Get startead already!

  • Overall Score
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The only negative review: a poorly done parody

While this story is done primerly for comedic reasons, mostly so subvert all the Xiaxian troops and prevent common cliches, after around 10 chapter it becomes what it made fun off. 

To say it short: It's wish-fulfilment to the max, the mc's actions has no lasting negative effects, the world suffers because of the mc's selfishness, he is toying with people lives for fun (not meant to be comedic in-verse), world-building when the mc needs a new sexy maid, and a-lot of misogynist undertones cus none of the female character are anything without the mc and every female in the comos want to hump him cus he's so pretty and special (all female characters are walking etcchi dolls at best). It becomes a parody of it self   


(prepare for wall of text)

The story starts when the son of the celestial emperor decides to take a break from his life of splendor and privilege by taking a journey to one of the lowest realms in his fathers domain. He then starts shocking everyone he meets either by his wealth or power, regardless of consequences it would have on the unfortunate people and his fathers kingdom. Sounds fun right? Well, the pardoy ends almost the moment he ends up in the low realm, form that point the author isn't making fun of the troops or cliches. No, he starts using them to degree in his story that you'll wonder if you are reading some low-tier xiaxian story from WW.

The mc is introduced as a 18 year old boy whom transcends both talent and beauty. A trait that makes him the God of Lust and Want in everyones eyes, since he is guaranteed to have everything that you could ever deam of. So far not really a guy the reader could sympathise with. His way of escape and general attitude meant to paint him as the good-natured and fun loving kinda guy (a contrast to all blood-thirsty mc's), but problem arises with his interactions with other character from the lower realms. Everyone he meets is shocked by his actions, no exception (starts funny, loses its luster after 10 times per chapter). Everyone must hail his glory and talent in one way or the other. From climbing a set of stairs, to making pills from pure fire, every action he makes is made to shock somebody close by. He praised for his generosity multiple times, from casually giving away priceless weapons and pills for small favors, to giving despairing individuales a chance to change their fates.

Futher down the line, if you pay attention, you will notice that his actions aren't really motivated by general good will. Its all about his selfish adventure at the cost of everyone innvolved and the spreading of luck to people that he deem "clean" without taking their lifes in to account. Except for the cleansing of the evil sect a few chapters back, if you could tell me one good deed that he did that was not motivated by favoritism of a selected few or ignorance, i will applaud you (send a pm). The character also loses what was fun about him in the beginning after he joins the first sect he just becomes the end of all sexy jokes the author could think off.

While it kinda starts of fun, it quickly de-rails and takes its 'comedy' to stupid levels of drama, it feels like someone changed the channel from Monty Pyhton to The Handmaid's tale: it went from bananas jokes to mind-rape, senseless killing, slavery and total unequality. A short while after chapter 5-6 the mc loses all decent human moral or values and quickly becomes a psychopath, the only trait that remains is his shyness around women he hasn't metaphysical banged (a douchebag that you cant relate to).  

The way the world is built is like this: a few million people at the top that are gods, ever one else are weaker then the mc. Which means that the mc is the strongest man in the lower realms and can do whatever he wants. This is again played for comedy (poorly done comedy), the fact that none of the lower tier people can truly cultivate means that the mc is power-wise free to do what ever he wishes without backlash (the good and bad people of the world can't protect themselvs from the mc, which is indirecrty ravaging the countryside and wiping everyones memory without regard of consent). To say this story is wish-fulfilment is a huge understatment

Did i mention that the top is unaware that planets are being destroyed willy nilly by demons and other unholy beings? And said demons are only roaming free because the mc don't want to tell his dad (who can stop it) so he can have a jolly adventure. If the mc cared for the people of his realm or was in any form a decent human being, he would have told his dad the moment he spoted one, does he? NO. He wants to ride his pretty ship around and finding maids while the world burns (the maids wants to bone him so hard, its mention 3-4 times every chapter).  

Most of the humor is similar to a richman's adventure through the ghettos. Using his standing and wealth to indirectly mock poor and hard-working people (as earlier mention, is not used for dark- or gallows comedy). Let me ask this, would you laugh if you saw a super rich guy use his body guards to beat up poor people and force them to beg for pittance just for him to have a good time? Forgot to mention that the rich guy is also police chief's son, which means that all the mind-wiping, stealing, wantless killing, planet destroying and race eradication will not come back to haunt him in any way (maybe it would 'blacked' his soul after all that he has done, but no, he is immune to negative karma and soul taint because of his highly subjective/awful logic protects him from becoming chaotic evil by the world)


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Now this is a story worth reading. Despite the main character being over powered he is still growing and learning. Quite unusual for a Gods son isnt it? Cause we often read Op MC knowing everything and i mean everything. The fact that he's an overpowered mc thats currently growing and learning makes the story unique from others. I recommend it for everyone to have a change of pace :)